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Erotic Group Sex stories

A large collection of first-time sex stories about virgins losing their cherry.

Slave for a Day - The Perfect Gift

group greaterimp 2017-10-24

When she was done, Jill looked her in the eyes and whispered, "It'll be worth every penny of it, I guarantee you." Kathy bit her lip and stared at her for a long moment, but said nothing. "Kathy is going to be your slave for the day," she repeated, leaning towards the somewhat shy looking girl, putting a hand on her thigh while wrapping the other around her shoulder. He glanced over at his wife and said, "Could you help her out, please?" Jill reached up and grabbed Kathy's hair at the base of her ponytail and pressed her face against her husband as he continued to rub himself on her.


Tell Me What You Want

group Lottatime 2017-10-24

What little he knows about her – that she is witty, beautiful, seductive and SOMEONE ELSE'S WIFE he has garnered over the last few hours. She wanted me to fuck her, lick her pussy, satisfy her but knew it wasn't going to happen. She told me he liked her nipples, he wanted to suck on them. Before he could even react she put her hands on his cheeks, straddled him and asked him if he wanted to suck her nipples. My wife was behind me, and when her attention was briefly averted I slammed my hand into that healthy butt and grabbed it, shook it, and told it in no uncertain terms. I will shake his hand and escort my beautiful wife out of the room.


The Third Time Is The Charm

group wakedad8 2017-10-24

I think Katie wanted Steve's cock as much as I wanted Becca's pussy. Katie reached behind her and started to rub his cock right through his shorts. She began to bob up and down rapidly, taking the full length deep into her hot mouth, as Becca sucked my balls and tickled my taint. Steve reached out with his huge hands and grabbed Katie by her tiny waist to pull her in close to him. Steve's cock got hard very quickly and Katie's hand went right for it. I was at a great angle to see his big old fingers rubbing Katie's bulging vulva, right through the material of her tight shorts.


Road Trip Pt. 03

group TLCgiver 2017-10-24

When I'd finished meditating, I reflected on all the crazy things going on in my head: Karen's secrets, falling in love with multiple women, the near overload of sex I'd been enjoying, my guilt about my grief fading, my incestuous thoughts about my sister, the feeling of angst over what I felt were changes to my fundamental values around relationships and sex, and my newfound fascination with group sex. I found the spa, suited up in the official Inn training outfit, found the massage table, and some oils, and had time to think about what a trainer might do with a couple wanting to get in shape on a short vacation.


Mary, Mary Ch. 02

group hollywoodjim 2017-10-24

"I think I know what needs to be done now." Sally said to Mary "I'll do this...unless you'd like to do the honors?" "What do you think?" Sally said with a naughty smile as she held it in her hands and began to slowly caress it, she could barely get her hand all the way around it. "Wow." they both said before Sally kissed her husband, then Mary. Mary felt positively giddy with excitement as they walked totally naked through the house, she couldn't take her eyes off Ed's enormous dick, not to mention seeing Sally's ass. "Come on, let's get a drink." Sally said as they carefully got off the bed and went back downstairs.

Meet Annie Cummings Ch. 01

group TriplXXXL 2017-10-24

"Why don't you boys come on closer so I can take care of you all at once...?" The other two contestants, whom you could call co-winners at this point inch closer as Annie wraps her lips around the hippie's dick once more. Annie was moaning around the dick in her mouth as the blonde grabbed at her ass cheeks with both hands and started to drive his shaft deeper down her ass with hard, long strokes, each one burying him deeper in, inch by inch. Annie was known of course for being a woman who gets what she wants when she wants, but this time around and every so often she would get the men just ravage her like these three lucky, equally endowed guys were doing right now.


The Vacation

group prose64 2017-10-24

We lay there like that, me pumping Sara, kissing her deeply and fully while I stroked David listening to them both moan with pleasure until the need to feel his dick in my mouth once again caused me to yank hard on his cock forcing him to move further up on the bed until his crotch was at the same level as our faces while I still continued to pump away and her sweet pussy. As she began to cum she licked and sucked at his balls harder grabbing his cock from my mouth and taking it deeply into her own fully enjoying the feeling of being able to orgasm and suck at the same time, sucking for all she was worth while her orgasm made its way through her body.

Foursome at the Bar

group quietmischief 2017-10-24

Shawn took his finger out of Amanda's pussy, and started pulling panties down her legs while Mike dropped her skirt to the floor and started to rub her ass. Rob continued his mastery at Amanda's pussy and clit as Shawn and Mike worked her out of her cami and bra so she was completely naked on the pool table. She continued to suck and stroke on Mike as Rob started to build a rhythm of fucking her pussy. As he pressed his finger in her tight backdoor, she exploded again, screaming in pleasure as she frantically worked her mouth over Shawn's cock and kept stroking Mike with her other hand.

