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Erotic Group Sex stories

A large collection of first-time sex stories about virgins losing their cherry.

Something Borrowed, Something Blue

group ColletteXx 2018-10-30

I wanted to taste Sara, so I pushed her gently back on the bed, her grip on Tom's cock never breaking. Sara was gagging on Tom's monster length and was on the verge of cumming, her chest flushed pink as I downed her juices and tongue fucked her to orgasm. Tom fucked her, trying to get more of his cock into her, each thrust pushing Sara's mouth hard into my cunt. I shuffled down the bed, underneath Sara, until our lips locked and we kissed, deeply, the taste of my pussy discernible on her tongue. I reached for his balls, caressing them, and my mouth found Sara's as we both licked and sucked the head of Tom's cock as he tit-fucked her. 

Girl proving she can be naughty as well as nice

group shindigbobby 2018-10-30

The room was asking for more but she didn’t listen and teased some more, she started rolling on her bed, running her hands up and down her body and then she reached into her bedside cabinet and pulled out a giant dildo. Finally she gave into begs for her underwear to be removed and she peeled off her bra and thong to reveal gorgeous tan marks but as she began to play with her breasts and started sliding her fingers into her clearly visible dripping pussy someone knocked on her bedroom door. She stood up and put on her skimpy underwear ready to open the door, I was torn, I wanted to ring or go round there to stop it but I didn’t, I wanted more to enjoy a ‘crazy’ sex life, this definitely wasn’t boring!

Our First Threesome

group hornycouple 2018-10-30

Jason and Jeremy got back to the bed, both were naked and stroking their hard cocks while they watched me finger my pussy. Right before I could orgasm, Jason pulled back and shoved his cock into my pussy, fucking me so hard, bringing me right to the edge and ready to soak his cock with my my cum. Jason reached and grabbed my hair, making my head jerk up and told me to suck Jeremy’s cock, while he fucked my ass. I took Jeremy’s cock into my mouth slowly starting on the tip, until Jason rammed his cock so hard into my ass it caused me to jerk forward and take Jeremy’s cock into my mouth till I could feel the head on the back of my throat.

$10 / hr motel room fun #1

group carmen_has36 2018-10-30

I sat on the edge of the bed and started sucking on the one guy’s cock getting him really hard. The guy I was sucking was ready to fuck so he had me get onto my knees and he behind me. The other guy of course wanted his cock sucked which I complied. Once the guy getting sucked was hard he wanted to fuck me too. The #2 guy really started going hard and fast into me all while I was sucking the other. #1 guy finally can’t last anymore and tells me he is cumming thinking I will pull away. Barbie did lick his ass as her dare required and ended up fucking him but just once.

Big Women Who Love Hairy Men

group Samuelx 2018-10-30

Right now, my husband Jacob Saint-Simon is on all fours, getting fucked in the ass by a big and tall, hairy Black fireman named Henry Williams whom we invited to join us in our Brockton Mansion for some fun. I like watching two big, sexy and hairy Black men having sex. Henry sucked Jacob's big dick and licked his balls like they were sugar cubes. Yet he was sucking Henry's long and thick, uncut Black dick like oral sex was going out of style. Watching Jacob screaming as Henry fucked him in the ass, I was stunned. I knew anal sex felt great and Jacob fucked my ass all the time but I wasn't sure I liked watching Henry sodomize him.

81% bbw

Why Not Both

group ClarkRoberts 2018-10-30

While Ricky waited for his friends Derek and Tito to arrive, I accompanied Jen to look for a wedding dress in the chapel’s bridal shop. Turning to her groom’s other friend, Jen asked, “Don't you think a wife should please her husband, Tito?" Tito turned to Jen and asked, "May I kiss the bride?" As I kissed Tito, his tongue penetrated my mouth while his enormous cock penetrated my pussy. Despite Derek's spirited earlier efforts with my pussy, it took several tantalizing moments to slip down the length of Tito’s big black cock. My entire body trembled with pleasure as my cunt clutched Tito's cock and my innards massaged Derek's manhood.

That Special Evening

group curious3045 2018-10-30

Angel sat up, put her hands on the dash and started to fuck me earnestly, I couldn’t see her ass because of the skirt, but had a wonderful image of her tight lips sucking the life out of my cock. Then the back passenger door opened and a ten inch cock appeared at my head, looking over at it a hand reached for my head and pulled me towards it. Looking forward to find that Angel had been pulled out of the car and was having her skirt removed by Shaun. Completely taken back as she put her hands on my naked body, pushing me back I looked down and Shaun was eating her shaved pussy like a starved animal.

Johny, Penny and Lenny

group JacksonLee 2018-10-30

Leonard, for his part, appeared completely nonchalant as Penny took a cock in each hand and began to stroke at them. Jonathan watched as Leonard approached her rear and took his cock in his hand. Jonathan watched on as Leonard began to move backwards and forwards behind Penny. She moved her ass faster and Jonathan could feel Leonards cock rubbing against his own. They stayed as they were for a minute, Leonard standing with his eyes closed and his head raised to the sun, Penny panting and heaving, her thighs trembling still as the orgasm faded away, Jonathan feeling his cock soften inside her and the sperm and pussy juices dribbling out onto his balls.


Maria: A Beautiful Whore

group BraveBitch 2018-10-30

Matt didn’t understand what Robert and Maria were talking about, but he felt his cock trying to tear his pants when he noticed Maria’s sexy legs. “In fact James came in his pants when Maria grabbed his crotch for the first time,” Robert said looking at James, fourth member of the gang who was standing near the door. “Sorry, baby, but now get here and put your cock in my mouth,” Maria said, looking at Robert and then at Matt. Matt was moving his hand all over Maria’s hot curvy body; he was sucking and kissing all over her huge tits, and thinking about fucking her ass someday. Maria started kissing Matt, as she felt his cock getting soft inside her wet pussy.

Strippers Letting Loose

group tie_me_up_ 2018-10-30

I gag for a second, but right then Gwenn shoves 2 fingers deep in my pussy, and "mystery cock" shoves the rest quickly down my throat. This causes Gwenn to moan as well and when she opens her mouth, Buck shoves his cock quickly in before she can close it. As I eat her ass and pussy, Buck fucks her face slowly and whoever is behind me starts pumping into me hard. Do you hear me?" I nod quickly, so close to cumming, I use my left hand to rub Gwenn's clit as I eat her asshole and piston the 4 fingers on my right hand in her dripping pussy. I feel his cock spasm deep in my pussy as Gwenn cums over my hands.

What Happens In Vegas Sometimes Does Not Stay In Vegas

group firecat2005 2018-10-30

Mike continued to bury his cock inside Nancy's pussy as Tim took off his clothes. "I don't want to cum yet," Mike moaned as he pulled his cock from her hot pussy after what must have been about five more minutes of continuous fucking. At the same time, Nancy backed up a little and spread her legs apart to make it easy for Tim. She knew what Tim wanted as he pointed his stiff cock at her pussy and pushed it inside.  A few minutes after she came down from her orgasm Mike pulled Nancy on top of him as he began to suck on her tits as she guided his stiff cock to her hot pussy. Nancy began to bounce up and down on Mike's cock as she moaned pleasure every time it went in.

Cheer Camp Part 5

group sassycheergirl 2018-10-30

I started to pulled my shirt up and began to play with my nipples as I felt that familiar tinging deep inside my pussy. But I need to be inside you," Chris said getting off the bed and pushing me down to where he was laying. "God Baby you feel so tight, so warm, and so wet," Chris said taking my legs and bring them to rest over his shoulders. Chris moaned and grabbed my waist and started thrusting deeper inside me. I looked over at Chris and he winked at me as Rochelle knelt between his legs and began to suck him off. Chris stopped and waited for me to get use to the feeling off his dick inside my ass.

African-American Bisexual Students

group Samuelx 2018-10-30

At the time this story took place, I was a student at Milford Hawkins College, a small private school located near the town of Kati, Texas. I was just a tall, good-looking young black man beginning his college career quite enthusiastically at what appeared to be a nice educational institution. Kyle smiled, took Rhonda's hand in his and told me that they had bpth been wanting to hook up with me for some time. Kyle and Rhonda worked me over and pretty soon I came, blasting my hot load over their faces. While I slid my dick deep inside Kyle's ass, Rhonda came to spice things up. Rhonda smiled, and calmly told Kyle and I that she wanted to try double penetration.


Bisexual Black Threesome

group Samuelx 2018-10-30

A big-booty, thick and busty, light-skinned young black woman named Kimberly Isidor and her pal Andy Pierre, a tall and dark-skinned young Haitian man. The tall young black man is thrusting his long and thick cock deep into my asshole and I'm absolutely loving it. You see, Andy had been steadily plowing his big black cock into my asshole the entire time and now he was finally cumming. Having Kimberly suck every last drop of my cum from my cock while Andy's dick filled my ass with its manly seed was definitely an incredible sensation. I think this Idell guy has been fucking Kimberly up the ass quite often and like many women, she can't admit that she loves it.


Fifteen Years Later

group HighDesert 2018-10-29

I had come around to get a better shot of the whole thing and Laura looked up at me and said "Oh Daddy, I can taste his cum in my mouth? When Javier finally got all the way in her he grabbed her hair tightly and started to fuck her with no abandon as he forcefully pushed her head down onto Jefe's cock. All of sudden Laura spit the cock from her mouth and looked down at Chuchu so wantonly you would have never have guessed that she even had a husband much less that he was standing right there. Slap my wife with your cock." The kid looked at me like I was crazy but he did it and as he did Laura started to come to another orgasm.

Massage School

group seemywowzza 2018-10-29

Looking the redhead in the eyes, Trish responded, "Red, long before you had that incredible orgasm on the table, I dreamed of fucking you too." Then Trish heard her own words add, "And you, and you, and you." as her eyes made contact with every student. Red briefly released her lip lock on Trish and then kissed me deeply as her fingers worked their magic on Trish's pussy and tugged at my cock at the same time. By now I was behind Red, fucking her pussy as another cute young blond girl squatted between our legs, licking our genitals as I pounded Red. She took turns pulling my cock from Red's pussy and sucking on it, cleaning the pussy juices from my cock before feeding it back into Red's flaming hot pussy for more.

The Creek - Part Two

group Arcane 2018-10-29

Jeremy and Maggie led Logan toward the creek with Sophie in tow. Maggie, Jeremy and Logan positioned themselves evenly in a circle around Sophie as she began to spin. Sophie paused her sucking for a moment and turned around, just in time to see Jeremy plunge his throbbing cock into her pussy. Sophie looked up and saw Logan standing over Maggie, his long, thick cock standing at attention. Logan propelled his cock down Maggie’s mouth and pumped in and out of it, just like he would to a pussy. Logan was pumping vigorously into Maggie’s throat and Jeremy was thrusting into her pussy. Jeremy, also finished, took his cock out of Maggie and wiped his member clean on Maggie’s lips.

Coming Out Of The Closet

group Samuelx 2018-10-29

My parents were hard-working poor black people and I wanted to make them proud by getting a good education and making something out of myself. I fucked her asshole like there was no tomorrow, and finally came, sending my hot cum deep where the sun didn't shine. Michelle sucked my cock and licked my asshole before greasing me up with lube and inserting the dildo into my ass. I had enjoyed getting fucked by my girlfriend's strap on dildo but a man's real cock felt so much better in my ass. Michelle sucked my cock as Raul pumped my ass. To have a man's hard cock plunging in and out of your ass while your own cock was buried deep inside a woman's tight asshole.


