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Erotic Group Sex stories

A large collection of first-time sex stories about virgins losing their cherry.

A Cuckoldette?

group 2017-10-16

would feel like to have a cock inside my ass instead of I pushed down easing it inside my cock virgin ass. Soon I was taking Bryans 7" cock balls deep in my ass, Slowly I raised my ass of Bryan's cock and it felt so tell this wasn't his first time sucking cock, he knew his cock is, wanting to feel it deep in my ass. Knowing my ass was clean, I knew John's cock was hard I wanted to feel, his cock inside me, and eventually his down the crack of my ass like when I cum inside Kathy's I started to suck John's overly fat cock again, wanting having John fuck your ass with his big fat super hard

Confessions of a Cum Slut Pt. 04

group CandiNyse 2017-10-16

Fortunately my room mate Lonni was a semi-dominant dick-girl, a she-male with long silky hair, soft breasts, and a really pretty cock that I couldn't keep my mouth off of—everything a girl like me could want, pretty much. "Lick," she whispered, "Lick and suck." She began to hump my mouth, rubbing herself up and down against my lips and tongue, making me taste her, from the dark tunnel of her rich, winey cunt to her thick, engorged clit and back. I latched my lips onto her vulva and sucked, licking her clit in the same steady rhythm, while she fucked my mouth, her hands gripping the back of my head.


Florida Trip

group CindyA 2017-10-16

Condoms went on and I mounted Red, sliding him into my pussy and giving him a couple of thrusts, assigning Blonde (because of his smaller dick) to my back door. We lay there recovering and to my amazement and delight Blonde's unit started to come back to life, so I mounted him for another round while Red watched, more mellow than our first fuck, but totally nice. The next morning Blonde was up for it again, but Red not so much, and my asshole was major sore, so Blonde penetrated my happy pussy from behind, taking his time and sending me to the stratosphere twice before he climaxed, while I gave Red a long, slow blow job, eventually getting him to come too.

Cally Comes Good (and often)

group roged1 2017-10-16

Again, old Tom turned out to be most proficient with his insistent finger probing and he left Cally gasping and moaning as his long finger soon found the vaginal opening and was feeling around in that weeping little cavity like a true expert. Tom continued to work around her now sodden pussy and as her sweet juices flowed he expertly worked the natural lubricant around and deep inside her tight ass hole as he fucked brutally against Cally's overstretched mouth, forcing more and more of his chunky cock down her throat. Cally was reminded of old Tom's presence as she felt him stealthily probing between her shapely bum cheeks before inserting a long bony finger into her tight virginal ass-hole.


Perfect Moments

group BleedingRomantic 2017-10-16

She nearly panicked, but she kept the image of herself in a plain white bra and shorts on the sofa with pillows tossed about, magazines falling off her coffee table with last night's teacup sitting on top of one, her clothes from yesterday strewn about the area and his gifts sitting unpacked in plain view while in the kitchen all of the spoils of his surprise dinner littered the counter. Shannon smiled, knowing her friend couldn't help herself. That was one of the reasons for the bear, really, she actually kind of liked the thing, but knew it would make her dear friend smile. She didn't let very many people see it beyond those she was close to, and it was only after spending time in college sharing a room with another girl that allowed her even the comfort to walk around her own apartment in her bra with her friend.


Seema and the Truck Drivers

group amaspat 2017-10-16

I put my hand around her pussy pressing her flowing hole hard and told her in the ear “Tonight you have all the fun you want, tomorrow I have bigger plans!” and pinched her nipples as I pushed her towards the men. The man with his dick up Seema’s mouth(whose name I later found to be Ahmed) pulled her face completely into his huge cock with her nose buried inside his pubic hair and slapped her across her face. Now two more dirty looking men with yellow teeth at least in their 50s moved down towards her pussy and started slapping her cum dripping hole. You go take care of her cunt.” Rahim promptly pulled out from her mouth spat on her face and slapped her a couple more times and went behind her.

Island Fever 4: Paradise Ch. 02

group Jeremydcp 2017-10-16

Amy was a lovely and attractive young lady with long, fire engine red hair and a smile that could stop a freight train, but she was even more beautiful to me nowadays because her body was preparing itself to bring a new life into the world. We had a few other places in the area to visit as well today, but asked Scarlett before she left for work this morning if she would like to meet us for lunch in the hospital cafeteria at noon during her usual break time. Try as I might, but I could not keep neither my eyes or my hands off of the lovely and captivating Amy. She looked absolutely adorable with a little blue camisole top on, but what caught my attention more than anything was the sassy, black miniskirt Amy wore.


Meeting Lady Anna Ch. 03

group ladie_lover069 2017-10-16

Lady Anna used her leather-clad hand to wag her big, fake cock at Bella and Melissa. Lady Anna now had a finger inside Bella's tight little hole and was rubbing her other hand over the top of her pussy. Dana and Melissa broke off their kiss so they could watch as Lady Anna got ready to fuck Bella. Dana turned, her face right in Melissa's, and the two resumed their kissing as they pushed Bella down onto Lady Anna's cock. "Now, now," Lady Anna said to them, her hands now on Bella's thighs pulling the brunette down onto the dildo. Dana pulled from Melissa's grasp and knelt down beside Lady Anna as Bella continued to ride her.

