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Erotic Group Sex stories

A large collection of first-time sex stories about virgins losing their cherry.

you better daddy

group chouji878 2017-10-19

i spit one last time on his cock, then i got on my hands and knees in the theater, spread my cheeks apart, and looked back at him whispering, "just put ur cock inside me then daddy, it'll make you feel better". they’re voices started to creep in as i herd them whisper in my ears, “you like that dick don’t you” “you want some more cock slut?”. he started pumping and pumping his cock down my throat while jase pumped his in my ass and the third man slapped his on my face while he spanks me. before i left he took my hand, gave me a kiss and groped my cock and said, “next time ill fuck you twice as hard bitch”.

In My Line of Work

group KuroshioX 2017-10-19

Then I do it again, dropping my mouth onto his fat dick, sucking when my lips touch the base and deliberately gagging myself this time, pulling off, just before the urge to vomit becomes unbearable, to rub his dick across the entire front of my teary face, letting my makeup run down my cheeks while I purr like a lazy cat. I get up off my knees, straightening out my skirt and walk to the side cabinets where I know he keeps moist napkins, getting the spit and cum off my face before picking up the envelope, and taking a few minutes to fix my hair and makeup, before finally strolling right on out of his office, arms swinging merrily, head held high.


Sarah's Awakening Ch. 01

group perplexer 2017-10-19

Continuing to look at her body Sarah notice the pulsing in her pussy as the small thong covering her freshly shaved pussy began to suck up her juices. Sarah's hands started caressing her body running her hands sensuously over the smooth fabric of the dress, feeling the weight of her braless breasts, her nipples so tender that they shot arrows of pleasure through her body with every touch. She watched herself in the mirror, her dress bunched up around her waist and now eagerly stroking her clit with one hand and sticking two fingers into her dripping wet hole.Her thoughts started to run free inside her head getting lost in the pleasure she was now experiencing as her fingers deeply pumped in and out of her longing pussy.


I was powerless

group keithgreen 2017-10-19

I was a little tired, but Amy stood in front of me and said come on daddy dance with me. She was smiling and said looks like daddy and uncle Sean have presents for my birthday! I knew Sean would never have gone for this if he was okay so to speak, he even said Keith if I could stop I would, but I can't just look at Amy! Amy is so good with her eyes her hands her sounds as well as of course how amazing she is in the actual act of sex that I didn't last long, but we ended with a deep kiss and she thanked me for not freaking out and letting her have this moment.

Sassy's Roadside Gangbang Part 1

group 8inchblake 2017-10-19

As I filled the car, Craig and I joked around with Tony, saying there’s no way he’s gonna fuck Sassy this weekend. I looked in the rearview and instantly got stiff when I was Sassy leaning over, pulling out Tony’s cock. Walking over to the other side of the car and opening Sassy’s door, Sassy instantly grabbed Craig and started undoing his jeans. Craig pulled out and I quickly took his spot, thrusting deep inside Sassy’s hot wet pussy. I pulled her top off and started sucking and squeezing those gorgeous tits of hers as Craig spread her legs wild and pounded her deep and hard. Craig and my cum pouring out, trickling down her inner thighs as Tony pushed his cock in deep.

Abby Spills the Beans...

group joesallybuck 2017-10-19

You opened your mouth and slowly slid your wet lips over the head and gradually worked down my shaft, making my cock disappear. Sally knew it wasn't my finger inside of her when she reached down and pulled your hand closer into her cunt. After a minute, Sally opened her eyes, looking at you she said, "I want to eat you, I want to taste you, I want to get you wet for Joe. I want to watch as he fucks you and I want to watch you as he shoots his cum inside your slick cunt." She got up and positioned herself kneeling in front of you. Sally continued to pull you towards your climax, her cunt was the warm, wet pleasure hole for my cock.

My mom and my aunt

group 2017-10-19

Well anyway one day when I was around 17 I got home from school and noticed my aunts car in the driveway and I went inside and didn't see anyone until I heard the moaning coming from my mothers room so I crept to the door and to my suprised I saw my mom and aunt making love to each other. So I first stard and thought man this is great and then I noticed mom wasn't bad and then I thought I can't just let them have all the fun fucking each other. So I made a deal you guys let me join in and no one will know so they agreed and I lost my virginity that day to my aunt and mom. What was really great was when my aunt let me play with her tits and my mom gave me a blowjob.

return to work

group suckerforit 2017-10-19

As we got into the car hubby remarked “Your looking a bit dowdy today – feeling all right?” I couldn’t tell him I was dressed like this to , hopefully put the lads at work minds off the works party so I said “yep just fancied a change of style”. Shortly after he left my four colleagues came into my office – “here we go I thought.” Sure enough James opened proceedings by saying “we won’t say anything is you don’t”. Jim has always dreamed about fucking someone in the ass, whilst George has always fancied a bit of bondage whilst James has always wanted to bring a woman to a shattering climax with a machine driven dildo”.

