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Erotic Group Sex stories

A large collection of first-time sex stories about virgins losing their cherry.

Extending the MILF List Ch. 19

group Contrasting 2017-10-23

God, Sonny, he came into my office, sat down, looked me in the eyes and told me I would be his, that he wanted me and then told me to call you so he could offer you something in return. Now, though, now knowing that you have the right to hand me off to him, or refuse us both, my god, I am so aroused, I think I'd let Travers finger me just for a little attention." "Oh, Alissa, I should warn you that doing this at your request like this, it means I get to ask something of you, something you might not want to do...and now, if I do hand you off to this guy, you'll have to do it, anything I ask of you, sight unseen."


Playing with Her Heart

group redzinger 2017-10-23

For the first time she registered how cold the leggy, skin-baring Anna was, "Bloody hell, you look on the verge of hypothermia." She glanced around, "There's a nice chicken place a couple of doors past the entrance to Flames, try there." "Yeah, nice dandruff." Anna grinned and brushed the gathered snowflakes away, "Just follow me." She grabbed her friend's hand and confidently walked towards the doormen, pulling the card out of her pocket at the same time. "I am the sexiest reindeer and you are the comeliest blazer-wearing elf." For the umpteenth time that night, they clinked bottles but Jo then used hers to gesture a few yards away, "Well, apart from that petite redhead there in the angel outfit.


The Room

group Therapie 2017-10-22

I pull on black zipper latex thongs and a bra, snugging it close to my breasts, though you cannot see the restriction, the bulge of the crests of my tits will surely be felt along the satiny smoothness in the dark. I reach my hand out, and I feel the wetness of another woman. Cupping her, running my hand up and down the crack of her, feeling her fall gently into my caresses. Her grip on my hair loosens a bit but I cup her ass with my free hand and bring her back to my face. I feel no hands upon me, but the straps tighten on my legs as I am rocked, back and forth, enter and exit.


group KenJames 2017-10-22

I worked my hands under Ginger's chest so I was cupping her breasts and feeling the hardness of her erect nipples against my palms. The shirt extended a few, VERY few, inches below her crotch, and rode up as Ginger walked over to Daniel and put her hands on his hips. "I guess it might be all right." Ginger took Daniel's hand and pulled him toward the bedroom. Later, Ginger told me that Daniel started to pull away when she tried to slip her tongue into his mouth, but she held on until he relaxed and started warming up. We kissed for a long time while Ginger's hot mouth stimulated our tools and her hands caressed our balls.


A Kitten's Tail Ch. 11

group wolfdragon76 2017-10-22

"That will be fine, although Felicia is making the final decision on my new pony and may need more time to decide. Her and Sonia have discussed what they are looking for, so I will let them do the wandering to see which of the ponies catches their eye," I replied. For the first time since entering the stables, my kitten dropped to her hands and knees before crawling into the stall with Sonia following her. "I think my kitten is looking forward to enjoying your milk directly from the source, but we can get a pump to help if needed. My kitten would like you to come home with us and be my new pony," I told her.



group Dirty Kitten 2017-10-22

The toys in Anne's room are taking over the world." Jim looked relaxed standing there, the tools he needed for the job in his hand. Emily looked down at the ground, her face clouding, "No. That person is still in there, she's just been depressed and sad for a long time. Go up to him and say, 'So Jim, Emily and I are thinking about having a wild orgy and wondered if you'd like to join us?' That ought to get his attention." My stomach twisted in knots and I was shaking as I walked back to my daughter's bedroom to ask Jim if he wanted a drink. The acting was so porn-movie that we were having a difficult time controlling our laughter when Jim walked into the living room.


Private Beach

group Mightierthanthesword 2017-10-22

In the glint of the early morning Sun, Joe and Annabel lay naked on the beach, no more than 10 meters away from Andy. With such a pleasurable and forbidden sight engaging his senses, it took Andy a few moments to realise that Joe was on actually laying on his back, his cock slightly engorged and flat against his belly. Either way, their words were now clearly audible and Joe was unleashing a torrent of sexual come-ons to the lovely Annabel as she bobbed slowly up and down his erect cock. Andy closed his eyes for just a moment and allowed his mind to picture his own body there on the beach, lying underneath the writhing couple and having both Joe and Annabel sharing his swollen glans in the most incredibly sexual French kiss he could imagine.


Swing Party

group blackbidick 2017-10-22

As I've said Shirley and I had talked before about swapping with Dan and Madison, so swinging in a group was not too far from that. I thought Shirley was behind me, I turned to look around and she had gone the other way, and now talking to Bill a guy from the next street over. I looked around and saw Shirley laying on her back with Madison straddling her face and Roger pushing his huge cock into her pussy. But I mean Rogers must have come almost down to his knees, and there was Shirley taking it all in as she licked on Madison's pussy. I teased her about taking Rogers cock, and she said I looked worn out after fucking with Grace.

