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Erotic Group Sex stories

A large collection of first-time sex stories about virgins losing their cherry.


group shez 2017-10-20

James looked at Kate's breasts, held in a white, lace bra. However, before James could ask her, he felt Kate's lips lock around the head of his cock. Suddenly he pulled Kate's hair hard, so his cock was forced from her mouth. She wanted to scream, but she knew that if she did the soldiers at the base would think she was being raped, from the way James was harshly pounding her pussy; although little did Kate know that one of the soldiers had spotted them whilst checking the perimeter, and was quietly rubbing himself while he watched them. Kate's muted moans told James that she liked the feeling of hot cum splashed over her body.

Krissy Loves A Good Interview

group c7racer 2017-10-20

They agreed that she sounded ideal, so Tom asked Krissy if she would like to come and meet the owners at their house that week, and that they in turn had suggested that she stay over and enjoy dinner and a few glasses of wine before heading home the next day. Her mind pictured Danny's huge cock pounding through both her and Tom's cum. Krissy was loving this – her hand was playing more purposefully with her clit and vagina, fingers pressing then dipping inside, drawing out the copious lubrication left by the fucking she had just enjoyed.


The Second Car Ch. 02

group senwood 2017-10-20

Tina wanted some bottled water and I hoped to have the chance of a word with Rob, the young English waiter at the beach restaurant where we had eaten a few times. 'Tina, I will never think anything bad if you pull out now but you need to understand that four of the last five levels will involve you going further than you have been so far, apart, I suppose, from when you were with Tim. But he's a good mate and you've known Tim and Becky forever. Her idea: she said she didn't want to spoil anything and we had used some sticking plasters to ensure that if the sex got, well you know, a bit passionate and physically demanding, the thing wouldn't just come off.



group 2017-10-20

Next in the examining room was a nervously boy named Ronny waiting for Dr. Jenkins to arrive. Jenkins rolled over in front of him on his stool and took Ronny's testicles in his hand and told his to moment Dr. Jenkins told Ronny he had to check his sexual response, and before he could even ask what that meant, the Doctor told me to go over to Ronny and put his cock in my mouth and start to suck him The intensity of the hot sucking nurse brought the Doctor to a shattering climax, but after only several minutes of recuperation, Ronny and the Doctor both came over and began licking His hard pecker entered me like a red hot poker, and i had a convulsive orgasm the

After the Big Game

group majicman21 2017-10-20

Maggie had a great view of her mother's breasts moving to the beat, at least until Devin snaked a hand up to squeeze them. They kept fucking; Devin was swearing like a sailor at this point, having laid back again to let her mother do all the work. James reached out a hand, and someone's arm came into view, holding a bottle of what Maggie figured was lube. There were a few gasps from the teammates, and Maggie herself felt her jaw literally drop as she watched her mother eagerly suck on a cock that had recently been inside her ass. Maggie wondered idly what her mother's freshly fucked asshole must look like, spread wide and leaking semen.

Game On Ch. 03

group erossmantic 2017-10-20

Over the next several days, Sam and Danielle threw out different naughty ideas for how they could compete for the next prize of the other's submission for a weekend. Danielle's imagination ran rampant around the details of the weekend she had planned to enjoy Sam. She smiled at the thought of the ways he will be surprised by her sexual appetite and demands. Sam had known better than to wager his clothes and complete weekend submission on a tennis match with his wife. Just as Danielle was about to toss the ball to start the second set, Sam waved in the direction of the clubhouse. "Damn," she said, as Sam politely tossed a couple balls over the net for her serve.


The Art Gallery

group x3nn0nlane 2017-10-20

The women began to subconsciously allow contact as strangers, men and women, would press behind or in front looking at the artwork and their bodies would rub deliciously. “Look…I’m quite sure you’re very talented in your own way and I’ll give you a good review…now go away…I don’t want to play these silly games of art appreciation.” Claire said staring him directly in the eye, giving him her don’t jerk me around asshole look. Claire handed her the picture and muttered something about Jean-Paul took it down and then quickly left the gallery. Claire began to feel a heated rush to her pussy she didn’t want to quell so she too let her tiny black dress slide down.

On The Beach

group Erlikkhan 2017-10-20

He was sucking on her tits with his hand between her legs fingering her cunt while Martha rubbed the bulge in John's pants. Then with one swift motion I pulled the crotch of Charlotte's panties to the side, placed my cock at the opening of her cunt and quickly slipped inside her. I decided to cum in Charlotte's mouth so I pulled out of Martha, grabbed the back of Charlotte's head and shoved my cock through her lips, fucking her face in short, quick thrusts while my balls slapped against her chin. When he pulled out of her, Martha went to work with her mouth on Charlotte, sucking cum out of her well-fucked cunt.


