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Erotic Group Sex stories

A large collection of first-time sex stories about virgins losing their cherry.

ProfNigma Stories #8: Blame It On Me #9

group FrankSinner 2017-10-20

Carly slid behind Sam, gripping her best friend's hair tightly, pulling her head back as the web star's free hand slid around between Sam's juice covered thighs, tickling her nub as the abrasive blonde screamed out in ecstasy. Carly grabbed Sam's hair, and scooted until she could hold her friend's face against her dripping sex, her mouth and tongue enchanting Carly more and more as Freddie fucked her senseless, gripping her hips like a man possessed. "Carls, if we would have done that, Freddie would have cheated on his girlfriend, I'd be right where I was two months ago, addicted to his physical attention, and you would have wound up feeling used." Sam was just as surprised as Carly that such a cogent and real thought had just come out of her mouth, but there she was, being the voice of reason for once.

From girl to woman an interesting journey

group 2017-10-20

'Do you want to fuck me', I asked him, my hand reaching up and taking hold of him, pulling him into my eager mouth, until I could feel the warmth of his pubic hair on my pouting lips and nose, I had my father's cock deep in my throat, my long finger nails in his buttocks, nailing him into me, and from that position and as long as I could hold my breath, I caressed his knob end with my trachea and tongue, an unthinkable combination for one so young, but it was just the into, I ached to hold daddy inside my ass, and I rose from the bath water, and let him slide from my mouth, between my breasts, down my flat tummy, across my pubis, turned and eased him up my arse, moaning and gasping as his pubic hair brushed my pussy and ass, confirming his complete penetration, he was home inside his daughter, and from that moment I had started to supplant my mother, his wife, I had him for myself as she left the house of ill repute to become a street whore, sl**ping rough and being pissed on by men, such was her reputation.

Convert me...

group emma579 2017-10-20

Fred took more of her weight as Jayden lifted her other leg, his head buried between Lila's thighs, his mouth locking onto her pussy. She was on hands and knees, Fred on one arm rest, his cock in her mouth, her knees spread, ass tilted up, Jayden's face pressed to her crack as he tongued her hole, lapping and slurping noisily. "Fuck her ass, Fred," Jayden grunted, "Give it to her good." Her muscles gave and Fred's cock surged into her tight passage, making Lila scream. Fucking her, feeling the pressure and heat of Fred's cock inside her, shifting against him with each stroke, Jayden couldn't hold back any longer.

Webcam Wife Ch. 08

group thick7in1972 2017-10-20

I do not know if it was her saying that, the scotch, or both that helped, but I felt most of my nervousness disappear and my cock began to come to life. Following her directions, I began to rock my hips back and forth, rhythmically fucking her mouth as if it was her pussy. I wanted to fuck her, but my ego told me that I needed to make her cum, after all if you can make a porn star cum with just your mouth, you have to be considered very skilled when it comes to oral sex. I had made Dee cum, and even Chelsea, through oral sex and had felt them moistened when they did, but Missy flooded my mouth with her sweet juices, which I obligingly swallowed.


Tied for Pleasure

group Buckiowa 2017-10-20

I looked down to see Beth slide between their legs and then she said, "I'm going to suck his balls while he fucks your wife." I couldn't see her but obviously he was liking it because his voice changed. I pulled out and rolled her over onto her knees and Joy moved underneath her so that Beth's big cum-covered tits were hanging down in her face. As I banged Beth doggy style, Joy moved carefully underneath until her face and mouth were getting hit by my bouncing balls. I could feel Joy's tongue lapping at my cock and balls and Beth's pussy as my cum oozed out.

Naughty Neighbours Part 3

group 2017-10-20

The taste of Ninas Juices on Macs hard cock was driving me wild . " Please Fuck my asshole" she begged " Stick that cock in my ass" Like a fool I stood wonderinghow she was gonna take Macs enormous dick in her ass.. I spat into my hand and massaged it into Ninas Butt hole probing it with my middle finger.Eventually with some more lubrication and probing i began to gently prod my cock between her cheeks as she helped by pulling them apart. I opened my right eye to find Nina licking the Cum from me and now Mac was down sucking my cock!

What Happens In the Cubicle Ch. 01

group grapeapegal 2017-10-20

I opened my mouth to try to explain, but it was that same moment that Donna pushed two of her slick fingers in my throbbing hole and gave my butt plug a little tug and twist with her free hand. Donna was lavishing my back with wet kisses and I let my head fall back and I closed my eyes thoroughly enjoying riding Steve's dick. Steve's grunts were coming louder and faster and when he reached up to grab a handful of my hair and yank my head back arching me into him, we both came with loud breaths and loving words surely heard by anyone within earshot.


The public toilet part 2 a circle of friends

group squirt66 2017-10-20

Brenda started to push the back of my head towards the other man and told me to open my mouth which i did and the other woman guided his cock between my waiting lips,she was wanking him off in my mouth and encouraging him to f***efully fuck my mouth, while this was happening i managed to look between the mans legs and saw Thomas getting undressed he was then behind the other woman talking to her"is this what you wanted Gloria to see your husbands cock being sucked by a young boy"oh yes this is such a horny sight im so glad we came now"don't worry Gloria there is lots more to come.

