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Erotic Group Sex stories

A large collection of first-time sex stories about virgins losing their cherry.

Anne's Adventures

group fun2balive 2017-10-21

Luckily, Raul and Chang were at my cunt, lapping away while Joe rimmed my asshole and Sam bit my tits and nipples a couple of hundred times. For a moment he stood there, frozen in shock while I lay frozen in bed, cum oozing out of my cunt and ass, a well fucked tart. Soon she was taking Neil's monster in her cunt like a fuck champ. My mom kept raving about John Windemere and said that I would live like a queen if I hooked John (And what would happen to my harem?). Shelley took over my harem while Neil and I went on a long honeymoon. Neil and Shelley stayed in one corner and fucked like bunnies.

Tina trap

group dlcalguy 2017-10-21

I stood in the middle of Mack's living room surrounded by horny men watching this naked young man get a blowjob from a sexy young girl. I felt Tina's hands grasp my head and run through my hair as I sucked her sexy cock. Then Tina gripped me hard by the hair and shoved her cock as deep as it would go and shot cum into my mouth. I felt the end of my cock rubbing the crack of her ass but with both hands occupied I wasn't sure how to aim for Tina's asshole. I felt my orgasm begin but I didn't want to stop fucking Tina or take my lips from her cute mouth.

Fun on the Balcony

group fearthisss 2017-10-21

But there are people down there." She nodded her head in the direction of a balcony a few rooms down that had three middle aged guys enjoying a beer together, probably a guys weekend away from the wives. "Just thinking about fucking you in the ass while you suck those dudes makes me want to cum!" She looked them dead in the eyes and wiggled her finger at them, letting them know she wanted them to come over. "Ok, let's get this party started," I said, and worked my way to the balcony floor, laying flat on back, looking straight up at their faces. Then, as she always does, she grabbed my cock with her right hand and pulled it into her mouth, sucking it dry.


A Party Invite

group msm865 2017-10-21

I waited for her to dress as the driver stopped the car and came around to open the door. It was a woman I knew from previous parties of this type and also knew she had the qualifications for what my wife wanted. I heard my wife sigh, then slurp at the pussy in her face before she reached up and fondled my balls. Our little toy cums shortly after, riding my wife's tongue. The woman beneath me is having an orgasm as I stroke slowly into her. It's then that I feel a cock pressed against my sphincter and realize the back rub was from a male and the slurping was him getting his balls sucked.


AC DC! Ch. 03

group Uncle Pervey 2017-10-21

With an audible moan of surprised pleasure from Patrick's hot cock sliding around inside her ass, she switched her attention to Bernie and began sucking and licking his cock. Aiee, aiee aiee!" He felt his cock buried deep inside Jenny's ass, jumping and spurting shots of hot juicy cum over, and over again, and again. As soon as Patrick's cock slid out, Bernie reached up and pulled Jenny's luscious ass down toward his face and fastened his hungry lips to her rectum opening. Bernie got to his knees behind Jenny, and pulling her Heavenly cheeks open wide, he moved his mouth to her perfect inflamed looking rectum hole, and sucked and licked some more, getting it ready, and making Jenny more receptive to what was coming.


Cassandra and Steve

group Christian Black 2017-10-21

Steve took a deep drag from the joint, and leaned over to blow the smoke into Cassandra's mouth. In the fantasies I had shared with Cassandra, I had imagined sucking cock and even getting fucked in the ass, but for some reason I had never considered kissing a man. Cassandra, who had to be about the best cocksucker in the world, sometimes talked as she went down on me, moaning and slurping and saying things like "oh God I love your sweet prick." I didn't talk, I would have been embarrassed to say anything like that, but in that moment I knew how she felt. After less than a minute of desperate, brutal fucking, I pumped Cassandra full and felt her cunt spasm around my cock so tight it was almost painful.


The Headmaster's Office 02: Fantasy Night

group blin18 2017-10-21

Despite our auto-erotic games in the dorm, I have always thought of myself as very much heterosexual, so I was surprised and a little shocked at the warm tingle of excitement I felt watching the girls getting into position. Rupali unlocked her long brown legs from Trish's midriff and slid backwards, disgorging the seemingly endless length of Silver, her inner folds clinging to the shaft as she withdrew, grudgingly relinquishing their hold as each of the 9 inches slid between her thighs. From personal experience you just never know when you'll be kneeling splay-legged before a man with his hand up your school dress stroking you to orgasm while he's inviting you back for a night of cataclysmic fucking on his 9" cock.


RV Road Trip

group tonyl65 2017-10-21

I felt Ben's hot breath just before his tongue darted out and started to lick Jen's pussy and my shaft. Ben was alternating between sucking Jen's pussy lips and licking my cock. Fuck Jen's pussy and fuck my mouth Ted. Make me your cock sucking pussy boy Ted. Feed me your cum." Ben's hot breath was against my balls as he spoke. Jen got up and stood behind me, leaned her head down to my ear as her hands rubbed my chest, "We are going to fuck again Ted. My pussy is throbbing thinking about your cock shooting its hot cum deep inside and Ben sucking it right back out of me." She kissed my ear and tweaked both my nipples.


