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Erotic Group Sex stories

A large collection of first-time sex stories about virgins losing their cherry.

Spring Break Ch. 02

group HLD 2017-10-21

Melinda pulled Leah close with one hand behind her head and the other on her bare ass. My hand continued to rub Melinda's breast in time with my thrusts, even as Leah pressed against us. I pressed against Melinda's ass, my cock buried inside her sweet, wet pussy. "That's it, baby," Melinda said, pulling Leah's ass cheeks apart so I could go as deep as possible on every thrust. Leah's head shot up when Melinda took the finger that had been in my mouth and stuck it between her open ass cheeks. Just for good measure, Melinda used her free hand to milk my cock of anything left in my balls, her one finger still in Leah's ass.



group FraserNZ 2017-10-21

Martha leant in again and kissed Nadia's ear, "I'm rubbing your hard clit, I want you to squirt so hard you push this big cock out of your tight, juicy cunt," she said. I pushed the head of my rock hard cock against the tight, never been fucked ass of the beauty in front of me but only had eyes for Nadia who smiled and nodded at me. As I quickened my pace Nadia lifted a hand to me and I took it, pulling her forwards so we could kiss as I fucked her best friend's ass, while that friend licked and sucked all of my cum from her pussy.

Pool Sex Party

group Litereading 2017-10-21

Mary Jane made two circuits of the pool before she picked out a guy who looked like he ran the mile in track, with well-defined abs and a cock (judging from the bulge) a little bigger than average. Mary Jane took a moment to admire her friend's large breasts, even reaching over to help tuck one of them into the bathing suit, as Dakota looked up in surprise. Mary Jane took her time, walking in a slow circle around the pool as she appraised each guy. He wasn't her type, but she couldn't help but think what it would be like to have that guy hold her down with his big arms and fuck her hard, while she moaned and thrashed around.


A French Honeymoon Ch. 02

group Beejayne 2017-10-21

The woman glance at Lenny, then asked him what he wanted with Gil. Karl explained that they had stayed there a couple of nights ago and wanted to talk to him. Karl and Chucker started to talk about mining, so after a few minutes Lenny asked them to stop. Before they left Lenny went to the toilet, and while she was gone Karl said to Chucker: Once inside the room they sat talking, Lenny and Chucker on the couch and Karl in a chair opposite. They all took a sip of the liqueurs and Karl said he was sorry for interrupting, as Lenny sat naked from the waist up, partially covering herself with her hands.


Still Waters Run Deep

group tantricjim 2017-10-21

She turned her head to face him and said, "I let Neil fuck me tonight at the party," and looked away. With one tit still not back in her bra, Thelma reached over and put her hand around Neil's cock. Neil looked up from his embrace with Thelma and said to her, "Susan doesn't like to swim, and she didn't bring a swim suit." Will had lifted Susan up to sit on the edge of the pool and was standing between her legs with his face nestled between her big tits. The two of them were in another world, Thelma's legs locked around Neil's back, and his big hips raising and thrusting as his cock swooped in and out of her cunt.


Paula 01

group simaddict 2017-10-21

The day after, during their sex talk session and in a stir of enthusiasm, Paula told Blanche I fucked her pretending to be another guy, and how terribly exciting it had been for both of us. First they sunbathed with their swimsuits on, but a particular tale of Blanche laying naked on a remote sea-shore of Asia getting fucked by her Japanese lover under her husband's eyes stirred so much Paula's fantasy laden with questions that our neighbor proposed they went totally naked to demonstrate how it felt to Paula. They burst into laughter and in the highest mirth, Blanche softly and endearingly called Paula names like "little naked slutty wife" or "delicious exhibitionist whore" and compared Paula's fit body to her mature fatness, making Paula look at her slightly sagging breasts, large brown nipples, hefty thighs, trimmed but hairy pussy and large clitoris in comparison.


Gangbang cum slut

group 6270daniel 2017-10-21

A few minutes later the guy in my mouth pulled my head up and Soon after that, the guy fucking me came inside me. turned my head, pulled me towards his cock, and I started sucking The guys were just holding my head and fucking my face. fucking me came and Josh took his place and drove his cock deep inside my cunt. minutes later one of the other guys came into the room and said cock in my mouth but I turned my head away and Jimmy slapped my around and the other guy shoved his cock in my mouth and started cock, and I started to suck him off while his friend fucked me.

Four Way All Way

group libidinal 2017-10-21

"Did you like watching me eat your girlfriend's cunt?" Nan asked Tim, riding his big dick. I noticed Nan getting behind Doug and spreading his ass-cheeks, then digging her tongue into his crack as Tim kept sucking him. Together, Nan and I lapped away at Doug's anal cleft, getting him nice and wet while Tim continued giving Doug a super blow job, no doubt thinking that very soon it would be his dick that would be getting some more action when he plowed it up Doug's ass. "Hey Vicki, how about you spread open Doug's buns and I'll help Tim work his dick inside," Nan suggested, figuring it'd be fun to switch, she going for my boyfriend's dick, me holding open her boyfriend's buttocks.


