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Erotic Group Sex stories

A large collection of first-time sex stories about virgins losing their cherry.

Wild Oats - The Painters

group twistedgraygoat 2018-07-05

I was standing in front of the dresser in my bra and panties when I saw in the mirror that one of the guys was painting the outside trim of my bedroom window. One of the guys continued pleasuring my pussy while the other guy slid his hand inside my shirt, across my flat stomach, and began tracing the areola of my breast with a finger. He raised up long enough to kiss me with my love juice on his face, pull off his shirt, drop his shorts, and tease my pussy by rubbing his cock up and down my slit. As if on cue, the guys trade places and I have a different cock in my pussy and one dripping with my love secretions in my mouth.

I Dream of Jeanie

group twistedthoughts1978 2018-01-27

It was a fairly uneventful evening, we had a great dinner Jeanie had prepared, and when they sat down to watch television, I went and called home. She jumped up off the love seat, and grabbed my hand, like a school girl, and I could barely say good night to Mitch before I was dragged up the stairs to the guest room. It was pretty hot, I guess I was watching longer than expected, because I was hard as a rock and I looked back and realized Jeanie was gazing at me with a smile and then let out a moan and said " Oh god, I'm Cumming!


The Order: Training Lyla Pt. 03

group twistedwords 2018-05-19

"That's right, and they'll want to fuck your ass too," she said, then looked back to where she pumped the vibrator in and out of Nikki's pussy. Lowering myself to the cushions, I rubbed the tip of the cock along Nikki's swollen slit, staring because even though there was a thick vibrator shoved up her anus, her pussy hole was still trying to suck in the head of the other dong—a fatter dong than the one she had already taken. Nikki moaned something around the dong in her mouth that sounded like a yes, even and she rolled her hips to the cocks inside her cunt and ass.


It's Better With Two

group twitterpated6260 2018-04-20

Both Corey and Dan stood in front of me and I went from one cock to the other sucking and licking. Corey moved away so I could just play with Dan. He lay down on the bed and pulled me away from Dan; I got on my knees and started sucking Corey's nice hard dick. It was getting a little hard to concentrate on sucking Corey cock because Dan was fucking my pussy hard and fast. Corey down by my pussy kissing and licking my clit and Dan kissing my neck moving his way down to my tits. I could feel myself about to cum; as Corey started to fuck my pussy faster I started sucking Dan's dick faster and harder.

Steam Room Sex

group twizlstikz 2018-04-27

Jack saw them walking off together, and admired how sexy they both looked with their long wavy hair, one dark and one red, and their shapely asses hanging out of their bikinis. Izzy knew he wasn't serious, he always said she was free to do what she wanted with girls, as long as she let him watch. Clare plunged her tongue inside Izzy, and as she did, Jack let a hard smack right on her ass. As she began to lick Clare, Jack stood behind Izzy and slowly inserted his throbbing cock into her hungry pussy. Izzy let out a deep moan, as Jack's long, thick cock filled her completely.

See What Happens

group two2havefun2 2018-03-17

My wife butted in and said she was ready to go home and asked Dave if he was coming over for a night cap, this was very strange for her to do this, but I went along. I got into a good rhythm and he started to rock back and forth, while my wife stroked my cock and started to finger fuck my ass, which she has done a few times before. He was able to get his whole cock in and started to pump my ass and get into a rhythm and my wife encouraged him to fuck me harder and fill my ass with cum, Dave fucked faster and harder, felt so good and I can tell he liked as he filled me with cum and kept pumping until he slid out.

Wife has Fun

group two2havefun2 2018-08-19

My wife butted in and said she was ready to go home and asked Dave if he was coming over for a night cap, this was very strange for her to do this, but I went along. I got into a good rhythm and he started to rock back and forth, while my wife stroked my cock and started to finger fuck my ass, which she has done a few times before. He was able to get his whole cock in and started to pump my ass and get into a rhythm and my wife encouraged him to fuck me harder and fill my ass with cum, Dave fucked faster and harder, felt so good and I can tell he liked as he filled me with cum and kept pumping until he fell out.

Big Bra Shop Grand Opening Ch. 02

group twoup 2018-03-01

Cathy drove, Marissa sat in the passenger seat with left Chloe and me to get to know each other in back seat of the BMW. She climbed over and sat on my left and immediately placed her mouth of the head of my cock as Chloe continued to stroke me. Who was continuing to wank me off and aimed my cock which was still firing huge strings of cum in Cathy's direction. Chloe, covered in cum was licking her tits clean, Marissa was wiping cum from her pretty little face, cum was dripping from the roof and Cathy was busily wiping cum from the windscreen so she could see where she was going.