Movie Night Trouble

group The_O_State 2017-10-21

Eric tried to watch the movie again, but Rebecca kept kissing and nibbling on his neck and earlobe while rubbing his crotch. By the time two sex scenes had gone by, Eric was very turned on- both by what he was watching, (the movie and the live action), and from Rebecca's ministrations, (on both him and herself). While yet another sex scene was building up, with the lead male kissing his way down to the lead female's panties, Rebecca moved her hand off his crotch and she scooted back some. When the people on the screen changed positions, with the male behind one female, and the female with her face buried in the others crotch, Eric heard Jade moan and saw her hand move faster.


Sera's Awakening Ch. 01

group kissmecuffme 2017-10-21

Arius chuckled, capturing her lower lip with his teeth and nibbling it gently for a moment before pulling back and kissing his way down her throat to her naked breasts. Arius's tongue stopped dancing around her nipple and instead he drew her breast into his mouth, sucking hard as his hand continued to massage the other. The waves of pleasure built in Sera, as she sucked Vitus, as Arius continued to suck her own clit, thrusting three fingers into her soaking cunt. From behind, Vitus pushed Sera down so she was laying across Arius as he fucked her pussy, spreading her ass cheeks. Abruptly Vitus pulled out of her ass, then grabbed her by her hair and dragged her off of Arius's cock and onto the floor next to them.

One Night in April

group jasexy28 2017-10-21

As I was pulling her pantyhose up my cock had stiffened and was now close to fully erect, then as April noticed this she reached down and took hold of my shaft and leaned forward letting the tip of my cock rub against the white nylon that was now covering her pussy. April then lifted her head up off her husbands cock and lay down on her back in the middle of the bed and I watched as her husband started stroking his fingers up and down over her pussy and was rubbing his hands up and down the insides of her nylon covered thighs.


A Wedding Treat

group jaycar 2017-10-21

Just then, John walked in from his room and literally stopped in his tracks at the nasty scene in his living room.The look of anger on his face was priceless, but Shannon knew how to handle it…she got up off her hands and knees, her pussy juice running down her thighs, precum on her swollen lips, and nipples as hard and tight as little rocks, walked over to him, placing her hand on his crotch and said, “you can play too”. It took John no time before he was cumming all over her face again, and soon after Steve pulled out and jerked off onto her sexy ass and back.

Bobbie & Cece

group gene55m 2017-10-21

I nestled down beside her, kissing the perspiration from her cute face; fondling her huge breasts, gently tweaking her stiff, dark pink nipples, pushing my hard cock against the softness of her thigh. Slow deliberate squeezing near the root and firm, quick strokes upward, finished with a brush of fingers on the purple cock head: her hands coaxed pulses of hot energy from my loins, but she didn't rush to make me cum. She cried out, inarticulate moans and gasps of pleasure, her muscular thighs quivered, they crushed in and down, filling my face with dark, hairy pussy; deep pink lips, wet white thighs. I licked and licked in a haze of hot sex juice, wet red pussy hair, slick swollen lips, warm pink flesh.

Lisa Ch. 07a: Jessica

group JadenL 2017-10-21

Changed your attitude toward her?" Jim panted, running out of breath from the effort of speaking, "Be honest with yourselves ..." Jim added when Riley looked like he was going to argue, "We asked you to go easier on Jess many times. Her face, already reflecting her distress with the situation, grew more and more glum as she moved her eyes from Scott to Riley to Josh to Angus , but when they settled on Jim there was no denying her sadness, incredulity and disappointment. Angus, Jim, Josh and Scott looked back and forth between Jessica and Riley. Riley and Josh moved closer to the trio their heavy panting joining Angus, Scott and Jessica's but everyone paused when Jim gasped in pain.


The Neighbor's Naughty Daughter

group lovecraft68 2017-10-21

When we first entered the club, Doug, who must have been as worked up as I was, suggested we try picking up a girl here rather than go home and look though the local personals or an escort service as we had in the past. Between his carefree expression, the blue eyes, and his dirty blond hair, Doug possessed a boyish charm that belied his forty-two years and made me fall in love with him again every time I looked at him. I could just imagine him watching my ass the same way I had stared at the young girls and felt my nipples stiffen once more.


Sharon Does the Neighbours

group Friskee_cpl 2017-10-21

"Yeah," Kyle said "We're much cheaper than anyone else and because it tastes good and gives them a big caffeine and vitamin B boost, they think it works." Kyle just laughed at her assumptions and led her out of the room, "We do like pizza," he said "I mean, who doesn't?" As Kyle turned back into the lounge room Sharon stopped at another bedroom door that was slightly open. Sharon couldn't help but smile as Andy's shaking hand finally managed to hit the play button and the opening scenes unfolded on the screen. "You were right Andy," Kyle said as he freely stuck his hands down his own pants.


