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Erotic Group Sex stories

A large collection of first-time sex stories about virgins losing their cherry.

Amateurs Ch. 02

group ladie_lover069 2017-10-17

Now Kelly watched as Natasha straddled Mike's legs, her back facing him as he sat on the couch. "Oh yeah, stud," Natasha said, tossing her hair over her shoulder as she turned to face him, "Slide it right in." Mike took his hand from his cock as it slid into Natasha, placing it on her other hip. Kelly felt another orgasm building, but didn't want to cum just yet, so she took her hands from her pussy. Kelly took her hand away and sat back to watch Mike finish her off. Kelly watched in awe as Natasha came, her juices spilling out over Mike's cock as he continued to thrust into her. Kelly felt Natasha come up behind her and place a hand on her ass.

Grace Ch. 04

group aristidis 2017-10-17

The girl put lubricant on her fingers and moved her hand down Grace's body. She saw clusters of bodies, arms, legs spread wide, red-hot cocks spurting cum. A girl sat on the man's face and kissed Grace with open mouth pushing her tongue inside. Grace moved slowly between podiums, watching, rubbing her clit while slightly squatting, white sperm running out of her holes down her legs. The girl, who had Grace on the leash during her first mating, slowly entered the orgy room. Another girl was squeezing her tits and working her nipples while the black man was pumping his long cock into her bright red, dripping hole. The crowd saw close-up how he slowly pushed in his long meat, sliding up her wet, red hole.

Professor Explores The Limits Ch. 01

group Learningfast 2017-10-17

These two were there to look after Lettie, who lay on the futon in tight black Lycra high-leg panties and a long black bra that covered her breasts and nipped into her waist. Gus took the card and Lettie pressed the clock button, and then held out both hands to the man and he went to her. Suzie and Gus went behind the screen and Lettie held out a hand towards him. He handed his card to Gus who retreated behind the screen as usual with Suzie, and then came over to Lettie. His tongue; his arm around her waist his hand on her head, his penis in her throat; his rippling muscles moving all the while against her skin.


Double Fun

group LoneEagle 2017-10-17

"Hold on, baby," I said to Deb. I turned to Allie, and without asking permission, started unbuttoning her shirt, licking her chest above her bra, as I reached behind and unclasped it. I took my hand and shook my dick at both of them, before saying, "Look, I want to taste some hot pussy, and I know you babes have it. I looked over and Allie's hand was busy, quickly playing with her clit as she watched, clearly as turned on as Deb. I wanted to switch, so I stood up and said to Deb, I leaned up, saying "You taste good, Allie." Looking at Deb, I said, "You want to taste some of this?" She shook her head.


Lyn's Family Holiday in France

group senwood 2017-10-17

Sam and James would use my room for the night and I hoped to have Ben to myself again, although I wouldn't mind if Case joined us a little later. Admittedly one of the double rooms had a single bed in it too, but it seemed a bit harsh that Case should have to be with her parents whilst James and Sam and Ben and I had our own rooms. Dave spoke next: 'If Lyn's with Ben and I'm with Gail, then James could sleep with Case and Sam can then decide if she still wants to play. Ben went over to Sam and said; 'I am going to make love to you, I am going to do whatever I like to you and you will accept your pleasuring unconditionally.


First Time with Squirting Lady

group Osewa 2017-10-17

Suddenly lady asked me to wait a second and turned to be across the bed, her ass over the side of the bed, and it was obvious what I should so - I got off the bed, got on my knees or squatted (I think I changed position several times) - and so now her pussy and ass were more comfortably reachable, I just had to 'look up' and work with my tongue... I know that in such situation I would try gently everything little by little - pushing tongue especially strongly to certain spots, licking more around, touching here and there with my fingers, may be rimming and fingering, may be playing with nipples more and more - up to really pinching and twisting, or slapping ass - but I would increase some of these actions if I'd have clear signs that my current playmate wants more of this or that.

The Lonely Wife 13

group mooremike 2017-10-17

“Hi I’m Jeff Johnson and this is my wife Jessica.” He quickly said to my husband and then looked at me “Hi, I’m Karen and I’m Jenny’s mom” I said as I gave Jessica a little hug and then shook Jeff’s hand. “It was fun but I think Jeff and I need to have a long talk.” Jessica said as she looked at her husband “By the way Donovan this is Beth’s Mom and Dad. Jeff and Jessica this is Donovan he is Jenny’s boyfriend and goes to school with her and Beth.” I said I bet it turned you on to see Jack’s cock sliding in and out of my mouth and to hear him cumming and me swallowing his sperm.” Jessica said

A New Life in Perpetual Orgy

group NemesisGB 2017-10-17

Firstly Simone might not be interested in me whatsoever and secondly the Pussy Cats, as I had come to think of them, may take on the appearance not of gorgeous, lithe fantasy girls but a couple of old boilers into extreme and bizarre practices. She kept a steady rhythm going as my hand moved to my shaft and started to stroke, uncapping my cock revealed to her my large swollen head already glistening with pre-cum. My climax triggered hers, she whimpered and moved closer still as her body convulsed and stiffened, her legs gripped me hard, her pussy pulsed and the lips seemed to purse and suck as if searching out a cock to drain.



