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Erotic Group Sex stories

A large collection of first-time sex stories about virgins losing their cherry.

The Hubby and the Fun

group 2017-10-15

He loved to have her bend over and suck his cock as the men in his poker group took turns fucking her or eating her pussy. Let's see you fuck and suck baby." As she moved her cunt all over the fake cock she sucked his cock deep and hard till she felt his cum flow down her throat. He licked her pussy from one end to the next and sucked on her clit before he then slid his tongue deep in her cunt and began tongue fucking her making her cum. Tonight after the men left he would let her put on her strap on and fuck his ass while she jerked his cock making him cum till he screamed.

Therese & Liz Ch. 02

group Irish Moss 2017-10-15

Feeling Liz's hot pussy sliding up and down my shaft while admiring Therese's naked physique had my cock as hard as it could possibly be and my orgasm building. As she lay back on the concrete, I hooked her legs over my arms and started sliding my cock in and out of her again while looking over her perky tits, hard nipples, smooth stomach and trim, strawberry-blonde bush. I was not fucking her too hard because I didn't want her sliding on the rough concrete so, consequently, I was savoring the feel of her pussy as I slowly slid my cock in and out of it.


Kay Winds Down After Work Ch. 04

group mitchuncensored 2017-10-15

Free lunch for half an hour wait?" Said Jenny, looking at Kay who nodded. Jenny looked over at Donna and Kay who were silently watching the show. I'm really fucking horny now." Donna then lay back on the blanket and looked at Kay. Her hands slowly slid down her stomach to her clit and started to slowly rub it. Donna nodded and noiselessly said "wow." She moved behind Jenny and pulled her up to her knees and pushed two fingers into her sopping pussy. Donna looked up at Mitch, winked and then continued to finger and tongue Jenny. Donna reached into her bag, keeping her fingers buried in Jenny's pussy and pulled out a bottle of massage oil.

Isabel Wants Some Fun

group alexcarr 2017-10-15

It is something very special being there, the way I knew that a woman like Janine was enjoying me. I felt a movement like Janine was changing her position, but then she was back again saying she needed some cushions to rest her knees upon, I assumed she might as well make herself comfortable so that she could enjoy me to the full. She showed Isabel how to release the ring so I was free to cum and there they were in full suck again, like they wanted to eat me. "All the way Isabel, would you like that, he is nearly there?" I heard Janine say as I felt the burst of the bubble.

At the Lake With Jo & Kate

group eddyeddy 2017-10-15

As we all laughed, Kate punched Alex in the arm and took a seat next to Paul with a pouty look on her face. Jo was still working on Paul's cock, but one of her hands was now inside of her bikini bottoms, rubbing herself. Before I knew what was happening, Kate dropped her bikini, bent down and started sucking on one of Jo's tits. "I've missed you," Jo said, pulling Kate's face up and kissing her lips intensely. "Damn girl," said Jo, "You know how much I love to lick Alex's cum from your pussy." Jo looked at me. Kate straddle Jo's head and I reached out to hold her arms and steady her as she lowered her sloppy pussy to Jo's lips.


Letha, AKA Lisa

group Hornyman69WithU 2017-10-15

As I would lick-suck-finger Jessica to the point she was making loud, unintelligible noises, Letha watched closely, saying things like, "Thath's it," "Oh, I like that, too," "Exthelent," and "You definitely know what you're doing." Still lick-suck-fingering Jessica, I reached up with my free hand and began to fondle Letha's wonderfully firm and perfectly shaped hanging boobs, tweaking the nipples up hard as she softly cooed. Well, I continued to 3-finger Jessica fast and furious while I squeezed and licked and sucked Letha's fabulous tits in plain view of Jessica, now in a spread-eagle position with a wonderfully loving you-just enjoy-those-nice-boobs look on her face.

Total humiliation

group vaanna18 2017-10-15

He finally pulled away and then Miss C lowered Her dripping cunt and ordered me to lick Her clean. it was a recording of Miss C and my Mom watching that earlier video of me, Miss C and the Black Man. There, was my Mom and Miss C watching me on the screen and then my Mom getting so excited by what I was doing. Once the video was over, Miss C asked Mom what she liked best and Mom said "when she cleaned that Black cock and then cleaned out all of that black cum from your cunt!" Mom then added, "she is such a wonderful little slut....

School of Sex

group anita8003 2017-10-15

There were only two teachers, one male, John who took care of the boys dormitories and one female, Mary, who was in charge of the girls. Whenever a new boy is admitted, he will be assigned to a cubicle and one girl as his maid. A girl will be assigned as the maid for a boy for maximum 4 weeks and then sent to someone else. Miss Mary would give all sorts of instructions to the girls as to how they should serve and satisfy the boys, their masters. When a new boy is admitted he will be given the books and other stationary and then will be ushered to a room with few girls where he can choose one he likes.

A Reputation To Uphold Ch. 04

group Londoner247 2017-10-15

Moving it slowly Jake teased her by trailing ice around her boobs and then finally pressed it hard against her left nipple. As Jenny sucked hard on the ice cube in her mouth, Jake turned his attention to the pink dildo in his other hand. As Jake slid the dildo in and out of her moist cunt, Jenny's breath came in short bursts and her body trembled. As I stroked my dick harder against Jenny's face, Jake grabbed a second ice cube from her glass and pressed it against her pussy. With a flick of a switch the dildo in her arse began to vibrate, and at the same time Jake pressed forward and sank his dick into her dripping cunt.

Camping at South Mountain Park

group FRED_S 2017-10-15

Bob asked "did you notice her clit was larger than most girls?" Jake answered "yeah the tip of it looked like the head of a tiny cock and when you sucked on it while eating her she would make little squealing sounds." Bob replied "I remember that and her pussy always smelled and tasted great." They tapped their beer cans and said "here's to sweet Sharon." Susan asked "really, have you ever been caught?" Bob answered "not so far but we came close a couple of times." The girls laughed and Joyce said "that must have been exciting." Susan agreed and Jake said "that's part of the attraction."


Keep It to Ourselves

group zimabean 2017-10-15

Then mom said "Alice, you were not k**ding about how good his cock feels, I have not had one feel this good in a long time." I was nearing the point of no return so I decided I better let mom know so I said "I am going to cum." To which mom replied "fill my pussy to the brim, I just love young cum." With that I pushed up into mom's pussy and released my load flooding her womb with my sperm. I had had my eye on this little bitch from the day I met her so I rolled her over and put the hard fuck to her and busted my nut deep inside her to the applause of the other f****y members.

College life spring semester 25

group ab8715 2017-10-15

"Let's not go there right now," Kris said while reading the screen. "Who cares now, Matt?" Kris said with his towel thrown over his shoulder. My ass is with Matt no matter what!" Kris said with a red "Stay the fuck out of this, