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Erotic Group Sex stories

A large collection of first-time sex stories about virgins losing their cherry.

Sexbuddies Ch. 02

group sexbuddy 2017-10-16

"Mike has a fantasy of having a woman suck his cock while his ass is being fucked." I loved fucking Pam. Her pussy was so tight and she was able to control every muscle so that it felt like a velvet hand massaging my cock. Pam took it from me and used it to help her put two fingers in Mike's ass as she started to lick his cock. Suck me Pam Suck me harder too." Mike was totally into it and loving the ass fucking so much I wondered how good it must really be. But as they say, all good things must come to and end and playing with Pam's ass while pounding mikes put me over the edge.

A Friendly Dinner

group A Happy Wife 2017-10-16

I lifted a breast as I bent my head, taking her nipple into my mouth, feeling your hands reach around and undo my buttons, and your hot breath on my neck as you looked as closely as you could at my tongue just flicking over her now hardening nipple. I glanced up and saw Steve rubbing himself as he watched me, and gave him a wink as he looked at me with his wife's breast in my mouth, obviously enjoying every minute of it. As I saw Cathy riding you I knew what a treat she was getting, and watching you with your hands on her breasts, looking at me with SO much love and lust in your eyes, and feeling that huge dick inside of me, stretching me out, I came for the first time.

OMG - Last night!

group 2017-10-16

Jenni's foot slipped inside my bare thighs and pushed my legs open, her foot slipped higher and her toes pressed againt my clearly wet panties. Sara reached for her pizza and took a bite while Jenni and I slipped further away from reality, but the look on Sar's face told me that she knew exaclt what was happening. sara busied herself by stripping her dress off over her head as my tongue shoved its way into Jenni's mouth, my hand reaching for her wetness, my fingers spreading her open and sliding inside as she did the same to me. His tongue tickled across my clit as Jenni moaned into her kiss with Sara, but before I knew it, he had pulled away from me and was sliding up along side my body.

The Dinner Party Ch. 07

group zebra2001uk 2017-10-16

On the way to Roger's house, Martin managed to let his left hand find its way from the gear stick onto Rosemary's leg several times and she let him slide his hand up and down her inner thigh, every so often touching and feeling the lips of her smooth, naked pussy. The two figures lay down on the soft mattress side by side and began to masturbate each other – Martin's fingers were finger fucking the smooth white cunt of Mai Li, occasionally letting his finger tips disappear inside her vagina, whilst Mai Li gripped the now ramrod stiff cock poking out from Martin's pubic hairs.


Our Trip to the Beach

group SandT 2017-10-16

Brianne and I love going way to the beach for weekend trips and we decided that a warm Spring weekend would be great time to get away for some fun in the sun. After two hours or so of steady drinking and flirting with each other (Brianne was enjoying sitting facing me on her bar stool with her legs spread so I could see her pussy while we talked) we decided to order some lunch. For a second I thought she was trying to push Brad out of her mouth when Jason penetrated her so she could really enjoy the moment. I let the guys continue where they were (Brad in her pussy and Jason in her mouth) until she came.


Sex Club Extravaganza

group Kontroller 2017-10-16

it smelled like perfume, sweet woman juice and man cum... and said "this man is going to cum from looking at you.. "thank you, you are so sexy and beautiful" the man said to her before he shook the last of the cum off his cock onto the floor, put his towel around his waist and walked out.. there were a few single men standing stroking themselves looking at the group sex action inside, and one couple was also sitting on a loveseat watching also. The man looked back at my partner and said "do you like watching me ass fuck this slut?" he stood her to her feet and said "now be a good slut and thank this man and woman for watching us!"


Online Ch. 3

group MorningStar 2017-10-16

He grinned a bit as the hand holding my foot let go and moved up the back of my leg, across the knee and stopped at the snap. Slowly taking the last nylon off, just like the first, then moving his hands up to my hips he lifted me just high enough to slip the garter belt down past the cheeks of my ass. I raised up, had the hubby move so his leg were over the side of the bed and then grabbed that cock of his and had him help me slide it in that little doorway to heaven. Ranger's eyes closed as he mouthed 'yes' and started counter stroking against the cock he could feel under that thin layer of skin within the interior of my wet, hot box.

Pleasuring Peggy Sanford Continues

group steamer5139 2017-10-16

Fifteen minutes earlier, Peggy attired in short pink running shorts with white stripes down their sides and a tight white tee shirt, her raven black hair bound in a pony tail, sat in the white leather passenger seat, bare right leg draped over the passenger door, ankle nudging the rear view mirror, foot flattened against the rushing wind. Kimiko had lit a small red candle sat it on the taller dresser while Peggy and I slipped under the sheets; it guttered, mutely lit the tiny room filled for the most part with the big bed. All this time Kimiko continued to peg Peggy down with her brushing mouth, roll her tongue around inside her, its pink color looking gunmetal gray in the candle's subdued light.


