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Erotic Group Sex stories

A large collection of first-time sex stories about virgins losing their cherry.

Jaq on the bench

group colin123 2017-10-15

I returned to the bar to find some willing guys to fill Jaq with warm cum. Jaq was now asking for a cock to suck and number nine positioned himself at the other end of the bench. The sight was amazing, Jaq strapped face down with a good ten inches of cock at either end. Without warning, the cock in her mouth started to spew cum into her mouth, the guy pulled out and finished himself off over her face. A while later John asked if I would be interested in fucking Jenni and Jaq cleaning her up afterwards. I sat and watched as Jaq positioned herself between our friends legs and slurped my cum from her used hole.


group ayrshirebootboy 2017-10-15

As yet another guy mounted me the tingling in my gut intensified as my own spunk moved and I shot my load as my backside was fucked by another hard cock,he finished his cum and moved away,Eric then said that's it,they are all done,as he unstrapped me from the frame,as I stood up slowly I felt the weight move from my stomach backwards as my gaping and prolapsed butt started dribbling out a LOT of spunk and I mean a lot,it splattered and slapped onto the yard floor,all of it in there because of me and my slutty butt,thats the satisfaction and pleasure for me,I made this happen,my whores arse and mouth made all of these guys spunk loads,made them my own cum monkeys.just love being a slut really.

College Strippers

group sexyginie 2017-10-15

I came up to a guy who was extremely blushed and I looked down his pants to see a huge erection trying to poke through so I sat over his lap and whispered in his ear, "Jerking off is allowed." I started grinding on his cock turning him on even more as I thrust my hips into his erection. I pulled her panties to the side and spread her pussy lips apart with my hands and began lapping at her clit and finally she buried her head between my legs and pushed them apart to make room for her busy tongue and fingers. I had her ass right over my face so I began licking it and fucking her with my tongue while she fingered my pussy and sucked my clit, bringing me close to orgasm.

Jenny's First Threesome Adventure

group Latinababe 2017-10-15

I was a little surprised when Jim took a firmer grip of Rob's and began rubbing this other guy's cock up and down my lips, rubbing my clit and teasing the entrance to my womb. I closed my eyes and sat down slowly, feeling every centimeter of pleasure as I took this man deep into me as I reached the base of his cock, Jim began rubbing my clit as I rocked back and forth on the warm, hard, column of flesh that was buried in my pussy. I lost track of how many times I cum, but I remember Jim coming to lay beside us at some point, stroking my back and ass and telling me how beautiful I was and how fuckable and naughty I looked climaxing on Rob's cock.

Absolving Her Sins

group English Bob 2017-10-15

Although of Italian descent and brought up in a religious family, Tony had turned his back on the church at an early age and instead taken to small time corruption and petty crime, his latest confidence trick leading him straight to the doors of Belfrey prison. Later that afternoon, Tony found himself sitting in a comfortable lounge and sipping sherry with Ruth Jones and her husband Michael. Dragging his eyes reluctantly away from the gorgeous sight in front of him, Tony looked over at Ruth's husband. To Tony's surprise, and Ruth's delight, he stayed hard in her mouth, continuously stimulated by her expert, rolling tongue. This stimulation was beyond Ruth's control, and letting herself drop heavily on Tony's dick, impaling and filling her completely, her body shook in a massive orgasm.

Movie Night

group Rumspringe 2017-10-15

Eli was hosting movie-night Thursday, just like every other Thursday the four friends, Eli, Chris, Eric, and Molly, had spent for the last two years. Eric and Chris were particularly avid pranksters: they would come into the office having prepared a script where each would individually address another member, Molly or Eli, in exactly the same language, using the same body language, about some seemingly spontaneous thing—the color of someone's shirt, the project manager's lunch, anything. 'Tell you what,' said Eli, 'if you can give me a boner, I'll go in Chris's room and jerk off to thoughts of you.


Edna's Little Pool Orgy

group BigKahunaCat21 2017-10-15

I dropped one hand from Edna's hips and let it wander over to the ass of Diane with the intention of slipping a finger or two up her pussy. Now Edna had told Diane of our antics at the neighborhood parties as well as our recent road trip; whether she mentioned the huge quantity of cum that Jack lets loose, I don't know. Jack really focused down on the job at hand, his pace within Diane was with blurring speed and he crouched over her back so he could play with her dangling tits and long nipples. We had a great laugh when Edna and Diane were close to each together, facing one another, when Jack came up from underneath and caught both their set of tits on his shoulders.


