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Erotic Group Sex stories

A large collection of first-time sex stories about virgins losing their cherry.

A Dress Up Party with the Girls

group bigrusker 2017-10-22

I could hear the four giggling girls downstairs and despite only having arrived a few minutes ago I knew they had started the party quite a while ago and had already had a fair amount of wine. "Follow Lucy" Janelle said sternly and proceeded to sit back at the couch, where the three girls continued gossiping like nothing was out of the ordinary. "Well don't you think Mike would like her nipples played with?" Kelsey nodded again and kneeled over head, reached down, and started tweaking my nipples. Janelle said something else but I didn't hear, then Terri's hand stopped stroking me and as I opened my eyes I saw Lucy with her hands now cuffed in front of her standing over me.


From Sweetie to Slutty Ch. 01

group meddlesome 2017-10-22

As I tried to back away from the remark, Alex, one of the Northeastern guys, said that we could still have a fun ride and I agreed so long as we all understood that no sex would take place. I was as drunk as I was turned on, but so far, I had made sure to keep my pussy away from their cocks by sitting forward on their legs and that worked well for about an hour. Even with Mario and Brian's big cocks, Stef was the biggest man in the van, though Bobby was still an unknown and Kelly had told me he was very well hung.

Mandy Ch. 04

group Bigdenverman 2017-10-22

Melissa held Mandy's neck and kissed her so gently that Joe didn't dare make a sound, afraid that the slightest noise would shatter the moment. Mandy loved pleasing Melissa's nipples, but she soon joined Joe down below, at her opening. When it was Mandy's turn, Melissa planted herself between her legs while Joe kissed her and played with her breasts. "when you are smiling, Mandy." Joe held her still, her face to his chest, talking to her in a calm, soothing voice, listening for the ambulance. Melissa sat down and curled up with Joe and Mandy as they listened to the wail of the ambulance in the distance, gradually getting louder.


Taking Tess (Complete Version)

group Bloodmosaic 2017-10-22

Yes, I'd checked out Tess and thought she was good looking, but I didn't think of her sexually, or at least not at that level. I quashed the thoughts as best I could, but Cam was rightz; Tess really was sexy. Tess said, "I'm so sorry, I thought-" She stopped talking because I was laughing. The only downside- or plus I now think- was that in the process, Tess saw the head of my cock for the briefest of moments. Tess then got us back onto safe land and asked me about Cam, how we met, and all of that. I wasn't ashamed, and if Tess wanted to know if Cam was giving blowjobs, so what?



group 2017-10-22

I told him “If you don’t mind I’d love to go out on the boat, it sounds like a lot of fun and I can work on my tan.” Jerry looked at Roland and asked “Is it Ok with you if your wife is alone miles off shore with a bunch of old men? It was a gorgeous day; I went up to the front of the boat and felt like that girl in Titanic with the wind blowing my hair and dress all over the place. I said “ what do we have here?” I started rubbing it then I let him fuck my mouth while I laid there. Jerry popped his huge cock out of my mouth and pushed it into my cum filled pussy and rammed me like there was no tomorrow.

spin the bottle

group 2017-10-22

So me Kim Andy Clare Sophie and Kate sat down. They ask me and andy to get our cocks out to which he declined but offered the next girl the bottle landed on what ever she liked! As he span I was thinking dont land on Kim or Clare as I liked them both. as clare was on her kness kim caresd and played with her breast, undressing her sucking and licking her pussy. Clare directed my cock straight in kims tight whole. Clare begged for her turn while she was licking my ass and finger fucking her self. I pulled out and the girls turned round sucking and wanking my throbbing cock.

Being Married To A Doctor

group English Bob 2017-10-22

It didn't take a genius to work out that my wife had not been administering any MEDICAL treatment; Mike was laying on his back with his legs spread with a stupid grin plastered all over his face and a hard-on that bulged obscenely in his underwear. I have always known that Sonia likes to be taken hard and rough when she's in the mood, but as Mike slammed his cock into her for the first time her body began to shudder and quake in what I knew was a massive climax. Sonia was sighing and moaning as Tony worked his cock into her pussy and then let out a soft murmur as she felt Mike's digits penetrate her ass.

Jenny has sex on stage in front of an audience

group 2017-10-22

Dolly and Cheryl were now stripped by the four lads removing their tiny white bikinis leaving seven totally naked bodies on the stage - four black men with growing erections, two naked black girls and one tied up naked little white girl who was still jerking from her orgasmic exertions. It was them who wanted Dolly to find a new face to kick-start a live sex show and you were lucky girl who got the chance." Michael gave her a big hug and told her to get dressed and said "We'll all have another drink and talk it over."