Making Fantasies Reality Pt. 02

group monkeyjoe3 2017-10-22

It was wonderful to watch Tricia’s smiling face as she pushed Claire’s jeans down a little, helped by Claire raising her hips and kicking her lower legs. Tricia was at Claire’s side now, she’d been stroking her friend’s face, hair and tits whilst I slid into her, and now she bent to suckle on her hard nipple, and reached a hand out to rub Claire’s exposed clitoris. The sight of their tits rubbing together made my cock twitch, and I had to tear my eyes away to look at Claire’s fantastic arse, rising into the air as she moved her head lower and started to suckle Tricia’s breasts.


College Party Sex

group cindy_4u 2017-10-22

So still in my miniskirt, I came on top of him, guided his hard cock in my pussy and started to ride him like a slutty cow girl. Five minutes of riding him, he was ready to cum, so I got off him, took his cock in my mouth and sucked and stroked him till he came. As Rajiv was starting to get ready, I walked over to Mia and said, lets swap partners and fuck them together. Mia, who was as slutty as me, immediately made her way to the limp cock of Rajiv, took it in her hand, licked at it seductively and asked him, 'will this change your mind?' Rajiv was nodding yes like a kid in a candy store.

Dexterous Dexter 04

group Hypoxia 2017-10-22

Marie gasped, "Oh Doris, this is great, I just keep cumming and cumming, and we haven't even fucked yet!" You need any help, honey?" Doris leaned into us and kissed Marie's near breast. "Not a chance, fella." Doris straddled my head, lowered her pussy to my face, then bent forward to kiss Marie's mouth, fondle her breasts, and finger her vulva. "I need you inside me in the worst way, NOW!" She took Marie's former position atop me, sliding onto my cock, moaning. I told Doris and Marie of my travel plans. Doris stuck her assistant manager with the closing and cleanup duties, and left work at the same time as Marie.


My first xxx encounter

group 2017-10-22

up to this point i have failed to mention to you all that i am a magician, i was feeling good from the drinks and the flirting with my date so i started performing magic for random ppl in the bar. while i was performing one of my magic tricks for a very attractive couple, my date came up and started talking to the other woman. the boyfriend offered to buy me and my date a drink so we joined them at there table for a shot. the girls were going back and forth from my cock to the boyfriends making sure that one hand was both cocks at all times.

The Princes Morning After

group Benscript 2017-10-22

He kept it up until he sensed she was going to cum, then sudenly pulled his fingers out and flopped back onto his back, "I was thinking you need a tabbard with my crest on it." He said casualy to Evrith. Jaseth looked over and Evrith had three fingers burried in her bluet furred pussy, and was frigging herself like mad. Evriths dramatic orgasm was slowly subsiding, so Jaseth pulled out of her and turned towards Cassha and pushed his dickhead against her lips. Jaseth Ordered lunch to be brought in and He, Avrin, Te, Cassha and Bina sat eating. They were all wood Elves, like Te and Cassha."Good afternoon your Highness." The Middle one said.

Slave and her master part 2

group sean1992 2017-10-22

You have me suck her nipples while you strap a vibe to her clit and put a dildo in both her pussy and her ass. I eagerly start sucking your cock, almost greedily, getting it nice and wet and sucking it just how i know you like it. I start to moan from you fucking my pussy hard when suddenly without warning, you shove your thick cock deep into my ass. I feel myself tense, ready to cum and suddenly you start to twist my nipple clamps, and then release them. You fuck me once last time, this time in missionary, looking me in the eye the whole way through and telling me that I am a slut and a whore.

The Circle Ch. 39

group SteveWallace 2017-10-22

Jim caught on right away and followed, waving back at Matt and Sheila as he left the waiting room behind the middle-age woman. Back in the waiting room, Jim watched a doctor and nurse giving another family some bad news about a lost loved one. He spoke as they walked, "Miss Tracy Wilson will survive, but she will have a long recovery, and she'll need some special care the rest of her life, especially because of her missing kidney and a few feet of her colon." He ran through the information about her, going into more detail than Ruth had a couple of hours earlier. He looked at Jim, "One of you can come back to her room for about one minute just to let her know you're here."


