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Erotic Group Sex stories

A large collection of first-time sex stories about virgins losing their cherry.

That Night in the Pub

group Moondrift 2017-10-19

Belinda was slighter of build and taller than Marie, with firm little breasts that pushed unbridled against the tight top she was wearing, and thus displaying rather delectable looking nipples. They had both gone to the marital bed as virgins, having had little more than a few fumbles with the boys after leaving the church youth club on Wednesday nights. Marie was forced to open her eyes just a little and she noted that Sid was gone from his bed and that her clothes of last night were draped over a chair. "Take a couple of aspirin," said Marie, who was now feeling a bit better, the pile driver having been reduced to a tack hammer."


Diane & Kris Coffee Morning

group Gordon99 2017-10-19

Her mother Diane had made sure that Kris was dressed appropriately with her new outfit bought by specifically for the other ladies to admire and approve of. Mr Palmer walked over to two of the ladies and lifted their bras and released their breasts, he them pulled on their nipples and made them moan out loud with sexual pleasure. Martha motioned for the youngest man there her nephew Robert Palmer to join her with Diane and Kris. Robert reached down and slipped his hand down the panties of Kris and found her wet moist pussy lips open and easily he fingered her. Robert fucked Kris three times and each time he spunked off inside her cunt and his sperm flooded her womb.

HYPA - Orgy on the Subway

group Gladring 2017-10-19

It was the business woman, thrashing her hand between her legs, staring at Amelie's ass, at that gigantic cock, at the jock lifting the dress and guiding his raging erection forward, trying not to come before he was even inside her. Just as Amelie felt the kid's cock swelling inside her again, as she felt his hands back around her ass and his hips begin to thrust deliciously backwards and forwards, she saw what the woman had been looking at.

A Different Kind of Sleepover Ch. 02

group colonelstiffy 2017-10-19

My senses were delayed like two seconds, and Melissa kept rubbing her hand on Sam's leg, and putting his on hers. Rachel knew that it would take about twenty more minute of bitching and moaning before she would actually do anything so she walked up and smacked her a kiss on the lips. Kelly licked Rachel's face like a dog, then they both went at Bobby's pole licking it clean. Mark was titty fucking Rachel's tits, while Bobby licked his dick and her tits at the same time. Bobby wasn't getting anyone jacking him off so I pulled him off to the side a couple of feet and sucked his dick for a little while. I pulled his spit covered dick out of my mouth and smiled showing a little bit of cum in my teeth.

Cooking Up a Storm Ch. 3

group Rocket 2017-10-19

She started to tell him how good it felt, how she loved his tongue in her groove, but a hand grabbed her head and turned it to the side, where Turk's fat cock was waiting. Turk did, slowly driving it in until it bent against the back of her mouth, before drawing it back; in again, bend, out again, in again...establishing a rhythm that threatened to drain his balls until the expert's hand on his arse interrupted it, leaving his cock against the entrance to her throat. She decided to go further, and occasionally bent down to tease the fat head with her mouth, drawing a deep gasp from Turk each time her lips touched his cock.


awesome threesome

group Sexyaunt91 2017-10-19

As i reached his house according to the address given and i rang the door bell.mohan opened the door with a huge smile at his face.he was wearing a red colour kurta i could make it out that it was not his usual wear .It was special day .as i entered he offered me a seat and started asking how i am and he missed me all that things then came the wife she was looking jaw dropping gorgeous.let me describe her .she had silky hair which was tied neatly and was wearing a red colour saree.she hade huge boobs and it was jumping out of her bra like a football kept inside tennis ball packet I jumped in the bed and asked nikita to sit on my face she got shocked but then came up on me i was licking her huge ass and pussy at the same time mohan again went down at my erect cock and started sucking it now he was also playing with my balls i can't explain you all the moment .

Adirondack Heatwave Ch. 01

group JanetG 2017-10-19

"Yes," Crysta said, thinking of the part the Scandicci Rossinies played in spreading the news of her scandal. Crysta raised her arm at the last second and Isabel's descending hand slapped breast, not shoulder: and not just a slap. Isabel's hand plunged inside Crysta's top and for an instant she had a good grip on her boyfriend's aunt's big, beautiful tit. Without looking away from the lake, she said, "In Italy, Isabel, most women of your age and beauty wouldn't think of wearing a top at the beach, much less on a private lake. "You do know that I am not Tony's real aunt, don't you?" Crysta asked Isabel, out of the blue.


Church Friends Ch. 13

group Peter Duncan 2017-10-19

"Once she got a taste of pussy she really loved it," Miriam said wistfully, her eyes looking far away, de-ja-vu causing her to touch herself between her legs, "but to tell you the truth hon, I thought she would go back to the hills and become a religious freak—and—I didn't need any of that." Miriam sidled up to Zack and pressed the palm of her hand on his crotch, continuing, "Who would have thought that demure Penny and her husband would be fucking another couple—and—that she is eating the wife's pussy? They were embarrassed to say so at first, but when John said, "You just liked the idea of that big black guy's cock fucking you," Penny's ears turned red.


