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Erotic Group Sex stories

A large collection of first-time sex stories about virgins losing their cherry.

Gas Station Whore...

group Allaroundthehorn 2017-10-16

Completely clothed he started pumping her... He had a very long cock, not thick, but his strokes pulled him way back and he thrusted each cock pump into her... The next one in line was rubbing her clit and she came hard. The old fuck couldn't hold out any more when she cum squeezed his cock. I had a decision, cock or pussy fucking... The old fuck told me to get going on her, so I did As I pulled out, his mouth was there to meet my cock, and all the cum running out of her. He sucked my cock dry as I played with her ravished cunt.

Loser gets soaked

group joesal 2017-10-16

Tim managed to get a good hold of Mark’s cock this time and began tugging furiously. “Oooooooooh fuuuuuuuuuuuuuck” moaned Mark as he arched his back and shot a massive load of hot cum across his young, slim chest. Tim let go of Mark’s dick and made him face the crow By now the crowd of horny old men were standing around the ring. He didn’t have to face long as from the crowd the first cry came “ooooooooooh fuuuuuuuuck” and with that a stream of hot cum shot from the crowd onto his body. It wasn’t long before he arched his back and moaned “yeaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaah” as his whole body quivered and shot a big, warm load into Mark’s sweet mouth.

My Playmate Ch. 02

group bluedragonauthor 2017-10-16

Courtney moaned into my ear while she cradled my head in her hands, rolling her hips in time with my thrusting to achieve the maximum pleasure with the least amount of effort while we slowly absorbed each other's body. Courtney even whispered in my ear, "You look like you're trying to eat her up with your eyes." She even teased me, "Anna doesn't seem to mind, though." Courtney and I both were glancing back and forth, over and again, between the shocked look on Anna's face and Brian's smug, drunk expression. Our signal came when Christine just pulled Courtney's hips down and trapped against her own chest so she had room enough to breathe and then cry out her climax into the early morning air.


Adventures of Kitten: Beginning

group ChaosKitten 2017-10-16

He began sweeping, and I started picking up the larger bits of trash, very carefully bending away from him, so he wouldn't get any glimpse of the area I so desperately wanted his face to be buried in. His hand was teasing me softly beneath my dress, one finger sliding back and forth over my clit, only lingering for a moment, while another finger slid slowly in and out of my sopping pussy. She gently slid one manicured finger inside my damp pussy, while still sucking on my clit, and I moaned. As he slowly thrust his engorged cock inside her, I slid between them, still kissing Danielle, and caressing her lovely pink nipples.

My First Wonderfuck

group Softly 2017-10-16

What I did not know is that black guys know that most woman are tighter in the ass then in the pussy, and there is no "bottom" to stop them from burying their sometimes huge meat to the hilt and then to fuck with abandon. With a hand finger fucking me and playing with my clit, a thick cock pumping in my mouth, and a foot of cock running races up my ass, I begin to orgasm. I shook, pointed my toes, panted, arched my back to allow deeper penetration and if it had not been for the cock pumping sperm into my mouth, I would have screamed to "fuck meeee, Yes, please, deeepperrrrrr." I begin to pant, sweat, and my ass humped as I screamed, "Ohhh, yes, fuck me, fuuuuccckkk meeeee." All the men cheered.


group LustIsMySin 2017-10-16

The cum-craving cock whore dragged her tongue up the river of pussy juice as she climbed the Goddess's body, smearing warm jizz on her legs, her cunt, her tits, and then her face. She withdrew her jizz-drenched hands from her cock-collecting cunt, and dragged them up her body, smearing her bulging tits with sex juice before slavering obscenely over her fingers, sucking at the exquisite fuck nectar. At the thought of herself glistening white with fuck juice, smearing her jizz-dripping tits into the Goddess's own super jugs, the cock whore lost it, and volcanic orgasms racked her super-sexed body. From there she felt the Goddess locking lips with her oozing pussy, and then that pleasure-spreading tongue was slithering back up the cock whore's dick-drowned body, by way of her left tit this time.


My wife, myself, and a friend

group uvex58 2017-10-16

The next day I told my friend that I trust about what we discussed the night before and asked if he would help out with this because him and Ihad done this to a ccouple of girls before together. I told my girl later that night I had a friend ready when she was. After she got home I told her I needed her upstairs after groceries got put away, which gave us time to undress and find out if this was a bad idea or not. She opened the door and seen two raging hard ons and us smiling and at first she appears to be embarrassed, but a moment later she had such a grin on her face I could tell she was ready to be fucked.

The Invasion Of Lena Giovanni Ch. 3

group kiya4men 2017-10-16

"Let's go to your parents room," he said, "That's where I fuck her mother too" he told his friend & they both laughed. She winced in pain as he plowed into her, Hank beating off wildly as he watched his friend pump Lena hard in her ass. Hank then walked over to his friend & put a finger up the guy's ass while he fucked Lena. Then they both took turns pumping her pussy & pounding each other in the ass & sucking each other's cocks while the other fucked Lena in the ass. Brian then brought her to her own final orgasm by fucking Hank with his still erect cock & shoving three fingers in her pussy at the same time.