Life Class

group zibertinx 2017-10-16

Luce lifted her head a little to track him with her eyes as he bent over her and took her left leg in both hands. As she lay with her eyes shut and her mouth open, gasping with pleasure, he threw one leg across her shoulder, straddled her, grabbed her face with both hands and forced his dick between her lips for the second time. When Shawn pulled his cock from Luce's mouth, Linda was there ready with her tongue protruding. While she buried it in my wife's face, and her husband thrust his tool between her legs, I was frantically parting her lips with my fingers, probing with the head of my cock as I tried to get it into her before it exploded.

More Sharing Fun

group modelmaker 2017-10-16

Off we went again to a room and away they went only this time it was twice the fuck fun, she didn't know what to do next, a cock to suck and one to wank while they fingered her cunt and arse; although she did make it clear no prick in her arse, only a finger. His face lit up like he'd just won the lottery and they got up and went off to a room with me following behind.Unfortunately he wasn't very well endowed at all and he'd never be able to get his little dick into her without some strange contortions so she got him to lie back, and climbed onto him in a 69 and proceeded to suck him off while he had the pleasure of licking her cunt and bumb holes.

Three At Last

group traveler40 2017-10-16

She sucked hard on Jenny’s pussy pushing her tongue as far as it would go up into Jenny making her cum again as she was kissing Rob. When he pulled his softening cock out of her she went back to work on Kelly making her cum again after a few minutes of getting her pussy fucked by Jenny’s tongue. She came over to my house and started telling me all about Kelly and Rob. I was so hot that I stripped her clothes off so that I could fuck her but she said that she was too sore to take another cock into her pussy.


Emma's Lust Pt. 02

group Fill_de_Puta 2017-10-15

Emma took no time in pushing her face in between her best friends legs to start lapping away at her shaven pussy. I longed to delve deep into her and I wanted nothing more than to shoot my cum all over her pretty face and watch my wonderful girlfriend eat it off her, preferably while I was balls deep inside her, forcing her growling vocals to stutter and stammer at every thrust. Emma raised her head nodding, but before she sucked Karen's juice off my cock they kissed some more. Karen's right hand walked down across Emma's toned stomach to her pussy where she began to play her fingers, one at a time, between her cunt lips, spreading them a little before gliding a finger over her clit, rolling the digit and poking the tip of her finger inside her folds.



group wants2oralu 2017-10-15

As you arch your hips and get very close to cumming I pull my head out of your crotch and lick my way up your stomach and grab a nipple in between my teeth as my hard cock slides into your hole. A finger slides into your cunt along with that hard cock making you orgasm more intense as your body shudders even more. As the tongue fuck you deeper and faster your blindfold is removed and you find we are alone and you grab my hair and pull me hard against your cunt as your hips rise up off the bed and push into my mouth, sucking your clit into my mouth and gently graze it across my teeth making you pull my head harder.

College Days

group Jonny Cakes 2017-10-15

I watched Kelly work Sara's pussy over as I continued to slide my cock in and out of her mouth. Kelly looked up at me and removed the two fingers she had in Sara's mouth and moved them towards me. Do you like how it feels between my meaty tits, Jonny," asked Sara in a little girl voice? Kelly looked up at me as she tongued the tits I was fucking and started to whisper nasty little things to me. She leaned in towards my ear and whispered, "I love a good tit-fuck." She let go of my cock and told me to sit on the couch. "Fuck, I'm gonna cum," I screamed, as Sara pulled my cock out of Kelly's cunt and took me into her throat immediately.


Head Contest

group headlover9 2017-10-15

About 5 years ago, me and 7 of my friends decided to start what's called HeadContest. i would post the contest rules on the posting and what was required. last year in june, i was down by 13, and only had a day left, so i posted 1 more time on craigslist, with my situation. within 2 hours, i got a message from a woman saying she could help. next thing i know, im at a hotel in boston, where there was a bachelorette party going on. the woman i talked to meets me in the lobby and takes me to the party. within 10 minutes, i have a line of girls, all on theyre knees, ready to give the required 2 minutes per bj to qualify.

The First Time... Ch. 03

group StrapOnMan 2017-10-15

I fucked Sarita while she gathered our cum from her body and fed it to me with her fingers. Sarita grabbed my ass and spread my cheeks, holding them hard as I fucked her. She slowly began to fuck my ass and the pressure of her thrusts made my penis throb in response. I started to move in time with her, fucking Sarita as I experienced an intense, not entirely pleasurable experience, that I did not want to stop! As we fucked, it felt as if every sweat gland on my body opened up, soaking Sarita beneath me. When I had run out of cum, Jennifer continued to fuck me, and I could feel her strap-on getting hotter and hotter as the friction of her strokes took effect.