Oral Expert

group stephwriter 2017-10-15

Christine opened her mouth, moved forward slightly on the couch and took Tom's semi-erect cock between her lips. Tom was now sitting on the couch stroking his prick as he watched Christine on her knees concentrating all her attentions on Ken. Phil new exactly what pleasure Ken was feeling, having been there many times before with his wife. Phil started to get worried that something untoward was going to happen but then Steve moved forward and again rubbed his cock up and down Christine's slit then paused with it just inside her entrance. At the end of that time Steve took pity on Christine, slid his cock deep into her dripping pussy, and started fucking her hard and fast.



group HOLE4SALE 2017-10-15

he exhales a monster fat cloud of smoke into my face, i could taste it wretchedness, and says "i made her go sell her nasty used pussy and asshole like a good slave so papi can get more dope" he laughs and passes me the pipe motioning for me to hit it, "no, and does my mother know u do this stuff?", he lets go of his stummpy thick cock, which was now glistening with pre cumm as it stood obseanly hard... so when moms boyfriend was looking at my slit...i know tha fat mans sperm was leaking out and on to my asshole and the gross be continued

The Call of the Wife Ch. 02

group meddlesome 2017-10-15

My Wife got down on her knees between his legs and started to suck his cock like a pro. She was moaning like a little whore and sucking Jake while offering her little pussy to Paul and his big tool. She then sucked and cleaned his big pole and moaned like a whore the whole time as Paul patted her on the head like a lap dog. Watching my beautiful Wife get reamed by other men was as tough as it was exciting, but having her ass open for business was a big step forward for me and my cock! Her moans of pain and pleasure echoed throughout our little valley and her ass was squeezing on my cock as I fucked her deliberately back and forth.


What A Kiss Can Lead To

group 2017-10-15

In bed Sharon my wife cuddled up to me, her hand went pulled her to me and kissed her, Jan put one hand Jan said good as she slid forward and our lips met in I sent a text to Jan, FLAT SORTED, I got an instant Jan took her other purchases home where Mick was still Jan did not want to make comparisons but Mick's cock Jan left work five minutes early and was in the flat Jan had arranged to meet Jason at the flat on Friday As Jason came out of the shower Jan was in the kitchen walked round the supermarket like any couple, Jan Jan got up leaving him in bed, she fussed about making

One Night in Vegas

group x3nn0nlane 2017-10-15

He wouldn’t ever let on, thinking it a bad thing for a husband to like or enjoy, but I wasn’t foolish enough to think any man wouldn’t be happy to see a naked hot chick. She left it like shackles about her ankles as she smoothed her caramel hands across her glittery skin, caressing herself in ways that made me blush for the moist warmth I felt between my legs. Our lips melded together and I managed to look at Brad who was staring, mouth wide open and I could feel him throbbing beneath my hand. Brad owed me big time and I could tell the entire scene was a little slice of heaven by the way he watched us with worshipful eyes.

BtB: The Contest

group Edge23 2017-10-15

Ashley screamed and tried to pull her foot away from Becca while squiring against me while smacking me on the shoulder, all of which made us tickle her more. After several minutes of this exquisite torture, she pushed Ashley's hand away and slid her soft lips down to the base, sealing her lips their and working her tongue from side to side along the side of my cock. As Becca raised her mouth back to the head, Ashley slipped her thumb and index finger around the base of my cock, making an 'ok' sign, jerking slightly as her other fingers remained on my balls. Becca and Ashley were kissing again and I felt their hands moving around on my groin, but I couldn't see who was doing what.

New Secretary: Bonding

group callmejack 2017-10-15

About the time Marie finished explaining what was in store for us, I guess they got tired of waiting because Madeline came over and sat between my legs. Then everyone switched places – Rachel jumped on my still very hard dick, Madeline sat on my face and Marie straddled my chest so I could play with her tits and pussy. My hands were busy with Madeline and she also let go a large orgasm and finally I came into Marie's ass about the same time she screamed her own. At night, with amazing regularity, Marie and I would hear Jeff and Tom going at it with Madeline and Rachel as if they hadn't had sex in a year.


Hidden Behind Her Blue Eyes

group Gina_B_33 2017-10-15

I could feel a blush flood my neck and face, but I managed to say, "No, but I do have a thing for blue eyes and beautiful smiles." After she gave me her address, we disposed of our trays and parted, but not without Tina giving my arm a gentle squeeze, "I'm really looking forward to tonight, Jake." She let out a laugh, "It's okay, Jake." And she walked over to me, put her arms around my neck, and gave me a warm kiss. When I finally managed to get the beer out of my nose and clean up that which I'd spit all over myself, and once she'd stopped laughing, I managed to ask, "Okay, what do we need to talk about, sexually speaking?"


A naughty fairytale

group Penelope22 2017-10-15

Every evening, four princes from all across the land would be selected to visit the castle hoping to be chosen by Eleanor Esmerelda would stand with the king and queen, her head bowed slightly, her shoulders drooping, watching her more beautiful s****r parade in front of her suitors. In fact you could say Esmerelda was a cum loving fuck slut. She loved watching the princes undress, she would lay there with her legs spread wide, But the nights she liked the most were the ones when all three princes, or even two, arrived and entered her fuck den together. She would let a prince cum in her ass, some nights she would let them all squirt in her gaping, rear hole.