A Tryst with Ann

group PDeanMurphy 2017-10-22

My phone chimed again waking me from my dream and it was Ann. The message that followed sat me back on my heels and I felt my heart just about shatter as I read, "I am concerned that all we do is talk about sex..." I don't remember what the rest of it was about, I believe stories that I write, but it floored me to the point that I saved what I was working on and thought about shutting the computer off. It was time to get back to living, and I hope that someday she reads this, not just for the sex fantasies or realities in some cases, but so that she knows just how important she is to me as a woman, a smart and caring woman.


Georgetown Park

group johnnieblue44 2017-10-22

Carolyn heard Lisbeth's throaty moans even before she walked back into the stockroom, and nearly gushed as she saw the incredibly erotic sight of John three steps up on the ladder, his face buried beneath Lisbeth's skirt, bracing himself with his hands as the thong began to fall down Lisbeth's open legs, the smell of her clean, sweet sex now permeating through the small room. On this particular occasion, however, the camera provided a birds-eye view of the sight of John standing on the bottom rungs of the ladder, Lisbeth's juices cascading down his face as he licked and tongued her sopping, delicious pussy, while Carolyn hiked her own skirt up to finger-fuck herself as she sucked enthusiastically on John's swollen, purple cock, the purple mushroom head impossibly large, barely fitting into her tight mouth.

Rick's Return

group TinyBeth 2017-10-22

"Even if nothing happens between us, I am still looking forward to seeing you and Evan again." Tasha read the message with a slight grin and a sigh. Evan's oldest friend Chase, who he hadn't seen since they were kids before they had all hung out with Rick the year before, was also coming up for a visit. Tasha and Evan arrived at the overcrowded eatery their friend Guy had chosen for Rick's welcome back dinner around 6:30. Tasha glanced at the menu as Evan and Rick made small-talk with Guy and another friend of theirs, George. "You guys should try and make it out eventually," Rick said to her and Evan, "I would love to have you two come for a visit." The stress had slowly dropped from his face while they ate.


Capri Reunion and Arriverderchi

group walterio 2017-10-22

I moved closer to Paolo and lined up the head of my cock with his anal opening and began to ease it into to him. Soon I was all the way in Paolo's ass and I started a slow fucking motion. Paolo moved forward on his knees slightly so that he could push his ass up higher and he asked me to fuck him harder and quicker. My balls started bouncing off of his body and Paolo was moaning with each thrust of my cock. I had become comfortable jerking Paolo's cock as I fucked him and I even like the feel of cum shooting through his cock. As I came buckets in her pussy I thought about filling her ass with my warm cum the next time.


Happy Oral Gang Bang Birthday Ch. 1

group Igiv Goodhead 2017-10-22

I let the motion of Jeff's thrusts from behind dictate the speed at which I sucked this guy. This man must have been part horse, because he shot a load in my mouth like I've never had. Jeff was starting to lightly slap my ass, so I knew what was next. He just jammed his dick down my throat, grabbed the back of my head, and pumped my mouth brutally. I was getting brutally fucked at both ends by two dreamy hunks, when I knew they were going to cum I was rocking like a wooden horse. The guy in my mouth started shooting his big wad, and as I swallowed, I felt my back-door neighbor release his sauce in my butt.

Diphallus Ch. 02

group Tarbut 2017-10-22

But the evening went by, and none of the guys apparently spoke Hebrew, had an Israeli accent, or had oversize genitalia; in the meanwhile, Dvora and Noga saw that the female clubgoers had little or no decency, as they felt free to show their breasts to their tablemates, and to have them fondled. Dvora and Noga accepted, and did not even care to cover their breasts, as they assumed that the waiter and his partner (who served as the cook) would not be interested in them; but the women found the men cute, nice, and very funny; their resentment towards Israeli policies did not translate into hatred of Jews -- and the women felt challenged to convince these men to change persuasion -- for that evening, at least. As the evening went by, the quartet broke into two homosexual couples (Dvora and Noga, Yussuf and Amir), who made love until dawn.


hot or not???

group 2017-10-22

jade said that her little girl lucy got ****d a year ago and she loved every minnite and that she wants sex agen. at that point jade pulled out my cock and started to suck me off at the same time danny undressed the two girls they where so sexy lucy was naked when she came over to me and touched my dick i got hard strate away ive always wanted to loose my virginaty to a c***d. i got a cammra from the ofice and started taking photos of all the girls as danny and jade licked all the cum off of lucy and sophie.

Blind Trust

group wysworld27 2017-10-22

God knows, she thought, she wasn’t a wallflower and she didn’t bury her sexuality. She was strutting into her middle years with a great face, a hard body, firm breasts, killer legs and a desire for sex when and where she felt like it. In the darkness and silence, Clary was transported to another time she had gone to a stranger’s door. With all the fucking and sucking, the highlight of the night came when another girl showed up and was coaxed into first kissing Clary, then sucking her tits and finally licking her pussy. Clary felt her mouth moisten as she thought about this girl. Clary was focusing on the young girl’s face and body when she felt something touch her.