A Foursome

group Stormysailor 2017-10-15

On night they were in bed watching the late news after a vigorous sex session when Maggie turned to Jeremy and asked him if he ever regretted not sowing his wild oats and experiencing a variety of women before they married. Maggie opened the biography page of a beautiful redhead and said, "This one is keeping very busy, she's not quite nineteen, do you like her?" She felt that Jeremy's hardness was increasing inside her. Fortunately the bar was very dark, particularly in the snug area, because Jeremy had his hand up Angela's skirt and Robert up Maggie's skirt. Jeremy checked the time and declared he was ready for bed and would like to curl up to Angela with his hands on her breasts, legs entwined and his cock between her thighs.


group 2017-10-15

Just looking down briefly as Charlotte lifted herself from my face before plunging down again so her clit was inserted fully in my mouth,i could see Alana fingering herself feverishly between her legs and then my first orgasm hit me and I jerked so violently I knocked her off balance, but she quickly replaced her lips around my hotspot and proceeded to suck and tongue and rub so that I almost lost it completely and a glorious multiple overtook me as my whole body exploded and I gushed cum straight in her mouth.This spasm caused me to push in a reflex action up into Charlotte and she too erupted and correspondingly gushed copiously herself right down my throat.

Truth or Dare

group CheriSM 2017-10-15

Jake started to fuck my face and his strokes became a little faster. I knelt down behind Jake and started to lick and suck on those balls that I wanted to taste earlier. I then took one of my wet fingers and slowly began to slip it into Jake's ass. I slowly stroked my finger in and out of his ass and his rhythm of fucking Bill's face increased. I'm going to fucking cum." I continued to pump his ass while he unloaded on Bill's face. I pulled my mouth off Bill's cock and told them that it was only fair that Jake and I give Bill the same treatment that he had gotten. I eased myself off the couch and went around to lick Jake's cum off Bill's ass.

Mark's Fantasy Comes True

group walkstar 2017-10-15

Mark watch as Kim flicked her tongue up towards Carol's clit and slid two fingers into her cunt. Carol gasped hard and arched her back pushing her cunt down onto Kim. Who seemed happy to bury her face deep into the offered flesh. Mark felt her cunt tighten around his cock and she gave a sharp gasp as the orgasm burst inside her. And I knew you liked Kim so we arranged this surprise for you." Mark laughed lightly and lent over to kiss Carol hard on the lips. Mark licked his tongue over the hard nipple, and then sucked as much of the breast as he could into his mouth. "Oh God girl I'm gonna cum," Mark gasped this Kim seemed to ignore him sucking hard on his cock.

Afternoon Foursome

group bbw4youngercocks1 2017-10-15

I undressed, sat in a chair by one of the beds, and began rubbing my clit while watching the second guy's hard shaft slide in and out of the woman's pussy.while she still sucked her husband's cock. The feeling of Alex's hard cock in my pussy and her tongue caressing the inside of my mouth felt so good. Alex started fucking her with slow hard strokes and gradually increased his thrusts until Jen screamed in orgasm. While Jen continued to slide up and down Alex's shaft on the other bed, Mike lifted his body and his cock slid out of my mouth. "Alex and I are bi," Jen said, "and we occasionally pick up both men and women to join us in bed."

Amy's Betrayal

group 2017-10-15

It had been a hectic day and everything that could go wrong for Amy did, just when things couldn’t feel any worse the phone rang and startled her out of her deep thoughts of Brad, the man she always felt was the one until she came home early and found him in bed with her best friend. Katy began to moan again as Brad ran his tongue along her neck and coming to a rest on her nipple, he slowly sucked and bit her nipple teasing it gently and arousing Katy even more as his hand slowly parted her lips and he slipped his finger into her wet pussy.

Partners Share Everythng

group xxx_photos 2017-10-15

She lost the hand, she nervously got and walked over to me her breasts showing clearly under the thin material, the French cut bottoms allowing her thick bush to show hair around the edges of the leg openings. Myron stood behind her and pushed his big cock against her ass, through the thin material of the bodice. She lay on the bed her legs wide open with Myron's cum still dripping out of her well used pussy. Rose started cumming over and over, bucking wildly, feeling her ass stretched to its limits by Myron's gigantic cock. Myron pulled her hips back as he thrust his cock deep and held her as filled her ass with another load of cum.

The Short List

group scarfaccio 2017-10-15

“I thought that was every man’s fantasy, two women giving him head.” Cheryl and April were mesmerized watching what it looked like to see another woman give head but I could see they had their ears perked for the answer to Maureen’s question. “Oh come on, there’s got to be somebody you’ve seen that big.” The three of them stared at me with varying degrees of incredulity, all three giving me a slow shake of the head indicating in fact no, there is no such thing as the average mortal man with a porn star cock. “Look, it’s not like I’ve never seen another guys junk, of course I have, but we don’t exactly walk around sporting huge boners in the locker room.” The reality of the rest of Aprils comment hit me as I was finishing mine.