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Erotic Group Sex stories

A large collection of first-time sex stories about virgins losing their cherry.


group bubblygirl 2017-10-18

I'm grinding against Verity's hips but he knows I'm watching him as he comes round the back of me. He pulls one breast free of the corset and scrapes a fang along the nipple looking at the fake wounds on my neck the whole time. I look at Verity, she's smiling again, as she turns round and presses her ass to my face. Hungrily I lick her little butthole until she squeals with delight and when it's all wet I stick my tongue in there, deeper each time, the taste of her butt lingering after each lick. He looks at me, concerned that I'm still turned on and aching and puts his tongue to my stretched and sore asshole, soothing it while Verity crawls beneath me and flicks her tongue out to my clit.

Cindy learns not to nag

group ilv44dd 2017-10-18

To witch Mike said (look she been nagging me for the last hour about getting some food so he did not care about what kind of bar it was or if she had to blow every guy in the place.) To witch he said what do you want to eat. As me and Mike finished our food Troy sank the 8 ball on Ben. He asked if we would like to play partners, but Mike said he wanted to get to the bike shop. As Troy was getting ready to break the balls he told me that the bet was if I win I get dressed and go home but if he won he was going to fuck me and when he was done anyone in the place that wanted to could do the same.

Urban Life Circa 1976

group Wryter47 2017-10-18

He didn’t want to park in front of the building because his wife sometimes came home from work that way and if she saw the car she’d wonder what he was doing and then figure he was visiting Cynthia. Cynthia also liked to dress to kill, which she did in what Ned thought was a sophisticated way – not slutty, but if you knew what to look for, the signs were there. And there they were, humping away, Ned watching his tie bob up and down in the mirror and Cynthia turning her head back and forth as she manipulated herself while they fucked. “So how many times have you fucked that guy,” Ned said.


Back in the Day

group CRWestminster 2017-10-18

That night I couldn't help but masturbate to the visions of what I thought the woman on the phone might look like and fantasies of what we would do with each other. Lisa and I sat on the sofa drinking and giggling about a dumb joke I told when Lisa turned to me, threw her arms around my neck and kissed me long and passionately, our tongues doing battle with each other, our hungry hands exploring each other's hidden treasures. I began to move down her body when she pushed my head away and said, "It's my turn, lay back and let me do my magic." I couldn't argue with her and fell back on the thick comforter as she slipped my shorts down to release my stiff cock only to have it slap noisily against my stomach.

Seeing an old Friend Ch. 03

group BadLilGirl420 2017-10-18

Tell James you want us to share you.” Tigger whispered to me as he slipped his fingers in my panties and thrust them into my tight wet cunt. You want that sweetie?” James asked me roughly as Tigger kept fucking my cunt with his fingers, making my already wet pussy wetter. What a little slut puppy you’ve turned out to be Jess.” Tigger laughed at me as he started slipping his long, thick cock inot my tight wet hole. Mmm I love your big fat cock!” I cried out I was fucking Tiggers cock on an angle so he wasn’t all the way inside me, but his cock kept hitting my g-spot on every thrust, making me cum hard and screaming on the big dick inside my cunt.

Darkest Before Dawn

group lordchilworth 2017-10-18

it's a universal gesture and I answer by dropping my lower jaw; he just leans forward and it is in my mouth and on my tongue, Fayeye's taste mixes with the salty sweetness of his pre-come, and I try to wrap my tongue around it but it's too big so I push it against my top teeth and rub my tongue up and down the length of it. As I turn my head to one side I realise that the guy who's got his dick up the other mans arse is about to come , he pulls back and moves round to my face; his cock is not minging but slightly musty - more sweaty than nasty.

The Adele Train

group RunnerGuy3 2017-10-18

By now she could feel the jizz of the previous two men being forced out her pussy by the dick that was plowing into her and starting to trickle down her slit to her clit. Apparently, they guys liked the position she was in since the next three young men kept her standing and bent over the bed as she took two more loads in her pussy and another one in her ass. As he pulled his sloppy, cum coated dick out of her used hole, what seemed like gallons of sperm poured out of her and ran down her legs. She particularly enjoyed the feeling of two dicks in her pussy when one would cum while the other kept fucking her until his release.

Fiona's Revenge

group gb_1978 2017-10-18

Fiona looked at her laptop and thought about snooping on Clive's Facebook. But as Fiona watched this video with Sandra, she felt a tingle through her body, that feeling she got when something -- or someone -- had started turning her on. Fiona turned around to look at Sandra who was busy playing about with her mobile phone. Sandra smelt the burnt toast and moaned out sleepily, "Make us some as well please Fi." Fiona smiled to herself, knowing that last night's incident must've gone unnoticed. After getting breakfast in bed ready, Fiona returned to her room, passing Sandra a cup of tea and some toast. "Hi Fiona," said Lucy, who looked slightly younger than Sandra.