Heather's Second Wild Night

group heathred 2017-10-20

After briefly rubbing my ass, Steve pulled my panties down and off my body, reaching up to take my hand and help me down to the floor onto my back. Steve gently grabbed my head and began sliding his cock in and out of my mouth. Brian continued to hump me at a steady pace and I turned to see Steve, sitting there stroking his cock, watching his roommate have his way with me. “Oh My God Heather, Yes!” Brian screamed as he pulled his cock out and started to spurt hot cum on my stomach. As my orgasm subsided I felt Brian next to me, kneeling by my head with his semi-hard prick in his hand.

Swingers' First FFM Threesome

group edwalu2 2017-10-20

I knew that I wasn't ready to come, so I withdrew from Ania and let Grace clean my cock and balls with her mouth and tongue to be ready for the next round of fucking, while our guest lay slumped on the bed, purring softly to herself. I saw: a purple flogger, alternately finished in leather and satin for spankings in varied levels of pain; a small whipping tool that gave a very sharp smack, and was a little too intense for casual encounters; a table tennis bat that had seen regular kinky action upon Grace's perfect behind, and starred in one of my favourite pictures of her; an anal vibrator that was made up of a ridge of orbs in steadily increasing sizes; a vibrating wand that seemed to be able to coax orgasms from both of us in surprisingly quick time; a collar and lead that we hoped to share with a guest lover at some point, as Grace was keen to play pet, and for her be lead on hands and knees by a woman who would both dominate her and fuck me.


Gangbang that MILF

group aking2 2017-10-20

But the two of them were already too horny to stop and start touching her, Rob grabbing her breast from behind and rubbing his crouch against her ass while Joe was pulling up her skirt. Rob's cock, hold by his hand to avoid slip, push the small hole that was previous enlarged by that black plug; she was almost bridging back, whole body naked, with an arm against the grass to avoid to be impaled. Then I hear both my mates grunt, holding nothing as they cum inside her; starting to dress up I see Joe moving away, exiting her pussy with a small flow of cum mixed with pussy juice.

D'Orgasmic Chronicles Ch. 11

group Liquor69 2017-10-20

"Then promise us you'll save a dance or two for us," Frank said as he looked at his boss with a huge smile on his face. She knows what they are planning and she said it was going to be good," Brianna giggled as Gina lined up to land in Dallas. "We love you too Lindsay," Hank said as he kissed her on his way out. Mark and Gary had donned their tuxedos and were waiting at the Tiki Bar. Michelle walked out wearing a stunning evening gown. "I wouldn't miss this for the world," she said as she kissed Mark deeply and passionately. "This sucks," Gary said as he looked at Mark.


The Perfect Bitch

group wastedaway 2017-10-20

Your pussy starts to get wet as I slowly run my finger along your pussy lips. At that moment, the other woman pushes your mouth onto her pussy, holding your head there by clamping her things around it and putting her hands in back of it. Another cracking of the crop across your ass and you end up tasting another woman's cunt fore the first time in your life. You try to squirm, fight, get away, but between your head trapped in the woman's thighs and hands, your hands cuffed behind your back, me holding firmly onto your hips, and you on your knees, you have no chance of escape.

Letters to Nicole 11

group derek33 2017-10-20

When he returned, Jessi took one deck and and handed Jon the other, "Here, handsome, shuffle these," she said with a giggle. Ricky reached over to Nikki on his right and ran his hand up the inside of her thigh, but she playfully slapped it away and said, "Hey! C.J. thought for a few seconds and said, "You gotta kiss me...the best kiss you can possibly pull together, and play with my cock right through my pants." The game was just starting though and Tim said, "Okay, you two...time's up!" C.J. held Nikki close for several more seconds and then he let her up. Jon slid a hand over her left tit and we heard Jessi's guttural groan as she sucked his tongue deeply into her mouth.



group mooneatertales 2017-10-20

When I look again, Laura is lying on her side on the blanket next to us, and she guides Greg's erection into her from behind, and from there they watch us intently while he slowly fucks her. Your moans, her cries, the sight of her lustful face with half-closed eyes, her tits, and belly, his cock sliding in and out of her creamy cunt, the sensation of my rock hard erection in your warm, slick pussy, the scent of sex in the air, the breeze on our bodies, and that moonlight.... "I'll just bet you'd love to see me lick Annie's ass, wouldn't you?" Laura says wickedly, and I feel your hand tighten on my cock, which is almost fully hard again.

