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Erotic Group Sex stories

A large collection of first-time sex stories about virgins losing their cherry.

Adult Truth or Dare

group Todd3138 2017-10-20

I was shocked when Theresa, with her next turn, dared Birch to let both women mouth his cock at the same time. I stood there and watched this beautiful blonde suck my cock and smiled as Theresa moved in to start licking my shaft every time it came out of Julie's mouth. I reached out slid Julie's bottoms aside and began rubbing her pussy as she worked on my wife as Birch began fondling Theresa's tits. Even though we never fucked each other's wives, we did bring one another to orgasm many times orally and by hand, but it was ultimately amazing to me to be stretching Theresa's pussy open with my swollen cock as Julie and Birch did the same right beside us.

Lisa and Jim Turn Pro

group quutoo 2017-10-20

"Hey you can't blame someone cause he tells the truth and Aron looks like he just told a big truth," I said and hugged Lisa. She had a real proud look on her face as she told me, "I have his whole cock in me honey...I fucked it all in me." She bent forward and started kissing him. I had Aron's anus spread apart and he fucked her and I climbed up his butt cheeks and plunged my hard cock up his ass. I was chosen even though Lisa wanted to try Aron's large cock in her ass. I waited and sucked all his cum from her butt just as Lisa had done with me after Aron fucked my ass.


The Carnal Canal

group Clive Cromwell II 2017-10-20

Now getting into the spirit of things, Beth turned away from the group, took the hem of her pants in hand and bent over to look at the three men through her legs. Giving him a squeeze, Tracy said, "you're just fine Darren." She looked over her shoulder at Beth and Lisa, his cock in her hand. Looking around, Beth saw that Erik and Darren were rock hard after watching her performance, and Tracy and Lisa were running fingers over their now-damp pussies. Erik couldn't take his eyes off Beth's lips wrapped around him, Tommy watched as his well-moistened shaft plunged in and out and Darren stared as Beth large breasts swayed to and fro with the motion of the threesome action.


Somebody's Got To Do It Pt. 04

group oldhippie1949 2017-10-20

Billie just turned fifty, about five foot five, she is very pretty and with a good figure (maybe a little soft and pudgy though). I had some chores around town and it was a good thing because I bumped into Zara, a flamboyant woman who owned an art gallery. Zara wants a painting so I thought I'd give it a try. Soon, I was painting broad lines with a bit of Elaine in them. It was a good forty-five minutes when Elaine asked for a break. I look so hot, like I'm going to leap from the canvas and fuck you silly. "Well it should," I thought, "I have sunk enough fucking money in it!" But it did look very good.


One Special Spring Day Pt. 11

group Connie_Ann 2017-10-20

Remembering some words she heard in her dream and thinking of Dave's voice saying, "Amanda, make Bonnie stick her tongue into your soaking wet pussy. Bonnie thinks to herself, "When Connie said goodbye to me late last night, she did ask me to come back home and visit the family. Amanda answers her phone, and Bonnie says, "Hey, Amanda, It's Bonnie I am heading back home to visit with my family for a few days and Dave is still sleeping in the basement." Bonnie decides to call Amanda and her sister Connie to tell them the news but has to leave voicemail messages, as neither of them want to answer their phone.

Donna's Overtime

group maturemancock 2017-10-20

As she bent up and down this 8 foot cage, Donald the driver was making sure his truck was stable, as Donna bent down to check some stuff her skirt rode up, Donald saw this and stared at her, as she stood up her skirt remained round her waist and Sam had noticed and stood back as Donald watched. As Donald grunted all the more Donna moved her hand off Sam and rubbed her clit as she was coming faster than a steam train, as Donald slammed into her he said “I’m coming” and she said “So am I come inside me don’t pull out” as he second orgasm started to build she felt Donald’s spunk erupt inside her, it tipped her over the edge.

2nd Hotwife (breeding Success)

group billstew 2017-10-20

So Friday night came and we were heading to the party, and before we walked in Tamika told me there are some rule here again, you need to wear a condom unless you are invited not to, and you should ALWAYS wait for her to offer and not ask, and second you can't get as f***efull as you did at that other party. I told her that we were going over to the mattress in the middle of the room and I was going to push her legs in the air and suck and lick her pussy till she was nice and wet and then I was going to fuck her for everyone to watch.

Momma Bird

group Sean Renaud 2017-10-20

Lacey wasn't sure if the ride back to the hotel really took twice as long or if it was just that every second stretched into an eternity crammed into close quarters with Julia and Alejandro. The only reason the slinky black fabric wasn't on the floor was because Alejandro insisted on pulling it down so his satiny lips could kiss along Lacey's shoulders and Julia was determined to get the dress up high enough that she could side get rid of her Lacey's panties. Calling bunching her dress around her belly like a belt a compromise would imply that Julia or Alejandro had intentionally stopped there instead of that just being the one place it wasn't bothering either of them.

