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Erotic Group Sex stories

A large collection of first-time sex stories about virgins losing their cherry.

One Hot Year Ch. 01

group fucifer 2017-10-25

Only at my request does April remain naked, having tried multiple time to cover herself before this new lover has arrived, but fueled by the wine and the occasional delicate kiss again to refresh the rain upon her gentle pink rose she has escalated into a perfect delirium of alcohol and sex. She collapses on the bed, and for the first time breaking lips with this new steed and looking toward me with desire and lust pouring out from her expression as it has from the same lower plains that revealed her adventures to me earlier in the evening. With April's night with Antonio having begun within full sight of her friends we found a new openness in our sexuality that fueled us to find wonderful new ways to push one another over the edge.

A Day At The Beach

group bohemian851 2017-10-25

He was quite satisfied to stay there and let her take his cock down her throat and gently stroke his balls, yet he was feeling the unmistakable burning deep in his groin and knew he was about to cum in her fabulous mouth. With one big thrust he dumped what seemed like a gallon of hot cum into her mouth, grabbing her head and pushing deep into her(like she was going anywhere anyway) feeling her swallow all of his spunk. They screamed out which inspired me so much so that I came harder that I think I ever had, with no one touching me, just the glorious feeling of having my ass fucked, that big cock cumming in me, and the sound of those two woman screaming in unison.

Gay Foursome Part 1

group SmithBros 2017-10-25

Logan has a thick navel line with a good amount of hair. Tyler has a thin navel line and a good amount of armpit hair. Aidan, Tyler, and Jake took of their shirts. Tyler grabbed Aidan and they started to make out. Then Jake started to suck Logan's nipples. "Oh yah suck those nipples" said Tyler moaning. Jake started to lick Logan's sweaty armpit. Joseph grabbed Logan's monster cock and put his lips around it. Logan grabbed Joseph and Jake's cocks and started to put them both in his mouth. Jake and Joseph started moaning. Tyler grabbed Aidan's cock and shoved it up his ass. Logan licked up the cum and grabbed Jake's and Joseph's cocks.

Party Surprise

group n2anal78 2017-10-25

Vicki began meeting my every thrust, letting a little moan escape her lips every time I trusted deeply into her. I met up with Vicki and she let me know that John and Terry had called to ask if their son and daughter could each bring a guest to which my wife said 'of course'. Her tongue began lightly caressing my cock head, tentatively, almost like she didn't know what she was doing. After waiting about 10 minutes Vicki came upstairs followed by Lisa, and her friend Vanessa with their heads hung. "The rest of the party is breaking up, everyone is going home, including your parents, Lisa." Vicki said, " I asked them if it was okay if you and your friend spent the night."


The Addition of Lillian Ch. 2

group Gojenngo 2017-10-25

Her head is back and her eyes are partly closed though I can see that she still watches and her hands grip the arms of the chair just above her thighs. Knowing what she wants, you move our hands forward and press our thumbs up against the swollen lips of her pussy. I can feel you growing harder inside of me as your orgasm draws close; at the same time my pussy starts to tighten and contract around you and you cum, shooting it deep within me. My head resting on Lillian's thigh, I moan and arch my back while reaching around to grab onto your thigh wanting to hold you still deep inside of me so that I can feel you fill me with your cum.

Full Moon Beach Party Pt. 02 Ch. 03

group i_would 2017-10-25

I took my rock hard dick out of my Speedos and put it on her chest, pushed her tits together, and started to fuck her that way. She said she wanted lots of bracelets for a start, and she said according to Rose I was good, so she wanted to try me too. I played a bit with her body, felt her boobs, her wet pussy. She moved down a bit, and guided my dick which easily slid into her very wet pussy. Her chest was a bit sticky, she said that the previous guy wanted a blow job and shot his cum over her boobs and had her rub it in.


My Retirement Ch. 03

group Rodbender2 2017-10-25

I fucked Beth from behind for a short time then I climbed on the bed next to Ginnie's face and she took my rock hard cock in her mouth. After a few minutes, Ginnie broke the silence, "I always thought that I came when I could feel the guy cumming in my pussy it felt so good but this is something a lot better than that" and then started sucking my dick. Just before they left, Ginnie came over and took my soft cock in her mouth for a few seconds then pulled back and looked up and said, "I still want to taste your cum.

Making Up For Lost Time

group TurboTits 2017-10-25

Before she sucked his cock into her mouth, Lisa said: "Oh, boys, you know I do have a nice cunt and ass if someone wants to fuck me while I am sucking cock." "No way, babe, we do things very orderly here. Lisa was wondering how she lucked out to have gotten into an elevator with all these big, horny cops and here she was with her legs spread and getting her cunt fucked. We got on the elevator and there you were standing naked up against the wall with your hands behind your head, swinging your tits with your legs spread wide showing us your cunt.

