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Erotic Group Sex stories

A large collection of first-time sex stories about virgins losing their cherry.


group Barkman 2017-10-22

Her breaths came in big gulps, and as I drove a third time, I could feel Hal pull out slightly and start to stroke as well. I could feel Hal tighten, and as he let loose, I turned on the microphone so she could hear the noises he made as he came, the first time she had heard him that night. As Hal settled, I started to stroke harder and more insistently, and as the first spurts of my load emptied deep in her ass, I turned on the microphone again and let her listen to me too as I came.

CD Waitress 4

group satinexinhose 2017-10-22

I wanted to go in and buy it!!At the end of the street, hidden by the shadow of a large window awning, I turned to Earl and kissed him deeply as I spread my legs and softly humped against him and loved it when I felt his hands feeling up my false breasts through my clothes. He knew I was ready, and I let Earl slip my panties down below my nylon clad knees as Hedy turned to watch us neck- ing in the doorway to her dimly lit bedroom. He came by our window, walking slowly as if checking out the flower box outside and I smiled at him as I spread my legs wide open and let him look at me almost all the way up to my panties.

Mike & Tony

group MsLinnet 2017-10-22

I was on my own and I couldn't keep my eyes off one of the brides maids called Vicky she was short and a bit over weight but she carried it well and had one of the sexiest smiles I have ever come across, Mike must have noticed me looking because while the photos he came over to me and said. "That's my niece and she is taken," I looked at him and smiled, we got chatting he asked how I was getting to the reception I told him I was going to get a taxi he said that he would give me a lift if I wanted, I looked at him in his tight black leather trousers that held his bulge firmly in place and was soon by overcome by his charm, I think he couldn't help but want what was under my dress I was wearing.

Heavenly Bodies in the Hot Springs

group MatthewVett 2017-10-22

She removed the towel covering her hair, revealing a mane of fiery hair, closed her eyes, tossed back her head, took a deep sigh, and lowered herself into the water up to her chin. She had entered the water so quickly, so suddenly, that he hadn't had the chance to get a good look at her body, but even from here, he could tell that her face was beautiful: soft and warm, with the slightest bit of plumpness. She was just glad that she had managed to get a bit of alone time while the others were settling in so that she could experience the hot spring by herself, naturally, the way mankind had been meant to enjoy the water.


The Mechanics Bill

group lets_experiment 2017-10-22

The guy whose cock was in my wife's mouth (I would later find out his name was Peter of all things) started to grunt and moan loudly. Peter Moaned one last time and stepped back letting his cock fall from Robins mouth. The guy who was getting a hand job from my wife stepped forward and slid his cock into her mouth. When Marcus stepped back, his black monster falling from her lips and cum running from Robins mouth, I saw Peter with the camera taking pictures still, and telling my wife "Unless you want these pictures showing up at the PTA meeting Robin, I suggest you met us at least once a week.

A New Experience

group anononan 2017-10-22

With Austin on my left and Kaitlin on my right, I felt them trail their fingers across me, their gentle touches hot against my skin. I wrapped my arms around them both: one hand tangled in Kaitlin's hair, the other gripping Austin's shoulder. "Kaitlin, you have to taste her," Austin said, holding his fingers in front of her mouth. She sat up, resting her body on my thighs, and sucked Austin's fingers deep into her mouth. My right arm was raised above my head, and I turned to watch Kaitlin wrap another pink scarf around my wrist and secure it to the headboard of the bed. Widening my lips, Austin's cock dropped from my mouth as I writhed on the bed, cumming on Kaitlin's fingers and tongue.


Our Neighbor Learns to Play

group JanetNTom4U 2017-10-22

I started sucking and licking his cock and telling him how good his precum tasted for about ten minutes and then I asked him to lick my pussy again and let me cum on his tongue figuring maybe I could get a good orgasm before he fucks me but he told me he just wanted to get his cock right into me. I then saw Barry and another friend of ours Jeff, a very good looking black guy with an extremely nice cock I figured to be about eight and a half inches and very thick and always tells me I am his favorite fuck.

The Bar

group mischif2 2017-10-22

He knew that she was fucking him even as she was being filled by the black man, having her tits licked and sucked by the young blonde guy. She felt another cock entering her, she looked through half closed eyes, not sure how many men now surrounded her, stroked her, licked her, fucked her, sucked her, she only knew that she felt wonderful… her mouth full, her pussy full, her body quivering again and again as she came in wave after wave of erotic ecstasy. Tanya had the young blonde guy in her mouth sucking his cock, in her right hand she was jacking off a guy with black hair and a beard, her left wrapt around the black guy, who seemed to be getting back his huge erection, whilst her pussy was being filled by a guy whose cock was about 3inches thick.

