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Erotic Group Sex stories

A large collection of first-time sex stories about virgins losing their cherry.

Romance Comic Cover Stories - Chapter XII

group Victor2K 2017-10-17

But when that grew up in a way that I felt I couldn’t meet someone fearing of losing him to Gail, I took a hard decision. But I think this was when I found that Gail wasn’t the bad person I always thought she was. I could see on his face how much he felt pleased when Gail and me sucked his thingy (now a big thing, and how big by the way). We all got undressed and I let Gail sit on his cock, just to watch how they humped each other on the couch. Right from the beggining I found Simon was a good lay, since he pumped his thing inside that blondie with a vigour I didn’t found on any boyfriend I had, and so probably she thought it about her.

My Beautiful, Insatiable Wife

group jim313 2017-10-17

I started long, deep thrusts into Toni and she told me never to stop what I was doing to her so that she could feel these sensations all the time and then she cried out as her orgasm struck and I felt her cunt tighten around my shaft in a series of spasms which wet my penis with her juices. It made it even more unworldly as my cock was being massaged by my wife's incomparable pussy at the same time and I was in a world of pleasure and on a beautiful high when Cory wrapped her thighs around me and started bucking in orgasm as she wet my organ with her juices and then kept fucking me as nothing had happened.


Slut wife, the interview

group Whoreowner 2017-10-17

As Sarah shut down the laptop she felt another glib of cum trickle down her face, she knew she must look a cum covered mess so she stood up to check herself out in the dining room mirror. She walked over to the back door and opened it, soon the neighbour walked in and found Sarah bent over the dining room table with her dress lifted showing her dripping hole. Sarah looked up at the boss, he just stared back and said "to have any hope of getting the job all questions must be answered. At 1 point Sarah forgot what job she was interviewing for and that she was covered in cum filled condoms that were leaking all over her body.

Pete, Linda and Jeff Make Three

group alexcarr 2017-10-17

“It is lovely, you taste as good as you look good,” she murmured sort of sucking her lips - her hands dipping down beneath my testis, feeling the touch of her tongue about my neck which felt so good, I was boiling inside, the sheer ecstasy of it all, having this darling woman pamper me so delightfully with Pete watching, which was a bonus. I felt the deep warmth of her pussy smother my cock first then take it right into her, starting to thrust as we soon got into beautiful throbbing fuck, her mouth and tongue finding mine as I thrust my cock in and out of her like a steam engine and tasted her kiss.

Christina Looks for a College Ch. 07

group 2 2017-10-17

Rachael now knows what the boys want as she looks up to see Matt's manly-hood presenting itself to her and feeling her boyfriend's equally hard, but thicker tool at the entrance of her pulsating love tunnel. Slowly Rachael pushes down onto Matt's throbbing dick as she feels her very sensitive pussy lips open and accept him into herself. Suddenly she feels Matt's hands leave her breasts and grab a hold of her waist as he holds her dripping wet pussy down onto the full length of his pulsating dick. Layla is driving one end of a very long, thick double dildo in and out of Lisa's pussy; Matt watches as he sees the pussy lips on both girls open and close around each end of the dildo; moans of great pleasure coming from both of them.


No Room at the Inn

group TexRiffraff 2017-10-17

The third or fourth time we sat together, I saw Kristin, who sits near me in the office, looking for a seat, so I asked Jason if he'd mind if she joined us. We knew each other so well, just from body language and facial expressions, it was obvious: Mark got laid, Jason didn't but hadn't expected to, and Shannon had expected to, but it didn't work out (jeez, what kind of moron would mess up the opportunity to sleep with a hottie like Shannon -- I'm just sayin'). I nodded at Shannon and Holly and said, "I wonder if one or both of you would really be as comfortable sharing a bed with a guy as you would be with each other, and I don't think anyone should feel put on the spot.


My Happiest Anniversary

group WayneGibbous 2017-10-17

By the time I got down to the list of entrees, Jim had gotten down to my thigh and pulled my dress hem up and was working his hand between my legs. I lay there trying to focus on the fact that Jim had arranged this as a loving gift to me to be able to enjoy the hands of another man and to arouse me in new ways as I had come to love being sexually stimulated during our years together. Jim had gotten down to my feet which he held and pulled apart as Bryant began running his hands down my abdomen, down my mound and caressing my labia with just the barest touch of his fingertips.

Summer Girl

group neo_canary 2017-10-17

I took his cock in both hands and squeezed; he moaned and Rochelle leaned back a little bit and gave him her nipples to suck. Just as she came in Adam's mouth I felt his cock, thrusting inside of me, gain a new intensity and I ground my pelvis against him as hard as I could, ramming as much of his girth into my wet, hungry cunt as it could hold. I think my head was pillowed on Adam's shorts, but all I remember is looking up at the branches of the birch trees that were filtering the hot sunlight that trickled down on us.