Convenience Store Was Convenient

group bobbullet 2017-10-20

By the time my b*****r arrived with the fresh beer, I already had poured a glass of vodka for our new friend, and she was trying to ram her tongue down my throat while I slid my hands under halter to feel her bar tits and erect nipples. I reached around and felt her ass with one hand, and made eye contact with my b*****r who took the message and ran his hands up her thighs until he was groping the bare flesh jutting out of her shorts. With her hips off the couch, I reached under her thigh and felt her juicy pussy full of my cock, and her wetness dripping down onto her ass.

Exchange Students Ch. 1

group deepemerald 2017-10-20

Paolo turned on the TV and started explaining the show to Nicola while Roberto pulled Andrea down on his lap and started kissing her. Roberto was enjoying the view of Andrea's bouncing tits and his cock sliding in and out of her juicy cunt, but he felt he wasn't getting deep enough so he pulled her off and placed her on her back. Roberto looked at Paolo and Nicola and pulled out of Andrea's pussy once again. Roberto kept on pumping for a short while, but he was unable to stay in control with the tight little pussy cumming around his shaft so with an intense moan he finally released his load inside Andrea.

Three Circles

group flat5ive 2017-10-20

She sat down in one of the chairs, looked at my crotch, and said, "Show me again." I leaned back against the railing and faced her, stroking myself off while she slipped her skirt up and rubbed her unshaven but fine-haired pussy. She was leaned back against a table, legs spread, one hand rubbing her clit, the other cupping a small breast, mouth open, head canted toward us with that same sexy-studious look that won me over all those weeks ago on her porch. Gwen reached toward us and wrapped her fingers around my cock, right where the head was resting inside Jan's wet pussy. Gwen rubbed one palm in sensual circles over my ass, the other hand covering Jan's as it stroked the fake cock.


Her Free Pass

group FlynnMichaels 2017-10-20

B said that in her dorm room at night she often fingered herself to climax imagining D's hard cock inside her. Do you want to see D's cock in my mouth?" I stammered that I did, and B told me how she would lick the length of D's rod before taking as much of it as she could down her throat. "I want you in my pussy while D fucks my mouth." B began riding my pulsing meat, her juices coating my shaft and testicles, and I imagined her college crush thrusting his hard-on between her hungry lips. "I probably shouldn't tell you this, but you were pretty notorious as the serial masturbator in our dorm." Hearing this, I could feel a smile spreading across my face as B turned bright, bright red.

Never thought it would be me, not there.

group hotlilwitch69 2017-10-20

I had driven past this dirty kinda run down house turned porn theater hundreds of times without thought but tonight was different. There was a lady on a couch with several guys around her doing god knows what. You would of thought I hadn't showered in months, they all stared at the hot little mess that just walked in, but they wouldn't come any closer. I realized why when 2 sets of hands came from behind and pulled my dress over my head. I walked to the end of the couch and bent over it to suck on a gentleman that had to be at least 70. I finally got up on the couch as the place was closing soon and I had to clean up a bit.

Of Two Friends & Thirty Fingers

group SouthSkyEyes 2017-10-20

He returns to the living room, plopping back on the couch, letting his head drop back, stretching his legs leaving his feet resting on the coffee table. Sharing a lingering bear hug with Susan is something special; the remarkably firm grasp of her hands, her breath on my neck, the plushness of her breasts, her belly pressing into mine. I want to know which of them is at my feet; will Craig's hands be running up my thighs or will it be Susan's. Their oiled hands return to my body; fingers press soothingly on the sides of my head, my soles warm from the palms of hands grasping my feet in a firm hug.

Nice Memories

group sex4u4647 2017-10-20

"She'll kill me if we get caught like this." I looked around and saw her at the other end of the pool with Ralph. Turning to look I saw that Sally was astride Ralph, her legs wrapped around his waist. Ralph boosted himself up to the pool edge next to Sandy as Sally moved between his legs and holding his still hard cock guided it to her waiting mouth. When Ralph rolled off Sally, pulling his softening prick out, Sandy was there to suck him. One of the best was a daisy chain, I was eating Sandy while she was sucking Ralph, who was tonguing Sally, as she sucked my cock.

More First Times

group HCarl 2017-10-20

"I want to," David answered, looking up, past her moist pussy, over her flat stomach, in between the mounds of her small breasts, topped by those delectable dark nipples, into her eyes, still half closed in pleasure. Lin immediately responded to his gentle, exploring tongue, her head turning one way and the other in pleasure, her petite breasts rising and falling with every moan that escaped her mouth. David's instincts screamed at him to push himself all the way inside her, and only with a lot of restraint he managed to stop himself from forcing his dick violently into Lin's narrow pussy.