Crazy Game of Poker

group bi_nicole21 2017-10-25

No sooner had he finished reading then Lauren, who was right next to him on his right, giggled and hopped her tight little ass up on the table and spread her legs while Adam moved over and sat in her seat, dove in, and started licking. Soon Mike was finished cumming and Kim slipped off the table and started to clean my face with her mouth, licking and sucking up every drop of manly cum. Before we knew it, all of the girls had cum so many times that we were in a pile, touching licking and sucking each others’ sweaty bodies while all the guys jacked their big, rock-hard dripping cocks above us.


Mature Leicester Couple.........Holiday Part 2

group jamesandrews 2017-10-25

She took my cock out of her mouth and said to him "How does he taste darling and don't you dare spill anyone or you know what will happen" She went back to sucking my cock and I continued to watch and he eased her fat swollen cunt lips wide apart and started to tongue fuck her and suck my cum from the depths of her cunt. She then looking back over her shoulder and said " Come and fuck me darling" I moved up closer and gripping her sexy hips slid my cock deep onto her soaking wet cunt.

Riley: Adventure in the Wild

group McMurphywrites 2017-10-25

She fucked her fingers in and out and Riley just knew she was feeling the pussy walls squeezing her. She held his head, her fingers twining in his shaggy hair, moaning as he sucked the nipple into his mouth, nibbling and licking it, switching back and forth between her tits. Lisa leaned over and sucked Mandy's tits, squeezing the small round flesh. She ran her hands down and rubbed Mandy's clit while Riley fucked his hard shaft in and out. "Damn, fuck me hard!" Mandy exclaimed as she raised her hips off the ground and slammed herself onto Riley's prick. He pushed Lisa away and pulled Mandy's legs over his shoulders, practically folding her in half, going as deep as he could.


Disgraced wife.

group adventureousmale 2017-10-25

While we are on holidays Linda likes to parade around the pool, enjoying the lingering looks from any whose heads gently motion as she crosses their gaze. It is someone elses turn as she now pushes one of them onto the sofa and facing him her exqisite ass is there for all to see as she now rides his hard throbbing cock. The guy with his cock in Lindas ass now moves his position so Lnda is turned to the side slightly and his leg is now over her opposing shoulder ensuring he gets nice and deep in her ass. Linda blurts out, you better have another cock for me ass now, fuck me like a dirty slut and make me cum again.

Chloe Joins In

group Svenstar 2017-10-25

The girl was moaning louder and looked like she wanted to come, Chloe's eyes were transfixed on her. The guy said something to Chloe and she immediately turned round and stuck her ass in the air like the girl had done before. My cock was about to explode and the girl sensed I was close to cumming, leant toward me and took me in her mouth, her eyes still able to see her man fucking Chloe. She span round and quickly gave it a suck on the head, the guy looked like he was about to shoot his load but she let go and got up on the side of the jacqusi so just her legs were in the water.

Wet, Spent, and Wanting

group slut toy 2017-10-25

They moved, the girl's pussy over my face and his large, purplish-red cock drooling near my wet, gaping entrance...I looked over and saw Tara and the other girl in a 69, her boy sitting on the couch, seemingly spent. Within a minute or so, he started groaning, "I'm coming...I'm coming." He started rubbing his cock blazingly fast, his hand slapping against his groin, and he came all over me, Tara, and her girl, spurting hot streams over us faster and harder than I'd ever had it, a never-ending bath of cum enveloping us whole, most of it landing all over my face, neck, and tits.

Mattie Lake Pt. 03

group joefelton 2017-10-25

Maria looked at her girlfriend and smiled, "OK, let's do this together." Both women stuck out their tongues and started licking up and down the length of Jason's shaft. Angela pushed hard on Jason's prostate with her finger and continued pulling on Marcus' balls. Maria looked at her girlfriend and smiled, "Good work Ang. Your magic hands and fingers were what pushed the guys over the edge to an amazing orgasm." The two women hugged each other affectionately. Jason opened his eyes and looked at his wife, who was smiling back at him, "I guess I dozed off, didn't I?" He sat up and looked at his friends and remembered what they were doing, "Ok guys, I don't know about you but I really need to pee."


Biker slut (4)

group Bliss 2017-10-25

It was time to go to the concert and when she came out of her room in her sexy short dress, John felt on her cunt to feel if it was good, her cunt was full of cum and this is good for lubricant the next, he said. The Biker she had already sucked pulled again his big dick out of his pants and John said he can fuck them for 10 euro. Another biker had seen this and gave 10 euro to John and said he did not want to miss this opportunity and took his dick already out of his pants to let him suck by the Biker slut.

