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Erotic Group Sex stories

A large collection of first-time sex stories about virgins losing their cherry.

The Slave Market

group MrErotica 2017-10-23

Once the woman in red had finished all the guests fanned out and began walking around looking at all the tied up women. “These are nice and soft I’m relived to find that they are natural too, give them a feel for yourself” the man said to his partner, at which point she walked over and began squeezing both my breasts. A woman was being pleasured by a group of men one man was laying on the floor with the woman laying on top of him facing away he was trusting his cock in and out of her arse while another man was kneeling between her open legs and was fucking her pussy another man was kneeling near her face while he thrust his dick in and out of her throat and still there was other men crowding round her waiting for there turn.

Dirty Slut Just Wants to be Fucked

group Chubby Chic 2017-10-23

Sam was even more surprised to learn that her conservative mother was not shocked to hear about the condition. I just need to cum all the time mum!" Sam almost yells. Sex is an amazing thing and you'll be having a lot of that in the future baby." Your mother says with a grin. Oh god, will your mother stop being so secretive and bring guys home to fuck? "What feeli...." You start to say before your mum butts in "Don't play me for a fool young lady, remember you are the same as me and I'm as horny as hell right now! "Hurry up and get home mum, I need to cum, I haven't been this horny in a long time, I usually 'take care' of it quick" you say.

Koni & The Carpet Guys

group Konicum 2017-10-23

As my lips touched the head I strained to open wider to take his cock but Richard wasn't waiting for me to adjust; his hand pulled me in while his huge dick pushed in. The younger man, Juan, who was thumb fucking my ass, pulled it out and stepped around to the front of me slapping me in the side of my face with his cock, it was a little shorter than Richards but almost as fat. They kept talking and then Richard pulled out and Juan Grabbed my head and guided me onto his meat pole, which went balls deep easily since I was used to much bigger cock now.

Silver Lake Angel

group Odeon 2017-10-23

And if it wasn't some magic thing that he said, then it was just the beauty of his face––his translucent blue eyes, not a cloud between her and his soul, hollow angular cheeks, like someone they'd cast as an enemy spy, his thick rich hair, which she loved to fondle and smell and style, and of course his maddening smile that beamed out of his light five-o-clock shadow. They exited the cab directly in front of the bar, and just as it began to pull away, she shouted, "My purse!" Avery bolted after the car, sprinting into the street and coming up alongside the driver's side window, playing it super serious like some action star trying to retrieve a time-bomb.


Trapped by three...

group d4david 2017-10-23

I managed to get out of the shower area but in my confusion I made a wrong turn and ended trapped in the weight room. I feared that one would rip my poor little butt hole apart and all three would utterly destroy my anal canal. My body was tied to a weight room bench and some one was spreading copious amounts of a slick substance in and around my anal opening for lubrication. Finally sticking more than one hand into my anus and stretching my poor little hole obscenely in different directions. One of them finally placed his enormous huge cock head at my anal opening and nudging slowly and gently against it.

Culture School Ch. 01

group Birds__Eye 2017-10-23

I had been looking at the nurse's tits wishing I could keep sucking on them, but then turning my head toward the doctor, I saw he had removed his medical blouse and was standing bare-chested at the end of the table between my legs. When you return her to the hall, tell Mistress Whipple that she is fit to be accepted as a new student" said the doctor as he slipped again into his medical blouse and left through the same door he entered. I told Mistress Corrine goodbye and said, "Give my thanks to Master Clark for approving my examination." Mother embraced me again and pressed her body full against mine before giving me an open mouth kiss.

Just Being Friendly

group trixiej 2017-10-23

Her tongue then pressed lightly on it before moving up to the base of his cock, and she then looked up through her bob at his mesmerised eyes as her open mouth closed around the base of his dick, kissing and slurping its way north before sucking hard and long on the end. He stood having watched Tim's cock slide into his girlfriend from the perfect vantage point on the floor below the chair, and held his dick as he slowly approached Trixie's moist asshole. "I want you bothe to come inside me," she whispered as she pushed herself more upright, reaching round to hook a hand round Gary's head as she began to fuck Tim again.

Back to College Ch. 3

group ksfunguy 2017-10-23

After we got the kid to bed, she started to tell me of the time that she had spent with Jen. After the first part of the conference ended on Friday, she immediately we over to Jen's off-campus apartment that she shares with another girl. Finally, she said what brought her to the breaking point was when Jen was sucking and licking her clit while at the same time she was fingering her g-spot and playing with her ass with her little finger. Denise said that she licked and kissed her ass while one hand was fingering her pussy and rubbing her clit while the other hand was playing with her nipples.

