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Erotic Group Sex stories

A large collection of first-time sex stories about virgins losing their cherry.

Mix and Match Ch. 01

group scenester 2017-10-24

An enfant terrible in his own right, Malcolm was one of the more extravagant friends I'd ever known and he had built up a notorious reputation for throwing fantastic parties, so there was no doubt that he was going to see his twenties off in high, decadent style. Jessica and I were friends going all the way back to university, when she was roommates and best friends with Teresa, my old ex-girlfriend and now Malcolm's fiance. Francis was a bit like Mal and Justin, a guy who liked a good time, but was less subtle and a little more brazen and blunt about things. In the meantime, I got into a conversation with Teresa as both of us regarded Malcolm while he made his way around the room, with Jessica in tow.


Two Lovely Ladies

group soroborn 2017-10-24

"Are we ready to move on?" John asked, and we gathered up our things - Claire had brought a lovely cashmere wrap in case the night became a little chilly - and headed out of the restaurant towards the club which was in the same building. By now she was really aroused, and she said, "I know it's quick, but I'd really like to come." So I lay back on the bed and turned her towards me, first kissing her again on the lips, then on the breasts, and finally moving down so her wetness was positioned right above my face.


Kim and James in Vegas Chapter 3

group OlGeezer 2017-10-24

Looking into the camera, she took her hands, filled them with her tits tugging her nipples just inches from the men's face. Kim moved in front of the two men, she dropped to her knees, and took a cock in each hand. Feeling her mound the panties parted as Tom ran a finger up Kim's very wet slit. Tom could feel the inside of Kim's pussy let loose with a fresh flow of her cream. Kim took James cock and began to suck on her husband's cock as she rode Tom's cock. Tom drove his cock up inside Kim a couple times when his balls burst. Kim feeling the men exploding, their cum filling her, she felt another orgasm over take her body.

83% cock

One Scary Good Night Ch. 03

group Themaskedman 2017-10-24

"You mean help 'her' out right?" he retorted with a stern look which turned into a warm smile "Don't worry I will make sure there is nothing he or his friends can use." as he said that a few students started to trickle into the classroom. "Oooh the nerd is going to get some pussy," she gave a thrust to an imaginary person "who is she and why do you need lube?" Nidie left her mouth open to show her excitement. "No," he said, and Sarah gave me a stare and a slight shake of her head as if I just stepped on a land mine "It is Mr. Nickels.



group MSTarot 2017-10-24

"Ever played Confessions?" asks Andrew rolling his chair out from behind the desk and with a kick slides it half way across the room. "So it's a drinking game?" asks Chase grabbing a chair and turning it towards the small table and the bowl. You passed out before you could pay for the last one." Says Andrew with a grin that makes his face look like a little boy. " how the fuck do we play this?" says Chase sitting back in his chair once he's gotten change from Andrew. "Passed out, the game." says Andrew with a grin as he looks at Ashley. "Yes...or so drunk that they confess to things they normally wouldn't." says Andrew with a smile forming.


A Night of New Pleasure

group bubbliebabs 2017-10-24

Donna starts to smack Carla's ass; Carla then lets go with a scream of "oh God, yeah, I'm going to blow again" and then her pussy squirts again, this time on Julie's and Jason's hands and down the shaft of the strap-on. Donna pulls the strap-on out of Carla's soaking wet pussy and lies down on her belly as Bob and Jason undo the tape on her legs. Satisfied that they have worked Carla's pussy good enough for now, Jason and Bob un-tape her and the three roll over to watch the show on the next bed, as Julie and Donna begin to get really hot and heavy with some more toys from the toy box!

The Event Horizon of Insanity

group mrjones502003 2017-10-24

These cheesy porn movies are great for a couple to sit and watch together, get horny and never see the end of whilst re-enacting some of the choicer moments, but having a third party on hand (which would be me), I wondered if for some reason Mark felt it necessary to emphasize the fact that he'd be going to bed with a sexy young lady and I'd be all alone. I hadn't even been taking my share of popcorn (all right, maybe I was a little more interested in the flick than I like to pretend I was!) and having realized this reached blindly over to the bowl in Teri's lap to grab a healthy handful.


Vegas: The Dirty Dozen Ch. 01

group Benny024 2017-10-24

After a few minutes, the man told her to spread her legs because he wanted me to "eat her pussy." He also told me to go slow and I did. As she told us that her orgasms were so intense that she thought she was going to pass out, the man smeared a generous amount of lube onto the head of his throbbing cock and walked behind me on his knees. She quieted and watched as he eased me up onto all fours, spread my soft cheeks, and slowly, but determinedly pushed his cockhead into my ass. When the man felt my sphincter loosen, he began to push his hard, thick shaft in further. I had started fucking her slowly, but in no time, she began pushing back - hard.