Full Service Shopping

group Bob Waters 2017-10-16

"Excellent," Ann said, closing the curtain as Eileen unzipped and then pushed her jeans down her long legs and off. "We're always dead this time of day anyways and this is my store so I decided we're closed for a little bit," Ann smiled, taking a commanding place between Eileen's legs again. They quickly met in the middle and Tom pushed the blouse wide, reaching around behind her and unhooking her bra while Ann lightly scraped her nails over the soft skin of Eileen's belly. Eileen hesitated and then thought, "What the hell." She turned her hand palm up and began to lightly stroke Ann's slit as she bobbed her head on Tom's cock.


Couples Seduce Teens Ep. 02

group Sensa8 2017-10-16

Linda watched me checking her out and apparently liked it because her hand slid down, between her legs and started moving. He was standing besides the couch, about a foot away from me, slowly stroking his hard cock with one hand. It came with a soft popping noise and now she looked up at her husband and started pumping his dick with her hand. I stood off to the side, watching as Linda guided that huge piece of male sex organ into her mouth and began expertly sucking. I was quivering, shaking now as Linda's warm, confidant hands snaked down, grasped my cock and guided it inside. I found Danny's massive hands already there and started to moved back to her hips.

Multiple Passions

group Dark Warrior 2017-10-16

My eyes looked over to Kim's bedroom window, and I saw her pulling on the last piece of her clothing, but I quickly looked away. My cock began to stand up as I thought back to Kim. I wrapped my left hand around the base of my dick, slowly beginning to masturbate as I saw her finger-fucking herself in my mind. "I love you to Kev. Now, fuck me, big boy." She said, her hands undoing the knot in her robes, and flinging open the flimsy covering to show me her entire, naked body. My words fell away as I felt her hands grip the sides of my head, and I only had enough time to look up before her lips were on mine.


Deeper: Garth & Courtney

group rambleon 2017-10-16

"I could talk like that, but it's just that so often I can't…" Courtney said, looking him in the eye while sliding backwards towards the foot of the bed, "… because my mouth is so full of cock." And she jammed her head down, engulfing his rod, held one for one glorious, white-lipped moment, and then with a small gag, sat up and began long plunging strokes, her hand around the base of his member, rubbing his balls.


Inverted Nipples

group digitalCoquet 2017-10-16

Ken had resumed his kissing and was working his way slowly across her face. As I sat back in my chair and massaged my dick, I watched as Ken worked his way down to her tits and started to tease her nipples with his lips and teeth. Ken says "fuck her" and I drop to my knees and place the head of my dick against her opening. I started to sway in time with her motion and realized that Ken's dick was rubbing against me. At the same time she reached down and started paying with Ken's ass. As she guided my dick down her throat I changed my grip from the back of her head to a couple of handfuls of that black curly hair.

Frankie meets her first couple

group 2017-10-16

Sue had finally recovered and while Frankie bounced on top of her husband she tried to take her nipples in her mouth, sucking and kissing them, Frankie pulled Sue towards her and thrust her fingers straight back into her pussy, pulling Sue towards her, she had her weak spot and knew she wouldn’t be long in covering her fingers all over again, she felt Gus tense below her and he started to pump even harder as she lifted herself off his, fingers still buried in Sue’s pussy she huskily said “we both want to share this” as Gus shot his cum up her body and into her face, Sue’s pussy throbbed and as Frankie fucked her even harder, she came once again, over her fingers, with her still throbbing she pulled her towards her stomach and breasts and pushed her face into Gus’s cum, which she lapped greedily at, kissing Frankie, sharing Gus once last time they swirled tongues and tasted him.

Island Fever Ch. 39

group Jeremydcp 2017-10-16

"I never want to hear that you are SORRY for anything." I put my hand on her shoulder, then moved it downward and swatted her naughty ass three times in succession with sharp, biting blows. With both hands still restrained behind her back, Amy placed the side of her face upon the carpet and looked toward me out of the corner of one eye. The force from the second one caused Amy to involuntary jerk her head, which made the panties slip from her face and drop harmlessly to the floor. I watched with admiration as her long-flowing red hair cascaded down around her face as she hung her head low while at the same time, her backside, still raw and simmering from the cane, was offered up to me.


Dionysian Cove

group pervinplainpackage 2017-10-16

"Well, since you're obviously having such fun running around naked," Chris said, grabbing the tip of his hard-on for emphasis, "maybe I should just make you run around naked all week, like a good little consort?" Kerry's cock throbbed at the suggestion. "He y baby," she purred to her husband while lifting the hem of the back of her toga, exposing her perfect naked ass, "stick your tongue up in my butt and get me nice and wet." Kerry did as he was told; extending his tongue and carefully lapping at his wife's tight back entrance.