Stuck in the Middle With You!

group Alice_Roissy 2017-10-22

I can guarantee if your lady is going to first of all agree to allow another girl to join you, and secondly enjoy the experience with no after thoughts of jealousy or suspicion, she will only do it on her terms and you my friend are just along for the ride. My boyfriend and I had discussed the idea of indulging in a night of passion with another girl for ages before we finally decided we were secure enough together and ready to experiment. But once we admitted we both liked the idea and felt ready we actually started to look and talk in depth about the kind of girl we both might like and what sort of limits we would adhere to.

The Swingers Party

group marriedpervs 2017-10-22

In addition, I thought that by telling him to stay home, knowing that we were together with Steve, trying on sexy outfits and being naughty, would increase his sexual frustration a little, and make him all the more horny for Saturday night. Then, as I watched Carol reach down and play with the balls of the man fucking her next to us, he pushed fingers inside me and began finger fucking my pussy nicely. As I watched my friend Carol have her boobs played with while she was being fucked, I enjoyed being fingered and reached down to fondle the penis of the man playing with my pussy.


The Club

group sexvoyeur 2017-10-22

The only thing that was frustrating about having Emily as a friend was her steadfast rule to not have sex with a married man behind another woman's back. I absolutely love to watch people have sex, albeit on video, but always imagined that actually seeing it live and in-person would be much more intense. I then told Emily that I wasn't sure I could actually have sex with a complete stranger because I was still married; but it would be exciting to masturbate while watching somebody else. As soon as we got a few steps down the hallway I turned to Emily and said, "I think I'm going to become addicted to this place!”


Their First Blast

group Amity Villian 2017-10-22

MIND BLOWING FACIAL CUMSHOTS IS LOOKING FOR ALL YOU GIRLS WHO HAVE NEVER HAD CUM ON THAT PRETTY LITTLE FACE OF YOURS. Vanessa walked to the bed were the man sat and handed him the signed contracts. Robert walked in front Valerie, cock in her face. Valerie felt the strong, hard cock brushing against her face and smiled while the man took his picture. Valerie felt a little sad about not getting the cum on her face. But like the man with the camera was reading her mind, he said, "don't worry about it Valerie. Valerie licked all the cum off of Vanessa's face. Vanessa couldn't believe how she looked with cum on her face.

Our First Threesome

group VACOUPL 2017-10-22

She said, "let me think about this for a few minutes." We watched more of the movie when a great threesome scene came on. I said, "these are some nice ones also." I reached over to squeeze her left tit as that was the side that I was on .She let me squeeze it for a couple seconds before she got my hand and pulled it away. She said "I need some more ice for my drink," and off to the kitchen she went .I told my friend that I didn't think she was going to go for it. Each of us got a tit and started to suck and lick on them like it was the last time we would ever get to eat a tit.

Pool Hall Pick-Up

group Perry9 2017-10-22

I want him to be able to look down and see his big cock parting my lips as he is going in and out of my mouth. I wanted to see what it was like, in person, as a big titted woman was sucking cock. I turned myself around on Chad's cock because I had to watch Jamie as she rode Phil. I cannot explain what it looked like when I saw Jamie with her huge tits sit on Phil! He would fuck me for a couple of minutes then pull out and take his cock to Jamie's mouth. At the same moment, Chad pulled out of Jamie and shot a huge load of cum all over my face and tits.


group diablo666 2017-10-22

My hands moved over my body gently caressing my breasts with the thought of him making love to me - I felt good and he has made me feel like that, a sure way to get me horny too. His hand slid a little further up above my hold ups and my dress moved with his hand, only the table cloth saving my pussy from being exposed to the waiter and the whole room. He started moving his hips pumping and fucking my mouth, his hands on my face, he held my head as his cock slipped in and out of my lips.

Sexy Seniors Ch. 03

group sex4u4647 2017-10-22

I got hard enough to bring Alice over the hump about five times before I finally shot a heavy load of love juice deep in her hot pussy. It was so great to finally give Sue MY own hard cock that she has been wanting. I really want to finally get my cock into your wife and fuck her right and I hope you feel the same about Alice. Saturday morning the doorbell rang and Sue thinking it was Alice, Mike and Jack she went naked and opened the door. Mike told Sue that they didn't know they had other company or they wouldn't have come in naked."We just wanted to surprise you.

Little Rose

group madamefielding 2017-10-22

Some nights, not every night, after the lovers went to bed, Sebastian would wrap his arms around Nadia and whisper in her ear before kissing down her back and caressing her between her legs. Nadia was smiling in the picture, her heart-shaped face alight with joy, her blonde hair up in chopsticks as it always was, her slender dancer's body leaned against Sebastian. Sebastian and Fabian sat at the former's round kitchen table drinking tea and eating cookies that one of Nadia's coworkers had baked. Out of pure shock, Sebastian let Fabian kiss him, thought of how different his lips were from Nadia's.