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Erotic Group Sex stories

A large collection of first-time sex stories about virgins losing their cherry.

Justin Ch. 02

group fallenangel1224 2017-10-24

Justin grabbed the back of John's head and began thrusting his cock into his mouth faster and harder. I can't imagine that he was even remotely getting off on watching Justin lick my pussy, him being gay and all; but as I looked over to him he had his eyes on us and was stroking his swollen cock. "My cock is hard and you think that you are just going to fucking leave me like that?" he threw the dress at me striking me in the face with it. I sat down naked in his office chair, pulled my legs up underneath me and watched as my boyfriend, the love of my life suck John's prick till it grew back to its full length.


Baseball: First Inning

group Denarius 2017-10-24

"Safe on second but I'm only halfway to home, there is still third base." I continue kissing Sylvia goodbye enjoying handfuls of her soft, full breasts as Jan and Karen stare in wonder at my brashness. "I need to stay closer to second in order to avoid getting tapped out of the game." I wrap my hands around the small of Jan's back and pull her close grinding my hard cock against her belly. "Third base feels good, really good" I say with a grin as I break off our kiss, " but the home plate beckons me on." and I kiss Jan with renewed passion and pull away from her just enough to reach down and cup her pussy stroking her with my fingers trying to find her hole through the fabric of her shorts.



group sex4u4647 2017-10-24

Rob watched as Bill stripped and entered the bubbling water to join the others already there, he took off his robe shyly and hesitated until the three women stood up, exposing their lovely bare bodies to him and held their hands out inviting him in. "Come on Rob, isn't this part of your fantasy?" Said Jan as she cupped her lovely tits, holding them out to him. As Rob entered the hot tub Jan wrapped her arms around him and hotly kissed him thrusting her lower body against his hard cock. Feeling a hand grasp his hard prick he noticed that Alice had joined them and was playing with his cock while Jan held his balls.

Valentine's Day Rebellion

group nibbled 2017-10-24

A tradition had formed in my sorority that all the girls without boyfriends would bond together and wear black in rebellion on Valentine's Day. Donned all in black we'd hit the bars right after dinner to drown our sexual frustrations in tap beer and well shots. I started to ask and Mocha put his finger to my lips and then shushed me with a deep tongue kiss that sent shivers right to my already dripping pussy. Then they started giving my inner thighs the same treatment my breasts had just received, only the combination of their wet kisses and hot breath on the massage oil created a warm tingly burning sensation that instantly curled my toes. Handsome took a satin blindfold out of the case and slipped it over my eyes with another deep tongue kiss that made me squirm.

A Welcome Surprise

group mothgirl21 2017-10-24

It sounded like a pretty amazing idea to Dan so he turned around and lifted his still hard cock back to where it had been and this time very slowly slid it inside Abbi. Charlotte walked round to the side of the bed and pulled Dan's head towards her own and slid her tongue inside his mouth. She took off the blindfold and offered her pussy to her friend who eagerly lent forward and buried her face in Charlotte's wetness, making loud moaning noises as Dan continued to fuck her from behind. Dan watched as Abbi spread Charlotte's thighs apart with her hands and lapped up his cum as it slowly dribbled out of her hole.

Submission to Andre Ch. 07

group Dragonlipz 2017-10-24

Thinking about MJ having an adventure with Lymon; a man old enough to be her grandfather; the anticipation of tasting Andre's hot cock and the latest mystery man video from Andre had put me into a sexual daze. I fingered his a-hole as I sucked his balls one at a time, (slowly and sensuously - the taste of him was intoxicating) meanwhile I stroked that firehose of a cock for a load of white ropy goo on my tongue and face. When Lymon tongued and bit her swollen nipple, MJ lost control and ran her tongue around the groove at the base of his cock head, up to the tip where she teased the fat purple head into shooting a gob of nasty goo into her mouth.

Hotel Threesome

group letsrock 2017-10-24

She decided to let up on my cock (which was a good thing since she had me so close to cumming) and strip off her thong and bra. All of a sudden, she was tossing her head side to side and let out a loud moan, cumming on her husbands face. Being prompted by her husband, I climbed on top of his wife and slowly began to enter her pussy with my cock. She began to let out a low moan as I pushed my cock in as deep as it would go. The husband slowly took his fingers out of my ass and replaced them with his cock. I then let out a moan and grunt and sprayed shot after long shot of hot cum into this waiting pussy.

Los Cinco Hermanos Ch. 04

group eidetic 2017-10-24

Ginger decided that rather than drive all the way home from Jerry's just to turn around and come back, she'd stay the night. "Remember, guys, cum shots!" Jerry told us as we got ready. I had to pause again, because Dave was making me cum again, and when I did, Paul gently withdrew his hard-on from my mouth and moved around to the head of the bed, straddling my head with his knees and gently lifting me on to his thighs. I knew from the girth it had to be Ron. Then I felt Jackson wrap my other hand around his erection while somebody with a soft, slightly damp towel was wiping the cum away from my eyes.


