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Erotic Group Sex stories

A large collection of first-time sex stories about virgins losing their cherry.

Making Amends

group BrettJ 2017-10-23

Linn began cutting back at work, Mark tried to break it off with Codi. "No. I love my husband, I can see why you're attracted to him." Linn could certainly see why Mark adored Codi, she was so exquisitely sexy and cuddly. She set up the lighting, Aliyah looked seductive, hot, as Linn backlit her beautiful frame. Linn went to get the nudes, then joined the sensual brunette on the divan she'd photographed Aliyah reclining on. Sensing the way the stunning photographer felt, she began kissing her neck, behind her ears, running her fingers through Linn's dark hair. Usually, Linn didn't like lewd words during sex, but coming from Aliyah, it seemed both natural and right.


The Naughty 'Lil Darlin Ch. 01

group eroticstorytellernnc 2017-10-23

Lynn spread her legs and began rubbing the dildo up and down her moist pussy lips, getting it nice and slick so she could push it deep inside of her. Delighting in the feeling of the cock-like head sliding up and down her exposed pussy lips, she let herself slip deep into her vivid imagination filled with her husband and that damned storyteller fella... She felt the cock-like head penetrate her anal ring, and slowly begin sliding deep into her ass. AC must have grabbed the toy, because she felt the cock-like head penetrating her pussy lips and sliding into her moist opening.

Poker Stakes

group cock whore 2017-10-23

Just finish cleaning, suck Bill and give the other boys a nice show and we'll get out of here." You finish with another little kiss on my forehead and grab the base of my neck to turn me away from you. "Be a good little cock whore for Daddy and you may get to have some of me later tonight." is all you say as you lay me over the edge of the table - face down. I know you are watching every guy rape your girl's little ass and hope that you are pleasured by this. I feel another body come up behind me and soon feel the head of a huge cock against my wet pussy.


Living in Cockington part 7

group 2017-10-23

As she lay back on the grass, me fucking her pussy hard, Stacey and Kate crawled up to their mother and then reached into the top of her dress and pulled out her big white plump tits and I watched excitedly as they then started to suck on her big pink nipples. After she had gone the twins got up and headed back to the house and I got to watch their little round naked asses as they did and then I helped their mother up, before putting away my cock and thanking her for a great fuck.

Gin and Tonic

group joaq123 2017-10-23

“If you guys want to do this, let’s do it right.” With that, she got up, dropped her underwear and, now naked, grabbed us both by the hand and headed down the hall to my old bedroom. I began fingering her now wet pussy, and she grabbed my cock and started masturbating me while continuing to suck Jim. I was leaking a lot of precum and she rubbed it over the head of my dick. She came in and we kissed passionately, and grabbing my dick through my pants, she said, “I couldn’t let you take that big thing to bed by yourself.” We quickly stripped down and headed for the bedroom.

Island Fever 2: Eternity Ch. 01

group Jeremydcp 2017-10-23

I slipped my left hand downward and began to squeeze and prod away at Kristanna's tight, bikini-clad ass. "If your mother loves you - and I know for a fact that she does - she will be accepting and supportive of you no matter the decisions you have made with your personal life." I gulped my throat as Kristanna continued, "The same goes for your two brothers and one sister. "Afraid to tell your family of all the happiness you now have in your life." Her head now the only part of her body above water, Kristanna turned with a giggle and began swimming away.


December Diary

group Benny024 2017-10-23

The guy then spit on his cock and slowly began pushing all ten inches up my smooth, white ass - the equivalent of a fluorescent light in the dark theater. Knowing this guy was not after a BJ, I unlocked the door, pushed it open a few inches, turned around, bent over, spread my white cheeks, and looked back. Although it took the black guy a few minutes to lube and loosen my horny ass, his cock remained hard. She then greased his ass and the dildo and began to butt-fuck him as guys took turns sucking his big, porn star cock. At some point, a horny guy pulled my cock back through my legs and expertly sucked me, 'til I came.


The Old Pervert And The F----y Member

group squirt66 2017-10-23

Right bedroom you dirty boy now, so up i got and made my way to the dirty mattress as usual, i was feeling very horny actually only because i hadnt seen Ken for nearly 3 weeks and i was full of spunk.I was undressed and sitting on the mattress when they both came in naked sporting very big erections waving about in front of them, Ken sat down in the chair whilst Charlie walked towards me pulling at his cock, saying open your boy slut mouth which i did, theres a good boy and he pushed his 8 inch meat between my lips and told me to worship his dirty old fat hard cock, i started licking at first thinking it tastes dirty like he hadnt washed it for days,he then was forcing my head down on it saying, thats it boy slut clean my cock of the juices thats been on it, as always i was only to glad to oblige.