Kim Uses Me Again

group gandj130 2017-10-23

"You are a dirty slut Kim, let me see you fuck now." Stuart replied red faced his hand playing with his cock as he watched sitting in the corner. I saw a string of cum from my cock to her slippery cunt until Kim put her hand between her legs to keep it inside her as she moved alongside me on the bed and looked at her husband. "Yes. I think you loved it, and Gary did too." Stuart replied as he got out of the chair and stood by the bed, he was red faced and had his erect cock in his hand. Stuart was very red faced and looked sticky and wet and quickly climbed off the bed and headed for the shower.

Chance Meeting

group jim313 2017-10-23

I led her over to a comfortable chair next to the bed and sat her down to watch the show as I dropped to my knees and started licking the insides of her thighs and slowly worked my tongue and lips up to her petal-like labia. Then she asked if we would please stop for a moment as she would like to have one of our cocks inside her pussy so I immediately volunteered and got on top of her and rubbed the head of my penis up and down her slit mixing her juices with my precum just before feeding her my thick organ slowly inch by inch.


group SexyJennaInk 2017-10-23

"In love with me, huh?" the blonde, Jenna, laughed, glancing at the still dancing Julie then to the beaming male. "Thanks, Steve, you're a charmer," Julie beamed, continuing to massage Jenna's breasts seductively. For her part, Jenna's blonde tresses provided the perfect contrast, mixing with Julie's and obscuring the horny male's view on many occassions. Their tongues seemed to dance around one another with practiced choreography, Jenna tasting Steve's fluids in Julie's abundant saliva. From her position on all fours, Jenna watched Steve drive into her Julie's tight body, her own body pushing slowly back onto Joel's hard cock. Jenna watched the pair in amusement, Steve managing to last a few minutes longer before he pulled out of Julie and shot his load all over her waiting chest.

Tropical Joys Ch. 02

group Red Hugh 2017-10-23

Sam was enjoying her attentions but released Charlotte who kissed her way down to David's cock and bathed it clean with her tongue and lips. Thus kneeling in submission across David's knee her legs were slightly parted and her firm little buttocks opened to expose her rosebud and below that the lips of her sex glistening and prominent with her shameful arousal. At the same time she began to kiss Sam's inflamed rear end, slowly, slowly zeroing in on the little hole that had denied David access. As all three relaxed in the spa adjoining the bedroom the girls hugged each other and Sam asked if Charlotte would try to ease her into anal sex with a little strap on from their collection.

Never Enough Ch. 05

group Sweetcheekss 2017-10-23

Carl hadn’t told us who Matt and Paul were or what kind of business they were in. Amber remained in the office chatting with Matt and Paul. “What the fuck do you mean coming up with a bullshit excuse like that.” Carl muttered. Amber and I got ready to meet with Matt and Paul at the downtown Regency Hotel for dinner. Matt asked me about making the porno movies, if I liked it and how I got into it. “Looks like Paul and Amber took off on us.” Matt stated. Although I felt like a paid whore when Carl suggested we “entertain” Matt and Paul, I was feeling much differently about it now. Matt kissed my legs, starting at my ankles working slowly upwards.


An Amazing Cruise

group Brittni4u 2017-10-23

Lisa giggled, "I don't know, but if this is how Italy is going to be, count me in!" She then added, "Look at this hot man ready for someone to dive in there. With our sweat drenched hair sticking to our faces, we gathered our towels, wrapped them around us and headed to our room as Lisa snickered, "Can you believe we just did that? As Lisa handed me the water, her eyes shifted like she had an evil thought, "I don't know about you Britt, but now I'm horny as hell. I continued sucking her nipple like a newborn puppy and knew Lisa was getting close to orgasm when she softly groaned, "Oh, keep going.


Wife gets even on cheating husband with gangbang.

group carlos06 2017-10-23

As he withdrew a steam of semen ran out of her pussy and onto my face, I was keeping my mouth closed as I didn't want to swallow any more cum, the next guy was along straight away pushing his cock straight in and proceeded to do the same. By the time the last guy finished I was awash but that still wasn't enough, my wife then lowered her pussy and pushed down on my face releasing a torrent of semen, when she was satisfied that I had got most of it she climbed off and stood back admiring her work grinning at me with her hands on her hips and cum still dripping from her pussy.

Long Lunch Ch. 2

group Ms_Messalina 2017-10-23

Warm water soothed me a little and I felt like I was ready to begin my investigation. I knew I wouldn't need much, so just a little mascara and lipstick and powder to remind him that I was ready to play the role he had in mind for me. I knew he liked a relatively early lunch, and I didn't want the other woman to be ill at ease, so I hid a bit early. I heard several cars drive by and, like a true pet, stirred each time, hoping my master had returned with a new toy for me. As soon as I heard his voice and hers, I felt a little sad.