Auntie's Naughty Boys

group 2017-10-24

Herb reached for his girl cousin's spread-open cunt, but hesitated. "Aunt Dee," Herb said as his prick as soft as an overdone spaghetti noodle shrank "All right, you filthy little brute!" Aunt Dee said and pulled Herb by his ear. Aunt Dee had spread her legs so wide that Herb could see the coral pink slit in her of Herb's cock, until her upraised, naked ass faced him, her gaping asshole and cunt Aunt Dee's hand slapped the girl's quivering ass-cheeks. that Aunt Dee was cupping Julie's right boob as she helped the girl to her feet. "Now, young man," Aunt Dee said and rested her soft woman-palm on Herb's naked "Pig!" Aunt Dee screamed and her smacked against Herb's bare ass.

Country Store Ch. 07

group teachgirl1980 2017-10-24

Tracy was just standing there with her mouth a little open as Ken turned and picked up a cup of punch. Maybe I do want to kiss Tommy." Joey said and walked over to the rack of sticks. We will kick your ass just to see you kiss Tommy." I said and handed the stick to Tracy. Joey and Ken's last ball was right by the pocket but Tommy didn't shoot at it. Tommy and Joey both jumped up and said "No way!" I grabbed Tracy's hand and walked over to them and stood right in front of them. If you want me to kiss a guy I need to be a little numb." Joey said.


The Nymph & I

group emmakaufmann 2017-10-24

I knew we were nearing the place where oft I had sat beside my dear Apollo, our backs resting against the laurel tree. "She is trapped inside this tree." Feeling emboldened, I said, "Take me instead." I put his hand on my breast and reached down to his loincloth. Apollo was still staring at Daphne, who sat with her legs apart, exposing her sex to his eyes, while she gnawed at a bone. Daphne drew her hand away and looked coyly up at Apollo from under her long black fringe. "Come," I said, placing her hand, wet with her slippery arousal, around Apollo's cock. Opening my eyes, I rolled onto my side and caught Daphne intently observing Apollo's cock, which had begun to rise again.


The Long Flight

group KayaDomina 2017-10-24

Sweat was forming on his face and palms, and he began biting and sucking hard at my nipple, kneading my tit with serious force while his other hand searched my body frantically, so happy to finally be able to explore the curves and soft, milky flesh he'd been wanting for so long. Ali pumped rope after rope of his hot, sweet nectar down my throat, now with both hands gripping the back of my head hard, holding me against his body as tightly as he could, suffocating me on his meat while he let out a loud-and-long "Ohhuuunnngghhhhmyfuckinggod...". We fell asleep soundly for about an hour, my head still in Ali's lap, my skirt now pulled down over my previously exposed ass, all three of us sharing the nice big blanket we'd brought along.

Living With a Goddess Ch. 01

group WellHungNerd1 2017-10-24

"Yes," said Asta, waving her hand and making the golden light disappear. I looked at Asta's beautiful face, lit by the soft electric lamp in my room. "OK, John," Asta said seriously, "we've got work to do. "Mistress?" she said, looking up at Asta. "Am I to generate the Currency with my new master, mistress Asta?" Violet asked, looking at me with her blue doe eyes. To think, a few hours ago I couldn't even dream of getting laid, and now, after a blowjob from a goddess, I was going to be fucking this beautiful woman? My eyes ran over Violet's pale, flawless skin, her crimson hair, her pretty features looking longingly up at the cock I was stroking to hardness.


swingers House party

group anthonyph99 2017-10-24

Barbra, the female half of one of the regular couples told Linda that she was going to go out to the living room area where it was a little more comfortable. Linda walked up to me took my hand gave me a kiss and said come on we are going to play a little bit. As Linda left the room the young blond I was fucking was starting to moan as I slammed my cock into her. She rolled her head around and looked up at me with a sly smile she said your cock smells and tastes like pussy what have you been up to.

My first and only threesome

group michaela2001 2017-10-24

I had my head in Brenda`s lap, kissing her tummy, then moved to Jane to kiss hers, all the time fondling their tits. I asked Brenda if she would come and sl**p in our bed but she was reluctant until Jane said it was OK. I started with Jane and moved between her legs to suck and lick her pussy while fondling her tits, I put After about an hour of this during which I had sucked their nipples, licked their pussies, fingered their cunts, had my cock sucked by both of them, albeit not very expertly, I climbed onto Jane and began to fuck her.

Shelby County Hideaway

group _Savannah_ 2017-10-24

While she was busy rubbing his cock, he reached around her front and quickly undid her own jeans, pulling them and her soaked panties down to rest around her ankles. He pushed her hand out of the way, and moments later Savannah heard the unmistakable sounds of a condom wrapper being torn. One of her hands grabbed his balls, pulling and squeezing gently; he groaned deep in his throat, muttering "yeah, baby, suck me" over and over. She felt Jim pull out, and then he was turning her over onto her back, dispensing with her shoes, jeans, and panties; raising her legs high on his shoulders, and once again pounding into her. His hands gripped her head; pulling her mouth further along his shaft so all of him was inside.