Ben is HAD

group SecretKyle 2017-10-16

I want to feel you go deep and spread my pussy wide open." Ben quickly does what she says, and as he does, N'ya starts sucking and licking Kim's clit and Ben's dick as he's fucking Kim. Then N'ya climbs down between Kim's legs as Kim lays there panting and N'ya starts eating Ben's cum from Kim's pussy. N'ya raises her head and says "Holy Shit Ben. You're gonna split me open." and Kim looks up and says "Shut up whore and eat my pussy like a good little bitch." And N'ya does. Ben pumps N'ya's pussy til she has cum twice and then he pulls out and takes his cock to Kim and says "OK, bitch, suck her cum off me and then get on top of me."

Caribbean Holiday Ch. 09

group B. Beattie 2017-10-16

Jack said his wife had the bikini shop next door if Irina wanted a hand made suit. Irina was behind the bar getting us a couple of beers when two guys came in from the beach and walked up to the bar. They thought Irina worked at the bar and one guy finally said they wanted two beers. As they went outside to the beach they were talking about how the guys back home would die when they saw how beautiful Irina was, and topless, and they were touching her tits too. I told Jack to come watch, that neither of the young boys knew what to do and Irina was enjoying the attention.

FourPlay3: Christian

group Christian Black 2017-10-16

I tried to suck Daryl like Emma had sucked me, just using my lips and tongue on the very tip, but it was clear right away that this technique requires practice. The next night all four of us got together, Emma, Daryl and me, and Emma’s girlfriend Paula. I, on the other hand, am a mostly hetero man who indulges in rare “walks on the wild side.” As ecstatic as it was getting fucked by him the first few times, and as much as I at first loved sucking his gorgeous cock, it eventually got old. I had never thought that it was possible for two women to be so different, but making love to Paula and Emma was like day and night.

victorian maid

group rodma 2017-10-16

he started to go faster his c>>k fully in her tight s@@t she could only cry with pleasure as she started to sudder all od a sudden she screamed with orgasms the master coud not hold on either and unloaded into her until he was drained he pulled out to reveal a c@@ filled p***y she turned rould and knelt drawing his c**k into her warm soft mouth sucking him dry and hard. He could not believe he was so hard as she stood up he ripped her top open to reveal a huge pair of soft creamy white breasts with hard thick nipples she pushed the master onto the chair and straddled him lifted her dress and lowered her soaking wet p***y onto his rigid c@@k as she moved up and down the master sucked and nibbled her nipples and passionatly kiss this young 19 year old maid.

Amber Ch. 01

group Kiwilass 2017-10-16

Amber took her drink and swallowed half before she realised that Brett had moved away to talk to a tall willowy woman with long red hair. She roughly grabbed both her breasts pulling one nipple into her hot wet mouth while the fingers of her other hand rolled the nipple around and around sending sparks of flame into Amber's groin, her pussy weeping in agony. Finally Amber could feel Jasmine's warm breath on her pussy, felt her blowing lightly on the trimmed dark hair on her mound. Gary leaned over Amber and took a hard sweet nipple in his mouth, using his long fingers to knead and tug at her breasts. She yelped in surprise and Jasmine looked up to see what the commotion was, grinned knowingly at Gary and returned to thrashing Amber's pussy with her mouth.


my Le Petit Gateau and MissRach Dream

group Davey76 2017-10-16

I stood shakily at her command and she grabbed my cock and jerked me over to the bed and nudged the writhing figure who sighed and sat up pulling the sheet from her disreavlled hair showing her stunning face, peering up at me and then to Le Petit Gateau before a sexy smile appeared on that now recognised beauty that is another xhamster friend i know as MissRach. Peering up over MissRach’s mound i saw Le Petit Gateau, who had climbed onto the bed and was now hovering her soaking pussy over MissRach’s tongue while she pinched at her nipples to moans and sighs of delight from both ladies.

Shower Sex and More

group dna27fog 2017-10-16

I began to fuck her pussy with my fingers as I probed her ass with my tongue, then I felt her begin to quiver and I knew what was coming. I licked all of her from her pussy and then stood up, kissed her on the lips and told her "I want to see you fuck so many people today..." He had his semi erect cock in his hand stroking it, while Heather was on her knees, Brian behind her with his cock buried deep in her pussy while she took Oliver deep in her mouth with every thrust. "Tell Bob to give you his cock" I said as I picked the camera back up, focusing on Heathers raised ass as her pussy was pounded.


I had a date with a couple last night.

group dep258s 2017-10-16

Soon my legs are spread apart and she is between them, her hands covered in lube, one stroking my cock, the other pushing one tentative finger into my ass. He’s kneeling behind me, my head resting against his stomach, his hands on my chest, holding me down as she begins to fuck my ass with her fingers. Then his cock is there and he is pushing it into my mouth, fucking me slowly at first, and then faster, harder, deep into my throat, all the while his strong hands holding my body down, him whispering “That’s it, good boy.” I come hard, shooting jets of hot semen all over my stomach, my ass spasming around her fingers, his pelvis thrust hard against me, his cock deep in my throat.