Big Bra Shop Is Visited By Police

group twoup 2018-02-17

Cathy told me that she couldn't help but think back to the first time when Chloe took on my massive cock she screamed and wailed like you wouldn't believe but hey a 13 inch cock stuffing a young tight pussy will do that to a girl! Ben and Mike could hardly believe their eyes, here was a young lady with massive tits masturbating his baton in front of the two other girls and his partner. Chloe excited announced that it was the same size as the biggest cock she had ever taken which by the way she told Ben and Mike belonged to Cathy's husband. What a sight was, two hugely hung police officers fucking two massively endowed young ladies in the back of a bra shop!

Bra Shop Finds HUGE Male Model

group twoup 2017-11-01

"Now steady on there babe, I know your getting all excited by the thought, shit look at you you're a mess, your tits look like they about to explode, your pussy is literally dripping on the chair and your gasping for air, shit are you cumming, are you cumming just by looking at a photo of this guy!!" asked Brad. I was feeling extremely horny and Brad wouldn't be home for a few hours to give a good fucking with his own massive cock so I sat back and closed my eyes imagining what it would be like to be in the arms of this big dicked Adonis.


Bra Shop Gets Some BIG Action

group twoup 2017-11-22

It was at this time that Anna made the comment that guys were lucky they could see what a girl was like when she is fully dressed, how small there waist is, how long their legs and how big their tits are whereas girls could never tell how BIG a guy was until he was naked and then it was often too late when the guy pulled out a small cock. She quickly sent the photos to Garry with a message that read "Cum quick, guy with 13 inch cock and wife with massive tits wants to fuck us NOW!"

Desperate Housewives II Ch. 02

group twoup 2018-02-09

As I cleaned the pool, topless as instructed, her friends were staring at me until Mrs Cable blurted out, "pretty hot boy for an eighteen year-old, isn't he? Having successfully unleashed my huge throbbing cock she engulfed as much of its giant crown in her tiny mouth as she could hold, licking along its mighty shaft, covering it in her saliva and the copious amount of pre-cum until I could take it no more and blew my load, a load so big she couldn't swallow. She let go with one hand reached around behind her and started rubbing my cock looking me in the eye she said "Well how are we going to make this fucking big thing fit?"

Desperate Housewives II Ch. 03

group twoup 2018-02-17

With Pam still recovery from her massive fucking and having her tits truly fucked for the first time and Eve now recovering from her pounding not to mention Emma who was still plastered in cum there remained only one out of the eight ladies present who had not had the pleasure of feeling my massive cock and that was Beth's friend from England the beautiful, the gorgeous, the sexy Trudy. "Don't worry about that Trudy trust me we all thought before we took Brad on but let me tell you its worth taking the risk as there is nothing like the feeling of a 14 inch cock pounding your pussy going places you have only ever dreamed of, taking you to places you have never imagined, isn't that right girls?" replied Beth.


Sexual Survivor Ch. 01

group twoup 2018-07-15

The pain of sitting there watching as Cathy took all of his 14inch cock from behind was made all the more intense as Cathy continually looked directly at her licking her lips as Brad furiously pounded her hot ass and played with her big tits and erect nipples. In the weeks that followed two things happened, Brad and Cathy started seeing a lot more of each other (bitch thought Jo. How much cock can one girl take!!) and secondly the memory of that night continued to eat away at Jo. What had started as severe disappointment in losing a competition to her best friend was rapidly consuming her life.


Supersize Me Ch. 04

group twoup 2018-05-26

Fuck it felt good and soon enough I was bouncing up and down pounding Tim's cock as he held my huge tits in his hands and sucked the daylights out of them. "Yeah tit-fucked, you know having a big cock slide up and down that cleavage before blasting shot after hot shot all over your huge tits just like that cream did," said Brad. "Baby I thought you'd never offer," I said turning around to see Tim standing there watching what was going on naked with one hand stroking his own massive cock while holding a ruler in the other.


Supersize Me Ch. 05

group twoup 2018-03-14

"I sure do baby," I said quickly removing my top and bra and holding each of my huge tits in one of my hands. Brad was a big muscular stud who was hung like a stallion but he was a gentleman and knew that trying to stick a 14 inch cock up a little pussy would need some care. "Oh god I don't know if I can He just so bloody HUGE!!" screamed Jo now furiously rocking back on Brad's cock which was now buried 10 inches up her little pussy. Jo looked at me and said "Congratulations, you win the competition but if this is loosing I love it," turning to take yet another stream of cum from Tim all over her face and tits.