The Other World Ch. 03

group WifeWatchman 2017-10-24

"Sir, the story I'm getting in bits and pieces is that six people, four women and two men, all in their early twenties, went to the back room right past the bathrooms down this corridor behind me." He turned and pointed at the corridor, which was at the right rear of the room. "Yes sir, we did." said Christina Cho who had just come up after giving some bagged evidence to Officers to transport to the Crime Lab. "Sir," said Masters, "when they started convulsing and going down, I'm told it was a mass panic for the doors. Coming back to the main room, I said to Cindy "Okay, I'm going to Headquarters."


Sally, Summer of Sex Ch. 29

group Susie_O 2017-10-24

Sarah, along with her mother, worked at a nude strip club, "Pete's Play Palace" and she approached her boss, Carl, the night manager and part owner of the club, about using the "Back Room" for the party. She had also thought that charging, like per minute, for sex with Sally would be a good way to both pay for the party and control how long anyone could fuck her. "It's for Sally, You know the skinny girl who won the amateur night a month ago." Marlene knew Carl had a basic curiosity about her. "Captain Oliver of the vice squad would like to sit down privately with Astrid to be sure she understands the nature of what things might be permitted in the back Room." Astrid was Sarah's stage name.


Nikki's Public Romp!

group kodos9000 2017-10-24

They walked in and were greeted by a young attractive woman in what Nikki thought looked like a waiters outfit. She felt a hand caress her firm buttocks and give it a squeeze; Grant pulled her close and kissed her, his tongue darting into her mouth. She felt Grant place his hand on her head and with a little force began to fuck her mouth. Nikki held her feet high in the air as Grant found her hot hole and with little effort began to finger her pussy. She smiled at the thought of how this would look if the lights came on, Nikki on her back legs in the air, pussy and tits out for all to see, Grant with his large cock in another woman mouth.

An Afternoon Delight...mmmmm

group LSancho 2017-10-24

Paul and I looked at each other and giggled like lil girl sluts and took a drink of merlot.We continued stroking each other as we moved our mouths together near the big, hard, throbbing man meat, gently kissing, our tongues began swirling together,and then licking the cock together. Paul leaned over the sofa arm as Jim started filling his ass...I sat with Paul's head in my lap...his mouth kissing ,sucking, and licking my cock.Jim was full in and Paul was whimpering like a lil hot.After a good slow fucking Jim's rhythm increased and soon he couldn't suck my cock anymore...he was squealing in delight.I leaned over Paul getting my face close to his ass asking to suck Jim after every few strokes.

A Night to Remember

group sweetydawn 2017-10-24

I take your head in my hands and kiss you long and hard, letting my mouth explore the very depths of yours - the fact that I am blindfolded only adding to my excitement. As I remove your shoes then your pants the remainder of the way, I feel that cock of yours standing fully at attention, oozing pre-cum. The feelings of cock finally deep inside me and cocks in my mouth and in my hand is too much for me to take and I scream as the orgasm overtakes me, soaking your cock and balls as my cum squirts everywhere. Alternating between deep-throating their cocks and sucking their balls, I hear both guys breathing fast and breathing hard.

Witch Kisses

group Vluirty 2017-10-24

"Why don't you drink some more, Laurie?" asked Sarah, taking the flask back from Janiss to point at her instead. "Don't mind if we do, Pete." Sarah rested a hand on Janiss's shoulder, "May I?" she asked seductively. Janiss said, "Yes," reaching for Sarah's other hand, she brought it to her other breast. Face pointed upwards from Janiss's, Sarah said, "You know how to treat me so well, leggy Laurie." "Maybe we should just listen to Pete, Sarah," said Janiss, "He is an agent of Satan." "Oh, I got something nice for you." Pete turned Janiss around, put his hands between her thighs, and lifted her up like a sack of flour high in the moonlit air, pussy splayed towards her fellows.

Casino Winning!!

group KansasFun 2017-10-24

Will had another bottle of wine and quickly it was pretty obvious that they were both well drunk and ready to party because when Kerrie walked by me into the room, she leaned over and lightly kissed me on the cheek and felt her hand reach for my crotch and she easily found my bulge. With that, Kerrie started back in on my dick while Will and Lori had moved over to the other bed with and she was in between his legs with her head bobbing up and down and honestly just seeing that was so hot I almost blew my load right there but I realized I needed to see what was underneath that red dress.

Hot & Horny Ladies Hockey

group dilcy 2017-10-24

The young men however were not the only ones enjoying the view, several of the girls had noticed the strain being induced in the shorts of the footballers and were giggling suggestively in the direction of a particularly handsome group of young men from Sweden who were obviously fit and muscular, but also wore broad and attractive smiles. Some part of my mind became overwhelmed by the ability to create such a sexual reaction in such young fit and attractive men, that I now deliberately removed the towel revealing my naked body again and enjoying the feeling of my nipples hardening and my pussy moistening.