Marine with Twins Ch. 02

group Stealthy21 2017-10-21

She stroked and licked and felt his cock start to pulsate and Marine pulled her head back. Bill started to push his wet cock into her ass and Marine's body moved with him at first until he pushed a bit harder and Marine gave way and he was inside of her. He complied and Marine got onto her hands and knees and took his already wet, from the shower, cock in her mouth. Tom took his head up and placed both his hands on Marine's ass. Bill started to explode his cock into Marine's pussy, while Tom started to shoot his load all over her back and ass.

Taryn's Boys

group Eros24 2017-10-21

“Keep going,” said Taryn as Rob and Nic rocked her with gentle love pumps, “I think I’m going to come,” she added, overwhelmed from the stimulating pleasure of two cocks being stuffed inside her and the warmth of two bodies pressed against her from either side. “Yes please, come in my ass,” said Taryn, “I want both of you boys to come inside me.” After a few more desperate strokes from Rob and Nic the dual vibration of two hard cocks ejaculating deep within her flooded Taryn’s body with an intense pleasure more profound than she had ever experienced.

Widening the Circle Ch. 05

group fntsymn 2017-10-21

She closed in again and ran her tongue over the exposed underside of his shaft and reaching the head she planted a kiss on the tip, a drop of pre-cum stuck to her lips and she turned so Alicia could watch as she licked her lips tasting her husband for the first time. She removed his briefs without taking her eyes away from his cock and then she turned her head again and fixed her gaze on Alicia's eyes as she wrapped her lips around Raul's cockhead and took it in her mouth. When Vanessa stopped shaking Alicia pulled her hand away and sensuously licked one finger clean, tasting another woman's juices for the first time.


Summer Heat Ch. 04: The Game

group JazzdBoutU2 2017-10-21

Heather answered the door and greeted Jeanie with a kiss on the cheek and Rob with a big hug. Heather mentioned some kind of game to Jeanie but didn't go into any detail." Rob asked. I told Heather to have Jeanie and Rob bring some sexy clothing but only a total of six items could be worn for "the game". When Jeanie came out, she walked over to Heather, turned to Rob and me, and said, "Whaddayathink boys?" Just before the blindfold moved over my eyes, I saw Heather's hand reach around and grab Rob's cock. "Now, we need to get Heather out of her panties and Jeanie's tits out of that bustier," Rob said.


The Horny Hitchhiker

group HoserOmega 2017-10-21

"Fuck yes, all three of my pleasure spots are filled, but I need much more powerful and large pistons to drive me into insanity." At that exact moment Fred cock erupted like a dormant volcano becoming all of a sudden extremely active. She gave him a dirty look and crawled her way up his body, ushering his cock into her pussy and leaning forward and kissing him hard, reaching into his mouth with her tongue. She looked back and Al with a twinkle in her eye, "Time to fill me up champ." Al got in behind her and she took his cock still wet with his cum and slowly shoved it into her tight ass. " Boys, start fucking the shit out of me as hard and fast as you can, I want those cocks working double time."

Emma Takes Two

group emmaconlon1 2017-10-21

Afraid that he would come too soon, I pulled my mouth away from his cock and, still holding the shaft with my hand, I bent down further to lick and suck at his balls. As I got better used to the twin intrusions I began to enjoy the strange but exciting feeling of the two cocks moving inside me with only the thinnest body wall between them and although both guys were fucking me without any care and with total disregard for me, my cries of pain soon became whimpers of pleasure. As I slumped forward on the bed he got up beside me and wiping his cock clean on my hair he said "she really is a fantastic fuck Nige – I'm going to want that ass and mouth again."

How we started swinging (part 2)

group toothmedic 2017-10-21

So I pass the semi and my wife is playing hard and she goes "I think the truck driver likes the view!" He tried to keep up for a bit and she played harder, I was watching the road but heard her cum long and hard. Well they get in the back and she tells me to get in the front and he says, "are you sure you don't mind him seeing?" She said, "don't worry his dick is so small he can't do anything for me, let him see how a real man does it". She said, "I hope the rest of your drive get's easier and he left and she is just smiling, SHe gets back in the front and says, "let's keep going I need more".

Going Home

group DesertFocks 2017-10-21

That call finished and plans for tomorrow now set, he again reached for the phone directory, but this time to look up the number of the hotel where the AA flight crew stayed. Suddenly it dawned on him that while his right hand was managing the remote, his left and slipped inside the robe and he was actually holding onto his half hard cock. Tom pulled his head away for a second and said, "Damn, you look good enough to eat." He bent to kiss her again and once more it was a long extended kiss, wet and warm, but this time he reached down with his right hand and slipped his finger up under the hem of the left leg of her shorts.