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Erotic Group Sex stories

A large collection of first-time sex stories about virgins losing their cherry.

Naughty Secrets

group Many Feathers 2017-10-18

"Oh Zach, you have no idea how horny this makes me, how naughty I feel," she sighed pleasurably, actually reaching down to finger her own pussy, letting me know as she did so just how excited and aroused she really was by the clear sounds of her slushy wet cunt as she stood there fingering herself, still rubbing the heads of our two dicks together. "Oh fuck!" I moaned pleasurably as Sue stepped over, pressing her soft breasts against my back, her finger worming its way inside my ass as I stood there, reveling in the delicious sensation of having my cock licked, sucked and fondled by two perfect strangers on the other side of the wall. It was a little awkward, yet I couldn't help but smile as I shook Jack's hand, already having actually sucked his cock, and he mine, not to mention fingering Doreen's incredibly wet pussy.


Our company party for emaployees

group redbrenda 2017-10-18

I felt his cock pushing against my pussy, then his fingers opened my labia and he penetrated me, pushing really hard. Then I felt a spray of hot cum in my pussy and the man in my mouth pulled his cock out of my mouth: At one moment I lost control and opened my eyes just to see bunch of naked bodies : Fuck my pussy hard!" Half an hour later I got email with a few pictures of me, naked on sofa in my office, having cocks in my pussy, in my mouth and sperm on my face, close ups of my pussy with two cocks trying to get in and a little message: You don't remember it, but if you want to do it again, let us know!"

My Stupid Husband

group zimabean 2017-10-18

My husband has been on my ass to go to a bar and pick up a total stranger and let him fuck me. My husband was not happy that Alex showed up with me at the bar but I told him not to worry. We were drinking alot when Alex started telling the men that were flirting with us that we wanted to fuck and teach my husband a lesson. When I got home my husband was so mad at me for bringing Alex and then fucking so many men. The next day when he got home from work and asked how my day was, I told him I called in sick to work and went down to a bar and picked up several men and got ganged banged again.

Marie's Surprise

group Gavionn 2017-10-18

Before I could react in any way, Marie was tugging on the drawstring of Marcus' scrubs and Nikki was flopping down on the couch beside me, pressing her healthy tits against my ribs and gently stroking my thigh. Then she turned to look me dead in the eye, and while holding my gaze directly, she opened her mouth and took his entire cock down her throat in one slow, smooth move. She stroked me gently through my scrubs and as Marie worked her mouth up and down on Marcus' immense prick, Nikki said: After a few minutes of this, with Nikki continuing to stroke my cock – Marie popped her mouth off of Marcus' dick and stood up before us all.


Peter, Leean, & I

group Frank Bullit 2017-10-18

you can imagine my shock and excitement at the same time, of course what made it a truly memorable experience for me was that just about now I could hear my mother asking: ' Frank, who is that at the door?; so I told Leeann I would come over to Peter's house and we'd discuss the rest. She turned around, her lips still open a bit and kissed me on the mouth, our tongues touching each other for the first-time. Almost at the same time when Peter came, I heard and felt Leeann coming too. Leeann was moaning in my mouth now, I looked down and saw Peter sitting between her legs, his cock entering her in a steady pace.

In Days of Olde Ch. 07

group Leetah 2017-10-18

"Are there any who would not wish this young woman to join us as Family?" No one spoke a word, or moved a muscle, not even Storm. "Charity, do you choose to become a member of our People, and share in our joys and sorrows, perhaps one day join with a young man or men and have a family to increase our numbers, from this day forward?" She could hear soft moans above and around her, as she felt the head of Lynx's cock slide into her, and Water's pussy covered her mouth, grinding onto her face, and Storm was moving against Fawn's fingers, showing the girl how to touch her.

A Law Firm with Very Special Rules Ch. 02

group walterio 2017-10-18

Roger pulled his cock out of his wife's ass and shot cum all over her buttocks and anus. Tom of course had fucked both Rachel and Vicki so he had seen them naked before but it was the first time he had seen Mona and Sherry naked. Then it was Vicki and finally Rachel who took her turn with Tom. Tom felt that he was close to cumming several times but each time he got close whoever he was fucking slowed the pace so that he lasted longer. I'm sure that she will want to celebrate your acceptance into the firm," Rachel whispered in his ear and then added, "Maybe she will even let you fuck her in her hot ass tonight."


Surviving Dawn Part 2

group cowboy4u 2017-10-18

There is a place to cross about 50 yards to the right, then up two hills.” I pulled Amber aside, “Take the girls ahead, white house on the hill, watch for anything suspicious, I will be there in thirty minutes, take this key to the cellar, don’t turn on any lights, and make as little noise as possible.” She nodded her understanding, but didn’t speak a word. Amber pulled away from our kiss, and rested her cheek on my chest as she smiled at Stephanie and said, “Now, the three of us need to wash off.” I wondered how long she had been planning this, but was more than happy to play along at this point.