My first ever story about my dirty milf Gemma

group madmackem61 2017-10-19

Gemma was lying on the bed with her flowered strapless dress pulled up so we both had a clear view of her hands guiding her favourite dolphin vibrator onto her clitoris, the humming of her toy punctuated occasionally by her groans of delight, her eyes closed as her sigh of enjoyment came in time with her rocking her pelvis in pleasure. I felt sick with anticipation and excitement as I watched Josh rhythmically plunging the hard pick plastic into her warmness whilst enjoying her loose grip on his cock and kneading her breast with his free hand Slipping down the bed, my cock half erect and recovering from a pounding, I was willingly manoeuvred between Gemma's legs plunging my face into her wetness and licking her soaking pussy.

'Repaying' Her Shortages

group bbw4youngercocks1 2017-10-19

They usually avoided female employees - potential allegations of sexual harassment toward owner and manager were always big risks - but Mario had had his eye on cashier Tori for a long time and couldn't think of a better time to zone in than confronting her about the cash drawer being short. Tori did as told, performing deep throat on Mario's own well-hung member as she felt Jake's erection pressing against her now wet pussy. "Yeah, you like Mario's big cock, don't you, baby?" Jake asked as he watched the pair from his desk. Mario plunged in and out of Tori's ass while she continued to ride Jake's cock with enthusiasm, her pussy muscles gripping his shaft like a vise.

The Full Force of the Law

group make_some_noise 2017-10-19

He pulled it out of the car, looked inside and then without a word he handed it to Officer 2 who glanced inside, raised his eyebrows and then shot her a smile which liquified her in seconds. He was older, 10 years or more than Officer 1, gorgeous, with messy dark blonde hair and dark eyes that screamed "I want you, suck me now" as he unzipped his leather trousers and looked at Kate with a pleading smile. The tip of Platinum Pete was entering her pussy and the sensual feel of the whole thing suddenly inside of her was only bettered by Officer 1's fingers making contact with her throbbing clitoris.


The New Adult Theater

group 1superhornyguy 2017-10-19

So I started to unbutton her dress and kissing my way down her neck to her breasts when three guys came over to watch, I told her we had company so she looked up at them and smiled and said ok and closed her eyes again. When he filled her pussy with his come she thank them all and walked out of their booth naked and walked over to the booth I was in by now my cock was ready to burst but she was not ready to let me come yet she layed down on the bench and told me to eat the come out of her pussy before she would let me come in her pussy, our new friends got to watch me eat the cum out of her pussy before she let me fuck her.

More Than Adequate Ch. 01

group lustfool 2017-10-19

Mary stood up and walked over next to me and said," Maybe if you want to know what a girl is like you should start with a kiss." As I kissed him fully I could feel Mary's hands running over my body. Jim took one of my breast in his hands sucking the nipple hard. I wanted to taste her juices on his cock so I pulled him up urging him to bring it close to my mouth. She kissed me then took Jim's cock in her mouth. We both took turns sucking him for a little bit before I rolled her onto her back and kissed down her body. I looked up and saw Jim standing over her holding her head as he fucked her mouth.

After-Dinner Threesome

group dpingjessie 2017-10-19

In my case, I felt guilty for sleeping with two different girls who knew nothing about each other, but Michelle, my girlfriend had been part of my life for only a couple months so far and Abby, well, stronger men than I, I'm sure, couldn't resist the opportunity to ravish that lovely body, especially in one's own office. A few seconds later, I was leaning against the desk while my girlfriend squatted in front of me and pulled my pants and boxers away, exposing my hardening cock, which Michelle instantly took in her hand.


Jenny Plays Away - Aftermath Pt. 02

group Woody Woodwood 2017-10-19

When we got back to the car I told Jenny that tonight was going to be the first of my three nights of fun, and as we drove through the town I had her take off her blouse, skirt and knickers so she was sitting naked in the car. You can fuck her mouth bareback, but any cock in her pussy must be in condom, and when you're ready, I want all the spunk on her body and face." It wasn't long before Jenny had another load of cum shot all over her face, and as yet another stranger stepped up and fed his cock in her mouth, the second guy fucking her pussy pulled out, ripped off his condom, and added a second load of cum in her pussy hair, and over her belly.

The Landlady Walks In

group chrislick 2017-10-19

Anna looked at me nervously and I said 'Okay,' hoping the landlady meant what I thought she meant, rather than repairing something in the kitchen. She put her hand straight onto my erection, which had returned under new management, and said 'Has this been inside your Portuguese friend yet? Then Linda changed position, removing her crotch from my face and presenting it to Anna. 'Lick her,' I said reassuringly, and Anna moved behind Linda and began to do as she was told. Shattered, Linda leaned forward and embraced Anna and they kissed while I tongued my girlfriend's clitoris until she too had a long, grinding orgasm, shouting in ecstasy into her landlady's mouth.

