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Erotic Group Sex stories

A large collection of first-time sex stories about virgins losing their cherry.

My young stud adventure!

group bigredhair 2017-10-19

The guy, I'll call him Joe, looks me up and down quite hungrily and says, "she's HOT!". Joe came over and started kissing me and we sort of stumbled back and lay on the bed, his fingers finding their way up my short slip and into my pussy lips. Hubby was sitting on the couch back a little bit from the bed and stroking his hard cock watching Joe finger my big pussy lips and kiss me passionately. He was moaning like crazy and looked at hubby and said "she really knows how to suck cock well, huh?".

Watching the Pool Party

group Imstillfun 2017-10-19

Lap guy took the opportunity to reached under her dress and pull her panties down. Cathy pushed me to my knees in front of guy 4 grabbed his cock and guided it to my mouth. I was doing it because this was hot, Cathy had got me all worked up, and the look on someone's face when they weren't expecting a cute 19 year old to just start sucking their cock was amazing. Cathy just smiled at her, took the guys cock, and started sucking it. Judy just moaned and went back to sucking the other guys cock. Cathy looked at her dad and said, "You like seeing mom being a slut.


The Night After The Evening Before

group durritticolumn 2017-10-19

Breaking the kiss I pushed Rax's head back, I looked at Julia and asked, "Is this cool?". Her response was to walk over and pull Rax's t-shirt over her head, "You just don't know how cool this is" she smiled. Julia leaned back from my chest, I looked down to see Rax take the top of my cock into her mouth. Rax's finger slowly withdrew from me, she moved onto the sofa next to me to watch Julia as she pushed herself down onto my cock. She moved round to curl up next to me, her head on my chest as she watched, and fucked her lover with her hands, while I fucked her with my cock.

A Guest

group Zraii 2017-10-19

Instantly, after I stop moving, you are back at me swallowing my cock, the grunts and moans you let out caused by the pounding your boyfriend is giving you feel good on my shaft. I continue to lick you, swirling my tongue over your clit, I can hear the sounds of the head you are giving, but my eyes are solely focused on your flavourful smooth pussy. Your hair tickles my thighs as you begin to place kisses over my shaft, grasping it in one hand you point me towards the ceiling and I feel your tongue circle my head. We lean forward and meet for a kiss, and then it hits you, you grab my head and hold me in our kiss, I can feel the rest of your body convulsing as you orgasm again.

Hidden Behind Her Blue Eyes Ch. 02

group Gina_B_33 2017-10-19

The girl, I think her name was Jill, turned back to look at me while still talking to Tina, "And you said he's learning to eat pussy too?" "Bring me one, please." Tina said as she walked off toward the rest of her friends, who were standing in smaller groups of twos and threes talking and laughing. She was right about me not having home cooking very often, so I said, "Okay, I'll ask Tina." And then Ellen asked, "Jill, honey, do you want your usual Italian Dressing on your salad, or Jake's cum?" She didn't stop until I was totally shriveled up, and then she got to her feet, showed me a closed lip smile, and went into the kitchen to help Ellen.


My Surprise

group alecar17 2017-10-19

I moved over to the bed, and as I did, one of the men came over and began to remove my shoes, followed by my stockings. The third man then walked over to the bed, and my husband went to sit in a chair in the corner of the room, making sure he had a good view of what was about to happen. The strong hands began to rub some lube over me, and then I felt the tip of his cock pushing against me gently. Right at that moment, the guy with his cock inside me began to speed up, forcing me to push right back, and as I did, the cock at my ass pushed all the way in.


Sex Out Of A Hat

group michaelhunt 2017-10-19

I lapped at her asshole like a dog licking peanut butter but as her ass relaxed, I firmed up my fat tongue and pushed it into her anus as far as I could go, about two inches. Rebecca's legs were up on my shoulders and her hot sexy shoes were bumping into my head as Jeff pounded her asshole from underneath and I lined up my fat cockhead with her red cuntlips. I watched as Collette nudged the tip of her large fake cock forward and begin to dilate Jeff's asshole. My head was going up & down fast and Collette had all of her fake shaft squished up into Jeff's belly when my tongue felt Jeff's cock stiffen and begin pulsing squirt after squirt of come into my mouth.


group Shalmaneser 2017-10-19

I pay little attention to the words, lost in the softest of stroking from your tongue, until I notice Bethany's face over your shoulder, feel her hands slide between us to cup over your breasts. A tongue brushes my earlobe a second later, and I can hear you whimper softly, even as you look above my shoulder to where his mouth has taken my earlobe inside to stroke. Now I want a kiss in that position—don't have to use tongue, but act like you mean it for fuck's sake and mine." Bethany is faster than Art, and I see your mouth open softly, eagerly accepting her descending lips before his face blocks my view.