Weekend Working Ch. 02

group manchesterkate123 2017-10-18

"You came just in the nick of time, as I've just finished the pipe work, see?" Mark said, pointing to the old pipe on the floor and the new one in situ. I think it looks better as it is," Mark said, as he gripped my hand and observed as the strap fell back to its position on my arm. "Looks like you shaved for us, good preparation slut, I love a smooth pussy," Josh said, as he lifted my skirt and ran his hands over my ass and wet pussy. "I think she likes it," Mark told Josh as he ran his hand over my wetness.

Turning 20: The Perfect Celebration

group TeenForMILFs 2017-10-18

The brunch would include three of his best male friends (Jake, Lee, and Troy) and their close girl friends (Paty, Cynthia, and Lin). As they arrived at the restaurant and stood up to exit the van, Dan felt a hand reach for his cock. Cynthia shifted her body up so she could put her lips to Dan's and Troy stayed deep throating his cock. As Dan shoved Troy's head further onto his cock, Cynthia stopped and grabbed Troy and Dan and said, "Off to the next stop." They smirked as they walked back to the rest of the group, paid their checks, and were back in the van. Lin climbed off his face and saw Troy and Paty with their mouths wrapped along his cock.

Recollections Pt. 02 Ch. 03

group Kaadorix 2017-10-17

Though it was late October, today was unseasonably warm at a balmy 62 degrees Fahrenheit as Merissa and I left our lakefront home and stepped onto the adjacent beach, but I knew it would not be long before the thermometer dipped again. "We're just another week or two before the temperature drops for good and it becomes bone-chilling cold," Merissa said moments later as we walked, eating our sandwiches and people-watching. After going to church as a family earlier and then my intimate stroll on the beach with Merissa, she and I walked back home and spent time with Alexa and the kids. I know you're busy with Lexi and Merissa and the kids." When she finally let go, Mom swatted at my arms.


French Leave Ch. 01

group chriscookes 2017-10-17

I couldn't turn away now as, for some strange reason, I was fascinated to know if he'd use the cream on that cock and I guess he knew exactly what I was thinking as he caught my eye and smiled wickedly. Suzie put an arm behind her and, almost without thinking, began rubbing around Kim's sex, and Kim responded by dropping a hand onto Suzie's shaved mound, gently rubbing her palm around Suzie's clit and giving it a gentle pull between two fingers. Suzie dropped to the floor, kneeling with her face close to Kim's shaven mound and her hands went round Kim's waist to fondle her bum cheeks, running fingers up and down her crack and toying with her bum-hole.

Pool Party With Stepdad and His Friend: Part 4 of

group HornyDayDreamer 2017-10-17

Mark rubbed his cock on the outside of Kimberly’s cunt. Rick’s arms were hooked under Kimberly’s legs in a way that allowed him to play with her tits as he fucked her ass. Mark reached out and wrapped his arms around Kimberly and Rick till he was grabbing Rick’s ass. He could feel Rick’s hard cock inside Kimberly. He slowed his movements so that he could enjoy Rick’s cock rub against his through her ass. As he brought her back down his cock missed her ass hole and slid forward into her cunt with Mark. Rick and Mark thrust into her at the same time, coating her cunt and each other with their cum.

4-4-5 Christmas at the Bar Ch. 03

group CopperSkink 2017-10-17

Reo was used to such things of course, so she was all for it in kissing Crisis, and Riley was ready by then, though she still didn't figure out she was supposed to use her tongue right away, so Crisis and I got to watch for a few extra seconds while our girls worked it out. We did our thing for a good many minutes, each of us enjoying ourselves, only I felt a bit sorry for Riley, who was working very hard in making Reo come (quite a bit better than I had), yet no one was looking after her.


A Lecturer and Her Students Ch. 01

group mandywilluk2000 2017-10-17

Teaching, or lecturing as they prefer to call at colleges, really is like riding a bike, or having sex in a way; no matter how long since you last did it, everything comes back when you do it again. 'Oh fuck' I thought to myself as she ran the buzzing toy across my nipples, 'Sara is coming up soon and she might meet the publican and he could say something about 'your cousin.' That worried me, but as Sammi pressed the vibrating plastic right against my clit all such concerns were washed from my mind.


A Fantasy Fulfilled In San Franciso

group okayjack 2017-10-17

I turned on the CD player and Marie began a sultry and sexy dance as she stripped off the negligee revealing her toned and tan body attired only in bright red bra and thong. Marie continued her dance slowly peeling off the bra to reveal her lovely breasts which she cupped in each hand as if to offer them to the men. Marie looked each man up and down and moved slowly towards Brian who was still wearing the red thong on his 8.5 inch and very thick cock. As he lay back on his back with his love pole sticking straight up he pulled Marie on top of him and she quickly lined up her shaved pussy with his waiting cock.


