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Erotic Group Sex stories

A large collection of first-time sex stories about virgins losing their cherry.

Triple Play

group pleasurepotential 2017-10-21

Maggie, Sheila and Delia quickly took their seats and spread their legs wide, their pussies glistening with anticipation. They responded in a chorus of affirmative moans and Michael slowly inserted his fat dick halfway into Maggie's pussy. My cock will belong to Maggie this session, but Delia and Sheila, you will be pleasured by the dildo at the same momentum. They began fucking the dildo, their asses slapping together as Michael withdrew his hand and placed it on the small of Maggie's back, his hips slamming his cock home with every thrust. He slid slowly out of Maggie's quivering pussy and lay back on the floor; the three converging on his cock and balls as if to a banquet.

Fucking and Fireworks (Part 1)

group kinzon27 2017-10-21

I pulled Deb’s head up and gave her a kiss as he watched, and then we sat back down at the far end of the hot tub, letting our tits stay out of the water so we could suck on each other as he got in. As the head of my b*****rs cock ran across the roof of my mouth and edged to the back of my throat, I felt Deb’s wet fingers push between my cheeks and just nuzzle at my snatch. He pulled my head up after a minute of mouth fucking, and I instinctively grabbed his shaft and started giving him a wet handjob with the hot tub water as he backed up and sat back on the edge.

Girls' Night Out

group writing1974 2017-10-21

She sobbed and moaned several times, pulling the poor guy's hair hard in the process and forcing me to gag on his dick as he tensed; releasing his cock from my mouth with a long arc of throaty saliva and pre-cum following it from my lips . His strength amazed me as he turned me on all fours to face the watching crowd, before rubbing the huge head of his cock between my wet pussy lips and allowing it to slide up along the skin between my ass cheeks a couple of times, finally edging the head of his member in to the tight pleasure zone of my pussy.

St Paddy’s Night and the Aftermath

group kat4funn 2017-10-21

Me a thin, cute red head in my thirties, Geri a tall attractive blonde with big boobs around 29, Jenna a young petite Hispanic girl, and Erica a 21 year old cute blonde that just started at the men's club a few weeks ago. The rest of the night I was fucked by every guy at least twice but Mateo a third time in my ass. Once we parked the car and took the cops inside, me and Jenna got one and Erica and Geri took the tall guy. As I walked to the motel, I heard Jason drive away and one of the guys said to me, "You look very desirable in that whore outfit.


Billionaire and the Sisters Ch. 61

group SteveWallace 2017-10-21

The spot on the city TV news included several of the still photos of Elsa, Cindy, me, and the restaurant with police tape surrounding the scene. "Socialites and girlfriends of billionaire Mark Worthington, Elsa Conners and her sister Cynthia Conners were accosted by an armed man today at one o'clock as they dined on the patio at a Church Street restaurant. The next morning nothing had changed except the doctors had told Cindy and Melanie that Elsa had come through the night with strong vitals, and seemed to be doing better than expected. Cindy and I talked and then Mark came into the ICU room wearing sterile scrubs and a facemask the same as Cindy, the nurse, and the doctor.


Stories I've Been Told

group oldhippie1949 2017-10-21

I liked that he was an older man - I prefer older men - and he knew how to bring to great heights several times. You're a good girl." Sam began to squirt the lotion and she directed me to help her rub it in. Sam straddled her head and lowered her moist pussy onto the girl's face. I couldn't take much more of this and I told Sam. She pulled my cock out of the girl and began to suck my cock with a powerful force. I just like when my body is having lots of things happening to it at one...being eaten or fucked while my tits are also getting worked on...and maybe something in my mouth and in my ass.


Fucked at Cousins Wedding

group Justal 2017-10-21

I didn't get much time to rest Dan was standing between my legs his cock in hand ready to Fuck me, he moved in closed, started feeding his dick into my shaved cunt, I could feel the head enter then with one big push he bottomed out inside me I let out a Big Grunt, Holy Fuck I said, he pumped my pussy hard I could feel my tits & belly shaking with every hard thrust he gave me I could hear Dan moaning I was getting loud again that's when Sam got onto the bed to put his dick in my mouth to keep me quiet, Dan just kept on hammering my hole then I could feel his cock start jerking inside me then with one last hard push he started filling me with his cum.

Billionaire and the Sisters Ch. 07

group SteveWallace 2017-10-21

I explained that I hadn't, and that I thought I'd had the opportunity with Lady Vane and Dame Ross, and then I teased them telling them about how hot my new secretary was, and how I was sure that I'd be 'doing her' across my desk before the end of the following week. Even though it was a workday the next day, we went back to Mark's condo and made love for several hours, falling asleep in sexual exhaustion around one a.m. Cindy and I were both wearing the watches; I thought I might never take mine off.


