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Erotic Group Sex stories

A large collection of first-time sex stories about virgins losing their cherry.

Schoolteacher's Initiation

group GraniteBob 2017-10-23

She was just getting into the rhythm of the song when a voice said, "may I cut in?" Jason pulled away and a muscular young blonde man who looked like a football player clutched her into his arms. She saw Jason excusing himself through the dance floor crowd carrying three glasses of grog and with a handsome young black man in tow. "Seth, let Peter dance with Jackie for a bit we have some business to take care of out back," as he handed both of them a glass of the strong drink. Jackie lay there propped on her pillow and looking down at her sperm filled pussy as the fat head of the huge black man's cock massaged it.


Petra the Small Ch. 03

group Scorpio44 2017-10-23

Petra pulled off her shirt and stood naked before God. Andrea looked at her body and her smile and gulped once, then pulled off her clothes and headed for the water. Andrea looked at Alex and said, "I want to be kissed by God." When Tom was on the top step and Petra was standing on the decking she put her arms around his shoulders and said, "I like being the same height as you." Then she kissed him. "I think I could live off kisses like that for the rest of my life but I believe that Tom is getting hungry again." Petra said without breaking the embrace.


He Wanted To Fuck My Wife

group rangeeladesi 2017-10-23

My mouth went dry when I heard the sound of sudden intake of breath from Vineeta as Naresh moved his hand onto her thighs, his fingers pressing into the material over her pussy to rub gently at her mound. Without breaking the kiss, Naresh pulled Vineeta to the sofa nearby and both of them sat on it close to each other. I heard Vineeta give a gasp and her legs, which up to that point had been firmly together, began to slowly open giving Naresh more freedom to play with her pussy. I watched as my wife closed her eyes and Naresh cupped her pussy with his hand. Naresh's hand returned to Vineeta's pussy, his fingers immediately slipping inside her, making her moan loudly.


Grim Fairy Tales Ch. 01

group DocCIS 2017-10-23

I did not know if it was a one-time occurrence or something that had been going on for years, but at the time it had occurred I had already been married to Jessica for several years and was up for a possible junior position in the firm... I knew Jess loved me and had always been true, but the fantasy turned both of us on as she playfully said, "Well, if I come home completely worn out, you'll know what happened," she teased. I watched in stupefied amazement as Jason began to move his hands down my wife's back to cup Jess' firm ass as their mouths continued to assault each other, their moans of arousal clear over the laptop speakers.


Woken in the Night

group ck3891 2017-10-23

I bet you're lying there, silently thinking about what it'd be like, getting your mouth on her pussy...digging your tongue deep between her lips and finding that secret little button...feeling her hips rock as you hold them?" A hiss came from Andy, as his dick was caught in Mel's pulsating pussy, but he managed not to break stride as she rode the waves of her orgasm, driving deep into her with every stroke. With one hand meshed together above their heads, his dominant right slipped forward to delicately orbit her sensitive nub with his middle finger, while Mel tugged her nipple in time with his plunging cock. Mel's eyes were screwed shut, her mouth a perfect 'o', as Andrew's pounding dick, and increasingly focussed finger-work drove them both towards a final climax.


Our Visit to Cinema 2 Adult Theater

group HappyInTN 2017-10-23

I described to her that I sat down in the main theater and watched part of the movie with a couple of other guys. Almost simultaneously, Gillian moaned loud that she was cumming and I used my hands to raise her up and down on my cock as hard as I could. I started pulling and nibbling on Gillian's nipples as she continued to work this massive phallus with her mouth. Watching Gillian work his enormous cock in and out of her mouth and feel her grinding hard onto me was setting me off. As I leaned back, I felt the man's arm move and I looked to see him grab Gillian's head pulling her further onto his cock.

Poker Night

group Drunks 2017-10-23

We both stood up and Natalie gave me one of her lung sucking kisses, she looked me in the eye gave me a wink and moved her way down my body, she didn't waste any time undoing my trousers and down they went, with another cheer from Maria. So we both stood up and I gave Natalie as deep as kiss as I could, she was obviously very nervous about this, but as I dropped to my knees giving her little pecks in the flat of her stomach, just above her panties, then I slid my hands either side of her small waist and peeled her lacy, white panties down, the scent of her arousal was unmistakable and her panties were a little moist.


A Baby - Family and His Brother Ch. 06

group Nicole48606 2017-10-23

Sue and I went to bed many times over a two year period when she was going to college locally, until she transferred to U of C Berkley, then it only happen when she came home for the Holidays. Guy started to be a smart ass and said, “Hey Nicole, when you going to go to bed with me like you do with Sue.” Sue looked a little startled and then said, “You mean Guy, that you have been lying to me about wanting Nicole.” The kids and I got up and went for a swim, as Nick and Jan said they were going to bed, to tired because of the Holiday workday.