The Gangbang

group hunnyslutcatt 2017-10-22

“You’ve got a tight little cunt, Hunny…my cock’s going to feel so damn good buried inside you…” She moaned, and ground her ass against him; the alcohol, her need to be fucked, all combining. With a soft moan of surrender, she started to suck Rob’s cock, hot wet mouth slurping on his shaft. The men watched in fascination as the lips of her cunt stretched around the huge cock, her juices and Julian’s cum easing its entry. Julian, Rob and Colin stood up and walked toward her, while the other men sat down to watch The fourth man had cum while watching her, his hand furiously stroking his cock as he watched his friends fuck the little Asian slut.

Party of Five Ch. 01

group BigginBen810 2017-10-22

Chloe's big, brown eyes looked up at Mark as she grabbed the base of his cock and licked up from the hilt of his shaft to the top of his dick head. As Chloe began to bounce and grind on Mark's fat prick, he looked over to see Abby and Bree in a 69 on the couch beside them. Abby now wanted some of Mark's mouth as she put her hands on the back of his head and slammed his face into her ample tits. All the while, Chloe was sitting on the ground with a face-full of Bree's pussy, who simultaneously was sucking Madison's clit while Mark's balls hit Bree's chin with each thrust.


Wife Gangbanged for My Job

group 2017-10-22

Mohit said “you will have to bring her to our guest house the day after tomorrow that is on Sunday 11 in the morning.” Then he handed me a envelope and said “there is money inside this envelope ask your wife to go to the parlor and get her groomed.” Then John gave me a packet and said “I have brought clothes for your wife ask her to wear this on that day and apply that cream on her entire body from today, we are going to make her our personal whore.” Both of them started laughing.

Subwife shared for first time MMMF

group sw-zh 2017-10-22

"There is another guest" my master reminded me and I moved along to take the second hard cock in my mouth. I decided to stop thinking and just let go which was a decision that was premature because seconds later I lay on the bed on my front with my weight pressing on my bound tits and six hands working my body and a cock in my mouth. When I awoke in the morning my sore cunt and the nipple (that one of them used to send a deep erotic pain through my body whilst he got off on my suffering) reminded me that it wasn't a dream.

Jack and Jill Meet Melonie

group Flashlight7.5 2017-10-22

Jack had moved to the large fruit bar and was helping himself to some grapes when Jill came quietly up behind him. Working a small bar on wheels was a very cute Asian woman with short dark black hair and almond shaped eyes that were chocolate brown. Jill watched from the fruit bar as Jack talked with his silver tongue and held up the line. Jack sat down beside Jill, whose mouth hung open. Jill's mouth was hot and very wet, but he broke the kiss and turned her head back to watch Melonie's dance. She slid her panties off and expertly kicked them across to Jack and Jill, who sat with a look of awe on their faces.

Swinging Foursome: A Fantasy

group Sumithra 2017-10-22

Then I also started telling Veena that Anu would also like to enjoy my cock and one day I asked her to make love with me thinking she is making love with Raghav and also call me Raghav while I fucked her. That night Veena and I talked a lot about our first foursome with Raghav and Anu, and it was very interesting to find out that in addition to fucking with some one different, the most excitement we got was from the scene of four people fucking together on the same bed, and watching our spouses fucking with other's husband or wife in front of our own eyes.

Pixie, Joy and Me Ch. 01

group Romantic1 2017-10-22

She looked trim, even shapely for her small size, with legs that turned an eye, coupled to well-proportioned hips and a cute little butt that'd catch your attention as she walked away from you – particularly if she was wearing tight cutoffs. I got to first base with Mel a few nights after that welcome frat party when she deigned to go out with me on our second date and we spent a lot of time with our tongues down each other's throats. Mel was a hit with everyone in the place and every guy wanted to dance with her; not so much because she was a great dance partner (she was) but because of the magnificent oscillations her breasts achieved in time to the throbbing beat of the music from the live band.


His & Hers Hot Tub

group bcamer 2017-10-22

Both Jeff and I were submerged in the hot bubbling water, but neither of us had to look at each other to tell our cocks we were hard as rocks. As I sat in the hot, bubbling water, eyes closed resting from the incredible orgasm, I heard my husband, say, "Here, you look like you could use a cold drink". After Jeff finished, I turned to my husband, who still had his cock between my legs, and said, "I need you to fuck me right now!!" With that, I moved toward the mat I had masturbated on earlier. I looked at Jeff and said, "Do you like watching Brian fuck me??" Before Jeff could answer, my husband started moaning, "I c-c-can't h-hold out m-m-much longer." I forgot he hadn't had a chance to cum yet.