Mai's First Threesome

group Conrad Simon 2017-10-20

She wandered around the living room, looking at the books, the music, selected one of my favorite CDs, a soft Brazilian guitar compilation, and when I returned with the drinks she and Keith were dancing slowly, Mai's high heels beside the sofa. Keith and I began kissing Mai, covering her face from her eyes to her mouth, going to her neck and shoulders, and soon I was lost in the smell of her fragrance, the softness of her smooth skin on my lips, the taste of her perspiration on my tongue. As lightly as possible I licked and kissed upward, her soft moans sweet music now, accompanied by Keith's louder groans as Mai's humming sent waves of pleasurable sensation through his cock, now tightly enclosed by those luscious lips.


A Manuscript

group jjcolejr 2017-10-20

I did need my rest so the next morning I told Sunny our turn would be the next day even though I was staying with them that night. "You could watch Virginia and I fuck if you want," Sunny said. Carly devoured me in a kiss at the news and soon many were coming by to say hello to the ladies and congratulate me. I said to Virginia, "You need to dig a pond in your new yard first." As soon as they left Dolores took me to my small bedroom and announced that my bed was much bigger and could accommodate all of us. I kissed Dolores and her tits as Gretchen took her to three orgasms.


Shock and Awe

group Keiryn 2017-10-20

Melanie looked up at him, and then, slowly took his cock into her mouth, licking and sucking all of the cum and Jami's juices off of it. Jami pulled Melanie's bra down and began sucking gently on her breasts, taking the time to tease her nipples. Soon, Jami's hand had wandered down to Melanie's clit, rubbing it as Dylan's tongue slithered in and out of her slit. Dylan stopped working his wife's pussy and watched as Jami leaned in and kissed Melanie. Soon, giggles and moans were coming from both of them as Melanie's fingers reached down to play with Jami's drenched pussy. By the time he had finished, Melanie and Jami were making out again, both whimpering and moaning as they fingered each other's cum soaked pussies.

Alan in the Office 01

group Hypoxia 2017-10-20

Set in her dark black face, Sylvie's shining too-green eyes matched the sheath dress that revealed just enough of her sleek skin and generous curves. Sylvie came in, shoved the door shut, and quickly skinned her too-green sheath dress up over her head. Just as I dropped trou and kissed Sylvie deeply, the door opened and Monique marched in and pulled off her panties. Monique stood, pushed Sylvie onto her back on the supply cart, and bent to her. I mouthed Monique until I came like a fucking firehose in Sylvie's flaming cunt. Josef's present involved receiving Saul's long clean cock in his rectum while Anaya, Moira and Farizah took turns going all oral-genital with his mouth and cock.


My Wifes First Gangbang

group alisboy2002 2017-10-20

It was in this moment of realization that she knew she hadn't been the one to say, "Harder." It was one of the other six guys standing naked in the room with their cocks out and in hand, waiting for a piece of the amazing pussy Paul was fucking so hard. "Unbelievable", the guy said, "she sucks the best...AND does anal, you have got to get her more often" All she could do was be content on her knees to have a cock in each hand, her head in a lap with a cock down her throat, and her ass full. She was a little embarrassed about how good it felt to stand there on the steps, half bent over with a room full of guys watching her take nearly a whole hand up her pussy.

Crystal's Surprise

group CrystalBalls 2017-10-20

Sitting over my espresso with my pussy soaking wet and on fire, after all I'd just seen my Mum demanding my ex to fuck her in the ass harder, I thought back over the day so far. And to top it off, which I could clearly see, was Cathy eating my Mum's clit and fingering her apparently shaved cunt, while Dan was pumping his nine inch love pump up her tight ass. I'd watched on as Cathy pulled Dan's cock from my Mum's ass and deep-throated him in one before bobbing up and down with long, fast strokes. Dan was pumping your ass with his majestic cock with Cathy underneath you when I arrived, and I left when I came, if that makes sense, when you got your second late lunch!"


Cuckold Husband Librarian wife 4

group summerjacks 2017-10-20

She said t me that this turns her on so much and would i mind giving me oral so she can come all over her face and for me to lube her so that she can get fucked by Jon. I also got to watch as I crawled up underneath her and I was just below her giviing Jon oral and rubbing his cock all over her face and cheeks and breasts and she started to cum hard pressing her clit on me mouth bucking wildly and had 4 orgasms right in a row..Jon blew his load all over her face and breasts.

Never Enough Ch. 10

group Sweetcheekss 2017-10-20

I’d left my attaché at the studio so I asked Frank to drive me there before going to J.R.’s. “I’m going to ask Jackie to marry me.” He murmured. Frank and Jackie were already out at the house with Zack and Trey. “You want to see the house or meet the boys first?” Steven asked. “I think it all went pretty well with the boys, don’t you?” Steven stated, as we drove back to my apartment. Carl left the studio, shaking hands with Frank, wishing him well with his impending marriage to Jackie. Jackie and Frank were going to move things around so Ryan and Paul could start on converting the conference room into the breakroom.