Wild Times

group Trsiel 2018-10-29

Sam’s hand grabbed hold of the waistband of my boxers and slid them down my legs, freeing my erection for Liz. Once my boxers had hit the floor Sam moved down the bed, taking my cock from Liz she slid her tongue up the base of it then wrapped her lips around the head and took my cock in her mouth. Her tongue passing up and down the underside of my cock, licking the head just to tease me, Liz leaned over and began to kiss me, one of my hands moving to her breast, massaging it, tugging her nipple and drawing moans from her as Sam drew moans from me.

Renee, Part 1

group randomcouple 2018-10-29

I worked afternoons and would get home from work around 12:30 a.m. Many nights I would find Renee and Tammy chatting, watching TV, having a glass of wine, etc. One Friday night, I got a text from Tammy that she and Renee had hired a sitter and were going to a local club to drink and dance to “blow off some steam.” She asked me if I would pick them up after work since it was on my way home. I leaned back and watched Tammy slide next to me opposite Renee and whispered in my ear, “isn’t this what you wanted all along?” I couldn’t deny it, and she soon had joined Renee sucking and stroking my cock. Tammy moved behind Renee and we had this sort of three way kiss going on.

An Evening to Fondly Remember

group Flashcouple 2018-10-29

 The seats in the Couples' Theatre now were all couches, and we were able to find one right in the middle where we had a good view of those around us and they had a clear view of us.  "B" immediately loosened the knot on my blouse and it was hanging over the back of the couch very quickly.  He slid his hand up my inner thigh and, as is my automatic response, my legs slid apart welcoming his fingers into my very wet pussy.  I guess my moans were getting a little loud, because another couple came and sat down next to us.  I was mostly in the mood for showing off with "B" and wanted to have a bit more "room", so we moved to the couch behind us.  I unzipped "B"'s pants and pulled out his cock, which by this point was ready and waiting.  I slid it into my mouth got down on my hands and knees, with my blouse off and my skirt hiked up over my ass, sucked him to the point of moaning, then climbed on to his waiting cock and took a ride.

Suzie Demands Her Rights

group stockingsandgarters 2018-10-29

As I came into the large room behind her I saw Sue and Jake rising from the couch to greet us as Melanie reached the centre of the room, where she raised her arms out from her sides to shoulder level and pirouetted on her toes three times, causing the skirt portion of her dress to flare out to the horizontal, displaying her beautiful long legs sheathed in black silk and her perfect ass sheathed in nothing at all! Sue then kept it fully erect in her mouth by the slow, gentle use of her tongue and lips for about another twenty minutes as her husband jacked up Melanie more and more forcefully, faster and faster, with him giving her the occasional light slap on the ass to spice things up, until finally, he blew his wad inside her with a loud gasp of pleasure.

Haitian Bisexuality in Montreal

group Samuelx 2018-10-29

"Okay, I've got him now, so fuck him good, Hank!" My girlfriend Sheila Sebastien all but shouted as she held my ass cheeks wide open while my buddy Henry "Hank" Mathieu got behind me and rubbed his hard dick against my well-lubricated asshole. "Oh yeah, Hank, I've fucked his ass with my strap-on many times, it shouldn't be too tight for your big ole dick, hope you like the feel of Magnum condoms, that's all Chris and I use, " Sheila said, laughing and playfully slapping my ass. Alright, I'm not going to sit here and tell you I didn't feel a certain way when I watched my best friend Hank get his dick sucked by my girlfriend Sheila.

Sharing My Lover With Another

group ProfessorErotica 2018-10-29

We talk about how good it felt to have my cock inside you so many times, and how your pussy is a little sensitive tonight, but that it certainly won't stop you from fucking me like a mad woman later on. This allows me to finger your hot ass, and it gives you the chance to lift your head and start blowing this guy for the second time. I pick up a rhythm and soon all three of us are going strong with you moaning continuously as you get fucked in your pussy and ass at the same time. At that, I pull out of your ass, jam my dick into your overused pussy, and fuck away for another few minutes until I blow my second load of the night into you.