Paradise Island Ch. 01

group asitsn 2017-10-22

Soon they saw other people coming towards them and Tom let go of Serafina's hand, cursing himself for being so tongue tied and not having the guts to make a pass at the girl. They all went into the bath house and Firni and Serafina started to take Tom's clothes off. Tom started lifting her dress over her legs and hips and finally his hands held her lovely ass without any clothes on them. As he came closer to his own climax, he ignored Serafina and again taking Firni's waist in his hands, he started fucking her vigorously. He started fondling their tits again, but Serafina laughed and said, "I am sorry, master, but Missus Jill is waiting for you at breakfast!"

FotoFun: Angle of View Ch. 02

group Hypoxia 2017-10-22

I don't want any of it out in public." Darcy leaned to kiss Judi's breast, then looked up. Ben pulled out of Darcy and moved behind Judi. I know what I photographed: my exercised torso with Darcy or Judi's mouth on my cock; Ben behind the girls, his dick in one pussy, his fingers in the other; the energetic and ecstatic expressions straining on their rapt faces. Judi whimpered when Ben's fingers left her pleasure palace and dug into Darcy's hips. I snapped my cock entering Judi as she and Darcy shared Ben's seemingly-distant cock in remote perspective. Full coverage: My cock in Darcy's hungry pussy while Ben's cock shifted between hers and Judi's mouths.


This son of the boss

group Natasha98 2017-10-22

This feeling of young male buttocks rapidly and impudently fucking me increased mine, 35 years old married woman's, excitation. Certainly his father, our boss, and even his grandfather, a member of the Federation Council, know that their son and grandson fucks me, a 35 years old married woman as a slut. Frankly speaking, it was very hurt for me, I cried pitifully in pain but Misha and another his buddy lustily watched this scene, and the sight of 18 years old d***k snotter fucking in the ass once a respectable married 35 years old woman with sexy big butt so excited them that they ejaculated quickly even without any masturbation.

Just the 3 of Us Ch. 01

group incorrigiblesatyr 2017-10-22

Billy's hands were softly stroking Maria's lower back and pretty soon he was massaging her ass as she began grinding her crotch against his thigh. I could see that this little tease of a dance was getting them both going – Maria's nipples were hard and pushing against her bikini top and Billy's cock was starting to tent out his trunks. Maria had slid her hand down Billy's shorts and was slowly stroking his shaft as I continued teasing her ass. As I sucked and softly nibbled on Maria's clit, I reached up and began stroking Billy's cock, then turned my hand so that I could tease his cock head with my thumb.

More Than Just a Threesome

group ksfunguy 2017-10-21

This continued for a couple minutes and then Denise turned around and started dancing super close to Stan. As Denise started kissing and rubbing both our bodies Stan announced he needed to take a piss. I slid off the bed and went down to Denise's feet and started sucking and licking her toes as Stan continued making out with her. As I watched Denise suck Stan I slowly rubbed my cock and balls. She started to lick and suck the head of his cock while stroking the shaft with two hands. I watched as Denise continued to gobble Stan's cock and I even watched as she licked his nut sac and rolled one of his balls around in her mouth.


A night at the cinema

group 2017-10-21

MMMM you lower your head and start suckling on my nipples and your hand is playing with my clit, oh fuck baby its so good, oh god m gushing already. I hear various voices "oh yeah fuck her hard" " give it to her" and I feel my legs lifted and spread and a hot mouth start tounging my cunt , while your cock is still deeply in my ass. I try to moan but there is a cock in my face too, I pull my head away and turn to you "baby suck it with me please" I beg you. Your subsiding slowing inside me as you keep holding me and kissing my hair and face enjoying the feeling of the other cock fucking my cunt.

Melora Ch. 01

group zaaz 2017-10-21

The next guy up had a huge, 13 inch cock that looked like a small baseball bat. As he shoved the huge thing into her pussy, other massively hung guys waited and watched. While Melora was getting pounded, another guy came over and shoved his dick in her mouth. When the guy she was sucking came, he pulled out of her mouth and shot his load into a plastic bucket sitting next to the fuck platform. Massive cocks pounding Melora's cunt. You wouldn't want these guys drinking floaters." She expelled the water and muck into a bucket which was quickly taken away. Pulling her cunt open as wide as it will possibly go (which is very wide), we poured all of the cum into her pussy at once!

Hound Dogs

group Justtoold 2017-10-21

While Beth and I met Monday mornings for our coffee and fresh buns, Jim and Alice met at Jim's place every Friday night for movie night. Beth, who was very protective about her coffee, instantly got defensive and in return without thinking, told me in a serious voice, "The day that you are even "allowed" to drink one of my coffee's, or if I ever wore an outfit that revealing, would be after you have served me a cinnamon bun with no clothes on." I knew she thought that I would never do anything like that, so being so cock sure of herself she had flippantly cast that reply out.