The Next Night With Bob

group Jenny6969 2017-10-20

That's got the ball rolling, so to speak, thought Beth, as she noticed Bob's hand on her bare leg. Beth's hand caressed her daughter's hair as Nancy unsuccessfully tried to take more than a couple of inches of Bob's cock into her mouth. Nancy slid her two-handed grip up to her lips, then back down to the base, where Bob's huge balls lay on the chair like meatballs on a plate. With a shudder and a "Ohhh, YEAH!", Beth let loose with a small gush of woman cum, which Bob eagerly lapped up until she pushed his head away. As Nancy raised herself up, offering her breasts to Bob, the tip of his cock slid down her body until it rested between her legs.


Two Couples

group Rust1 2017-10-20

Calvin’s ass wasn’t as tight as Nathan was, I mean he wasn’t loose but I guess being fucked by a dick as thick as Eddy’s it wasn’t much of a surprise, but he moaned out as soon as my long dick started reaching places Eddy never could, “so damn big” Nathan said with a look of glee on his face as Eddy stretched his ass wide open, “now I know why you stick with him” Nathan said looking at Calvin smiling, “hell, you aint got shit to complain about with this one” Calvin said back the tow of them talking like Eddy and I weren’t there, “damn he’s tight, like virgin ass” Eddy said but I honestly couldn’t tell if it was a compliment or a complaint, “like a glove” I said sliding balls deep inside Calvin.

My 40th

group lustfool 2017-10-20

Ryan worked his way up my thighs and like before was rubbing them good and deep. Ryan held my pussy open as Terry's masterful fingers found my clit. Ryan moved on the table between my legs rubbed his cock against my throbbing pussy. Ryan was pounding something deep inside me that must be the magic switch because I came so hard releasing a rush of juices that I could feel running down my ass. I tried to keep a steady rhythm on Ryan's cock as Terry slowly worked himself deeper into my ass. It was hard to keep my mouth on that big cock with terry pounding my ass so hard but I was doing the best I could.

Dr. Bob

group Clohi 2017-10-20

I had let my arm dangle down the side of the chair and as Dr. Bob worked on my mouth, I felt his groin rub against me every once in a while. Dr. Bob smiled and lifted his fingers to his mouth and sucked them clean. I moaned as I felt her fingers stroking my thigh and then touch my pussy. As I leaned over, Dr. Bob slowly pushed the dildo head into my tight pussy. Dr. Bob was slowly pushing the other dildo head into her pussy. I now have all my dentist appointments late with Dr. Bob and Pam. I may not like having my teeth cleaned, but as long as I get to suck on something afterwards, I’m ok.

Swingers Meet For The First Time

group JohnnyandRenee 2017-10-20

She readily agreed with a broad smile on her face, she stood and walked off to the dance floor through the crowd of people with Stevens hand in the middle of the small of her back guiding her through the crowd. Steven told Renee he and Steph would go for drinks and that that would give her time to talk with her husband a little later. John's wife leaned over and whispered in his ear, "Ask Steph to dance." She made a face at him then smiled and motioned with her fingers as if she were directing him to go on out to the dance floor.


Amelie Meets Her Lord and Lady

group cutemaid 2017-10-20

To this day I do not know how the next thing happened but My Lady had my head cradled in her bounteous bosom, both breasts now fully exposed, and had opened my dress all the way down the front and removed my bra. His head was buried between my soft thighs and his lips and tongue played my pussy like a maestro on a Stradivarius. I would gasp with excitement and My Lady would kiss me harder and pull my tits as My Lord would push his tongue deep into my cunt. Then one hand was gone and I felt what had to be the head of his enormous cock playing with my pussy lips and my clit which by now must have been as big as that of My Lady.

How to Stop Smoking Ch. 27

group Jim McKay 2017-10-19

I played with his ball sac as I stroked and sucked his cock until I felt his hips begin to surge upward - a sure sign that he was about to cum. When I felt that all the soap was gone, I took his cock in my mouth and began sucking on it again, keeping it as hard as I could. I stopped sucking him when I felt he was about ready to cum and told Tom to just lie there for a minute while I got something. Tom continued stroking his cock into her until she began to cum again. Ann wasn’t one to be left out, so she took Tom’s softening cock in her mouth and began sucking him.

Tina's Perspective

group Pegasus_Flying 2017-10-19

As much as I wanted to experience things first hand, so to speak, I was determined to honor my parent's wishes that I remain a "good girl" until Tommy and I made a life commitment. I know I must have turned three shades of red when Della announced that, looking at me, she could understand now why she heard sounds of sex coming from our room a couple of hours earlier. The air was thick with sexual tension and I wondered if Della was as aroused as I was and if Bobby was as hard as I knew Tommy was. When we got inside our room I grabbed Tommy and said, "Oh my God Tommy, I just know that Bobby wants to fuck me."