The Silver-Haired Sex Gang Ch. 08

group phunandsex 2017-10-17

She continued, "The guy took his cock out of my mouth and I said that I wanted them to all fuck me and fuck me hard but I wanted to see them drive their cocks deep into my pussy. Big Dick looked me straight in the eye and said, You really love getting fucked in the ass, doncha, you filthy slut?" The guy fucking my ass shot his hot semen in my pooper. After he pulled out, Big Dick rolled me over again, pinned my legs back and fucked me hard and soaked my pussy again. My embrace entailed me grasping her left breast and sliding my right hand under her dress, inside her panties and caressing her pussy.


Descent into Pleasure

group icemania 2017-10-17

Suddenly Wilma grabbed fistfuls of Valerie's hair in both her hands and began furiously fucking her pussy with the startled girl's head. Valerie had never heard of a woman cumming like this as the German had actually squirted gooey strands of pussy-juice onto her face. lets see if you are as good at sucking cock as you are at sucking pussy." The man had obviously been masturbating while Valerie was licking out Wilma's cunt for he was quite far on his way to blowing his load. The man didn't last long and coarsely mouthing some words in German pulled out of her mouth and let loose a spray of thick white semen which splashed all over Valerie's face and hair.



group ManxLad 2017-10-17

Karen held her hand tightly, watching Baboon's member disappear from sight until Michelle was nestled against his balls, sitting down on him, legs either side. Karen took the soft cock in one hand, teasing a semi-life back into its length, then both girls dipped their heads to his scrotum and ran their tongues around his hairy sack. He felt his cock stiffen and his balls swell, oh-so-familiar urges rising as the two girls played tonsil hockey with his loins, the blonde caressing his erection that suddenly spurted cum all over her hand, leaking out onto their hair and faces, lacking the power of the previous blasts, but still enough to spray about like a mini water fountain.


Double Trouble

group guitargotmilf 2017-10-17

I pulled away from Erin and moaned as I felt something warm running up and down my cock, actually Meghan's tongue. I hit the point of no return about 45 seconds later, when one of them, Erin possibly, swirled her tongue over the tip of my dick, making me start to shudder and close my eyes. I simultaneously fumbled for her shorts button and took a nipple in my mouth, swirling my tongue around it, really turning Erin on and making her squirm and push my head closer. She looked over her shoulder at me and said, "You know what to do." I knelt down on the bed and slowly penetrated her, really making Meg scream for it, inch by fucking inch.


A Night with Stacee

group drzsd 2017-10-17

I gave Cassie my complete and undivided attention for the rest of the meal, but my mind watched Stacee walk towards me over and over and over. Cassie grabbed the tray with the fruit and cheese and headed for the coffee table, "Would you bring the wine please?" she asked Stacee. Without missing a beat, Cassie leaned over and licked the spilled wine off of her chin, then slowly licked from Stacee's breastbone up her neck and chin till they ended up in a kiss. Stacee had her hands wrapped in Cassie's long hair and was trying to guide her head lower. Cassie's hands had come up to knead Stacee's breasts and I could see a little glistening of sweat start to cover Stacee's upper chest.


Never Know Who You'll Meet...

group JMaxwell69 2017-10-17

Strip however much you want..., well definitely from the waist down, and join the party.” With that my guide walked into the room and began passionately kissing a man who had been just standing around stroking himself as he watched the main attraction. It’s a real downer.” As I said this I turned her head back around from its position craning over her shoulder to look at me, and her cheek bumped up against the side of the man’s erect member. A guy that Kristin had been stroking with her free hand took to her pussy, and I sucked her tiny titties for a moment while there was a trade off of dick at her mouth.


Arnold and Three Girls

group Blackz_Sidez 2017-10-17

Francess moved her hands up to pinch her dark, erect nipples through the thin fabric of the t-shirt, moaning she answered Jessica, "I just want a cock, I don't care who it is attached to." What guy could refuse to give us a good hard fuck?" As she said this she reached down inside her shorts and began to masturbate, her finger rubbing her erect clit, sliding up and down her slick, wet pussy. He leaned down and kissed Francess hard on the lips, his tongue surging into her mouth at the same time as his now eight-inch cock thrust deep into her well-oiled cunt.


Meeting Jane

group Dave Evans 2017-10-17

I massaged her back and neck, which she seemed to be really enjoying, her body felt so good to me, just being with someone the first time like this was exciting, we slowly explored one another, I could feel her lips engulfing me. But I had her stop and I laid her down on the sheets, kissing her lips and working my way in between her legs, she opened her legs wide for me, she took hold of my cock and helped guide it right where she wanted it. Feeling my cock deep in her we just stayed there and I caressed her back softly squeezing her buttocks and my big hands pulled her close to me, our pubic hairs all tangled together.

