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Erotic Group Sex stories

A large collection of first-time sex stories about virgins losing their cherry.

Cal, My Wife and the Card Game

group 2017-10-17

When Calvin lost the next hand, my wife dropped to her Calvin's black cock was rock hard and I don't think told my wife that she had to suck Calvin's cock. Then he looked over at my wife and told her to fuck herself the way she wanted to get fuck by a black man. my wife's wet white pussy was giving me a hard-on the She began moaning, saying things like, "Fuck me baby! and told Calvin to put his black cock inside her pussy suck Calvin's black dick. would fuck my wife's pussy with her black dildo while looking black man for her to suck and fuck. get their black dick sucked and fucked by my beautiful

f***ed to fuck 2

group BBWLOVER580 2017-10-17

i was crying from how much it hurt he told me"don't start crying now the other three haven't gone yet bitch."james took me by my side and told me in my ear."dont be so scared i don't fuck like scoot does"scoot had left my ass gaping open so janes had no trouble putting his 9inc inside me,he grabed my cock and started jacking me off and he slowly fucked i could feel him siding in and out every time james was the only one tht i liked tht fucked me because he was gently even thought i know it was still ****.he had made me cum from jacking me off then he came in my ass.i was weak form standing only sam and tony where left but they had just left scoot before he left he said.tht when james fucks somebody like tht then tht person belongs to him and nobody else will have any.then he hit me in the face again and walked off.james helped me up and told hid tht tony had tolld them tht he found a new fuck toy but james had always liked me before any of it happened i gave him a hug and started crying thanking him for helping me and promiseing him tht i would do what every he said no questions asked.

Grace Ch. 02

group aristidis 2017-10-17

Alex told Grace about an upcoming hot party of a friend of hers in the city. Grace and Alex folded their clothes carefully and left them in a plastic bag on the side of the dirt track. The men followed the girls at a distance, They were mere shadows in the dusk and saw how Grace and Alex went down in the mud and grass to dirty themselves. They stored their clothes in bags alongside the track and slowly walked towards the girls, their cocks rock hard between their legs. Grace saw the men coming and went on all fours, spreading her legs and pushing her ass in the air. Alex in the meanwhile sucked off the other guy, then suddenly ran naked into the dark forest.

Christmas Candy Ch. 02

group jadeQ 2017-10-17

Candy leaned in closely, her body pressing against Holly's side, and whispered, "mistletoe." She slid her hands around Candy's face, paused for a moment to look her in the eyes and then leaned in for a long, leisurely kiss. While he was busy caressing Candy, Holly pulled off her own dress and slid off the thong so that she was completely naked on the front porch. One hand was still caressing her ample breast, the other one crossed over Holly's ear to squeeze Candy's ass. His hands slid off Candy's body and into Holly's hair. With some of Cole's cum warm in her hair, she climaxed as Candy's fingers slid in and out of her.

Spring Break Ch. 06

group HLD 2017-10-17

Melinda, Leah and I took one last indulgent shower together while Katie and Carl disappeared into their bedroom. Katie kept turning around to look at or talk to Leah, who was trying her best not to appear heartbroken. "Let's get something to eat," Melinda suggested, knowing that we needed to keep Leah busy, lest the tears come back in force. Turning my head, I looked over my shoulder and saw the two girls kissing. Melinda came up behind Leah and reached her hands under mine, so she was now cupping the other girl's breasts. "What do you want to do?" Leah moaned as Melinda kissed down her neck. The girls kissed as Melinda continued to knead Leah's breasts in her hands.


School Moms

group Babeslady 2017-10-17

He was so turned on I could feel his dick throbbing against my thigh as we watched Steve tasting Kim's pussy. Steve was stimulating my pussy while I played with his dick feeling his erection getting harder and harder as he watched Babe penetrating my arse. Steve had his fingers inside my pussy and I could see his eyes widen as he felt the dick inside my arse and my responses to the feeling. Steve moved close to me and pressed his cock against my pussy as if he wanted to taste it. Kim was holding Steve from behind while watching intently over his shoulder so she could alternated between looking at his face and also watching his cock sitting inside my pussy.

Complex Family Ch. 05

group PaulStevens 2017-10-17

So, he began to tell them, "Remember a few weeks when I mentioned they hired an old colleague of mine from my last company to manage another department?" Katy and Ashley nodded, but Mel looked slightly confused so Brandon explained to her, "I forgot you were gone that week. Mel took the early lead thanks to Katy's help, but the vibrator and Brandon's fucking were taking a toll and soon Brandon could tell the pleasure was causing her skills to fade a bit. He then was met in the bedroom by Ashley, who said, "I take it the dinner went well?" Brandon nodded, and she added, "Good so did my presentation we got top marks." She then led him to the bed and pushing him onto it and mounting him said, "I believe a celebration is in order darling."