My First Gangbang! How Hell Turned Into Heaven

group 2017-10-20

Immediately he jumped on me and started smooching very hard and playing with my boobs and rubbing my pussy over my dress. He pressed it hard and i began moaning in pleasure, he kissed and softly bit my boobs over the bra. He played with my boobs and nipples, squeezed it hard till i cried and begged him to stop. He got angry and slapped me hard on the face and i fell down on the floor from the bed. Everyone got very angry and hit me everywhere, kicked my stomach, slapped my boobs, ass and face, pulled my hair and hurt me. They got me on the bed and my bf started fucking my pussy. He started banging my pussy hard and one guy fucked my mouth.

All-Over Tan

group nakedjohn 2017-10-20

They stole glances, and played the parts, her rubbing oil over her breasts, he spreading his legs apart just right for her to see, for a while, but for the most part John just relaxed, and soaked up the sun. As she bent to lay her towel on her chair, John noticed her perfect, firm, round ass, with a thong tan line. He rubbed a good dollop of lotion on his hands, and slowly slipped a finger into her tight ass. Jim came over and drizzled some lotion over his wife's hand, which was slowly stroking John's cock. Once he was good and hard, Carla took the head of John's rod into her mouth, and tickled it with her tongue as Jim continued to stroke.

Shanti - A Vixen Adulterous Ch. 07

group shanti2010 2017-10-20

I looked over at where Madhavi was sleeping contentedly, a smile on her face, her legs slightly spread as she celebrated her newly-lost virginity in her dreams. I leaned heavily against the wall as I let out a muffled groan and then my cock throbbed, pouring a thick stream of cum right into Radha's mouth! I could picture Radha, body pressed against the wall, her hand shoved into her cunt as she rocked back and forth with her legs spread. Radha could see my ass flexing as I got ready to fuck Madhavi's sleeping body. The light changed and Chitra turned around, letting out the break and pulling away quickly so that Shanti slipped forward and thrust my whole cock into her pussy in one hard shove.


The new summer job part three

group ab8715 2017-10-20

"Strip," John said after Daniel had handed him the contract. He pumped thinking of John's cock he'd sucked that morning and the raised his legs and kept pumping as John pushed an oiled finger up his ass, John rolled his fingers back and forth, in and out as Daniel kept John ran his hands over Daniels Daniel's lips, Daniel opened and sucked his cum from John's fingers. Justin whistled as Daniel walked through the lobby, naked. naked guys and slapped Daniel's ass hard, again, and again. Daniel dropped and took Justin's cock, Justin grabbed his head and rammed "Now get back to work Justin," John ordered, "and Daniel, get the dressing Alone in the room, the hot shower spraying over his body, Daniel hung his

Not So Shy After All

group DarlingNikki 2017-10-20

When he thumped the glass on the bar he looked me over in a way that made me feel like his pudgy hands had actually traveled up and down my body. When I walked over and put my hand on Tommy’s arm in what I thought was a casual way, the blonde girl took one look at me and started laughing. It’s pretty dead in here tonight and meeting new people is always interesting.” Kim took the hand that wasn’t clutching my drink and started to pull me over to the corner banquette. I knew was in over my head and was about to stand up and tell Tommy I wanted to leave when I noticed his hand brushing Kim’s leg.


Surprise night for her

group Ducman750 2017-10-20

That being said, over the years we have had 3 black guys in bed and based on how many times she came, I could tell she also liked to fuck them. But watching her being taken by these three guys got me so horny that I slid down between her legs and started licking her pussy. In the meantime Ray, who had been stoking his cock while Lynne was being fucked, moved to her mouth. As Lynne licked the tip of his cock and balls, he kept stroking himself and I could see he was ready to come again. He pulled his cock out of her mouth and started jerking himself off, shooting his load onto her face and neck.

The Rental

group submama79 2017-10-20

Any way I digress, I know I am not a “pretty” girl, and I know I am not a “hottie” which is kind of how I got started in this lifestyle. I just know that I like to fuck, be fucked, suck cock, and eat pussy, I also know that I am damn good at all of it. About 2 weeks ago, May 22nd if you want to know, I was feeling a little out of sorts as it were. Yes Master Ty got his daily blowjobs, but no cock anywhere else. Like the good little slut I am, I swallowed every drop, made sure his dick was clean and dry and tucked away in his pants.

My wife settled my debt with the three black neigh

group 2017-10-20

She said in a very strong voice "Get over here" I walked to the edge of the bed and she said "Lean over" I did as I was told and before I knew what was going on she shoved my head and face into her still gaping pussy she said "I want you to lick that well fucked pussy till i tell you to stop" I was eating her out while she look at me and smile and I stuck my tongue out to slide it her her pussy and all of the sudden I felt all of the warm cum start to seep out of her and and she said "Eat every drop" I was lapping the warm cum of three black cocks into my mouth and swallowing it down, and when I was done she stood up looked at me and said "Tomorrow I told them to do you a favor and come help fix the garage"