That's What Friends Are For

group leoness8178 2017-10-17

I kissed, licked and sucked my way down Amy's body to her pussy. "Now, I get to join, but next time," he continued to thrust his cock along the outside of my pussy, "I had better be invited to watch and join if I want." I lowered my head and continued to lick and suck Amy's pussy. I knew she was close and I felt Ryan's cock slip into my pussy at the same moment...just the head. He held just the head of his cock inside of me until I started on Amy's pussy again. I bit down on Amy's clit and clamped my pussy down on Ryan's cock. I panted and my eyes rolled back into my head as my pussy fluttered around Ryan's cock.

A Police Woman in Complete Control

group dave110256 2017-10-17

I think one reason I always wanted to become a police officer was that I liked to be in control, most cops do. As I saw a reason to stop these guys I'd make sure to unbutton a few extra buttons on my uniform before exiting the cruiser. "I will speed through Vegas every time I'm here hoping you'll stop me," said my rocker friend with a smile, looking exhausted. My office is in the Harrington Building at the next exit if you know where that is," he said now grinning ear to ear with a bulge definitely growing in his pants. I continued shoving his cock down my throat, gagging as I pushed down all the way knowing how men love this.


Blossoming Ch. 06

group captive8ed 2017-10-17

God, Nic could hardly wait to feast her eyes, and her lips and her tongue and her fingers and Mark's cock on Lana's pussy, and whatever else she was willing to offer up. Lana's hands went to the top hem of Nic dress and slowly pulled it down over her breasts which were covered so seductively by the most gorgeous half cup bra that mark had bought her. Mark kept her going by keeping his hand on the back of Nic's head and she was only too happy to oblige, she loved sucking him, she loved knowing how much he enjoyed it and funnily enough she loved his cum.


My Week Of Being Unfaithful Ch. 02

group monkeyjoe3 2017-10-17

She reached down to put her beer on the floor too, and her now free left hand went round Alex’s neck, pulling her towards Clara’s mouth as their kiss became a little harder. Alex moved back up towards my chest, and threw her leg over me, sliding her cunt back down to my cock, and Clara stopped her sucking to position her friend over me, and watch me slide my full length into her hot pussy. Steve moved behind Alex, and I moved behind Clara as we both reached round them to massage their tits, and I moved a hand down to fondle Clara’s arse, slipping a finger partly into her spasming pussy and then back to her tight brown hole, rubbing gently before inserting a fingertip.


Preaching Conversion Ch. 02

group MajesticDeep2 2017-10-17

His firm ass felt wonderful to the touch and I stroked his cheeks, then I brought one hand around to his balls, giving them a rub and a gentle squeeze, before grabbing the base of his shaft and then beginning to move my head back and forth, sliding along his length as far as I could go, and then withdrawing, in a steady rhythm. Mike pulled me to my feet and our lips met as he slid his tongue straight into my mouth, tasting the remains of his own come. Mike began to lick around the rim of my lovehole, pleasuring me in the dirtiest way, before thrusting his tongue up inside me.


My Bhabi & My Friend

group Ron 2017-10-17

after a long kiss they started taking off their clothes Kishore took off bhabhi's nighty and bra and left her panties on. bhabhi was looking extremely sexy with just a flimsy panty covering her big ass and her milky white tits being sucked by Kishore. she kept on sucking him and all of a sudden Kishore gave a big groan and started coming in bhabhi's mouth. my cock was smoothly gobbled by her hungry cunt after giving a few strokes I couldn't control myself and started coming inside her this drove bhabhi over the edge and she also had an orgasm.

How I Got Introduced To My Office

group 2017-10-17

Alright as it began, just normally I reached my office and was greeted by my senior manager Ankur. Soon I was called in to the office of executive manager, Prabhu. Prabhu started the conversation”So arnika, how’s it been so far in the office ?” ” Ohh so you did read it miss arnika? “Ohh no no no..Ohh god.was it prabhu?” Let him use me like this or be a mockery in front of whole office. All I remember after that is god knows who fucked me where? “Alright guys her office timings are till 6. Now you are slut of this office and behave like one. I could never have thought my first day at office being such.

A Night Out in NYC

group daisy02k 2017-10-17

On my return I was greeted with you two wrapped up in a little ball in the corner of the booth with Amelia sitting astride you her panty-less pussy rubbing into your bare cunt and your tongues lapping around each others mouths. As you explored her with your eyes her eyes remained transfixed on the multiple fucking on the screen and she shifted in her seat to reveal the sight of her finely boned little fingers working up and down along the shaft of the well-dressed guy sitting next to her who must have been twice her age.