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Erotic Group Sex stories

A large collection of first-time sex stories about virgins losing their cherry.

Riya's 21st Birthday Party Ch. 03

group enup 2017-10-18

Andy asked Misa to put the gag into Riya's mouth while he held her. Andy then asked Misa to complete Riya's bondage by putting on the ankle-cuffs. Misa and Lolly stopped sucking the penises and asked the boys to help them get Riya off the table. Misa and Lolly realized that Riya was enjoying the pulls and jerks. Andy and Asit sat down on either side of Riya and started playing with her boobs. Lolly had reversed the paddle and slowly inserted the narrow handle into Riya's butt-hole. Asit and Andy then pulled up Riya and took her to the pole. Rima, who was still licking Asit's semen from her lips asked them to release Riya from the pole.


Marsha Entertains Ch. 3

group smithpeter 2017-10-18

But I have watched this man's cock enter the mouth of the woman I love. Marsha reclined, this time with both arms folded behind her head. Bill's hand remained on my arm as I unrolled the rubber over his head and down the shaft. Her mouth was wide open and her head tipped back exposing her beautiful long neck and blue pulsing veins. He moved his hips so the tip of his cock swung between her thighs slapping back and forth. He would begin to fuck her rapidly with long deep thrusts then suddenly pull out till only his head was inside her, then a single plunge followed by motionlessness. The only thing he wants now is to watch his cock sliding in and out of Marsha's tight pussy.

Blindfold Pleasures

group Celtic_Heart 2017-10-18

A pair of hands started to caress her breasts though her bra. Steph moaned with pleasure as the tongue worked its way into the folds of her pussy lips. "Oh yes!" Steph cried, "Fuck me with your tongue!" She opened her mouth to let out a cry of pure pleasure but had to choke it back as a juicy cock was forced between her lips. After a few stokes it was removed and another cock started to press its way in. Three cocks were now fucking Steph. As that cock was withdrawn another wad struck her in the face while she greedily swallowed down the cum in her mouth. As Steph screamed her pleasure both cocks emptied their loads inside her.

Island Fever 6: Sanctuary Ch. 16

group Jeremydcp 2017-10-18

Amy's parents (Robert and Kathleen) were at the party, as well as our close family friends, Mike, Carolyn and Barbara (three-fourths of our private flight crew). Best of all, Pamela's family was going to stay here through the holidays, and would not return home until she gave birth to our son, Peyton, probably after the New Year. Mike, Carolyn and Barbara seemed sort of confused, so Pamela came forward and offered, "Krissy is always trying to poke and prod at us with her fingers, especially Lindsay. Tom, Pamela's father, had something written down on a piece of paper and insisted on reading it for us as she opened her final three presents once the kids were down for the night.


Kelsey's World Ch. 08

group riverboy 2017-10-18

Kelsey asked Raymond what he thought about her dad and Charity at the party, talking quietly so Raymond's mother and father wouldn't hear. "So, Mrs. Leblanc liked to fish, huh?" Kelsey said, smiling coyly. "You're mom's got good taste," Kelsey said, scanning all the details of her room. Austin was counting on the usual sound of the garage door going up to signal him that his mom was home, but he'd forgotten that Kelsey's Jeep was in the driveway, blocking the way. "I can't believe how much energy you've got after last night," Kelsey said breathlessly, her words quiet but clear as day to Barbara in the kitchen. Can we just talk like friends?" she said, taking Austin's hand.


The Importance Of Good Neighbours Ch. 02

group BiancaMmmm 2017-10-18

I squeezed my thighs tightly together and my other hand slowly moved to my breasts as well and I started stroking them, while I heard the guys talking to each other outside. Zack, my neighbour, stood close by commenting on things and I started to laugh softly. "Mmm, yeah, probably," he pushed himself against me and I felt his hand in my neck, pulling my face close to his own. Zack pushed me a little backwards until I was leaning against Tom who'd withdrawn his fingers from my wet pussy and quickly unsnapped my bra. I started trashing and Tom had to use all his strength to hold me as Zack grabbed my legs and while sucking and licking my clit he looked up at me.


A Tale of the Technician Ch. 03

group FinalStand 2017-10-18

She was whispering with Jamie while Emily pulled me aside and showed me some pics with Jack and some girl I barely knew. By the time I walked in the doors with Emily and Jamie I was back to 'Who is this guy?' Even my scholastic friend didn't know what to make of my latest social blunder. After I put Jamie and Emily in the back seat I was putting Amber in the front when she turned and kissed me on the cheek. I groaned because I was really starting to believe Amber puts out on the second date and there all kinds of little tricks I'd learned with Jamie that I've been dying to try out on another girl.


Fun with my neighbours wife and daughter

group michaelalwayshorny 2017-10-18

We were soon all naked and caressing each other my hands and lips were all over the both of them, sucking there tits spanking them driving them both wild, I got them to lay next to each other on the floor and started to lick and finger their pussies, my fingers were deep and both of them and I would lick one then the other teasing them both making them moan out, "how about a kiss" I said watching as I fingered them faster then donna learned over and started to kiss her daughter, my cock was now throbbing at these two goddesses I went for donna first tell her to bend over and start eating out stephs pussy, they both smile at each other and donna was soon licking and fingering steph as steph ground her pussy into her mums face I rammed me cock deep into donna pussy making her scream out, I fucked her hard and fast pounded away as she licked her daughters pussy till they both screamed out as they came together, they were both trembling and I told them to switch new that I was close myself to cumming and wanting to have fun with steph before that happened.