Honeymoon Videos

group Slickman 2017-10-21

"I did get this from a man walking by," he grinned as he handed her the sheet of paper about the private video. "Would you put some lotion on me?" Cindi asked hoping he would sit down and quit showing the girls his goods. As soon as Cindi walked away June asked May for her bottle of water. "I guess some couples wouldn't mind a private video," June said glancing over at Bill. "So you are not really interested in doing a video," Rod said to Tiki as they lay naked after a hot fuck session. Cindi and Bill walked into the large dining room and were about to sit down when they saw June waving at them at a far table.


My First Bi-3some Ch. 01

group norm55 2017-10-21

I took a chance and put my arms onto his shoulders with my hands on his neck, Mark turned his head and kissed my hand, this sent a thrill through my body. I took one more look at Mark then stood up, with Mark’s finger sliding out of my anus, I then straddled over Mark’s torso facing Ann’s bum. My dick washed I turned to leave the room, then Mark put his hands onto my shoulders, looking into my face and said ‘I would like you to fuck my arse sometime, at your place, just us two’. We all said together ‘ of course’ Ann asked Mark if he’s staying the night, he agreed.


group querico44 2017-10-21

"Oh my you are horny aren't you, I feel your big cock rubbing against me." She reached down pulling my shorts off setting my raging boner free them wiggled out of her bottoms. I know you want to shove your big hard cock inside me don't you." I said with a laugh "You must have ESP Julie, that's exactly what I was thinking." With one hand she reached down between our bodies to my cock and guided the tip to the lips of her pussy rubbing it up and down across her clit then into her open pussy. By the end of summer Julie and I had let the girls watch as we fucked on numerous occasions and Tina was now 17 and was eager for some cock for herself.

For My Birthday Ch. 04

group Roboboy 2017-10-21

On the other hand, I'm a little worried about her obsession with Jordi's cock. "No, I honestly feel no jealousy toward Jordi; I just don't want Julie to become so fixated on having that cock in her that she loses all perspective." But maybe Julie will discover it's not just Jordi's cock she's in love with." Julie had her hand on Jordi's limp cock; I wondered if she'd tried to get him up again and had failed. Jordi said what a great time he had had with Julie and gave us his cellphone number so we could call him if we wanted to get together again. "Well, if worst comes to worst we can have sex again with Jordi and Maria Rosa," she mused.


The Infernal Orgasm

group indianmasala 2017-10-21

I got up from the bed, gathered the sheet around my naked body and lumbered to the bathroom, locked the door from within and threw the light on. Sahil was sleeping on the sofa in the drawing room and Kunal and Tushar were heaped on the divan there. They dove in the wetness of my pussy and awakened its corners and its walls, each movement making my body writhe in pleasure, present and anticipated. I buckled in pleasure as his eight and a half inches stretched the walls of my pussy and touched the gates to my womb. I sleep late into the morning, a cherubic smile on my lips and a contended and pleased body that falls into its place over a couple of hours into my slumber.


Cock Lust (Threesome, bimale, MMF)

group pure_lust 2017-10-21

I pull my eyes off of his beautiful cock which is now half hard and still much bigger than me to look at Sarah for the first time and notice that there is still saliva all over her chin and chest from sucking Matt's huge pole. Matt starts moaning load and the first and second ropes fly out of his cock like they were coming out of a water hose and fly past my head barely catching my ear as it went by. One I stopped getting rained on Sarah pulls my by the head and starts kissing me like crazy and then starts licking up all of the cum off of my face.

Au Pair Delight Ch. 02

group Bkat 2017-10-21

I rolled off him to the edge of the bed and watched the next act as Jan started on Bob. She licked our juices off his cock then she worked her tongue around and around his cock bringing it back to life within just a few minutes. She had spent a number of Saturday and Sundays with Charlize at Bob and Jan's house but she hadn't thought about either of them from a sexual relationship perspective. "You know that party in Hyannis next Saturday night that Melanie invited us to, do you think Bob and Jan would like to come? I am blown away by how much I loved going down on Charlize Saturday night and I'm looking forward to one or both of them sliding their tongue and fingers inside me.



group Lil-Brandi 2017-10-21

There was Jeanine, a cute little brunette who I had known for about 7 years, Mark, a nice looking but troublesome type of guy, Tim, a hottie I had gone out with a couple times, and a black guy I didn't know, they later introduced me too as Leon. She was holding Marks hard cock in her hands as Leon thrust his huge black tool in and out of her from behind. I saw Jeanine sucking on one cock then another, Leons big black cock and Marks fat cock working her into a frenzy, and Tim…mmmm Tim. My hand went to the throbbing ache between my legs, my pussy was starving for attention.