The Transformation Ch. 01

group twoup 2018-01-01

You know how hot working out gets me....I promise to be good when we get back home," said Jessica now rubbing her hands across Alan's chest before reaching down and grabbing Alan by his cock. Jessica couldn't believe what she was seeing and then it dawned upon her that she was standing there staring at this guy her mouth ajar her eyes wide open and that was just the outward visible signs inside she was tingling blood moving rapidly to her sexual organs. Jessica tried to get Alan to have sex with her but he just wanted to watch the world cup football so Jessica went to bed yet again unfulfilled left to play with her pussy thinking of big Brad.


Weapon of Mass Penetration

group twoup 2017-11-24

Come in my mouth, you fucking horse-hung stud!" I yelled as more massive streams jet from your enormous cockhead, filled my mouth up completely, rivers of cum pouring from my lips. Pat grabbed my cock and started furiously wanking it and slurping the cum now oozing from its massive head. Yeah good isn't he replied Cathy now grabbing hold of my cock and aiming fair and squarely at her massive 44 inch tits. Cathy grabbed my cock and ran it all over Pat's face who was now licking her own lips to taste my cum. Pat was slowly recovering from her massive ass fucking Cathy was walking around with her massive tits exposed and the other girls were wiping their cum soaked faces.


Mykonos Vacation Pt. 01

group twowords 2018-09-16

"Fuck!" she thought, "that has to be nearly a foot long!" This was truly a cock to fantasise over, and Jane's eyes closed -- only for a second though, in case she missed anything -- and her fingers progressed from a gentle stroking of her lips to an almost frantic in and out motion as she inserted them into her suddenly VERY wet pussy. As he started gently wanking his cock, Jane moaned -- very softly -- she was conscious of the fact she was stood on a hotel terrace with her hand in her pants -- and took an involuntary step closer to the window.


Mykonos Vacation Pt. 02

group twowords 2018-08-03

It was fine that he had wanted a threesome with Dan and Perla while Jane was a supposedly clandestine observer from outside the room – she grinned as she realised she had been spotted from the very first moment and that Erik had shown her his thoroughly yummy cock through the window in the full knowledge she was there – but she only had a few hours before leaving what had suddenly become an island of opportunity, and she was damned if she was going to waste any of them in threesomes or foursomes.


Rainy Day Changes

group txbiker 2018-02-04

I looked over at Sherry, and she was working her tits together and rubbing her nipples for Rob. Laurie was letting Jake nuzzle her breasts, as his hands were grabbing her ass. Susie grabbed my hard dick, and started stroking it while we watched Laurie fuck herself crazy on Jake's pole. Susie left me hanging, and dropped to her knees, and got a close up look at Jake sliding in and out of Laurie's ass. Sherry and Susie lost no time in diving down on Laurie, gobbling up all the cum they could from their friend's ass and cunt. Sherry and Jake came back a few days later to pick up her stuff, and Susie and I went over to get her things and stayed together for a long time.

Sorority Party

group txbiker 2018-03-13

Chris gasped as Carrie's mouth met Michele's fingers at the swollen crown of his penis. She did manage a shot of Michele licking her lips, taking in the remainder of Chris' cum, and Jane getting `washed' by Carrie. Her moaning lost volume, and Chris looked up to see her mouth being filled by Carrie, wearing a strap-on! Chris moaned softly as Michele coated his penis with her saliva and took it deep into her mouth and throat. Her anus was resting near Michele's mouth, and her aromatic kitty was thrust right into Chris' face. The three girls left to finish their business trip, and Lacy and Chris were left with a messy house, tired bodies and a lot of new experiences to relive in the days to "cum".

Dispatches from the Front Line

group txstanford 2018-09-24

We saw the swings and the beds and the bathrooms and the hot tub and were almost ready to leave when we decided to push through into a play room where, though we didn't know it, a dozen or so people had grouped to watch a woman about to be triple teamed. So hot, in fact, that when it was over, Stuart and I found ourselves compelled – and that is the only word for it – compelled to throw off our towels and get into each other right then, there on the hard floor with one of the pads under my head, coupling in the exact same place where we'd just been sitting, aware of the audience around us but not caring at all.

Dispatches from the Front Line Ch. 02

group txstanford 2018-01-10

David said he and Laura had spent so much time in that Italian village place, he thought she was looking to trade him in for a gondolier. Laura put at end to it all, turning to David and saying: 'If you dare for one moment say Kate and I would be more comfortable on a bed than a dais. We'd got our usual menfolk back, and they were quiet, and gentle, and the smiles they shared with Laura and I were exactly that: not leers, not grins, not the stupid signalling of hot-faced adolescents but the considered and considerate calm of guys mature enough to know just how far their wives had travelled, and to be grateful to have them home.