group Buffffy 2017-10-17

I felt the head of his huge cock rub against my pussy, wet from tongues and my own orgasm. I started to moan loudly as my orgasm built and just as I started to cum, a cock was shoved in my mouth muffling it. The man continued to pound me from behind and finally I felt his cum flood me. I didn't even hear the door, but suddenly felt a mouth under me again, licking my pussy. The mouth again moved up to lick the cum oozing from my ass. Each woman, with cum in her mouth, rolled to the pussy next to her and began to lick. Five new men came into the room and presented their hard cocks to us.

Lust and High Heights

group ChokoLitStixxx332 2017-10-17

"Goo-rrnngggghh...grnnphhh....agggg," Anakovi stood up on his tippy toes and gritted his teeth, as a good seven of his nine inch dick entered deep into her throat. When Anakovi pulled out to let her breathe, long cables of sappy spit clung from the deepest depths of her throat to multiple veins throbbing on his rock hard dick. Anakovi stuck his ass high in the air, that way he could rub and finger fuck her pussy at the same time he pounded her throat. When she would sigh from the men pulling out of her rear holes, Robert would plow back down her throat...all before Anakovi, Eduardo and Todd sank back in.


How Annette Turned Me

group pastmyprime23 2017-10-17

Usually by the 3rd or 4th time in bed, the ladies I would be dating would start talking about things I enjoyed and more often than not, the women would try to follow through to make me happy. She talked dirty through the whole thing and said things like, "I want your load so I can have cum in all three holes." She swallowed it down with a smile and it was by far the best blowjob I ever had. Annette gave a little squeal of delight as he did this and said, "I love having a big cock in me." Bill began a rather rhythmic motion and with each thrust he got a similar squeal - a noise I had never heard her make.


Opening the Door

group kttysbehind 2017-10-17

Your eyes rolling slightly as I suck harder .My finger slides quickly into your tight ass as your cock jumps inside my mouth. Looking at player 1 as he steps forward again offering you his hard cock; you open your mouth eagerly as I thrust deeper still into your now slutty ass. Unable to stop myself ; I feel my clit throbbing as I start to cum, plunging deep into your ass I roll my hips as my body shakes, my climax ragging thru me as I watch the cock in your mouth plunge in, his hips forcing it completely in as his cock fills your throat with his hot cum.


group Cromagnonman 2017-10-17

I was getting a little turned on by watching them and listening to Jen grunting every time Pete pushed into her, when I felt Johnny's hand on my tits. A week later Johnny had been away all day hoping to score enough for his personal use and have some left so that he would be able to sell some drugs, and when he came home he had three other men with him. There were three other men that night and Johnny was more violent towards me than usual, he seemed to take pleasure in the rough way that he fucked me and, when he took his turn fucking my mouth he held my head and forced his cock so far into my mouth I almost choked.


Nipples And Titties by loyalsock

group loyalsock 2017-10-17

Even though all three of us had just cum, we were still horny for some more fun, so I suggested that Carl titty-fuck me while I sucked his cock, and that I would rub my cunt all over Nancy's incredible tits and nipples until I, too, came all over her magnificent mammaries! Their cocks are all so hard thinking about what it will be like when Nancy 'cums' to our next orgy, and she's really looking forward to it, too, and she can't wait to have all the guys fuck her between her gorgeous big tits and cream their hot cum all over her incredible naked nipples, too!!

Wife's Leading (first bi-male)

group naughty_bi_interest 2017-10-17

I slap the latex cock against my husband's face and lips and say, "If you want this cock, you need to beg for it, you want to be my cocksucker don't you, honey, tell me!" Michael moans and says, "Please, Kim, please let me suck your beautiful cock, feed it to me mistress!" That caused my pussy to twitch hearing my husband beg to suck my cock and calling me mistress. Bruce is holding Michael's head and then..."UUUUUGGGGGHHHHH!!!" he begins cumming in my husband's sucking mouth. The night of gay sex ended for my husband as Bruce pulled out Michael's ass and cum in his mouth again.