Sophie Goes Camping

group Colinandsophie 2017-10-21

Holding onto your hips, James ground his cock into your ass as you moaned and motioned Charlie to get up and come to you as well. You quickly licked every inch of the thick cock in your face, getting it wet with your saliva before taking it into your mouth and forcing your head down on it as far as you could. the men were getting into it, grabbing your hair and pulling you back and forth, barley giving you time to breath before ramming another cock into your mouth. I don't know how long you lay there in their arms and were rough fucked by James, but finally he pulled his cock out of you and motioned the men to put you down on the blanket.

Swingclub Darkroom

group Ardentplayer 2017-10-21

To my delight, she raised her bottom higher off the carpet and allowed me to scoot my face underneath her pussy and ass, letting me lick both her cunt and her asshole as she continued to suck Long Cock's dick. As Ample Lady gently ground her clit and pussy on my eager mouth and tongue, I sensed two feminine feet and ankles straddle my ribs as a woman positioned herself at my voluptuous lady's back, probably feeling what was going on with my lady's head and face. Moving my hand back and forth between the two couples, feeling the ladies' pussies with their partners' cocks sliding in and out of them, I got so aroused that I started groaning and cumming in Number One's mouth.

with the help of sis I fucked mom

group sam-kumar 2017-10-21

She said to mom dont you think your son have big cock? s*s said to mom just touch it and feel the hot cock. s*s said to mom your son's cock tase very good you should try it. Mom said it feel good to suck cock. Mom said to me my dean son now you got me to this point now I am yours you can fuck my mouth and other holes too. Yes yes mom said son fuck me and make me cry. s*s asked mom if she really got fucked by real dog? Mom said yes I have been fucked by dog it was great fuck. s*s said that be great your ane I get fucked by real dog.


Girlfriend paying my bets.

group Norwegianadventure 2017-10-21

My girlfriends small hands quickly and eagerly work on his jean, pulling them to Grab his half hard cock. The woman who I want to marry moved her eyes up to Frank, she looked up at him as her small hand wrapped around his cock. “Play your card right and I might ask my little whore if she wants to suck your cock more often.” I explain with a small smile on my lip as he nodded eagerly. She eagerly started to ride me as Frank stood next to her, holding into her hair as she looked up at him, riding me and hungrily sucking cock for me to watch. Frank leaned back again on the couch, watching her cum coated body and tits bounce up and down my cock.

Island Fever 5: Family Ch. 15

group Jeremydcp 2017-10-21

How did Kristof, Kristanna's father, turn a healthy profit nearly every year for three decades with this farm before retiring in 2013 and passing the family business onto his daughter and yours truly? "But you know, Jeremy," Amy added, "if YOU ever need a little strength and support, as it pertains to Krissy and Ariel ... "But I think you should set aside some time for Alison, Jeremy, and talk about what happened that night. "I'm sorry you and I haven't really talked since what happened on my wedding night with Scarlett two weeks ago," I offered, referring to the first and only time Alison and I had sex together thus far.


My s****rr catches me, and then wants to join in.

group neha009 2017-10-21

It was one thing to allow her to look at me but altogether another matter for her to touch my cock but her fingers felt so exciting and were so arousing that I was simply unable to bring myself to make her stop, wicked though her actions were and instead of pulling away I now felt my hips pushing my penis through her fingers with powerful enthusiasm. "Ahhh, ohhh yesss!" I gasped as two more squirts of wet and white cum splattered just below her breasts and then as my emissions ceased Deb let go of my cock and lay back, one hand held in the air.


Village Slave Ch. 02

group SlutKathy 2017-10-21

When the dance was over, the few men that were left as well as John and myself, turned me over as I was still lay on the floor, face down in the muddy mess made by the cum, piss, and dirt, and ass fucked me again, pushing my tits and face into the mud, my head was pulled up by the hair causing me to groan as they ground my cunt and tits into the mud as the cocks were pounded into my ass over and over.

Summer Rental Week 01 Day 01, Later

group 69plus1 2017-10-21

Sam starts to take his clothes off and I ask him:" Please wait, I want to do that and you might stay soft longer." After all these years he knows how I like it. So Sam settles in between my legs and using no hands sucks my soft cock into his hot mouth. So today he is ready for anything and as I hold his shaft in one hand and with his cock head in my mouth, run my tongue all over it. I like to let my male lovers enjoy the first few spews of their orgasm and then pull back a little to feel the cum hit my tongue as I do now.