A Political Education Ch. 03

group ILienBagby 2017-10-23

The governor's wife moved her hand once again, this time brushing the top of Carla's leg, lingering for a second in the vicinity of Carla's cunt. The governor's wife, joined in, "Needling told us that you were fine looking, but he neglected to add just how fine looking, And sexy," Babs once again put her hand under Carla's skirt and against her cunt. The convention still has some time to run." He stopped for a moment and looked at Carla, "and I know that we can use your talents to further our political ends." As he said that, Babs pulled the dildo out from Carla's behind.

Checking Out

group Unclaimed_Fire 2017-10-23

As Madison's mouth enveloped my cock in a warm, wet embrace, I squeezed and sucked on Jessica's boobs while I slipped a finger into her. I worked my fingers in and out of her pussy in the same rhythm that Madison used to bob her mouth up and down on my cock. After a few minutes, they switched places, Jessica taking my cock into her mouth and Madison coming up for more fingering. She wasn't quite as tight as Jessica, but then Madison was, I'd learn, rather more experienced She was eighteen, though, so I could feel her pussy working my cock as I thrust in and out of her. Madison licked up a mouthful of cum and kissed Jessica, giving her my cum.

Koh Samui

group BigDave1340 2017-10-23

Had I not experienced these events first hand, I would not have believed what is written, and probably treated these words as fiction; and iii) what has happened over that last couple of years has injected even more excitement into our sex lives – so much so, that even as I trace back over the images and transpose to text, I have to periodically stop and relieve myself – with the help if my lovely wife, Tanya, of course. By the following night, Tanya and I felt like new people, all our worries began to wash away – we made love for the first time in weeks. “Why don’t you join us,” I asked as Tanya started lifting the material away from her flesh, trying to air it but succeeding only to give anyone who happened to look, and I think most of the bar was looking, an eyeful of her breasts and erect nipples.


Bacchus House

group obscurefruit 2017-10-23

The man, apparently not satisfied with her answer, wound her hair around his hand and pulled her head back, causing her mouth to open involuntarily. She pushed a couple fingers into the woman, who moaned and shoved her breasts into the man's face. When he was finished, he moved the woman's face down, pulled his cock out of Hanna, and slipped it into the woman's eager mouth. The man with the beastly cock looked straight at her as he rubbed the tip up and down her cunt. He held his cock against her ass for a moment and looked at her, as if he was waiting for her to beg him to stop.


The Miseducation of Marie

group dougnmarie 2017-10-23

She looked at Doug, mussed up his short blonde hair with a grin then turned her attention back to Marie and the game on the table. Doug felt his cock begin to swell against his thigh as the image Marie painted ran through his head; both of the girls naked, on their knees on the bed over top of him, feminine hands caressing soft feminine bodies, squeezing breasts and teasing nipples, mouths locked in a hungry passionate kiss. "I thought maybe you had something like this in mind," she said and slid her right hand under the table, placed it on Marie's left knee and slowly slid her hand up along Marie's thigh inside her skirt.

first threesome with my girlfriend and my best fri

group fisher4890 2017-10-23

However the next day we all got quite tipsy at the pool, Katie started trying to steal John's hat and they started wrestling with each other under water. I was going crazy wondering what was happening so I got out of bed to see if I could hear anything, and as I did she came through the door with John by the hand. I asked Katie if she liked it and she said she loved it and wanted to do it again soon. Then asked if he wanted to join us, in which he replied no thanks( he wanted katie but not to see his best friend also naked) however she led his hand to her boobs and he grabbed them and her butt with the other hand.

My First Ever Bi-Weekly Party 12/3/2016

group RafaelValentino 2017-10-23

This party was held at a newly renovated venue of theirs called the “DC Speakeasy.” Upon entry, there was a sign outside the door of the building that said “Fleamarket” which I found quite humorous. Once I went inside, immediately I see a man crossdressing as a woman being confined up to his neck in a small cage. In the far left corner I saw a small crowd circled around one man who was giving a demonstration of his violet wand kit, it was quite fascinating since I’ve had a positive past experience with the violet wand before. But, the elder couple wanted to get right to it, so I went with them. The wife of the elder couple takes PrEP medication, so she insisted on bareback because she really wanted a creampie.

Best Birthday Surprise Ch. 01

group Redhead2691 2017-10-23

So for the past week I have been going to the gun range, doing a little bit of work around the house and enjoying my time away from work while my fiancé Jackie had to work. "Well it seems like someone is ready for his birthday present" she said with a devilish little grin. She came up until only the head of my cock was in her mouth, and she sucked that last little bit of cum out of my cock before swallowing my entire load in one big gulp. "Stay in a little bit longer baby, I'm gonna go make your breakfast" she said before grabbing a towel and leaving me alone.