He Said, She Said

group kimbelina 2017-10-16

Jessie thought my plan was a great one - we'd both had a tough day at work, and it should be a fun way to unwind, teasing Darren over a few drinks. When Jessie slipped two fingers inside of Karen, I imagined what it would be like for my cock to take their place, and my hand began moving faster on my cock. After a few more strokes, Darren pulled out of me and plunged forcefully into Jessie's mouth, while I looked up at him with my big blue eyes full of lust, one hand dropping to my clit. Jessie sat down next to us, her legs spread wide, and began fingering herself as she watched Darren fuck me.

Condominium Ch. 04

group SteveWallace 2017-10-16

The result was that about half the group migrated back to our three bedrooms that we had outfitted for the evening, including co-opting Penny's bedroom and giving it an adult flavor through lighting, sexy music, and a large explicit poster of a romantic couple fucking that we'd had made up from a picture Amber liked on the Internet. I reached up and pinched her right nipple hard and then drove two fingers of that hand into her ass as I lightly bit on her clit and lapped broadly with my tongue; the rifle shots of pleasure and pain around her body added to the colossal A-spot orgasm, and were too much for her; she passed out.


Summer Heat Ch. 02 - Will Rob Join?

group marriedheat 2017-10-16

I continued eating, licking, and sucking her sweet pussy as she told me how she was able to seduce Jeanie's man. I've always wanted you to touch me there.' I then noticed that Jeanie was stroking his cock through his pants while he was rubbing my clit." She kissed his cum soaked lips and said, 'Fuck her, Rob. Let her know what a real man feels like in a cunt.'" I simply said, 'Fuck me, Rob. Put that big fuckin cock in my cunt and fuck me!' Jeanie swallowed his cock, getting him good and wet, while he went back to work spreading his saliva all over my already drenched cunt.


The Trouble With Jeans

group WayneGibbous 2017-10-16

I even did a strip at the end of a sales meeting for a few guys but, being work, I didn't want it to become a "lets us all fuck Angie" session. "Here, Ben, you can hold on to them until you think I've been punished enough," then turned and walked back out into the open area of the office looking, more or less, like I was wearing a short dress. It was nice of him to ask, I will repay him later for his thoughtfulness but I said, "Well, the guys need to punish me for wearing jeans and for getting so turned-on by the spanking.


group JaxsonCurry 2017-10-16

ordered the woman, “both of you,” he said, “and get those hands up!” Faye and Howard Wells Ignoring his question, Vic asked, “Anybody else in the house?” “No,” answered for the camera, you little cunt,” ordered Vic to Chelsea. it on her face, we want everyone to see what a good little cocksucker your wife is!” Faye ought to fill it up!” Pointing the .38 at Chelsea, Vic asked, “Have you ever sucked a pussy?” Before she could answer, Vic point to her mother and said, “Over there, and eat it, right now!!!” Faye started to protest, but Vic point the gun again at her daughter, and she mother cum, Chelsea’s cunt spasmed around the tube of fuck flesh deep in her pussy.

Elaine Participates in 500 Group Sex

group maxmaypo 2017-10-16

She further loosened me up with some local rice wine. This all led up to the final act on the local subway. Deep he sank his penis into me and despite the horror of having unprotected intercourse with a perfect stranger I soon felt incredible pleasure as pleasure deep within my vagina was added to the pleasure my clit and my g-spot were already feeling. Although one time I had strayed with a rather well-endowed masseur when I and my friends had had a little too much to drink and had talked each other into using the services of a masseur at our hotel room. I didn't know how I did it, but I made it back to my hotel.


Goldilocks and The Bears Massage

group blendersocka 2017-10-16

Joe pressed his thighs against Eric's and the men rubbed their cocks together against Jess's pussy. As Joe pulled Jess to the side of the table, pushing his throbbing cock inside of her, he reached down and slid his tongue into her mouth. Meanwhile, Eric dropped down and wet the inside of Jess's thigh with his tongue, occasionally sliding it over her ass, watching as Joe's cock pounded her pussy up close in Eric's face. Eventually, Eric grabbed Joe's cock and sucked off Jess's juices before letting it return to the depths of her pussy. Joe looked up as he watched Eric plunge his tongue against Jess's clitoris and felt his own cock in her mouth.

Doctors Visit

group westtnfreak 2017-10-16

Becca had led her to the exam room, took the woman's vitals and told the doctor she was waiting. As Dr. Bob got Becca's nipples hard and standing tall, he began to continue down her stomach, biting off all the buttons as he traveled down. He then spread Becca's legs apart and started licking gently on her pussy lips. It was not long before her finger began to slide in and out of her just as the doctor slide in and out of the woman. Becca listened as the woman began to scream louder and yelled out Dr. Bob's name. As the woman sucked the doctor, Becca played with her pussy also.