My First Cuckold Situation

group alexjjnc 2017-10-24

Anyway, after that she made hubby lick up all the cum and he had to watch while I continued to spear his hot wifey with my rock hard sword. I had several more orgasms that day (had one while fucking Lori in the ass) and I continue to meet with this couple ever so often...sometimes hubby is not even home, but I have to admit that I do miss his expert sucking and kissing on my balls when he's not there. Whether he's there or not, I also make sure she has a well-fucked pussy for hubby to lick and I want him to think about the dicking she received from my fat cock while his helpless limp pecker just hung there.

Buffy Catches Dawn

group Dawn_Summers 2017-10-24

Ok then, you’re going to watch them." Buffy grabbed Dawns arm and started pulling her into Willows bedroom. Willow continued to tongue fuck Tara all the while watching Buffy seduce her little s*ster. Their mouths and tongues were completely intertwined as Buffy's hand started exploring her young s*sters tight little body. As Buffy's tongued slipped deeper into the young girl’s mouth her hand slid inside her panties, through her tiny patch of pubic hair and for the first time touched her wet vagina. Tara could feel how much Willow wanted to taste young Dawn so as she laid back down she bent over Willows face and opened her mouth letting all the saliva and fluids drip from her tongue into Willow's open mouth.

The Wrap Dress

group LuckyRubyDancer 2017-10-24

Rick gave her a dark, lusty smile before leaning in for a slow and deep kiss, one hand on her clit rubbing slowly, the other in her hair pulling her in, holding her head still. Emma crawled over to kiss Rich, and Sarah beamed as Sam leaned in to give her a kiss as well, stroking his cock as his mustache tickled her face. Sarah came again, shuddering around Rich's cock while Sam carefully positioned her head and neck, caressing her slender throat as he did. Emma let out a groan and buried her face in Sarah, lapping eagerly into her hot slit, tasting Rich's cum and the blonde's at the same time.


It Happened at the Track

group fantasex13 2017-10-24

"Because, I want a pit pass," Melissa smiled coolly. Maybe he'll be in a good mood and we can meet the guys." Melissa suggested as she turned and walked toward the raceway, her tight little ass shaking as she went. Finally we arrived and Melissa slipped her fingers into the tight space between her pretty breasts and pulled out the pit pass. She smiled at him and sat her pretty little ass down in it, spreading her legs slightly open and wiping the sweat off her full bosom. She kneeled in front of him and the other guy pulled her sexy, tight shorts off her fine ass and spread her legs wide.

Not Any Cock Will Doodle Do

group dixeenormous 2017-10-24

As my cock started to soften, Trip firmly grabbed Shelly's cute little ass and thrust his dick deeply into her box, "I'm cumming baby!" His body started to spasm as Trip unloaded a huge wad of spooge. Before rounding the large rock outcropping, I turned one last glance toward the spent couple and watched Shelly unsheathe Trip's sword from her pussy, kneel at his feet and eagerly suck the remaining goo from his impressive member. With Trip out of earshot, Shelly looked up from between my legs, staring me straight in the eyes, "Looks like you enjoyed our little show, Mr. Armstrong." With a knowing squeeze of my crotch, she extended her tongue and began to lick the dribbled cum from my waders.


Help a Buddy Out

group throwaway_1986 2017-10-24

As Nick opened the apartment door, he was greeted by the sight of Travis nude form, his long gangly blond dreads on his skinny frame, sitting on a couch with a huge smile on his face, as a smoking hot brunette girl was sucking on his dick. Fuck my pussy with your fingers, yes, that's the way, uhh..." She began moaning as Nick started finger-fucking her, but Jen did not see a reason why Travis couldn't continue, removing the condom from his dick while sucking on it to return him to full hardness, while she continued thrusting her ass at Nick to receive the pounding from his cock and fingers.

Call of the Wild

group InYo 2017-10-24

You watch as the man's thrusting becomes more urgent, and them at some signal you can't discern the woman turns around and drops to her knees just as the man's cock explodes a thick stream over her face and breasts. You are so turned on by the scene, the slow pumping from your unseen lover, her tweaking your nipples that you moan and snake your tongue out and scoop some of her boyfriend's cum off her face. He holds your head and begins to make love to your face, slowly and intimately, while his brother still pumps into you. You feel so naughty that it pushes you over the edge, and you cum loudly, collapsing onto the girlfriend, your face slipping between her spread thighs.

Goody Two-Shoes Ch. 03

group KarennaC 2017-10-24

"God, Sam, you're so fucking tight; with all that dirty talk, I'm going to come in a second if I don't stop." Oh, Jay, it feels so good!" It did, but I couldn't let go of what he'd said. Friend may not have been the right word; Jay fucked Tillie sometimes, and I was sure he'd fucked her since the last time I'd seen him. Jay had made it clear that he enjoyed fucking different women and wasn't about to tie himself to just one. "Tillie, you and Jay both told me that you and he are only friends," I said. After that little confrontation, I didn't think Jay would ask Tillie for anything, but he said, "So are you fixing her hair or not?"