Kelly at the Gloryhole

group WildinPA 2017-10-23

With that she grabbed a hold of the strangers cock with her left hand and began to slowly stroke it up and down. It seemed like I couldn't take everything in at once as my eyes darted from the screen playing behind her, to her hand stroking a stranger's cock, to the look of guilty pleasure on her face. Kelly used her now empty hands to rub the strangers cum onto her breasts and used her mouth to suck the last drop of cum from my dick. Pulling her mouth of my still had cock with an audible pop, she leaned back while looking up into my eyes and said, "I love you."

Fun in the Sun

group funbeth 2017-10-23

Paul said who’s a naughty girl then as we walked away still with my dress lifted slightly, I laughed and said you’re the naughty one flashing my bum he gave me a gently tap on it then the cheeky sod undid the bow on the side of my thong and it fell open and slipped down my leg a bit I tried to grab it but he undid the other side and it fell away he grabbed it and slipped it into his pocket laughing, I said don’t give it me back but wouldn’t saying its ok I won’t pull your dress up, it actually felt quite nice a bit cooler then my thoughts went to whether and one would be able to see my pussy through the material it they could see my tits so I looked down but as the bottom was a quite loose you couldn’t make anything out thankfully.

Tumultuous Times At St.Thomas Ch. 02

group Deadly Joker 2017-10-23

Well, like you feel like you’re miles away from ever doing anything like it, and then a situation develops where suddenly people are, basically, asking you to do it...and so the time is right and everyone’s fine with it...and then uh, it looks like no harm was done in the end, though you’re really not sure that it’s even a side of you...” Manny trailed off. Cath felt weird about the look Manny was giving her, like he’d never seen her before, or never seen a certain something about her. Manny got a chance to look her over, and said, “Uh, I’m dressed ok, right?” Not knowing what to expect, he’d thrown on sneakers, jeans, and a t-shirt.


The High School Chronicles Ch. 4

group HSWriter 2017-10-23

In the shower, Cole stood behind Karen and began to wash her. When Karen's cunt had engulfed all 11 inches of Cole's cock, he began to pump into her. Cole kept pumping his cock into Karen's cunt methodically, hitting her g-spot with every thrust. When he could cum no more, Cole removed his cock from Karen's pussy and returned to washing her off. When they arrived at the mall, they went to a few stores, and Karen tried a few sexy garments on, and Cole bought them all because, in his mind, she looked good in all of them. "I'll be right back." Karen declared as she stood and walked toward the girl at which Cole had been staring.

The Wild Party

group TroyTower 2017-10-23

Later Heather and I found ourselves in the hot tub with Sherry, Pete, Emma and Jackson. The two girls kissed each other deeply and then Sherry took Jackson's cock into her mouth and started bobbing up and down on it. Sherry looked up from sucking and pulled the strings on Emma's bottoms and suddenly she was nude. I looked over and saw that Sherry had taken the place of Emma on the hammock and Jackson was busy with his tongue moving in and out of Sherry's slit and toying with her clit, sucking it into his mouth and then licking it on the way out. She pulled Heather's mouth off my cock and kissed her deep while Pete fucked my wife from behind.


Threesome with Girlfriend and Mistress

group somedude2 2017-10-23

Melissa was groaning with residual pleasure and Sarah turned to me and she saw me gently stroking my cock. Sarah knew what Melissa had planned and Melissa pulled down Sarah's business dress with gusto and with a longing yearning for more and Melissa guided the strap-on to Sarah's pussy and I could see on Sarah's face that the strap-on had hit the spot and as Melissa started to gently thrust Sarah groaned and her face turned to an expression of pure lusty pleasure. Melissa's groaning increased as she began to climax and she screamed at the top of her lungs as she came to climax and Melissa started to slow down to a slower pace but she didn't completely stop for a few minutes and Sarah was out of breath and she enjoyed the last moments until Melissa stopped and pulled out of her wet and dripping pussy.

My Friend the Swedish Pornstar's Story

group 2017-10-23

When she was introduced the to men producing these porn films, she was at first challenged about her age, but it was made clear to her that this sort of thing can be brushed under the table, as many porn movie's feature young girls, who are passed-off as legal, thereby giving the movie more authenticity featuring the young girl and more bang for the buck, for the guys watching it, a kind of unwritten rule that is quietly understood with a nod and a wink. They assured her all this was to be simulated so no actual sexual contact would take place, kind of soft porn effects, which she confessed to have seen, which brought a smile to all their faces, as they nodded to each other in turn.

Microkini Chronicles Ch. 07

group Sano 2017-10-23

It turned out that he was filming a good looking, middle-aged guy getting his cock sucked by large breasted, twenty-something blonde. After each of them had cum, Stan, the other guy, was filmed walking naked down the beach, eventually stumbling across the two girls who were in the midst of a beautiful sixty-nine. After a few minutes, I watched with a huge hard-on at the ready as Stan pulled his shiny cock out of her pussy and carefully sank it into her ass after she and Erin went back into a sixty-nine. Stan and I swapped girls a couple of times before Nick positioned us for the final bit of film.