Perils Of Love

group jessy19 2017-10-17

Ever since Chris had mentioned the fantasy of us three being together, I couldn't help but look at Susan in a whole new light. Chris remained speechless and his eyes kept wandering towards me and then towards Susan, as if he didn't know who to look at. I watched my best friend and boyfriend sharing a long wet kiss. Chris' hands roamed Susan's body and he began to pull her skirt up. I heard Susan moaning and watch Chris now sliding one hand up between her legs. "I'd like to suck on this," Susan said surprising Chris and me. I kissed him softly and slowly because I wanted to continue watching my friend suck him off.



group Tantalaimon 2017-10-17

With one hand, Ahiko reached out to squeeze his balls, encouraging him to jerk off faster, although she continued to focus on sucking Kev's cock, urging him to pour his spunk into her. Ahiko rolled over onto her back, still playing with her clit as she looked up to see Paul, Dave and Mike kneeling over her, masturbating, their cocks fully erect. Ahiko reached down and smeared it over her chest, mixing it with Mike's cum, and craning her head forward to take Paul's cock into her mouth and suck out the last remaining drops. Quickly Mike grabbed the camera and took a few shots of Ahiko lying on the floor, spattered with glistening white sticky cum from five guys, as well as a couple of close-ups of her spread pussy and ass, where the last remnants of Steve's load were still dripping out.

The Perfect Stranger

group ALSupremo 2017-10-17

I looked in her eyes and they were glowing. I knew that look. I liked that look. She touched his hand and he looked at her. There they were; on the bed both naked and looking almost like shadows moving in the light. He was laying back moaning and rubbing her head. Both hands were simultaneously on his dick and going up and down at the same time. Then she looked at her pussy and rubbed her clit. She started riding him, hard. I hurriedly got my pants open and she pulled my dick out. She leaned down and started sucking my dick.

Younger Babysitting Memory

group Maxrodstaff 2017-10-17

You do not act like this for Dana once she gets here do you understand me?" my Aunt sternly asked the three of us. My two cousins said they wanted Dana to set up the Nintendo for them so she got up and I caught a shot of her ass in her shorts. "Ok, the best place would be here in the closet but we should probably play it on the couch so I can see your cousins and make sure we can see when your Aunt and Rick pull in." Dana asked him if Aunt Carol and the kids were in bed for the night and he nodded his head.

Doing the DJ

group 1olddj 2017-10-17

Scott looked off to the side and saw that Shelly's little sister had her white shorts around her ankles, and two fingers in her little cunt. "Well actually, HER" said Scott, smiling at Shelly's sister. Shelly stayed on her knees watching as Scott pumped in and out of her little sister, getting faster and faster. Shelly crawled right over and started licking her sister's cunt. Shelly then licked the cum out of Chrissy's hair, and stuck her tongue deep into her mouth. Shelly turned around and knelt down to start sucking Scott's dick again. Scott moved behind Chrissy, and started rubbing his balls up and down her bare back, while he reached over her and fondled Shelly's tits.

College Bi Fun

group mike2123 2017-10-17

"I just think it would be really fun to ride your cock while sucking another guy through a glory hole." Kayla says with a mischievous grin. "That's so fucking hot" Kayla says as she starts grinding her dripping pussy against my hardening cock, sliding it inside of her and riding. She bounces on my cock as I bob my head up and down on as much of the shaft as I can, taking it in my hand and stroking while Kayla leans down and starts licking his massive balls. I follow suit, placing my right hand on her hip and reaching out to the cock on my left, sucking and stroking it while Kayla and I fuck each other hard.

Sunday Fun day - revenge

group andrea0817 2017-10-17

After waking to Stacy & Ken deep kissing I was a bit ticked off. Ken says to me "Get me hard and I'll fuck her again". Ken finally pulled one of her legs up high and grabbed her hips. "Not too hard" says Stacy. He began stroking hard and not letting up when he hit resistance, he overcame it by forcing his cock in more. Ken is better than 1/2 way in when I tell him to grab her tits hard. "Ken, put her face down and give it to her." Stacy kind of freaked but Ken is muscular enough to keep her under control. Ken started to go tender and began kissing her neck/back and he finally let his grip off her implants.

A Lola Fantasy: Lola's Friend Kim 02

group MakeUHotnWet 2017-10-17

Lola was stroking my cock slowly while Kim sucked and licked the head of my rock hard dick. I was expecting Kim to continue with Lola's lascivious cock sucking, but she straddled me instead, taking my rock hard cock into her vagina with a long low moan of satisfaction. Lola was begging for it, so Kim stopped her blowjob and positioned my cock right at the entrance to Lola's incredibly wet and very hot pussy. After re-positioning myself, I started reaching for my dick, but Kim was there first, slowly stroking my shaft, looking first at me, then at Lola. With a long moan of agreement, Kim released my cock and slid back up to Lola, positioning her head above her face.

Her Wild Side

group cjpeaches 2017-10-17

As Tanya started slowly rising she stopped momentarily at Melissa's pussy, she could smell the most heavenly scent and see that her red knickers were getting wet. Melissa didn't know where this desire came from but all she knew is that she wanted to have Tanya covered in her wetness and completely breathing and tasting her pussy. Melissa was enjoying every minute and looked at Zane as she said "move the camera to the head of the bed so that you can see me cum, I am not going to be able to last much longer". Slowly and with her eyes fixed on Melissa she licked her finger clean, then kissed her hard on the mouth and with a giggle said good night.