Chemistry 104

group theimperialmistress 2017-10-24

Sarah was awash in sensation, from Nate's passionate kiss, from the exquisitely painful pleasure of his ministrations to her breasts, from Rob's unrelenting assault on her clit, and from being filled by his fingers - doubly filled, she suddenly realized, as Rob had slowly pushed two fingers lubricated by her ample moisture into her ass. Rob's hands tightened on her breasts, pinching the flesh and the nipples with every thrust as Nate clutched her hips and thrust in counterpoint to Rob's movements, their cocks practically sliding against one another inside Sarah's warmth. When Nate slipped one hand in between her and Rob's hips and flicked his fingers hard against her swollen clit, Sarah was gone.

Ass Auction

group joesal 2017-10-24

"Nice cock" said the same man "thanks" answered the stud "lets see that ass" said the second man and the young man turned around "yeaaaaaaaaaah" the three of them moaned. "Fuuuuuuuuuuuuuck" moaned the man behind him as he finally slid in "yeah...fuck him" cheered the other and with that the first man began throusting in and out of the young studs ass. "Sweet fuck honey" said the old man into the young studs ear as he kissed him on the neck and rolled off. No sooner had the first man rolled off that the second one took his place and with the fist mans come stil oozing out of the young stud's ass he slid straight in and began banging the young stud like crazy.

Well... Ch. 05

group Pegleg 2017-10-24

James moved to the floor and spreading Mary’s thighs began to lick her from the knee upwards, very gently and in little swirls that took his tongue closer and closer to her pussy as the time went by. James removed his hand to allow Mary to guide Dan inside her and then as the young man started to push in and out he returned to caressing her clit and nibbling on her right breast and nipple. She came very quickly but asked me to continue;’Don’t stop Darling keep fucking me, this story has got me so hot, I must have Dan as soon as possible!’ That was when Mary told us that Dan had been invited to a party that night and Ann exploded again all over my cock and signalling the start of my orgasm.


Audrey & Judy & Pete Pt. 03

group 3Pete 2017-10-24

As Judy continued rubbing Pete's cock hard against her now throbbing clit, she suddenly cried, "Oh, I'm cumming! Audrey threw the towel completely aside and jammed three fingers vigorously into her flowing cunt, and rubbed her throbbing clit with the other hand, finally reaching the orgasm she’d been striving for. Judy put her head on Audrey's soft thigh and began sucking her hot pussy and clit while shoving two fingers into that swollen cunt. Judy threw her arms around Pete's neck, mashed her mouth to his, pressed Audrey's head into the mattress and came once again, wailing with rapture. Judy, still coming, leaned down and fastened her mouth to Audrey's clit, plunging two fingers in and out of that throbbing cunt.


Jahaliya Ch. 02

group AmethystMare 2017-10-24

Alron rolled his eyes with cheeky humour at Sergeant's paw on Natasha's rear, curling his arm around her waist and stealing a quick kiss from her muzzle, making her giggle softly. "Yes, Sergeant!" He responded quickly, snapping to attention - his eyes had been on Natasha again who shook her head slightly at Sarge: See? Flat-soled boots sinking into the mud, Natasha bounded forward at a respectable distance from her training group, hollering orders when necessary, her critical eye missing nothing - positive or negative. "Maybe, if I feel like it," she said, giggling when he rolled his eyes and strode away, rapidly returning to hollering orders in his trademark instructor's pitch.


Double Fun Ch. 02

group LoneEagle 2017-10-24

Deb said, "I got so hot when you were fucking me, because I knew Allie was watching." She looked over at us. "Be nasty for me." I could feel Allie's breathing change as I spoke; she was obviously getting turned on watching her friend fuck herself. "Shit, I'm so fucking horny right now." As she said this, I felt Allie's hand grasping my already hard dick. "Fuck me hard, baby, yeah!" I watched as her big tits swayed back and forth with every thrust. Fuckin yeah!" I closed my eyes when I started to shoot, and shot hard, then I felt the dildo against my dick. As I opened my eyes, I saw that Allie had pushed the dildo hard into Deb's pussy as we both started to cum.

A Message In My Inbox

group monkeyma 2017-10-24

After he finished getting dressed Shanice and Mrs. Byrd each started licking and kissing a side of his dick. Mr. Byrd got up and walked around the two of them and just sits in the chair in the corner behind them beating his own dick while he watch's his wife fuck Shanice. They start kissing, then he was licking her neck as he was doing so Shanice whispered in his ear "tell your wife to leave." He looked up at her real quick and asked why. As they get into the elevator the husband picks Shanice up by her ass and he slips his dicks in her warm wet pussy.

The Cruise

group 1977TT 2017-10-24

Between slurps of Ted's wonderful perfect dong I told Sam it was time to which she quickly turned under my ass to face my prick catching the first drips between the eyes. As I began to pound her husbands face with my cock and he slurped it up wonderfully running his tongue around the head and down the shaft she pressed even quicker against his ass these great tits bounced ever so slightly as I lay my hand under them to softly fell the bounce of the weight. So pulling from Ted's oral rookie of the year performance to grace the mouth of this black princess bitch brought a smile to his face, watching his wife suck clit was almost as good as the double fuck she got last night.