A night in a Sex Cinema

group Pussyeaterandserver 2017-10-21

After her orgasm that everyone heard because she was stoning really loud, she stood up, told me to sit down and not to move, then walked behind me and started running her hands through my hair, then over my face, to my arms bringing them back to her which made me think she was continuing to run her hands over the rest of my body and it was feeling good but then instead held my arms really tight and pinned them down under her(now I was scared and nervous), She turned to her husband John and ordered him to take my pants off and start to stroke my balls and my dick, Klaus was also really hot and asked if he could join in and help.

The Club (for sexywife104)

group kaithel 2017-10-21

As she drank, Dave's hand trailed along her bare thigh, sliding up under her skirt, and she felt a thrill of excitement. She felt strong hands on her hips, and a thrill of pleasure shot straight to her groin as the man behind her pulled her against him. Her head tilted towards him, and suddenly she felt lips against the bare skin of her neck, warm and wet. At the same time, Rick's hand slipped inside the opening of her blouse, reaching straight for her nipple. He held onto her hair tightly, and just as her pussy began to spasm around J.P.'s cock, she felt Rick's head swell inside her mouth, and spurt after spurt of hot cum flooded her mouth.

My Formal Date

group bustylover 2017-10-21

Erica grabbed both of her tits and pinched her already hard nipples, and moaned as she looked up to see me resume pumping my cock. Erica reached down and began jerking my cock as well, and started to work herself into a frenzy stroking two hard, drooling dicks. She began to breathe faster and moan, looking back and forth between our cocks and watching the cum roll out over her hands as she pumped them. I want you to cum on my big tits!” Erica cried in lust as she pumped our dicks and rubbed them on her hard nipples. Jeff muttered that he was going to cum, and Erica pulled his dick out of her mouth and started frantically jacking him off.

Home Is Where The Sex Is

group ammobj 2017-10-21

She took it from her mouth and started tonguing the underside of my cock while looking up at me and smiling. As I was nearing my second orgasm of the night I shoved my finger in all the way while pounding my cock in and out of her pussy as fast as possible. With her screaming in orgasm, her hot pussy around my cock, and the feeling of my finger buried deep in her ass I shot my load explosively into her. She looked down and placed her hand on my thigh and said "Mike, I want to thank you for being so nice and letting a stranger in to use your phone."


Crystal Clear Ch. 16

group Romantic1 2017-10-21

I watched as Margo repeated some of the actions Crystal and she had shared only the night before: her hands massaged Caroline's thighs and rubbed up into her abdomen, an errant finger would glide down the outside of her slit on one side of her labia or the other, another finger might meander through the tuft of pubic hair carefully manicured on that landscape, another finger might touch her anus for a second or two threatening something even more intimate, and then Margo blew her hot breath directly on her pussy from only an inch away. I want to suck on you while Margo does me." Seconds later, Caroline inhaled my cock once again, this time allowing me to piston in and out of her mouth, and after she got used to it, even her throat.


Viju and Mahesh Swing in Scotland Pt. 02

group indianswinger 2017-10-21

Mahesh narrated to Viju that he suspected Shilpa and Raj to be swingers and at the last party that he and Kavita had attended, there was a lot of soft and subtle hints dropped by the gorgeous actress, trying to gauge if they would be willing to take things further. Shilpa could feel her orgasm building up with every stroke that he was giving and she began to play with her sensitive nipples as Mahesh pleasured her pussy. He loved to fuck and perform in front of his wife and thinking that Viju could become conscious of people watching he moved her on her fours kneeling away from the glass where Mahesh and Shilpa were watching.


The Watchers Ch. 2

group captivate 2017-10-21

As Erik's orgasm subsided, he opened his eyes and saw Jim standing there, his hand full of come and his cock so very hard. I am not sure if it was planned or Erik just couldn't ignore it anymore, but he reached out his hand and touched Jim. The look of gratitude on Jim's face was overwhelming. I don't think Erik could follow through with it, he just stood there with his fingers lightly touching Jim and looking at me, pleadingly. My eyes remained on the swiftly moving hands of my friends as I rubbed and touched and felt the orgasm building in my body. My hips bucked and my nipples engorged even further as I watched Erik and Jim smile and gently wash the come from each other.

A Special Surprise

group sumthinsweet4u2 2017-10-21

Brendan knows exactly how to tease my nipples with his mouth and stroke my clit with his fingers until I am dripping wet and begging him to fuck me. Brendan slid his hands to my pussy where Morgan was displaying great talent, and spread my lips so she could lick every inch. He fucked her as if he knew exactly what she needed and wanted, all the time I was laying on the bed beside them, watching his face, while I gently massaged her breasts, and kissing her hard on her mouth. I could see the smile on my husbands face grow as I began to rub my dripping wet pussy .