Vegas Threesome (1st time) Ch. 02

group EmeraldScorpio 2017-10-19

Aron had his hand slightly up my skirt on my thighs, and he was nuzzling into my neck, telling me what he was going to do to me when we got back...she kept looking over, and when we caught eyes, she smiled. As my nipple hardened underneath her touch, Aron (super-shocked and turned on by all this) raised his hand up my skirt, until he brushed his fingers against my sodden pussy. I didn't really have any time to think further as Christie reached her hand out again and caressed my neck with her fingers...she let her hand trace my curves, I felt another hand creep up behind me and squeeze my breast.

Kellys marathon weekend - Part 4

group WaMan2010 2017-10-19

Are you going to fuck me hard now?" Kelly started to guide him into her cunt and when he was about halfway in her he said "Shit girl. She looked up at him and said "I'm going to fuck this cock so hard right now!" He kept pushing into her and I don't know if he was past her cervix or not, because I never heard her say anything. The guy inside of her cunt started to fuck her again and several minutes of Kelly bucking against him and leaning her head back to deep throat the black guy in her mouth and almost at the same time, I head both of them say they were going to cum.

Lighting the Furnace

group wizdr 2017-10-19

Eric never showed me how to get the pilot light back on, and I didn't expect it to get so chilly this early in the fall." Ellie spoke to Cole's back as he squeezed into the furnace closet. She had seen that Jo and Cole were devoted to each other as husband and wife, and now that she realized this devotion transcended their open sex life she began to wonder how it would feel to have a marriage like that. Ellie and Eric started slowly, making out and kissing, but Jo and Cole wasted no time getting off most of their clothes. Jo popped her head off Cole's cock and said, "Your turn!" Ellie looked up and saw that her face was a bit flushed.


friendly competition

group dep258s 2017-10-19

You both feel so fucking good,” she moaned. She grabbed my hair and pulled me up for a kiss I was more than willing to give, my tongue licking the inside of her mouth hungrily. Harry took the opportunity and grabbed her face, pressing his lips to hers as he sped up. “Yeah, fuck yourself on my cock baby,” I groaned. “Yeah Harry, it feels so good,” she whined. “God, how is it that you’re so fucking tight?” I asked as I thrust up into her. I pulled her hips towards mine every time I thrust into her, leaving her gasping and moaning beneath me. Fuck Harry, you’re gonna make me come so fucking hard,” she moaned.

Road Trip Ch. 02

group Caitlin Anise 2017-10-19

Even as her own orgasm was ebbing, Piper began to lick Taylor, savoring the softness, the taste, thinking about how this beautiful creature wanted to watch her having sex with someone else. “Did you change your mind?” Piper looked at Taylor and imagined her pretty blue eyes watching her intently as she made love to this georgous man. “Ok, look,” Taylor said, standing up, “I’ll get the car started, you go over to him, and if he says no, I promise, I’ll lick you for hours.” Piper giggled and stood up. She looked from her best friend to this guy she hardly knew, this guy she was going to sleep with, no, to fuck, so that Taylor could watch.

AJ's Fantasy

group Asynaka1 2017-10-19

Rolling her onto her back he began to drill her and she couldn't handle it, she began to try and crawl away but AJ just keep drilling her pussy hitting it's walls each time, damn she was tight as shit and now she was moaning like a cheap whore, AJ felt the Syn put his finger under his nose letting him smell the pussy he had played in earlier. Finally AJ felt the wet lips of Erica begin to suck on his balls and eat his ass, as Syn went up and down on his rod, it had happen his fantasy had happened.

Ms. Marca Ch. 21

group Ms. Marca 2017-10-19

"Oh, god" she moaned, "it feels like they ripped my arm out of its socket!" After helping her to her feet, Mr. Dean offered, "We got find a phone and call the police, let's go!" Just as they were turning to head down the street, a sinister voice from the darkness said, "I don't think you'll be going anywhere for a while." Seconds later, the middle aged white guy and the hot young date he had was surrounded by a group of young black toughs! "Hey, Rom," one of them yelled out, "the old guys got a hard on, I think he likes sucking' cock!" That remark brought regales of laughter by the gang, but a wet tear slid down Mr. Dean's cheek as he sucked the big pecker and watched his date orally servicing the young black stud!

The Headmaster's Office 05: Wedding Cake Island

group blin18 2017-10-19

Tonight at low tide, Spike said a full moon would rise over the Pacific Ocean, and would Rupali and I like to come out to the secluded and romantic Wedding Cake Island to watch. Rupali leaned in very close, her lips to my ear, whispering so that Spike really couldn't hear this time. I took hold of Spike's shoulders and pulled him down on my side of the surfboard; at the same time Rupali lifted his legs onto her side so that he was lying supine. Finally Rupali said Go. I took the tip between my lips and kissed, moistening it without sucking, slowly getting him used to idea of having his cock in my mouth.