My First Double Header Ch. 01

group fendelle 2017-10-16

Upon my return and as I was about to bid them a good evening, Patty asked if I had some time to give them a little tour now as there was still a couple of hours of sunlight. I felt somewhat uncomfortable in just a robe and I thought it a bit odd that Roger and Patty were enrobed as well. Neither of us have any musical skills and it would be great to hear that piano sing," said Roger but Patty cut him short, She made a big deal of sucking on the end of the joint until Roger laughed and said, "She sucks a joint great...better than anyone else." Patty reached down, took my hand, pulled to her mouth and began sucking my fingers and licking my palm off.

Speeding Fine

group prophet007 2017-10-16

With a cock in your mouth, an expert hand teasing your pussy and equally expert hands massaging your breasts, it's hard for you to know what to do with yourself, but suddenly you feel the cock in your mouth pull back a little and then the hot, thick sticky cum explodes from the end of it in such a rampant jet that it flies straight over your tongue and hits the back of your throat. Someone has suddenly slid under you like a mechanic sliding under a car, and from the enthusiastic but slightly clumsy way the hands begin to feel your breasts, you know right away that it's Andy.


Fantasies Anonymous Ch. 01

group pissorgydreamer 2017-10-16

Jess noticed as well, and immediately grabbed my cock with one of her hands beneath the water, letting me know she was turned on and completely okay with visitors. I slowly sloshed my way towards the back end of the hot blonde who was kissing my wife and stuck my cock between her thighs under the water. "Don't stop, I'm cumming!" Both Jess and I urgently continued out motions, her hand flicking faster and my cock pumping harder as Blondie climaxed, falling gently forward into the water in delight. Jess stuck her hand under the water and rubbed at her clit to finish herself off as the other guy sent one final deep thrust of his penis into her ass.

A Friends idea of FUN with Angel - Part 1 1 time

group bigjohn469 2017-10-16

After we had finished fucking Angel we let her up & Paul said "OK, now I want Finally it was us guys turn to fuck the girls awhile, but here Paul also had Now Paul asked us guys to 1st tenderize the girls cunts some by taking 4 cats girls cunts for a minute or so, then he took the 1 from Angel & put it in When we finally finished fucking the girls this time Paul had us let their Both Angel & Helen had wax galore on their cunts & assholes & dripping down Now Paul said "Ok guys, if you want to you can let the girls suck your cocks

All In A Day's Work

group sunflower 2017-10-16

Jed was everything that I loved in my men: tall, bulging biceps, exotic looking with a tight beautiful ass and bold cock that his conservative business suits couldn't hide. Maria slipped off my back and lay down on the floor with her legs open wide; the dick pulled up onto her stomach. When I introduced her to Jed he held her hand a little longer than was necessary and I could feel the sexual tension already radiating from Maria's wet pussy. Jed began eating this new concoction while Maria slipped between his legs and took his cock into her mouth. Jed got a jar of lube out of a drawer and quickly lubed his cock and Maria's puckered little hole.

John and Lyn the teacher and guest Part Two

group tusker 2017-10-16

" OH GOD YOU HAVE MADE ME COME AGAIN!" screamed Lyn. John let her up then said " Your turn now Celia, what would you like??!" Let me tell you Celia is a gorgeous 20 year old, lovely figure fantastic legs like Lyn (37) with a black bob haircut down to her neck, she was wearing a beautiful dress, very short, blue and frilly with her breasts nearly climbing out of it, 4" high high heels!! Lyn was gasping by now, pulled John's cock out of Celia and stuck in into her mouth sucked like an Angel, Celia then sais " Will you do the "somthing else" for me PLEASE?" " What, said John, " FUCK ME IN THE ARSE THEN WHIP ME WITH THE CROP WHILE YOU ARE DOING IT!!!!!" " That OK with you, Lyn?????

Island Fever 5: Family Ch. 06

group Jeremydcp 2017-10-16

"I want to spend the rest of my life with Jeremy and his family," Scarlett told her parents over and over again. "When Amy was making everyone breakfast earlier - minus you, Jeremy, since you're a big sleepy-head - Alison came bursting in with Lindsay and told everyone that you kissed her overnight." Scarlett shifted about in my lap and settled even deeper into it, tilting her head to the side, perhaps gauging my reaction. "They came back and told me and Amy that they found the video footage of you slipping little Alison the tongue." Scarlett giggled at her own words.


My Favorite Birthday

group Rico Suave 2017-10-16

Suzy, who was 5'5" with curly red hair and beautifully petite breasts, was now wearing a sexy green lace bra and a very short black skirt, and giving me one hell of a hard on. Suzy drove her tongue deep into Nikki's wet pussy. Nikki's face looked so good buried in Suzy's hot red pussy. She told Nikki that she wanted her to cum even harder this time. Nikki climbed off Suzy, then looking at me stroking my dick, told Suzy to get up and suck my dick. I got behind Suzy and Nikki took my dick in her hand and led it to Suzy's pussy. Nikki sucked her clit as I fucked her hard.