Meeting Lady Anna Ch. 04

group ladie_lover069 2017-10-17

"She's good, isn't she?" Lady Anna had discarded her cigarette holder and used her other hand to take hold of the cock and feed it to Melissa. "I'll bet you do, you fucking slut," Dana responded as she pulled her cock from Melissa's dripping pussy. Then, Melissa felt Lady Anna's fake cock come to rest between her ass cheeks. Melissa had stopped riding Dana's cock while this was happening, so she was very aware as Lady Anna's slowly started sliding into her ass. With Dana's cock all the way in her pussy, Melissa leaned back to force Lady Anna's into her ass. Lady Anna started driving her hips forward with abandon, her fake cock sliding in and out of Melissa's ass with ease.

Pam's Imprimatur for Spring Break

group kcamal 2017-10-17

One of the guys dumped it right in my wife's lap and over her bra, Pam stood up quickly and trying to lift herself out, but with oil all over her hands and the sides of the tub, it was useless. The four guys in the hot tub with her were splashing in the oil water mixture now, making sure that my wife got covered in it. I saw him wink at a couple of the guys who were hovering right behind my wife sitting in the hot tub, the oily water just below her oil soaked bra.


Vignettes of a Threesome

group screeboy 2017-10-17

You whine in disappointment as he moves his head down to draw one of your beautiful nipples into his mouth as I begin to rub your wet entrance with my glans. "Put the plug in my ass and fuck me 'til I come." is the directive you deliver to the wall above my head, but there is no question who you are dictating to. I can tell as you ride me that my new piercing and the nob on the cock ring we bought are hitting your clit in "just the right way." I am excited thinking of the plug in your ass and I can feel it every time I enter you. Between the plug, my piercing and ring and D's cock in your mouth I know you have never come with this ferociousness before.

Sean’s Dad Meets Bab’s Mom – WOW

group 2017-10-17

Recounting what happened, Helen told us that when she opened the door to the guest room and saw my dad, Liam, laying there on the bed naked that she first thought it was me and could not believe her eyes. Since Helen looked so much liked Babs, Dad would undoubtedly get turned on knowing she saw him naked. I told Helen that Babs didn’t know that my dad was coming to visit and asked her not to say anything to her when she got home. I saw the smile on my dad’s face and the thought of seeing Helen and Babs naked and posing together started making my cock hard.

The Initiation Ch. 02

group Cespenar 2017-10-17

Karen said "I know of a few friends with a large yacht and they are always looking for interested ladies to share a cruise with them." She smiled at Vicki and asked "As long as you are interested, though I don't know if I can convince Ken. Would you mind terribly if he couldn't come?" Vicki was breathless after the kiss, and was even more so when one of the guys asked Karen, "Is this the hot little playmate you got for us? Vicki was fucked four times, and as she lay there, thrilling to the hot semen in her vagina, Karen removed the blindfold. Later, while they were having a meal of barbequed fish, Karen piped up and said "I think Vicki can sleep with Ken tonight."


Caden's California Ch. 01

group DeeperDown 2017-10-17

It may seem like a stroke of genius to people who've been in the restaurant business for a long time, but it seemed pretty simple to me when I started as a twenty-three year old entrepreneur. There was no way that I would have been able to expand to a second building without Ben and Selena taking care of things here. Six months ago I started looking around for a great location to open a second restaurant nearby. Nobody understood and respected the culture we had built at like Ben and Selena so I knew Cravings would be in great hands. For the past two months we'd hired extra staff with the goal of having them up to speed by the time the new restaurant opened.


Sherry Takes on the Contractors

group ugelybobs 2017-10-16

After breaking it free Sherry found a dick that looked like a battering ram, It wasn't as long or as big around as the contractor's, but the head on this mans dick was enormous. Looking over her shoulder Sherry started wiggling her hips and pushing back ever so slowly, she was wet and ready; her pussy needed that big black cock. She could feel the battering ram humping her hand so she turned and sucked the engineer to the back of her throat and let him slide out slowly, again she took him all the way back and slowly withdrew until the head was all that remained.

Rainstorm Romp

group jdstar 2017-10-16

Robin, Sam, Mike and I had already been hiking for hours through the caverns and woods of the state park. I had worn my shortest shorts and my flimsiest white tank top in hopes of persuading Mike to stay home instead of going on this hiking trip. I glanced over at Robin who was rubbing her own crotch through her wet shorts; and Sam, whose damp pants were clinging to reveal a growing bulge. Mike and I didn't retreat from Robin and Sam as we began to undress each other. Robin shed her t-shirt and wet shorts as I tugged at Sam's pants. I heard Robin and Sam's moaning, as I got ready to cum.