More than Roommates Now

group patdown 2017-10-17

Finally with me kissing her neck, playing with her tits and fingering her pussy Sharon gave Mitch the deep throat and tickle move and he came. Downing the big cup of water Sharon took a deep breath and said, "OK that was a good break now sit your ass down Jim and let me start with you." With my cock planted in her pussy Sharon turned to Mitch and said, "OK big boy, it's time to give the girl the old double header. Looking up at Mitch who had a smile as big as mine I said, "That's good to hear Sharon and I think we'll be more than happy to give you all the man meat lovin' you want."

More Fun with Stuart and Julie

group loloishorny 2017-10-17

Julie joins me, spreads her legs and Brian begins to finger her pussy. Stuart begins to take pics of us kissing and takes a few shots of Julie's glistening pussy. Brian has worked his way to suck on Stuart's dick. I can hear Stuart moan as Brian sucks him harder and swallows his dick. The more Brian sucked his dick, the more I fingered Julie's pussy. Brian tells Julie and Stuart, that I could take that big dick. Julie took Brian's hand and headed for the living room, leaving me and Stuart alone in the kitchen. Stuart lifted from me, walked into the living room, butt naked and told Brian that I was waiting for him on the bed.

Movie Night Gone Right Ch. 02

group fantasiafiesta 2017-10-17

Simon loved the feeling of his cock moving deeper and deeper into Rachel's wet throat as her tongue teased him, and he pulled quickly in and out. He moved his cock up and down and from slightly different angles each time he reentered Rachel, causing her to let out small gasps as she ate Toni's ass. Before Rachel took her place, Toni, with knees up and to the side, back arched slightly, rubbed lube onto Simon's quivering cock as she slowly guided his massive rod into her firm asshole. After what felt like eons of ecstasy, Simon pulled his still hard black cock out of Toni's ass. When she felt Simon's cock regain full hardness, Rachel pulled her soft mouth away, handed Simon the lube, and pointed her ass in his direction.

A 'Live' Moment

group bbw4youngercocks1 2017-10-17

Kristiansson (Kris) , Hamilton (Ham) and I were all employed by the county medical examiner's office, so we have seen more than our share of stiffs in every condition possible, so when we got a whole week off at the same time, we decided a cabin vacation in the woods away from the usual patter of dead bodies, autopsy suites, conferring with cops and the smell of formaldehyde was looking more than very attractive. After Ham had cum and then sat back on the floor, I got on my hands and knees to finish off Kris, who moved my hair aside and watched as I performed for him, sucking him and sliding my lips up and down his cock, then swallowing him whole.

Haircut & Massage

group Dr. Bull 2017-10-17

"Relax big boy," Debra giggling at him, "Karen said I could play with you as long as I want." she pulled the smock on but left the front open, barely covering her breasts up. "She's not a what, she's a who!" Debra giggled, "Her has been taking massage classes and wanted to help with you." She turned the chair toward the door into the massage room as it started to open. "See, this is why we practice naked." sounding like a school teacher she explained, "Mitch's wife Karen agreed to let me, let you practice on Mitch." Her hand reached out and caressed his shaft, "Because she knows you need to get used to it," her fingers stroked through the hair on his balls, he moaned.

Couples' Life Altering Cruise Ch. 05

group ytreeman 2017-10-17

Rhonda told me to bend forward and put my hands on my knees and proceeded to pull my checks apart while Carrie ran a finger all the way from my balls to the top of my crack stopping at my opening to see how much resistance there was to her probing finger. I regained my hardness almost immediately and after Carrie told her that I was ready Rhonda said, "Get up here and slam that dick in me now and don't worry about being gentle." I then scooted up on the bed and pulled her legs around me and then watched my cock part that thick black forest.


Maya's Story Ch. 12

group JustLikeEwe 2017-10-17

They both groaned as Steve slid his long tool into Maya's glistening wet pussy, and as he sunk deeper and deeper into her, I pulled my cock out and straddled her face, letting her lick and suck on my balls. Maya was under no such need, because I could tell by the way her pussy muscles were starting to ripple on my cock, very much like a snake swallowing prey, that she was going to cum. With cock in hand, I slid next to Maya and rubbed the head of my cock into the damp jungle, and with long and sweeping strokes, I began to slide the crown of my cock up and down the spacious expanse of fur, from the inside of her bicep right on down, just like a roll-on deodorant.

Adeline in Paradise

group kimbelina 2017-10-17

She turned back again, clutched the fabric of her long blue dress in her hands so it wouldn't catch on her shoes, and made her way towards what looked like the center of the small town. Rose looked Adeline up and down, taking in her perfect figure, beautiful face with big blue eyes, and her lovely long blonde hair. Only about six weeks off the farm, Adeline was not only a whore, she was finding great fulfillment in pleasuring two men simultaneously, multiple times per night. And she made sure that everyone knew about each of her girls' unique look or talents, particularly Adeline and her affinity for servicing more than one man at a time.