Double Fucked Slut

group LadyLilith 2017-10-19

James tilts my head back and starts kissing me on the neck while Mark crushes his lips against mine, parting them with the tip of his tongue and beginning to explore the inside of my mouth. I'm moaning around his cock, rolling my hips back and forth against James' fingers and just as I feel like I'm about to go over the edge, James pulls his fingers out of my pussy as Mark pulls out of my mouth. I have never felt so FULL before and the feeling of two cocks in me at the same time, James stroking my clit and Mark kissing and biting my neck, begins to send me over the edge.

Not Right

group qickless 2017-10-19

The pleasure rips through me, one bite at my nipple when it seems to fade, and I thrust out - possessed, one timely lick at my clit, a single sly finger into my ass keeps me going forever, but then - oh so soon - it begins to fade out, the pulses coming in longer gasps, the pleasure no longer so eloquent. They switch it on, and a surge flows through the cold metal, and the screws latched onto my flesh start pulsing as the pain tears into me, my mad body being held down by arms on my face and my breasts, my cunt-lips pinched by cruel hands, my ass violated with an impossible object in one single shaky motion as I scream, the pleasure and the pain merging into one long drawn out growl as my body shreds itself inside me and the world explodes all over.


Two For Debbie

group Art 2017-10-19

Phil just might get desperate and pick up some girl that was good enough for a one night stand pretty soon and put an end the very idea of a threesome. Debbie had a pretty good idea of how to do a decent strip tease and while she had never thought of doing it, that little off-hand remark now sounded like a pretty good idea. "Because I'm going to the bedroom now, and I don't want anyone in there dressed, that's for sure." She walked into her bedroom, picked up a TV-like remote control on the bed, pushed a button on it, and then put it in her nightstand drawer. He thought Debbie was going to be a pretty hot little number when he had first started taking to her back at The Church, but this was way beyond his dreams.


Wilmington Woman's Club Ch. 42

group Paris Waterman 2017-10-19

Wanda wanted to try to capture the squirting fluid, but thought Val might not appreciate it, and she did want to fuck her with the strap-on, and so she let it pass, not even offering a comment. Val, hornier than ever, was extremely pleased by Joe's suggestion; after kissing the head of Gerry's cock, she said, "Oh, I will, honey, I will." She concentrated on getting Gerry off, tickling his balls, even working a finger into his ass, and all the while laving her tongue around his cockhead. Moments later, Gerry spurted into her mouth, and Val, recalling Joe's request, was careful not to swallow a drop, but sealed her mouth and moved to Wanda's side.


Temporary Girlfriend: Wedding Ch. 01

group Romantic1 2017-10-19

Fiona thought for a moment with a sexy grin and said, "Let me wear that little Butterfly you have and you carry the remote control." We all laughed and I readily agreed to her request. After getting into Stacy with me, Josh made love to Fiona for the first time on that honeymoon trip to Mexico. Fiona pushed her pussy into the guy's leg as they danced, trying in some way to either bring herself off or end the torment of being on the brink of orgasm. The tall blond guy eventually said, "I'm gonna cum." Fiona focused on his cock until he threw his head back and thrust into her mouth.


Punishment To a Innocent Wife

group bottomnaked4u 2017-10-19

I said y he said it will lubricate my wife I was embarrassed with his language looked at gaurangana she had put her hand on her face to hide it he strongly opposed that asked her to see all this so I spit on his big **** then stroked it I could feel it was very strong hard thick, thicker than me after that he held my hand started to push towards her ***** lips I saw gaurangana in her eyes she closed them I myself helped pundit enter her ***** lips then he pushed me aside

Another Day, Another Dollar

group Svenskaflicka 2017-10-19

"We're celebrating my brother Kyle's 18th birthday tonight, said Mark. "See, Kyle, this is your birthday present!" said Mark. Robert tore my hand away from Mark's lips, and pushed his dick against my lips. "Come here," said Alan, and lied down on his back on the bed, pulling me up over his crotch. "You must like your job, huh, Claire?" said Robert. Mark jerked off while he watched Alan and Robert fuck me. "Fuck, I'm coming!" said Robert, and gave me five hard, fast strokes, before he pulled out, panting. I looked over his shoulder, and saw Kyle stand in the doorway, jerking off while watching his brother fuck me. "So, did you like your birthday present, Kyle?" said Mark.

4 Couple Fun

group 2017-10-19

Babs turned to me and said what about me and I told her if she wanted to compare pregnant tits with the others that wasn’t going to stop her. She said that in order show her tits that she’d have to take her dress all the way off and that she would be left completely naked if she took her bra off to ‘compare pregnant tits.’ Nick echoed what Wade said about everyone being friends and so close for so long that it shouldn’t matter. When Nick sat down, he told Suzette it was time start comparing her pregnant tits. Once Linda and Wade were done, Bill asked Suzette if she was up to some pussy work and she literally jumped on his cock and started riding him like he was a wild horse.