Sue. A Party with Joan and Don

group Justtoold 2017-10-15

She gave me a weird smile and said "You are as big a pervert as the rest of the guys here, and I don't think I should give you any pictures." She explained herself further by saying "Sue is a good friend of mine at work, and if she finds out that I gave you some topless pictures of me then that relationship will probably be history." A short time later I got up and went looking for Sue. I found her topless in the kitchen and asked her, "Are you enjoying yourself?" I see your bra has disappeared along with your blouse. Joan told me that she was saving her pussy for when she got married, however all the guys she went out with were happy to fuck her tits and that's what I could do.


Country Livng

group Fishalicious 2017-10-15

Cindy and I jumped into the bed of the truck and Alan started the slow twisting drive, through the small path in the undergrowth, and up the steep hill lane that wandered across and back as it worked up the hill. Ashley said for Alan to fuck me now, and pulled Cindy's face off of my cunt and put her onto his cock, as he sat in a chair. I relaxed and let Cindy do her best, without any interruption, until she knew I was awake and fed me her cunt full of Alan's and Ashley's cum. Ashley couldn't wait to sink his now hard cock in my mess, while Cindy went to work cleaning every inch of Alan's cock, balls and ass.

The Medieval Festival Ch. 02

group silverisgold 2017-10-15

Luke was about to ask why when he remembered that a hit counted as an "injury," and the knight was forced to drop his shield, pick up his sword with the other hand, and fight left-handed and one-armed. "See that, horrible move," Rodney called out to him when one knight charged hard and put both his hands up, leading to a leg shot that forced him to hop on one foot until he was taken out 20 seconds later. "Study his parry, it's virtually flawless," he pointed out later, breaking down the movements of an obvious veteran who went by the name of "Sir Brutus." While it made him a bit nervous, he was grateful for Rodney's instruction and help, so that by the time he found himself being called as next, he felt fluid and loose.


Tight teen at the bath house

group storeytimesc 2017-10-15

For the second time that evening I felt a total stranger start to swell and his cock started to pump his hot gravy into my greedy ass, just like the slut I knew I had become. All four were breathing heavily, leaning on the wall as I grabbed my plug….it slide easily in and held a dabble of cum in my ass as my thong slid over it and I pulled the skirt back down to my hips. Another almost nerdy looking fellow slid his five inches into my mouth which I easily swallowed and he face fucked me for maybe a minute before grunting like a hog, pulling out, and wildly spraying cum into my mouth and on my chest.

Meet My Busty Bride Ch. 1

group quad68 2017-10-15

Opening the door to the adjacent room, I was at first confused by what I saw, as it looked like Sandra and a young man were in a heated debate about something...I could only see the top half of the scenario, my view obscured by stacked up seats and boxes. Sure enough, when I gained a better view, I saw that Sandra was sitting on a tallish box, her long legs spread wide, her pussy obscured by the man's small, toned ass, as he bucked steadily. As Sam continued to fuck her, Sandra's pretty eyes widened at the size of this second delight, then leaned over and began to massage John's prick with her manicured fingers, while allowing him to firmly guide her head into such a position whereby he could comfortably fuck her face.

The Darker Side Ch. 02

group dark_poet43 2017-10-15

Like a sleepwalker, Casey let Damien lead her by her hand out of the room, with Eric following close behind. At last, she felt Damient take her hands, and Eric let her go as Damien led Casey forward. Finally, she felt a hand caress her face, and recognized Damien's lips kissing her forehead. At last, Eric took her breast into his mouth once more, and Damien began thrusting with all his might, Casey screamed her release, a scream that echoed off the walls. She felt Eric's hand gently stroke her face, as Damien slid out of her and walked around to the other side of the table.


Sybian with Friends

group jeninflorida 2017-10-15

Lisa looked down and grabbed the dildo part of the toy, "Guessing this is where I sit?" Taylor had been hitting on her for the past year and truth be told she enjoyed the attention. Now both women were nude, while Lisa was enjoying the toy Shannon hoped that the guys would start to touch her. Shannon knew that it was time to heat things up and what more would the guys love but if she started to touch Lisa. Shannon was embarrassed feeling a little guilty from watching Lisa knowing that both men loved watching her on the toy, she wanted the attention. Taylor couldn't believe his luck watching Lisa ride the Sybian while Shannon was giving a blow job to Bob. He's been trying to expand their bedroom with others and now it was happening.


Fun in Blue Ch. 2

group bhambabygirl 2017-10-15

I began to go back and forth between D and Ty, until Ty said, "Hey man, you enjoy that head...I'm gonna taste that sweet pussy first hand." To that day he had never gone down on me, but that afternoon, he began to lick my pussy so hard I came before he even inserted a finger inside. Ty gave him a moment to fuck me, and then began to slide his cock deep into my waiting ass. With the two men fucking me at once, it was very tight for all of us...all of a sudden, after feeling the two men working in a rhythm, D couldn't take it anymore and yelled, "Pull!" That was Ty's sign to lift me off of D's cock because he was about to cum.