Threeway with Best Friends

group biganthony11 2017-10-19

Dave, from all the amazing action and surprise of it all, let us know "Ohhhhh - I'm going to cum!" and Teri turned just to him, taking his cock into her mouth and mouth-fucking him, all the way to his balls! As she mouth-fucked my cock, between my best friend with his mouth on my wife's pussy and the moaning of Teri's approaching orgasm, I couldn't take any more, and blew stream after stream of cum down her throat. As we started to catch our breath one more time, Teri turned to Dave and said "Happy Birthday!", then leaned over and kissed him hard on the mouth.

We Didn't Mean To Seduce Her

group sophiaraven 2017-10-19

I started grooving to the beat and I wrapped my right arm around Crystals back and my left arm around Veronica's shoulder. I tripped on a stone in my heels when I looked up and saw Veronica's hand on Crystal's sexy little cheek. Crystal must have been handed down from the gods the plan that must have been burning in Veronica's mind cause she casually just pushed her way in between us. As I opened my eyes in a near cough I saw Veronica had her other hand that wasn't around us playing with the now riding further up bottom to Crystal's dress.


Bi Encounter with Thai Couple Ch. 02

group maenadik 2017-10-19

I continued to watch, loving the feeling of Jack's hard masculine body pressed up against me and I held him tighter and instinctively thrust my cock up and down, still pressed up against his warm lower back. He nodded with his eyes closed, Kelly working on his balls now, my tongue on his neck and one of my hands jerking his cock, wet from Kelly's mouth and his own oozing pre-cum. Kelly was now spreading my buttocks apart and Jack now rubbed the hard head of his cock up and down my crack. I told her to put a finger in my ass, and as Jacked watched, I lost control and felt my cum spurt in Kelly's mouth, several times.

Two for Mel

group Marty Fisher 2017-10-19

As Tom and I talked about old times, I left my fingers rub the inside of Mel's thigh. Mel lifted my hand from her thigh and for a moment I thought our foreplay had ended but she dropped our combined hands down on top of my cock and began squeezing and massaging it thru my jeans. Tom's cock was in a semi-erect state as he rubbed his hands up and down Mel's soft legs. Tom slid his hands up Mel's thighs and wrapped them around her breasts, massaging them and twisting the nipples gently. I opened the door and walked up to the back of Mel and kissed her lips as Tom continued to suck her breast and massage her love mound.

Going for a Swim

group Dirty_Old_Man3 2017-10-19

It is at that moment that I see Patra sneaking up on us with our camera, snapping pictures as you take my cock out of your mouth and I explode all over your face and breasts, my cum dripping down your cheeks and lips and chin, onto your breasts as you continue to pump every drop out of me, then you take me back into your mouth and suck the rest of my cum from my cock. I climb out of the water and take the camera from Patra and continue to take pictures of you as you clean her with your tongue, licking every drop and sucking on her clit, pushing your tongue deep inside of her to get every drop of juice that you can and bringing her to another crushing orgasm in the process.

Monday Night Football

group Lakedemon 2017-10-19

I told Tom that I don’t know what his first wife was like, but her sure got it right this time. I figured that if he was sharing this awesome woman with me the least I could do is let him live his fantasy of having his wife face fuck another man while he sucked his dick. Tom, who was sitting on the other side of Mary started fingering her slit, she reached over with her other hand and began stroking his now rigid cock. Tom just started laughing and said he had to call Mary on his cell phone and tell her the great news that their fantasy was going to last at least three more months.

Sally's First Gangbang

group loloishorny 2017-10-19

Scotty walks over to Sally's room, peeks his head in the door and she's playing with the rabbit. Scotty, is now standing over Sally, having her to suck on his cock, while she is fucking with 2 other guys. I tell the guy who is eating me, that I need to get the camera and take pics of Sally. I asked Scotty to come over and take pics of me sucking on this guy's cock. I'm still sucking this guy's cock when Scotty began to fuck my ass. Scotty fucked my ass hard, until another guy put his dick in my pussy. I asked Sally if she had a good time, she said she never would have thought of having a gangbang with guys.

The Architect

group jim313 2017-10-19

Dina spread her legs wide and put her hand over Tyko's hot crotch and the two of them played with each other as they watched their two men working on each other's erections while making sexy comments to them and trying to direct the show. Both women were staring at their men as they came and Brad happened to look over when he heard their gasps and moans and locked eyes with Tyko as she was cumming and he was deep throating the absolutely delicious cock in his mouth. Brad told Tyko that she absolutely must try John's penis as it tastes delicious and will feed her all sorts of tasty juices from precum to cum and John followed by telling Dina that, if she wants to taste something really delicious, she must try Brad's thick organ.