Filthy Fuck Girls

group SlutSeeker 2017-10-18

"Yes. I want it." With that, Claire reached down and sharply pulled Mai's shirt up, catching her arms in it and twisting them behind her back in a tight bond. No hands." Mai pushed her face into Claire's pussy, trying to grab at the snug fabric with her full lips. Mai scrambled up and I watched her little ass bounce down the hall while Claire got onto the bed, dangling her head at cock height. Mai had a dirty smile on her face as she tried to navigate squatting over Claire while holding in a pussy-full of beer with her hand. She got into to place and took her hand away as Claire clamped her lips around Mai's pussy.


My Wife Cheats So i get even?

group JonMcman 2017-10-18

Still kissing her, Sunil took his cock in his hand and slid it across her pussy lips, Neeta moaned into his mouth, I could see her slide her tongue past her crimson lips and search for her lovers tongue. Neha turned and gave me a hard sloppy kiss pushing her tongue right into my mouth and said “Do you know that I’ve always wanted to get fucked by you? Her hand was on the back of my head pushing it hard into her cunt "ohh yeah” she groaned "that’s it, fuck me with your tongue till I cum!" She was thrusting her pelvis even harder now and her thighs were squeezing my head tight into her pussy.

The Club

group cjay 2017-10-18

Jay looks up at her in surprise, but then sensing that this is what she really wants, extends his tongue and starts licking the side of Rob's cock. Jay licks down the shaft of Rob's cock as Cindy engulfs the head into her mouth. Rob starts rocking his hips back and forth as he mouth fucks Cindy and pushes back to feel Jay tongue fucking his ass. Jay reaches up and grabs Rob's cock and guides it to Cindy's wet, swollen pussy. Rob grabs Cindy's hips and pushes his cock all the way into her hot pussy. Jay slides under and starts to lick Cindy's clit while Rob is fucking her. Jay leans up and licks his cock, tasting Rob's cum and Cindy's pussy juice mingled together.

A Handyman's Wife Ch. 04

group riverboy 2017-10-18

Sure, getting fucked real good by Steve blew my old brain apart too, but that sixty-nine with Penny seemed beyond comprehension, considering our history together. It sounds funny to say it now, but Ronnie and me had never even done sixty-nine together before that weekend at Penny's, so all that new stuff really put some juice in the old sex life. Penny called the next day to see if I was all right, and I just knew when I was talking to her that I wanted stuff like that to happen more often. Ronnie didn't know, but when he saw me in my little dress and Penny took off her coat and had on awesome slut clothes, he got a big smile on his face.

A Cook's Whore

group sin_ster 2017-10-18

Angelo and Ian entered the room to find Claire in her thong and athletic bra. It was then Claire took off her top and headed toward Ian. She cupped her firm breasts with one hand grabbed the back of his head. With both hands Claire pulled the boys in and put the heads of both chefs in her mouth. The sticky sounds of Angelo’s fingers ramming Claire’s warm wet tight pussy got louder as Angelo started thrusting harder and harder. Angelo then shoved the head of his cock into Claire’s ass. Angelo grabbed the back of Claire’s head and pulled it hard. “Hey Claire, how do you like being the meat in an Angelo Ian sandwich” And being the hospitable server Claire was she said to Angelo and Ian,

Naughty or Nice?

group pilot63 2017-10-18

Sandra pulled on the leash forcing Jenna to crawl on her hands and knees across the floor so that she was now facing her bare pussy. Sandra grabbed the hair at the back of Jenna's head and pulled her mouth tight against the swollen lips of her pussy. Rob stepped up behind Jenna, who was down on her hands and knees between Sandra's thighs, and aimed the head of his cock at the hot, wet opening of her pussy. Jenna's body shook with another orgasm as Sandra ravaged her ass with the strap-on cock and Bryan fucked her mouth. His hand on the back of her head forced Jenna's face into Sandra's crotch as he fucked her ass hard and fast.


Trip's Welcome Home

group jnny 2017-10-18

"I don't want to get started to soon without him, but I think I hear a car," I said to Sarah as I climbed out of the pool. I look back and whisper, "Trip." Then I bury my face further in Sarah's cunt as I feel him parting my legs further and lifting my ass higher. As I feel Trip start ramming his cock into my tight little cunt fiercely. I tighten on Trip's cock and explode as Sarah's cum creams my tongue. "Oh yes fuck my wet little cunt," she gasps as he shoves his still hard cock deep into her. Sarah's pussy gripping and fucking his cock as her mouth drives me crazy.