Truths and Dares

group rhyze 2017-10-18

Ben went from stoking his limp dick to pulling on at least seven inches of hard meat and continued his stroking until Jade and Sam's lips parted for the final time. After a few minutes of sucking and letting the girls enjoy the show Ben lifted off my cock, saliva trailing up to his mouth. "Would you let Petey fuck you in the ass if it meant you got to fuck me at the same time?" Ben stared at her for a moment. In between thrusts Jade grabbed both straps of Suzie's top, undoing both at the same time letting the top fall free. Stepping behind Ben I said to the stalled duo, "Alright, let's get weird up in this bitch." Suzie just smiled and turned back around.

Here's to the Next Time

group Catmoore 2017-10-18

At the same time the guy from behind was pushing his cock against the back end of her lips but was beaten to gaining entry by the young buck who had started to fuck Cat. As he did, the others were pawing and licking, feeling her tits and bum and giving her sensations everywhere. Ken solved that by leaning forward, kissing Cat on her cheek, his face brushing against the cock that was fucking her mouth and pushing her tits together round the sturdy black cock. Ken told her after that she was in fact only fucked five times and that he had explained to the guys that her bum was 'off limits.' She had been half pleased, but very surprised during the orgy that none of the guys had tried for anal as most blokes nowadays seemed to want that, particularly in a gang bang like theirs.


Bye Bye Gay, Bi Bi Happiness

group walterio 2017-10-18

Beth had shapely legs and a very round curvy ass, the kind that Randy liked to fuck if it belonged to a guy. Rick walked along side the bed bringing his cock closer to Beth's head. Rick stood before the shapely Beth as she sucked ravenously on his impressive cock. Then Beth took the cock from her mouth and Rick watched as she squeezed more cum out the end of his dick. As Beth got turned on Rick moved her to the other side of the tub and he had her lean over the edge presenting her shapely ass to him. Rick looked at Beth's ass and he could not resist running his hands over her shapely cheeks.


Taming the Asshole Ch. 2

group P. B. Walker 2017-10-18

"Come on, I'll introduce you to everyone," Kendra said as she slid out of my arms and pulled me along by my hand. I had been in a conversation with the older woman at the party and she smiled as she watched my cock become fully erect from Kendra's ministrations. I glanced over toward the sliding glass doors leading out to the deck and saw Kendra leaning back against them, one of her legs thrown up over the shoulder of the older woman. On the nearest couch I saw Brandon, his big mule cock standing straight up with two women slurping and sucking on it at the same time. The woman under me began humping into my cock, her pussy squeezing me like a tight wet fist.


Gloria at the Company Beach Party

group trannylover49 2017-10-18

Alan said something and she laughed again, then took her hand from the water and pulled down the other bikini strap. "Well, no top grabbing, but Alan wanted another look at my boobs, and he kept asking, so I thought that since he already saw them, I might as well give him another peek." Some of the guys whooped, while others gave a low "ooooh." Gloria paused for a minute, with a sexy look on her face, then shouted back, "If you can't return it, you've gotta lose those trunks!" I looked back over at Gloria and saw her in the hot tub chatting excitedly with another topless girl.

My Sex Life Ch. 09

group Slutty_Julie 2017-10-18

No sooner had he got me to himself, Danny was between my outstretched legs, giving my pussy a bloody good seeing to with his tongue and, from what I could hear, the noises coming from the other side of the room seemed to indicate that Colin was paying Katie the same type of attention. Colin and Danny hadn't come during all that so in the end, once Katie and I had summoned up some strength, we decided to finish the boys off with our mouths. Instead of swallowing immediately, Katie and I shared a long, drawn out kiss where, to the amazement of Colin and Danny, we passed their cum back and forth between our mouths.

My First Swingers Party

group 2017-10-18

When they got back my wife was really excited but when I asked her what she'd bought, Pat told me it was going to be a surprise for me at the party but said she thought I'd like it. The rest of the party was pretty well a blur, but I do remember Pat sucking my cock, while the guy who'd moved over for us was fucking her. That night I saw my suck and get fucked by half a dozen different guys but although we did join a swingers site when we got back to the UK, it was never the same.


Sake Slut

group Moon Glade 2017-10-18

I began to be suffused with a warm glow and after a few kisses Yoshi asked if he could drink his sake from my navel. I told him it was my turn and poured some saki into his navel and after drinking it undid his pants and pushed his underwear out of the way and began to stroke his erect penis with my hand. Yoshi wasted little time in getting my soaked panties off and when I felt his tongue slide into me I began to bob my head up and down more frantically on his cock.