Liz at the Edgewater Hotel

group Liz Paul 2017-10-21

We looked in on the room to the left of us was two black men with with a large blonde engaged in sex on the bed one was eating her out while she sucked on the other one. I said to Liz I will be right back and walked over I opened the door and asked him if he wanted to party with her? Darren asked me if this was cool I watched Liz kissing him back and said yes. She started to cum from Darren licking, Liz looked up and said is it ok if he fucks me honey? Liz pulled Mike out of her mouth and said slow its really too big after a few minutes Mike had about six inches in her and started pumping her.

Make Believe Ch. 03

group bunny2 2017-10-21

In addition to my blow job from Julie, we were treated to a good sequence of Rita getting her teats fucked by Steve where we could see the head of his prick glistening each time it peeked from between Rita's boobs and a nice clear full face look at me as I ran my tongue up and down between Julie's cunt lips. In the voice-over Julie exclaimed over the slipperiness of Rita's cunt and Steve's prick from their combined fuck juices and she told us how good it tasted when she licked her hand clean. Steve took his hand out of Julie's panties and commenced pinching and pulling Rita's nipples which by now were sticking a good half inch out of her brassiere - maybe a little more.


Adventures in Paradise Ch. 01

group moodcouple 2017-10-20

Also there was a couple from rural Indiana, the woman was so thin we called her "Skinny Minnie." There was also a bunch of other naked people I never got to know. She began licking her pussy juices out of my beard, and told me it turned her on to taste her own cunt on a man's face. However a couple of days later one of the Jamaican security guys stopped me and asked me, "Mon, what you do to dat woman de udder night, make her yell so loud? The next few days, Jeff, Loretta, and I got better acquainted, sunning and swimming together. Finally, as Jeff was fucking her from behind, Loretta held me between her tits, and made me come all over her.

Sisters, Friends, and Lovers Ch. 32

group SteveWallace 2017-10-20

Thus we could easily accommodate the fourteen of us in the core wedding party: Fran, Sheila, Ally, René, Ivy, Loren, Aidan, Matt, Ned, Jane, Marge, Zoey, Kristen, and me. I briefly wondered if Loren would regress after the week that Fran and I had worked so hard to prepare her for, but then I remembered the many times she'd said she could never go back to her old way of living and thinking. Doug and Jane formed a couple about to fuck too, and that left Sheri slowly slinking in my direction hoping I'd fill her sexual needs for at least an hour or so.


My Weekend of Firsts

group WFEATHER 2017-10-20

Kelly's tongue was already working its magic between Holly's legs, so I sat on the edge of the bed and bent down to swallow my girlfriend's sultry sounds as I ran my fingers through her hair. It was strange, almost eerie, to feel another woman's wetness upon my hand, to feel her heat surrounding my probing fingers, and although Kelly was being rather quiet as she continued to sample my girlfriend's freely-flowing nectar, I sensed that Holly knew exactly what I was doing to our guest: Although the sloshing sounds of my fingering were rather soft to my ears, the lack of sight had likely increased the acuteness of her hearing.


prego nurse wife feigns for dr bbc part 2

group curtispatrick 2017-10-20

As I got out of the car I pushed my continually bulging cock down the side of my pants and looked up at the office. "Someone was thinking ahead." She smacked my balls with one head and then took the base of my 8 inches in her hand and pushed the head of my cock into her mouth slowly. She watched his cock intently then took it with both hands and pushed it out of the way. She looked like she was crying but the dirty grin on her face as he rubbed his tip on her lips said something completely opposite. "Mmmmm, taste like chocolate she said." I watched as she ran her fingers down between her breasts, over her swollen belly, and down between her legs.

Age of Aquarius

group charles_dickings 2017-10-20

They looked like twins with their long blonde hair, big brown eyes, small upturned noses, thin lips, small breasts, slender waists, narrow hips and long legs. After another nervous pause, Bellbottoms said, "We were hoping we could like, you know, just share a joint with you." "Yeah," said Boots, "like we did before." And then, with a mischievous little smile, she added, "My friend thinks you're cute." As I passed the joint to Boots, whose eyes were beginning to glaze over, I put my arm around Bellbottoms and kissed her. At one point, Boots mounted up so that her ass was facing me, and I was treated to the delicious sight of her puckered brown anus winking at me while her pussy lips stretched around the girth of my cock and slithered up and down its length.

D'Orgasmic Chronicles Ch. 01

group Liquor69 2017-10-20

"Rose, you don't need to hear Holly and Gary to have a wet pussy and I'll lick you anytime you want," Tammy grinned as she sank between Rose's thighs and lovingly soaked her tongue into this Asian goddess. "Does my baby want me to wrap my lips around your hot, hard cock and swallow it?" she purred. Nothing turns me on more than watching you open those pretty lips and take my cock into your lovely face. She loved having him tell her how nasty she looked as she was fucking and sucking cock. God, she loved the thought of his cock slamming deep into her throat. "Yes darling, fuck my ass with your fingers while you suck my cock.