Wife Talked Into Doing Black Bachelor Party - Pt 1

group nigosheeater 2017-10-18

If you’re serious and if your willing to go through with this fantasy of yours, I can tell the guys that I hired just what they asked for, a hot white stripper that also accepts, you know tip money for sex at bachelor parties”, He said in a convincing way to my wife, “All you have to do is pretend, make believe and just act like your a real stripper and for the extra tip money, you would be willing to have sex with all the guys”. I guess you can call it her game plan as a way to get her head into the role pretending to be a real stripper and a party girl willing to have sex for tip money at a bachelor party full of black guys.

Sweet Ass Pt. 05

group stormbreyer 2017-10-18

Amy gushed about what a great guy and a wonderful lover Jamal was, and Carol stole glances at me as she went on about him. As we lay on top of our discarded clothes with Amy's head resting on my chest, I told her that I really was okay with her having Jamal over while I was gone. "I'm glad you enjoyed yourself." I told her, adding, "thank you for taking such good care of Amy while I'm gone, Jamal." The day flew by, and it wasn't until my late conference call with the west coast office that I thought about Amy and realized that she was probably just beginning her yoga class with Jamal.


Bel has the Balls and All!

group marriedpervs 2017-10-18

Without a word, the three men moved in, and, still dressed like Chippendale's strippers, the six hands hit Bel's skin and body simultaneously, causing her to thrash her head about, in a vain attempt to understand what was happening. It was all too much for Terry, and he came over to the bed, kissed me on the lips, then knelt down before me and fed his rock hard cock into my pussy even as the guy licking me got out of the way and reached forward to suck Bel's tits as she rolled sideways to offer them to him as the man behind her fucked her like a jackhammer.

The Peanut Butter Game

group velvet hammer 2017-10-18

I turned to regard the perpetrator - Naomi, standing there like a mischievous Oriental imp - wearing a wide grin on her face and nothing else - all five foot three inches, eighty-five pounds of her stark naked, slinging my towel all rolled up rattail fashion. Naomi even rubbed her pussy along the underside of my swollen dick; like I said, everything was on-limits. It was all I could do not to grab her head and impale her mouth on my rod, but I figured we were still playing it by the rules; in my tortured state I rationalized that her just licking my dick wouldn't be considered going all the way.



group falcon29 2017-10-18

But it also sounded like, except for spanking her sometimes ("Not nearly often enough," she said with a laugh.), Paul was kind of a dud. Two days later, I shook Paul's hand and hugged Jill as they left to return home. Mary had said she didn't mind it as a fantasy, but wanted to keep it that way. Since the split, I had stayed in closer touch with Jill than with my brother, in spite of the fact that he still lived three hours away and Jill had moved to a different time zone. I noticed that Jill's hand found its way to Dan's leg. Like Jill had said, she had divorced Paul, not his family.


Redemption Ch. 14

group LevanaHyll 2017-10-18

He looked at his brother, a being of pure light, the only slightly distinguishable feature being the glowing blue of his eyes in a face made of white fire. He wanted to think of Boy and Girl's face, but the images would not come. Lucien was about to look up again, wondering if that dark void was still hovering over their heads, but Devon stood in front of him, commanding his attention. As he watched his brother work in stunned silence, Devon's black Alpha Angel's uniform materialized over his pale body. Devon, cupping his face and forcing him to look into his eyes startled him. As they headed toward the front entrance of the Freedom Tower, Lucien's mind drifted to his loves, mainly Boy, who last he remembered being ordered to set down.


Ginger and the Twin Peaks Ch. 05

group KenJames 2017-10-18

"You've seen Ken's dick and tasted the juices from our 'welcome home' fuck," I purred as I opened her dark blue uniform jacket, unfastened her necktie and began undoing the buttons on her white blouse. Ken dropped to his knees, pulled Tawny's panties to one side and pressed his face against her crotch. Lost in the dreamy sensation of having a woman feel me up while Ken fucked my ass, it took me a while to realize what it was. "It really feels good being inside you." He started out fucking her butt slowly and gently, but Tawny was soon screaming for more. "Ginger, you've got an amazing man," Tawny said, kissing Ken on the cheek.


Aleph & I in Vegas

group Creamyirish 2017-10-18

The bartender had left and I was talking with this giant, 6'7", as his friend just simply sat and watched. He kept saying over and over, "This is the best fucking blow job I have ever had!" We tried variations on positions but ended with me doggy style, sucking the friend off, while the Giant and Aleph took turns fucking me. I do remember looking at the mirrored closet door as I sat facing forward on the Giant's lap while we fucked. Eventually Aleph left and I stayed and chatted with the Giant for a while longer and we engaged in conversation, thanking each other for the experience.

Birthday Threesome

group AverageGary 2017-10-18

"You can't just bob up and down, you have to use your whole mouth, applying some suction and pressure with your lips while teasing it with your tongue like this," Farrah said as started to slowly suck sending indescribable waves of pleasure through my body. "Almost, but you need to do it more like this," Farrah said and took my cock into her mouth and bobbed up and down on it a few times with her lips wrapped tightly around it as her teeth brushed gently against it before releasing it. Pretty soon was going at it hard and fast, leaning forward to put her hands on my chest for support as quick pants of "yes, yes, yes" escaped from her lips as her pussy continued to squeeze my cock tightly every stroke causing me to moan into Cara's pussy.