Cum On Inn Ch. 02

group CheriSM 2017-10-18

Isabel bent to take Anna's nipples into her mouth when she felt Steve's finger dance across her pussy. Steve now had his cock free, stroking it as he watched his sweet wife tongue Anna's pussy. Steve came as he watched his wife suck the cum from Shane's cock. Isabel's fingers went to Anna's pussy, stroking the wetness back to her ass. As Shane pressed his second finger into Anna's ass, Steve's cock was rock hard. Steve continued to stroke as he saw Shane's third finger slide into Anna, her ass sliding back to take him in. She had cum, but had yet to be fucked and she knew having Shane's cock up her ass would be great.

Mrs. Martin Ch. 13

group Tom Davis 2017-10-18

Her hips bucked as Tom's arms firmly rested across her thighs and Patty lay across her body, licking her nipple. She could smell the musty mix of Tom's and Patty's love juices as she buried her face into the junction of the small woman's legs. She started to raise her head when she felt a large palm push her face down into the valley between the small woman's legs. He could see Patty rocking from side to side as Susan held her hips tight and continue to use her tongue on the woman. Tom looked at the two women laying on the bed, Susan with her chest heaving and Patty laying still, eyes closed and a broad smile across her face.

College Cheerleading Fun

group vancouverhottie 2017-10-18

Our coach broke us into smaller teams and I was assigned with two other girls -- Andrea and Kristy -- and three guys -- Matt, Bob and Austin. Finally, Austin, the beach bum looking guy with blond hair, a deep tan and hot muscles all over his body. We decided to change it up a bit and I paired with Matt, Austin with Andrea and Kristy with Bob. As we took a break before starting with our new partners, us gals huddled together and the guys huddled together a few feet away. As I sucked and stroked Austin, Matt moved in behind me and started rubbing his cock against my ass.

Barcelona Vacation Ch. 02

group Jack_Love 2017-10-18

I slid my cock out of her wet pussy, and straight all the way up her tight brown-hole with a loud farting noise, and began fucking her bum hard and deep. Candy squatted down behind me, facing away from me, tilted her head back, and took my entire ball-sack into her warm, wet mouth, as my dick slid in and out of my wife's hot little asshole. Both girls were moaning lustfully as I enjoyed the sheer sexual decadence of having my cock up my wife's tight ass and my balls getting sucked in a hired babe's hot mouth. I pulled my dick out of Melody's ass with a farting sound, and put it into the call-girl's mouth, who sucked hard and fast on it as she fingered her pussy.

Early in the Morning

group Shanbabe4u 2017-10-18

It was a girl's night in and Kirby and I had put a pretty good dent in their beer supply when Steve had gotten home. The thrill of watching without Steve knowing was making me very hot, let alone the sight of his huge cock head and long length. 'No, no, I want to fuck your tight cunt but right now I need to feel you suck my cock." Steve was finally rewarded to be completely in me, and our mouths open to wet, hot kisses. My second orgasm almost made me scream and Steve pulled out of me, his hot spunk squirting down my inverted body, hitting my breast, shoulder and then face.

Hot Tub And Hash Ch. 02

group amateurscribe 2017-10-18

Turning the shower on, you hang your robe on the door and are just about to take a pee when the door opens and in walks Judy. You open your legs apart slightly and as Judy holds your hands, you relax and star to pee. As you pee, Judy, still looking at you, kneels down in front of you, forcing your feet slightly more apart with her knees and leans back sitting on her heels with her hands behind her. "This feels even better" she moans as you don't stop, still under the cascade of the shower your stream of pee now aiming straight onto her belly, her thighs and away between her legs.

Any Chance We Could Ch. 24

group Reindeer58 2017-10-18

As Veronica was fastening her seat belt, Sharon turned sideways and slowly spread her legs while pulling her skirt above the tops of her thigh highs to bring her shaved pussy into plain sight. Sharon ran a finger through her slit and held it under Veronica's nose saying, "I know you want to play with me as much as I do you. After setting the plate on the table and pouring two glasses of wine, Veronica took off her jacket and leaned toward Sharon with her hands on the table and asked, "Would you like a serving of succulent mature tits as well?" Upon hearing that Sharon turned her head in Scott's direction and seeing what he was doing, smiled at him, and in a breathless voice replied to Veronica "Yes, oh yes."


Daniel's Cabin

group sexyparty 2017-10-18

Lucy smiled and took out a beer, handed one to everyone else and then poured it right on Henry's growing cock. It looked so hot, I was massaging and rubbing Henry's cock when Lucy beckoned me over. I grabbed the beer and headed for Henry and took him by the hand and brought him next to Tom. Lucy licked his cock while I licked Tom's. Tom said to Lucy, "I want you to lean over the table so we can see your beautiful pussy. Henry's hands guided her up and down while I snapped pictures of his face, her face, his cock slipping into her pussy.