Room 1524

group Marcothegod 2017-10-23

We introduced ourselves and made small talk - nice hotel, only here for one night, the lads on a course nearby, us at a party - before I let my hand trail down Rose's skirt, feeling the soft flesh above her stocking, the change of texture and then the nylon itself. Shaun, the bolder of the two had at last by now grasped the situation and lost no time in grabbing Rose's tits, pulling and tugging at the large bars through her nipples before dropping his hand to her pussy. I ran a deep hot bath for Rose who looked like she had been fucked by a biker gang, her stockings were laddered and soaked with cum, her tits were red raw and covered with love bites as were her ass and thighs.

working 9 to 5

group msklove13 2017-10-23

Oh her tongue felt so good while she tongue fucked my ass and rubbed my clit. He fucked my little hole, and she got on top of me and french kissed my clit, and grind her wet pussy in my face. She went and pulled her strap on out of her bag, she fucked me for hours with it, and he watched then put his dick in my mouth, then in her mouth or her pussy and he jacked off and came on my face. " See you tomorrow Ms. Love, don't be late, we have a lot of work to do." On my way out the door his wife grabbed my breasts and kissed me good bye and said "see you next time baby" I said...

Post-Performance Play

group iluv2dance 2017-10-23

She commented on how good my ass looked in my mesh thong, and before I knew what was going on she kissed me. I looked over his shoulder at Andrea, who was on the counter with her legs spread, touching herself and rubbing her nipples. The sight of her so turned me on, I kissed Cal hard on the mouth and told him to lie down. I straddled Cal's hard member, pushing him all the way inside me. I could hear Andrea gasp and Cal's tongue probed her lips and clit. Cal was still on the floor, and Andrea looked behind her and told him to take her from behind. I kissed her lips until her and Cal came together, and we all lay exhausted on the floor.

1st Time in a Sex Shop

group FeelsADeepHunger 2017-10-23

I turned to see a thirty or forty-some man watching me, his eyes smiling as I froze, looking at his sturdy build and blushing deeper under his gaze as I realized I still had a dildo I was looking at in my hands. Of course," he said casually, "some girls just like applying the vibe directly to the clitoris while the dildo is inside their pussies." He smiled. "Some girls like the realistic look," he said, handing me a veiny dildo with balls attached. I moaned in surprise, and he smiled, taking the opportunity to press it into my lips, watching as they stretched around the dildo in his store. "Oh, yes, much better," he said and I groaned, feeling him press in deep, making me moan and gasp.

Hot Jen in NYC

group hardjen 2017-10-23

Suddenly, this guy moved his hand from her leg directly to her crotch, starting to stroke her pussy. She turned to face our horny friend and he starts kissing her passionately – full tongue and all while his hand stroked her panty-covered crotch. Our friend was really turned on, as he had his cock out in no-time, stroking himself, lusting after her hot tight body. Our older friend couldn’t half believe his luck, getting to taste this young hot babe, as he continued to stroke his cock while sucking and licking her cunt. I eventually drifted off to sleep some time but by early morning, I awoke again to see our friend on top of her again, Jennifer’s legs spread wide, her fingers in her mouth, enjoying his cock deep inside.

Royal Treatment Ch. 2

group latinstud 2017-10-23

Guiding our covered hands to her mouth, she licked a couple of fingers to coat her tongue, before I bent down to kiss and share our bounty. "Please to meet you Steel, Lex. And I take it you found out my wife's name is Torrie." He had an athletic build like me: strong arms, a good-sized chest, and a slim waist with no hair on his exposed skin. Candy was cumming: her hands had exposed her breasts over her dress and were digging their nails into the globules flesh, Steel had her legs straight up, his hands pushing against the back of her thighs, his face completely buried in her sex.


Seducing Collette

group ChrissieLecker 2017-10-23

She was the first thing I saw when I looked outside the kitchen window of our newly acquired house in the small Yorkshire village, and I was smitten the moment I glimpsed the saucy twintails in her red hair, the big eyes that appeared to look at the world with utter astonishment and the lithe form of her cute body, pale skin painted with delicious freckles and barely covered by the lime-green bikini. Collette hadn't lost her bashfulness when she showed up on our doorstep right on time the following Saturday, a nicely wrapped bottle of Shiraz and a wonderful flower bouquet in her hands.


The Bank Managers Bitch

group English Bob 2017-10-23

"Jeez, I dunno, Frank" the second man said with a worried voice, "I didn't know we'd be doing anything like this, I thought we were just gonna get the cash and split." His seething face told the story of a man on the edge of a massive rage, but his throbbing tool, still enclosed in the confines of his underwear, let him know absolutely that watching his wife with these three raiders was turning him on hugely. Tiffy watched his cock twitch and throb in his fist and she knew that any second it would be buried delightfully inside her mouth.