A Night to Remember

group heiro888 2017-10-22

With that, Angie actually bowed slightly, and said clearly, 'Yes mistress Hazel.' You looked meekly between me and Hazel, 'Yes mistress, I want to taste her pussy juice.' Tess lifted her head for a brief moment, 'come and fuck me, I need your cock in my sopping wet cunt.' I was due for another surprise as Tess came around and positioned herself over my face, she kissed Hazel and I grasped her thighs as she lowered herself, so I could lick her twat. Angie kissed Hazel, Tess sucked at her tits whilst kneading yours. You now lay facing Hazel, thrusting into her, kissing her, moaning like the submissive slut you wanted to be.


A Night To Remember

group UPhoria 2017-10-22

Marcus tells me to do a reverse cowgirl and as I turn around and reposition myself to his cock, he presses it against my ass .He pushes his cock deep in my ass and starts to fuck to me there, rubbing my clit furiously as he fucks my rear all the time moaning loudly. As Mikey is fucking my pussy and Marcus my ass the feeling is so good. Marcus is so turned on seeing his wife sucking my pussy, he comes to the side of me and I take his cock in my mouth. After a while Mikey is fucking his wife?s ass as Marcus fucks my pussy. Turning around Marcus fucks me more as his wife and Mikey continue to couple.

Jennifer Ch. 13

group Mark Singer 2017-10-22

Jennifer stood and watched in amazement as Shannon sucked one cock after another, sometimes taking the boy's thick load in her mouth, and other times pulling her mouth away and jerking the boy off onto her face and tits. She smiled and moved her hands from their arms to the front of their trunks, curling her fingers around their cocks and stroking them slowly as they watched a young girl, on her knees in the sand give her partner a deep, sloppy blowjob. Shannon had drawn the twin's cocks out of their trunks and was stroking them slowly, mimicking Jennifer's hand movements as she watched her friend.


Cupid's Arrow

group SlidingInSilk 2017-10-22

Serena turned to look at the group trying to swallow back the embarrassment she knew was flushing her checks and neck. Serena felt full already and couldn't imagine anything more until Eros slid his hand between her thighs and began to stroke her. "No worries, Serena, you are mine and you will feel nothing but pleasure from this moment on." he whispered in her ear kissing her as the most intense orgasm she had ever felt tore through her body. Suddenly aware that she must be on display she turned her head and opened her eyes, gone were the animals and in their place were men and woman that appeared to be costumed in their skins.


A Fantasy Shared

group mikoli5763 2017-10-22

I am Mikoli Greene and married to a big, beautiful woman named Sandy. "Tell me some of your fantasies, Mikoli!" Sandy asked again. "You fantasize about me making love to another woman?" Sandy asked in what I considered her surprised little girl voice. (We had been having okay sex sessions up to that point in our vacation, but it sure went to a much higher level after Sandy and Debbie's conversations.) So I got busy licking and sucking Sandy's pussy and clit and gave her not one but two big orgasms before I stopped. "Mikoli, would you like for your fantasy to come true?" Sandy asked after we had recovered. "But what if I want it to come true?" Sandy asked surprising me.

Kathe: Dinner For Three

group caprine 2017-10-22

Before I knew it, that hand was a near blur as it moved up and down, until--"Oh my God," and I began shivering in yet another climax of liquid pussy. We slid our chairs around together, facing the stage, Joe in the middle, me on his right, and Jasmine on his left. A later quick glance told me Joe's other hand was busy on Jasmines thigh. By the time his hand got to my pussy, Joe found it already wet and sloppy. "Come on, Jasmine, let's suck Joe and our hands clean." Wasting little time, since he had found her already sopping wet, Joe stepped between her legs and impaled her pussy.


Two Cocks Too Much

group cybaby78 2017-10-22

While I was being hosed by Darin I saw Ronnie on the couch sitting on Jerome's big cock. It didn't last long he was driving his cock fast and hard deep in my ass the tightness was too much for him and I soon felt him stiffen and my ass became full of hot cum as he jerked and hollered while filling me up. Jerome must have been watching because as I was trying to clean off Darin's cum I watched as he turned Ronnie over and how he got that big cock in her as without splitting her wide open I'll never know. Jerome then got behind Ronnie and guided his big cock in her freshly fucked ass.


group tedsgirl 2017-10-22

Oh yes, my naked pussy feels so good, I rub myself a bit faster, as I continue to suck the vibrator in and out of my hot wet mouth. "This is Gary from work, I told him how much you love sucking cock." You tell me as you grab the bottom of my gown and pull it over my head, you drop it to the floor and reach down and rub my pussy, noticing how wet I am. Fuck this feels so good baby, I want to make you cum, I stroke your cock as you hold my head and you fuck my mouth. "Fuck her tight pussy...she sucks cock so good..." you tell Gary as you fuck my mouth faster, holding me down.