3 Huge Black Cocks Ruin White Slut

group johnny_wadd 2017-10-25

Marie's heart began to race in panic, but she kept her head down and kept walking, regretting that she had put her little white minidress and 4" heels on as she now felt very exposed as the youths approached. "I said sup baby, wanna party?" said the tallest one, reaching out and pawing at Marie's hair and shoulders "and tits hahaha" laughed the third black youth, pawing at Marie's low cut neckline. The tallest one instantly pulled down his shorts, revealing a rapidly hardening thick ebony black cock. The other two youths laughed and yelled "Yeah boiiii!!" "Now that's a good idea bruv" they cried, and dropped their trousers too, revealing two more magnificent black meat sticks.

Fulfilling Her Fantasy & More

group walterio 2017-10-25

Brad sat on the sofa with Liz sucking his cock as Vern entered her from behind with his sizeable cock. Vern got up and moved Liz to all fours so that she could suck Brad's cock as she knelt on the floor. With Brad sucking on her clit and Vern probing her anus with his tongue, Liz had a massive orgasm. Liz was focused on Brad's cock in her pussy and the tingling sensation in her rectum was an added turn-on. Liz sensed that Vern had stuck his cock in her ass but she was confused as she felt no pain. "I bet you would love that Liz, a cock in your pussy, another in your ass and another in your mouth," Brad chimed in.


Sticky Moments

group 2lubricious 2017-10-25

Megan started to move her hips back and forth, fucking my fingers with her dripping pussy, it was so hot and wet in there that I knew if I could rub her clit with my other hand she would cum in seconds. The crowed around us moved again, and suddenly my fingers were pushed into her even harder by a thigh pushing against my hand, Megan was almost bouncing against the pressure on her lips, I turned to see who was next to me and saw your face looking down at my hand and then up in to my eyes.

The Hitch-hiker

group BluesMistress 2017-10-25

Truckers are usually safe, they're on the road for long lonely stretches of time and are mor than willing to pick someone up - if only for the conversation. Laying back, I stretch out and relax, closing my eyes and letting the heat just rise from my body. He pushes me forward onto my hands and knees and pushes hard and fast into my cunt, I feel his balls lightly slapping my clit as he fucks me steady, hands holding my hips to his rhythm. I feel him get even harder right before he explodes his jizz, pulling my ass hard against him and keeping me there until he's empty. Dougs' fingers resting on my pussy and Evans' head is on my breast, lips against a still erect nipple.

Railway Slut Adventures Ch. 03

group geronimo_appleby 2017-10-24

Syrupy love juice was beginning to drip from me now as my lust grew, and I felt my slick pussy with the tips of my fingers, fingering myself and taking Matt's cock between my lips to suck on him. The sight of seeing me sucking and wanking two of his team mates must have excited Matt, because when I turned back to him, his cock was thick, red tipped and angry looking. For half an hour or more they came at me and I took every one of them that offered me a hard cock, whether in my mouth or in my cunt, every member of the team spunked a load either on me or into me.

A Young Wife's Journey

group trikeboy123 2017-10-24

"Don't stop, please fuck me harder, oh God don't stop!" Those words brought Mr. Weber to his orgasm as he pumped a big load of cum into Cally's pussy. Cally wanted Mr. Weber's cock and soon had pulled it from his pants. Weber said, " Well Cally, I know you wanted a raise so I asked these board members about it. "I understand Cally but they have pictures of you sucking my cock so unless you want your husband to see the pictures, lets get this party started." said Mr. Weber. Mr. Weber took off his clothes and started rubbing Cally's pussy. She shouted, "Fuck my ass, fuck my pussy, harder, harder give me all you got, I love being fucked, I want more cock, oh fuck me please, please," With that her climax came.

Lazy Sunday Mornings

group netwest 2017-10-24

They need to be as he likes nothing more than to watch me wiggle and squirm as he plays with my clit, over and over again, whilst driving into me with his big hard c0ck until I am begging him to stop, trying to pull his hands away from me. I don't want him to stop really, I just need a breather, to let my body recover before the next wave of pleasure comes flooding from me. He doesn't know if I like having my pussy sucked, nibbled and licked, it's never been something we have discussed. I've enjoyed having his hard c0ck in my mouth, sucking and licking his long shaft, its something I take pleasure in and would be willing to do it over and over again for him.

76% stud

I'm Getting Ready

group quotidian01 2017-10-24

Rob and Jane sat on either side of me and Linda was flanked by Mike and Marcia. "Won't you let me make love to you?" Linda turned her head and kissed Marcia on the mouth. Linda slid a hand into Marcia's panties and began to rub. She lay between Mike and Rob. Marcia lay down on top of Linda and began to kiss her, touching her breasts, sucking on the nipples while a finger found it's way to Linda's clit. Tongue and lips and fingers, and soon Marcia had pulled her legs up with her hands behind her knees. A hard cock slid across my face, searching for the opening to Linda's pussy.