Giggles in the Sun

group melcat69 2017-10-19

"Babe, sneaking out for an early morning swim was such a great idea!" I say as we giggle like little school girls and run across the soft white sand towards the water. Your eyes still closed you groan, and I feel your warm breath upon my cold, wet face. You scream as you start to come, your voice swallowed by the early morning silence, your legs clenching tighter around my body, and waves of ecstasy engulfing you, all thoughts of the icy early morning cold forgotten. You take your fingers out and suck at them, then you lower your face in between my legs and start licking my dripping cunt, pressing your face hard down against my wetness, covering yourself in me.

The Chance Encounter

group Grntmb 2017-10-19

Dave decides it’s time he rid himself of his clothes, while you slowly suck on my dick, bringing it deeper and deeper into your mouth. Dave massages your behind with his hard dick and I decide that it’s time that I have a little something to taste. Your body ravages me and I decide to appease my hunger and slowly work my tongue down from your nipple down to your glistening love box. He then takes a soft, little nibble then he slowly circles your nipple with his tongue; getting closer and closer to the center with each pass. With your little white tool I slowly work the inside wall of your pussy lips getting deeper and deeper.

Date Night With My Wife pt 3

group amadbaker 2017-10-19

Now I'm hearing moans all around, the guy on the other side of the gloryhole was moaning from my wife's talented mouth, Debbie was moaning from Shawn fucking her hot pussy with the big black dildo and the clerk was moaning away from Shawn slobbering and sucking his engorged cock. As Debbie was sliding the wet pussy over that big black dildo in rhythm to her hot mouth sucking my cock I heard a thump on the wall and a hard sigh and realized the guy on the other side had cum in Shawns mouth. I'm sure this was a real interesting picture to Debbie, Shawn was before her getting spit roasted between the BBC in the gloryhole and the clerk still wearing the dress and with me sliding easily into the clerks hot ass.

Her First Time With Two Guys

group LeatherAndCassok 2017-10-19

"God, I want someone to fuck me whilst I suck your dick." She reached down and shoved her vibrator back into her soaking wet pussy, started moaning, and went back to sucking me off. Pippa's eyes opened with a fright, to see Mark standing at the edge of the bed with his hard dick in his hand, and me at the base of the bed taking my jeans off. "And then I'll let you fuck my ass every night for the next month, and swallow as much cum as you can give me." Pippa gets off having cum on her face more than down her throat, and usually we mixed it up.

Virginities Lost Ch. 2

group Leo Davis 2017-10-19

Karen stopped kissing me, rubbed her breasts against my chest while Joan continued stroking my bulging pants. I moved my hands from their shoulders and began to rub their breasts, Karen's through her shirt but Joan's underneath her halter top. Joan explained the new rules: whoever got the Queen of Spades would choose an article of his clothing which the one who gave him the card would remove; whoever got the Ace of Hearts had to down a glass of beer; anyone who shot the moon got to both choose and remove an article of clothing from each of the other players; and the first one naked had to do whatever the person who took off his last piece of clothing told him to do.


Lust Filled Aspirations Ch. 02

group sothickwidit 2017-10-19

She kissed me on the cheek and said to meet her at her room after I got my books. "Sssshhhhhh", I said, "I got this." I lowered my hand from her mouth and stepped closer to her, putting my body on hers. "My dick hurts too!" I knew she hadn't done it on purpose, but I took that as an opportunity to prove a point to her. I fucked girls like Anna at parties on campus and in my dorm room everyday. I wanted my cock in her mouth and she knew it. She closed her eyes as I forced my cock deeper into her tight, hot throat. She whimpered again and I slowly pushed the head of my cock into her ass.

Ancient History

group rock_monenuff 2017-10-19

Her arched back pushed her spongy breast deeper onto my mouth and I sucked on the nipple, pulling it, then worked up her neck and finally kissed her full on the lips. She sat up and reached down to pull her shorts the rest of the way off; then turned to face me and straddled my lap, knees on the seat and her pussy poised over my cock. Slipping my cock into her incredibly slick cum filled pussy brought back my hard on and I slid it slowly in and out of her, watching as her boyfriend grabbed the back of her head and pulled her mouth over his cock.

Summertime Flings

group BrettJ 2017-10-19

Natalia was the last child at home and the young girl knew that once she had found a husband, her parents could enjoy a higher standard of living. They had a nice honeymoon in the Bahamas and that was the last time Natalia enjoyed anything with her new husband. Josie heard something in the way Natalia spoke that let her know the slightly-older woman needed a friend. She offered Natalia her spare bedroom and the next day, she took the time to escort her friend to the lawyer who had handled her own divorce. Months of friendship with Josie had prepared her to meet people like this, but the old Natalia was still buried within.