Bi Sisters Take Control Ch. 05

group neolithic_one 2017-10-16

Laura wiggling on my lap said, “You’re turned on watching Molly being forcibly fucked aren’t you Bob, lets strip so I can sit on your lap with your cock up my hole I’m so hot and wet, I want to ride your cock while we watch your slut wife being used like a fucking whore.” Laura feeling my cock jerking somewhat inside her hot wet cunt as we watched Leroy and Molly, began to rise up and down on my big tool moaning a little as she forced herself down hard to take my swollen tip as deep inside her as she could.


group g43 2017-10-16

She told me to lie on the bed which I did Tina started to SUCK my COCK and Dave got behind Tina and started to FUCK her again when Dave pushed his COCK in Tina’s PUSSY she CAME again, When Tina CAME this time she took her head off my COCK and said I love the feeling of your BIG COCK in me Dave FUCK me HARD yes just like that. Then Dave left Tina came back to me took my hand and said my PUSSY is still HORNY, HOT and WET you need to take your SLUT of a WIFE up steers and FUCK the shit out of me one more time.

Nadine and Jo's Blowjob Swap- Part 5

group trumptight85 2017-10-16

1. Going back to work her second night as a street prostitute, after having given over one hundred blowjobs during an amazingly busy first twelve-hour shift, wearing tight white hot pants with a red sweater and those same black heels. Not only was I thinking about Jo and her outfit but my own girlfriend Nadene also would be going out again after having given somewhat fewer than fifty blowjobs… and there’ll be two new girls, a pretty brunette and blonde named Connie and Heather who saw Jo giving a blowjob on the sidewalk this morning around seven, thought it would be fun to try prostitution too, and then called Jo to ask what to where and where and when to meet us.

The Couple; Part 2

group redhelm 2017-10-16

Jake took his hand off the front of my neck, and f***ed my head down to the bed, pulling out of my ass, and spanking my ass hard "Answer your mistress, slut!" Panting for breath, I managed to say out loud "YES, Mistress" Jake climbed on top of my ass, raised in the air, put his foot on my face, holding my head down on the bed, and began thrusting hard again. "Tell me slut, say the words, we can do anything we want to to you" Tammy had begun pulling on my cock, pulling it hard, stretching it, and flicking the head with her finger. The feeling of Jake fucking my throat, and Tammy's fingers inside my ass was immense, I indeed felt like a total slut sex toy.

A Toy & His Friend

group hogjack 2017-10-16

Adora could feel her nipples getting hard as she asked them to come inside, told Nick she was thankful that he could come over on such short notice to help her out, and asked them if they wanted a drink. Nick likes...oops, I mean, well never-mind." Adora said from her walk-in closet as she re-entered the room with a frame in hand. "What has Nick told you if you don't mind me asking?" Adora said it in a much lower voice as the conversation was turning more intimate. Matt took in a deep breath and let it out slowly, "Adora, I was hoping you would say that - I mean from an artist's viewpoint of course."


Group Sex for an Office Slut

group officeslut 2017-10-16

I took my thong off and told the boys to clear the bed, I wanted them all to fill me with their cum and shoot their loads over my face and breasts. I took Marks large cock and stroked it before taking him in my mouth, slowly sucking him off. This caused Alex's cock to slip out for a moment but was soon back in slowly fucking me watching what Brian was up to. Paul was next to me stroking his revived cock and as the Brian and Alex shot their loads into my pussy and ass, Paul thrust cock in my mouth and shot his load down my throat.

My First Apartment Ch. 01

group ECHoney 2017-10-16

I placed things in front of the bedroom and bathroom doors to keep them open, I bought curtains for the windows that I will need help hanging, and planned out the positioning of the furniture maximum viewing access. I could see Kevin peeking under my blouse and when I turned Jeff was looking up skirt at my bare ass and shaved pussy. They started setting up the frame of the bed and I stood in the middle of them holding and handing the nuts and bolts to them while again letting them view my shaved pussy and bare ass. Jeff was fucking my mouth and making me suck his balls when I felt Kevin start ramming harder and his cock pulsing shooting his hot cum inside me.


group midnightfalcon 2017-10-16

Her hands came down on top of my head and she began to slowly rock her hips forward and back, almost as if trying to force me to drive my fingers more quickly in and out of her convulsing pussy. I could have continued and let her have her orgasm, but instead I took my fingers away and slid my hand under her buttocks and began to stroke her little opening. Then, beginning at the soft inner sides of her thighs, I began to plant wet kisses, moving each kiss very slowly, from her knees upwards towards her steamy pussy. I could have continued and let her have her orgasm, but instead I took my fingers away and slid my hand under her raised ass and began to draw my wet finger back and forth across the tight little opening.


Office Party

group candy-prairie girl 2017-10-16

As they got ready for the night (after a two hour shower), Grant could not keep his hands off Tara. Tara perked up "Yeah, Betsy I know you love sucking on Grant's cock...I know it is making you hot as hell." And she was right. Betsy got off her knees and noticed Eric and Tara going at it. When Eric got up from eating Tara's pussy, Tara gave Betsy a funny look. Tara played with her clit and said, "Come on Betsy, you know you want to try it." When Betsy was done eating Tara, she suggested that the two men fuck her at the same time. And she felt they were going to cum, so she lifted Tara off of her and rolled off of Eric.