My first Lesbian Act and her Uncle

group 2017-10-23

He reached across to his niece and pulled her across his lap, and her movements left me in no doubt she was blowing him, and as I listened to her slurping on his manhood, he was reaching across her body and crudely entering her from behind with his probing fingers, making a similar noise as I was, then suddenly without warning he sought my pussy, and entered me, acknowledging what I was doing behind him, as he pulled my hand of my wet organ, and mouthed, 'You having a good wank back there Mariel', I waited as Maria stopped sucking him, I said 'Yes', and he replied, 'I will pull over and fuck you both, take everything off, now', the final command, bringing both myself and Maria to sit upright then strip naked as he indicated and pulled into a small lay-by, to fuck both us girls.

Texas Hold 'Em

group Charles Petersunn 2017-10-23

"It will be more fun this way and, besides," she said, as she playfully slapped Teddy on the shoulder, "this way I can keep my eye on Teddy." That caused a bit of chuckling, but it was in fact to ensure that Charlotte and Joey would be sitting next to each other, as she knew that Samantha would manage to get next to Chris. So, the circle went: Penny, Teddy, Charlotte, Joey, Samantha, and Chris. Chris though did now feel uncomfortable about removing his shirt, after what Samantha had said, but he knew that it still wouldn't compare to the girls unbuttoning their blouses.


Monitor cam

group Dreamweaver32 2017-10-23

As I sat mesmerised, I saw her start typing and another message came up, As our chat progressed, I asked her if she wanted to get into my lap and get closer, like we did. She readily agreed and told me that, she had put her arms around my neck, she was now sitting in my lap and maybe we should chat about the first thing that came up. I asked if she was able to be naked for me that night, sometimes she couldn’t, if hubby was around; and she said that she could, if I liked? Her typing was minimal, so I next told her to remove her bra and to allow my fingers to tease and roll her very sensitive nipples.


Folly! Ch. 03

group Oz Wizz 2017-10-23

He lifted her long stocking-clad legs over his shoulders, pushed his cock into her very slippery cunt and began to fuck her. Miriam loved the feeling of some much fresh cum splattering down onto her skin as the fellow fucking her mouth pulled out and aimed his spasming cock at her face. Shorty moved away from her but immediately another young man shoved his cock into her cum-filled arse, sliding it in easily in the slippery passage, before he commenced his fucking movements. There was now a constant flow of cum onto Miriam's tits and face while her cunt and arse were filled to overflowing and refilled continuously by a seemingly never ending stream of restiffening penises.


Gym Buddies Ch. 02

group jasliz 2017-10-23

"Still want that drink?" Rob asked, watching Eric's cock grow rapidly as Jenna slurped and sucked. We both went to the couch and sure enough, as he knelt on it and moved his dick close to Jenna, she grabbed it immediately and started sucking it while Eric continued on her pussy. But what really got me and made me realize I must have been out of it for longer than I thought, was Rob was sitting on the sofa in front of Jenna having his cock sucked by her. "Oh this is weird," Rob said as he spit on his fingers and started to rub them around Jenna's ass while Eric's wide cock was still in her pussy.


A Billionaire Strip Golf Foursome Ch. 01

group JamesBouren 2017-10-23

From the first night he met her, as he gawked at Amber in her tight black low-cut party dress, it was clear to me that Tony wanted to fuck my wife. We race home to fuck like bunnies while we talk bout what we would do to some hot girl or how me and some young stud would fill Amber's ass and cunt at the same time. While Tony was busy trying to ignore Amber's naughty pussycat imitation long enough to hit his second shot, I fingered his wife. Candice, or Candy, as I noticed Tony was now calling her, stood over the top of him a leg on each side of his body and facing away from him.

A Promise Is A Promise Ch. 02

group elleann 2017-10-23

Alex tried to talk me into going back on my word but that is against my principles so there I was in my mini skirt and jersey and high heels and wearing lipstick, looking up at Howard who is very big and kind of fat and he was all red in the face from embarrassment at being the first guy on the bench, trying to get himself ready to have a blowjob in front of nineteen of his buddies. It was still only about five inches long at most, kind of a silly dick for a guy as big Howard I thought, but I would never have said that to him and hurt his feelings so I just sighed and opened my mouth and then I was going up and down on Howard’s dick while everyone watched me in total silence.

Slave again(cont.)

group zxew111 2017-10-23

their cunts were full of cum, male and female, and our dicks were covered with cum and our faces and mouths were flooded with cum. The women left us and we were surrounded by a dozen men, all jerking off onto us, covering us in thick cum all over our faces, stomachs and dicks. We then had large cocks jammed into our assholes and mouths, dripping with cum and were fucked hard and long, with dicks coming on and in us le.more replacing the used ones. I woke up, laying in a puddle of cum, covered in cum, between my toes, on my chest, cock, faces, oozing out of my mouth and asshole.