Golf Prose Pt. 02

group OneSilky 2017-10-24

"Licking all around feels good, sucking on my clit feels great, and if you can manage all that with a finger or two inside me, I'll probably cum in your face." Then I pushed my fingers into his mouth, the taste he loved, and with my other hand spread my lips and sank down, taking him in my heat. I got back on time, at four as planned (I said four, you must have misunderstood) but still took a quick shower, touched up my make-up, got my hair poofed how I wanted it, and headed to the lobby to meet my sex buddies. I dropped my shoes and slid two naked feet up two pants legs across from me, never acting like I even knew it happened.

Kelly & The Last Delivery

group CHEWEY 2017-10-24

Kelly was starting to feel more comfortable as she finished the drink, looking up she seen Cindy bringing another. Kelly was looking up and saw Greg's hard cock just inches above her face as she rose up and sucked it into her mouth. Whimpering as Cindy kept up her assault on her bum hole, while Greg drank from her pussy, Kelly started shaking and trembling and the other two knew she could not hold back much longer. "Ooooohhhh yesssssss, fuck both my holes, fuck me hard," Kelly screamed as Cindy started cumming also, Right by Kelly's ear, Cindy was hollering, "I'm fucking your asshole baby, and you can't stop me." "Greg's fucking your wet little pussy and I'm fucking your tight little asshole!"

Slut Lessons Ch. 04

group AhMyGoddess 2017-10-24

How many of them were getting hot, hard or wet watching Brad play with her big titties? "Looks like you're ready for some cock," Sean said, his fingers slipping through her wet lips. Sean stood behind her, his hands coming around her and playing with her hot wet pussy under her skirt. But the pain in her breasts had sent pleasure shooting to her pussy making Sean's finger-fucking and tonguing feel so much more intense. She moaned long and low, feeling his hot hard length deep inside of her, straining the walls of her pussy. She felt herself shaking apart in an orgasm with the finger up her ass and the hot mouth on her clit.

House Call Quickie

group rondick310 2017-10-24

Emily sucked and licked Bill's cock while she watched John move up and down on the flesh colored dick. He had the best view of the group and was watching his cock slide in and out of Emily, while her head moved up and down on John's dick, and John slammed himself on the fat dildo. "I want to suck our juices" Emily said as she began to slurp on the thick shaft in front of her while John continued to bob away on the rubber dick in his ass. "Shit, you aren't the only one" Bill and John said as they stood stroking their dicks watching the shower show.

D & J's First Time Bi

group oddessy2 2017-10-24

David, noticing Rick playing with himself was soon doing the same as Jen then whispered to me that she had to taste me. Soon, I was treated to an even more wonderful feeling as Jen ran her tongue down my belly and on down to my pussy. Watching Rick's smooth shaft disappear into David's mouth put me over the edge and I held Jen's head firmly against me as she brought me to a thundering climax. But as soon as I was on the floor in a wonderful embrace with Jen, David was back at that cock with wild abandon. I began to lick and suck and tongue more quickly and soon I was rewarded with the wonderful experience of Jen's climax.

Be My Guest

group alexcarr 2017-10-24

It was like Jennifer liked to cock suck over me with her ass positioned neatly above my face so she could in turn smother me, so I was treated to the most wonderful warmth of hot moist pussy imaginable, she had this very thrilling method of sucking my foreskin and then stretching it back with her teeth just lightly applied whilst with Jenny, she was happy to kneel between my thighs and lick my cock upwards from the balls and the root in the most delightful way until she reached the tip, when I would feel her tongue poking my p-hole and squeezing my hard stiff cock at the same time.


3some Fun

group sexi_Lady13 2017-10-24

My hand starts slowly moving up and down your cock as you slide a finger into her wet pussy, I can feel you getting harder in my hand. You slowly slide your fingers out and position your cock so that she can just feel you but your not inside her, she gasps and start licking my clit harder and faster. As she starts to lick my clit faster you know it isn't going to be long before I cum , you get hold of her hips and thrust yourself inside her, all the way in in one quick movement, her moan vibrates around the room.

Under the Influence

group Askawakky 2017-10-24

That's right, Lisa remembered: Petra had gone off with the guy who looked like the Rolling Stones' drummer, and the last girl to leave had been Kelly, who somehow had already lost her jeans and was leaving with the man of her choice wearing only panties and her sweater. "Then that'd be a fucking waste of time, wouldn't it?" Lisa grinned as Jake turned her face to the left and smothered her lips with his big mouth. Brad had pulled his sweater over his head, and Lisa, still on her back on the bed, ran her fingers over the bare, smooth skin of the young man's chest. As Alan collapsed back onto the bed, Lisa pulled her mouth from his cock, already going limp.