Three Is Not a Crowd

group mdiver 2017-10-24

(Gail opened her blouse, unhooked her bra and started gently messaging her breasts.) She felt me up and kissed my nipples knowing full well what I needed her to do. With my hand enjoying Susan's clit, I reached for Gail's recently abandoned breast. I can imagine Larry wants a lot of face time down here." She looked up at me with a wink and said, "You'll have two pussies for your enjoyment tonight." With that she turned and started licking Susan's pussy. I was enjoying the view and moved to a position where I could fondle Gail's breast and still watch her mouth in action on Susan.

On-line Bi-play turns real – Part 2

group JimmyNJenny69 2017-10-24

Sally, was starting to get on her hands and knees, and the next thing I knew, my cock, with the cum still on the tip, was in her mouth. I wanted to like the cum out of her ass when I saw it happened, and next thing I knew, I was cumming deep up into Sally’s pussy while she still had her nipple in my mouth. Randy was on one side sucking one of Sally’s nipples with Jenny doing the same on the other side, while Sally had her creamy cum pie in my mouth while I was still laying down.

Bar Stars Ch. 02

group TheWastelandRanger2247 2017-10-24

This time around the dancing got much more physical, you took turns grinding up against either of them, feeling their hard bodies pressed against yours. Warmth started to spread over your body as you got aroused, such close proximity was getting you excited and you could feel your pussy starting to get wet against your panties. Feeling that hard cock in your hand overpowered your enjoyment of Derricks tongue, you needed this in you right now. Greg moved forward since Derrick still hand his pants on, you were so wet that he had no trouble working that big hard shaft inside you. Feeling Derrick drip from your pussy, you notice neither boys looked tired or soft.

Barbra & Marie

group tenbears43 2017-10-24

"Barbra says, Mother you leave him alone." They both are now laughing as Bobby comes back into the room in a pair of Dark slacks, black loafers, light blue Polo sports shirt, and a wonderful smelling cologne. "Barbra tells Bobby," lay down on the bed and when he does she pulls off his fruit of the looms and now crawls between his legs and starts kissing his nipples. She kisses him and strokes him as his half flaccid member is ready to start a new round and a much longer one this time and Barbra now smiles and pushes Bobby back down on the bed and says let us start again my love, as Barbra inhales him, you can hear him say "oh my God."


I wish digital cameras, cams and sexual dating sit

group catbit20 2017-10-24

My throbbing cock was leaking pre-cum that I was afraid would leak thought my pants, my tight, shaved balls were aching for release after hearing all this." to seal my fate, she pulled aside the inner part of her shorts to show me she wasn't wearing panties and that her pussy was indeed hot and wet from the damp look of her swollen shaved outer labia lips. I slowly slid my tongue between her shaved, wet outer labia lips and licked from the bottom of her pussy to the top of her clit slowing licking and then paying attention to the hot areas as her moans and noises let me know. Her wet flavor was wonderful, I was intoxicated from the sight of her hot, shaved pussy and ass and watching her suck my friend's big cock and balls.

Learning Curve Ch. 03

group Paris Waterman 2017-10-24

Think I'm pretty, do you?" As she spoke, Ellie squeezed the sides of her top together with both hands, exposing all but her nipples to everyone in the Van. Her legs were parted enough that Alena could see her pussy in the shadowy hollow junction of her thighs. Knowing it was going to be more than just looking at her, and that there were two other guys in the van, Alena glanced over at Ellie and saw that the oriental girl was already had Glenn's cock out and was working it in professional fashion. So two couples screwing was not new to Alena, but having a third party watching – worse, waiting to take the place of either Big John or Glenn when they'd finished with either Ellie or her was troublesome to her.


Hot Roomies

group Dokkdoug 2017-10-24

The two of you are so into each other you don't even notice me as I start to stroke my now very hard cock as I watch the show. I push my hard cock into that tight pussy of yours from behind, while she is licking you. You take the dildo in your hands and slide it down past your pussy to your little asshole and I watch as you push it inside you. By this point I am so excited that I jump up from between your legs and kneel in front of your face, as the cum gushes from the head of my cock. You grab the base of my cock and shove the head in your mouth and begin sucking and licking the cum from me.

Our 1st Bi MMF

group gemini68monkey 2017-10-24

Well one night a few years ago we got d***k and started asking silly questions. Soon to be written and called '1st time at old Pender Bathhouse" Ok so back to how did we get to ask and tell to our 1st Bi 3 way. Soft kind.........had a nice seven inch clean cut cock, just like mine. I moved behind her to message her huge soft tits as she sucked on my 7 inches. Wow that was the hottest thing ( at the the time ) I ever heard her ask me. So I stopped playing with her boobs and asked him if he would like a 69? She still wants share it and to watch me get fucked and to fuck another bi guy......