Penny's Surprise Ch. 07

group Linda Jean 2017-10-20

Yet what was I thinking about I thought about the money, and most of all the sick nasty pleasure I got from having this kind of filthy sex with 30 different men. The sex, oh the fucking sex, I started rubbing my clit again, Crouching I brought the head of the rubber cock to my opening. I wanted to feel my rubber cock inside of me again, so I scooted forward on the stool, opened my legs and slid that wonderful cock inside. I needed his fingers inside of me, my nipples were hard and they almost hurt from wanting to be touched. I wanted to stay like this forever, I felt Pete start to pull away.

The Riding Lesson

group hardjoe 2017-10-20

Once on the path, I then dropped back behind her, a little to her left, watching to make sure she could stay on her horse even though she had said she could ride. She licked its head, pulled it from her mouth and said "I want more of this big sweet cock". We were locked in a hard, sweet fuck when my office door opened suddenly and in walked Frank. I was still fucking her hard while she started to try to get Frank's cock in her mouth, its head just managed to fit in between her lips. I pumped a bit more, and then told Frank to move in and fuck her with his cock while I stood back to watch; cum leaking from my spent cock.

Freyja Inc. Ch. 10

group Texas_law_man 2017-10-20

Hershel laughed at Wesley's question and replied, "If their mood is anything like last time we might need to call in re-enforcements." Both men laughed as they made their way up the final few step and disappeared into the house. Past her she observed Danielle with her head hanging over the edge of her lounger sucking on the ridged cock of the man as he stroked up and down the length of her torso ending with his hand squeezing the large fleshy mounds of golden breast resting high upon her chest. Shea tossed her head to the other side as a finger slipped deep inside her slick opening, on her right Yanna was receiving a tongue bath around her puckered backdoor as her ass was lifted high in the air.


Daniel and Carrie's Adventures Ch. 02

group shakenmartini55 2017-10-20

John, Daniel and Gwen took got in first and Carrie and Cheryl sat on their laps. Cheryl saw Carrie looking and smiled back at her, "Awesome cock isn't it?" Cheryl behind Mitch, Gwen behind Daniel and Carrie behind John. Gwen kissed the head of his cock and then she slowly engulfed Daniel's entire length. Daniel looked over at his wife as she licked and sucked on the head of John's cock. John's cock finally started to get soft and he let it slide out of Carries gaping pussy. When John's cock slid out of Carrie, Cheryl got on her hands and knees and crawled over to her husband and started licking his cum covered cock.

My first gang bang at age 23

group 2017-10-20

It wasn't unusual for me to make myself cum fifteen times a day and I was constantly fucking my pussy and my ass with toys and then licking them clean before putting them away. It was time to suck the next man's dick so he traded places....I was slurping on the next workers dick like a good little slut when I felt another man lift up my skirt...I spread my legs a little wider so whatever man it was could fuck me.

The Test Ch. 01

group phillyinjun 2017-10-20

She knew Fran and Hector quite well - younger guys who were blustery but good natured and eager to be friendly. So intrigued with the pussy licking, neither Fran nor Hector had heard her enter, and she closed the door behind her. "Yeah, and for another, it isn't like that fake lesbian crap that you are watching," Jenny was thoroughly flustered now, and knew she was not making any sense. "You want to put a wager on that?" Fran looked at Hector and smiled. "Whatever..." Jenny said, about to walk back to her apartment, and then stopped short. "I bet I won't," Jenny said, with a grin, "If I win, your TV will never be heard in my apartment again.

Hope Fucks in Cars Ch. 01

group ILienBagby 2017-10-20

She wasn't sure if she was going to get gangbanged; though, if she'd have been able to think about it without strange hands all over her, lewd suggestions being offered by the men around her and alcohol obscuring rational thought, she would have to admit that it did seem probable, getting gang banged, she meant. Hope had thought about getting fucked by a bunch of guys, but she had never even come close, not even in college. She felt Steve cum in her cunt, but she hardly felt his soft cock exit her cunt with all the talk and murmuring and the changing of positions that were going on in the crowded car, not to speak of the cock that was pushing against her nose.

Slutty Sue and The Basketball Bet

group raidernation25 2017-10-20

"I'm with you brother," Dave replied as he stood up and walked in front of Sue and pulled her basketball jersey over her head leaving her naked and aroused. I waited a few moments after penetrating her when Marcus got on the floor under her and guided his still semi-erect cock into her cum filled pussy. Dave stood over Marcus and put his flaccid cum covered cock into Sue's mouth. A few minutes later Marcus pulled out and shot his load on her ass while Dave filled Sue's mouth with his spunk. Marcus stood up and got in back of her and picked her up and lowered her onto his hard cock again and this time she cheered as he fucked her.


School Days

group Nightwork1 2017-10-20

"Leah's right, if they did a surprise inspection of our dorm right now we'd be screwed." Karla said looking around at all our scattered clothes, my boxers wadded-up at the foot of the bed and a mess of opened condom wrappers spread seemingly all over the floor. I wasted no time in basically leaping from the bed where I'd been laying watching a movie on my tablet and getting into the closet, expertly tossing the stuffed animal-covered blanket over my body, leaving just a small peephole I could see-out of just as I heard a key working in the lock on the door to the room.