Delightful Massage

group HarryJobs 2017-10-19

With that, I felt her warm hand on my balls and my cock jumped~~~~"See what happens, the towel fell off....." I was now laying there naked, completely prone, with the biggest hard on I had in quite a while. Kara now moved to the end of the table and started rubbing my balls, then slowly sliding her hand up my shaft and across Leanna's clit. After a few minutes, Leanna was starting to move faster and breathing deeply....Kara knelt at the end of the table and was now licking the same way her hand was moving....first a circle around each ball, then from the soft area just at the base of my ckck, up the shaft and across Leanna's clit.

The Benefits of Staying in Touch

group Barnaby 2017-10-19

"It's okay, sugar," she reassured me several times, adding once that, "You guys seem like my kinda people." I knew I had to leave her a good tip. "Wow!" she said quietly, "Now you're my new favorite customers, too." We all laughed and she went on to discreetly add, "Hey I'm outta here in a half hour if you guys'd like to hang out for awhile..or somethin'." And you know, like, I've got a kind of 'oral fixation' and with this, if there's no guys around, I can just..." With that, she opened her mouth in an O shape and began wiggling her tempting tongue lasciviously as if she were plunging an invisible penis into her mouth.


My First Threesome

group Duke71 2017-10-19

Beth grabbed Zoe's hair and guided her down deeper and deeper, as she repeated, "Happy Birthday, baby." They were still completely stoned. I knew I was risking defeat when I looked Beth in the eyes and said, "So when do I get my birthday present?" Beth took a second before replying, "So you want to fuck my friend, do ya?" I pushed my cock into her pussy as deep as humanly possible, making Beth's eyes bulge, and said, "Isn't that the whole point?" Beth leaned over and kissed Zoe on the mouth and then asked her, "Do you want to fuck my boyfriend?" Zoe giggled like a school girl when she replied, "Can I?"

My ex wife and I first threesome

group gonerogue78 2017-10-19

when we got home we started drinking and sex topic came up in our conversation. I grabbed the phone and I called my best friend over without him having any idea of our little plan my wife and I had. my wife started moaning as I put my fingers in her pussy and my friend just looked. I started eating out her breasts while my friend ate her pussy. my friend was teasing her clit with his dick and he said, "yum, I love how this pussy is nice and trimmed!" I saw him grab a condom from his pants and heard him put it on. she then got on top of me and I started penetrating her as my friend was sucking on her tits.

Birthday Hot Tub Party Ch. 01

group alwaysupforu2004 2017-10-19

Terri and Woody had a few long-distance webcam masturbation sessions with both Sandy and Beth, each of them touching their own bodies in the comfort of their own homes, each of them writing out their fantasies about each other in a private chat room. In the video, Woody's hands were around Terri's waist, and he moved them up and down her body, caressing her full breasts, tweaking her hard nipples. Sitting watching the video, Woody moved his boxers aside, freeing his rock-hard cock in his hand. The thought of feeling the sensation of a woman's tongue sucking Terri's clit while Woody's cock filled her pussy was enough to bring an orgasm to her every time.


Jamaican Lullaby

group High Desert 2017-10-19

We looked over to see that Hope and Peter were kissing and Hope’s hand was running over Peter’s crotch. When she got close enough to Hope’s pussy, Peter lifted his head and kissed Laura passionately, sharing the taste of his wife with my woman. “Oh my God, you are splitting me in two!” Hope yelled, but then started to gyrate her hips, letting Laura know not to stop. Hope lifted herself off of me for a second, allowing Laura to take me into her mouth, lubricate my cock and then put me back into Hope’s beautiful cunt. “You like seeing your man’s cock in my wife’s ass, don’t you slut.” Peter said to Laura. At the same time Peter moved his cock from Laura’s mouth to Hope’s rosebud.


Vacation with Trucker Jenn Ch. 05

group ECHoney 2017-10-18

After the delivery on Wednesday Jenn received a message where the next load was to be picked up but we didn't have to get it till Thursday morning so we started heading towards the location and spent the night at a rest area. One of the guys got down behind Jenn and slipped his cock inside her wet pussy while the odd one started fucking Jenn's mouth. It was getting me hot watching the two guys fucking Jenn along with the cock that slamming into my own pussy. Once the guy fucking her finished cumming I got into a sixty nine with Jenn and we started eating each other out licking the cum from inside each others pussy.

Swinging turned me bi

group 1moreguy4me 2017-10-18

Like I said we were all very d***k and some things are a blur, but Me and Erica sucked and fucked all over the house, I came in her mouth, fucked her in the ass and also shot a huge second load of cum deep in her pussy. He seemed to be enjoying it so I came up behind her and with my dick still dripping a mixture or Erica's pussy juice and my cum, I stuffed my cock into her pussy and started to fuck her doggy style. The girls were kissing again and Erica went down on Mary and was licking and sucking on her pussy as Mary suck my cock and Peter fucked Erica from behind.