KC et all

group Billr26 2017-10-23

By this time, the sight of these gorgeous naked women licking, sucking and kissing had me harder than steel. The next thing I know, I was laying on the floor, with Lisa sucking my cock and KC sitting on my face. The sight of them licking her clean and the job that Marie was doing on my cock had me hard again in just a few minutes. As I started pounding, Marie was moaning loudly due to Julie's tongue and squirming madly about. It was not long before I could feel Julie's muscles getting tighter and tighter around my cock and her moans got louder and louder. As soon as Julie calmed down a little, her pussy let go and I pulled out slowly.


Only Couples (continued1)

group Peter15 2017-10-23

order, and though he'd heard it enough times to memorize it word for word, it still left him feeling like the worst of sinners for not caring sufficiently for Faith to look after her soul by making sure that she was in a front pew when her father delivered his message of the week to the small flock. All the girls stop here before fighting the mob." Though Faith did notice several tables with two or three women smoking and talking as they sipped at drinks, it looked as if Lucia somewhat exaggerated the point by saying that all did. Without realizing what she was doing, Faith grinned back and said, "Hi," putting her small white hand out and watching it disappear as brown skin engulfed and pumped it a couple of times.

Club Church Chapter 1

group njcklver56 2017-10-23

I soon felt a hot wet mouth on my cock and as I was being sucked a cold finger was pushing against my asshole. As I came into the light with my hard cock lots of guys turned to look my way. As I was getting face fucked I felt someone behind me who reached between my legs and started playing with my balls and cock. I head the unmistakable noise of a condom pack opening and soon I felt the pressure of his cock pushing at my hot hole. I wandered over to an area where a bunch of guys were standing watching a guy lying on his back being fucked hard while he was sucking one cock and stroking another one.

The Ball Game

group Norfolk Boy 2017-10-23

As she spoke and leaned across to squeeze my upper thigh with those long sensitive fingers she let her blouse fall partly open presenting me with a mouth watering view of her lace covered breasts. I dreamed of Carol; of our long ago, but not forgotten previous encounter and woke with the mother of all erections at around ten a.m. The shower, set to cold, helped somewhat, to relieve my sexual torment and I was, at least, able to get into my tight blue jeans and appear at breakfast looking rested and relaxed. Without 'the box' there was no longer an excuse for Carol and I to sit together in the back seat of the car on the way home, so I sat in the front with Sean and talked about the afternoon's game.


Sharon's Threesome Ch. 01

group SharonMWF 2017-10-23

He pulled it from me and folded it up and stuck it in his pocket and raised his camera to his eye and said, "Smile." We spent the next few minutes taking a few topless pictures of me enjoying the water and the beach. Like I was, most of the women were topless and most of the guys, Europeans I would later learn, wore very small Speedo suits that gave me a good look at their packages. About an hour or so later, and at least one or two bottles of wine, Colin said, "Well, I'll leave you two to enjoy the day." "If you are going out to the beach later, I can show you some beautiful spots to sunbathe and snorkel."


All-Inclusive Vacation and Sex Ch. 02

group walterio 2017-10-23

"God, that feels so good, love me, fuck me," Brent cried out as he took Chris's cock from his mouth to encourage me. I fucked him slowly with long deliberate strokes pulling my cock almost all the way out and then plunging it back in his ass. Chris was moaning now as I steadily fucked his ass and Brent stroked his cock. Chris rolled over on his stomach releasing his hold on Brent's cock at the same time. Brent quickly mounted Chris and slipped his cock into his lover's ass and fucked him fast and hard. I was afraid that I would cum if she continued to work my cock in her oily hand so I removed my finger from her pussy and massaged her thighs.


Ex Mormons Swing Ch. 06

group BoundariesBroken 2017-10-23

I would put my dick in her mouth, her cream sticky on my cock, letting her know how wonderful she tasted, sucking the mess from me, feeling my head rub against the friction of her teeth and tongue, seeing her eyes open as she strained to take it deeper..." I was ready to cum... Katie said nothing but my eyes flew open as I felt her tongue on my belly, I watched as she lapped at the generous amount of cum that littered my lower abdomen and fingers, not to mention that which trailed down my still erect cock.


Mel enjoys 4 cocks

group themeparks 2017-10-23

She quickly worked her way around all of of us sucking and licking our cocks in turn while grabbing a handful of balls each time as well. With that we bent her over the table and took it it turns to slid our cocks into her welcoming pussy, give her a couple of thrusts before pulling out and letting her suck us clean. One guy was saying that 'bitches with big tits should always be fucked hard so we can all see those huge hangers bounce around' as this was said the two cocks in my pussy and ass started to fucked me real hard….it turned from delightful pain to hard hurting pain as my ass and pussy were being destroyed…….all of these guys were just watching my 'tit meat' as they called it, bounce around.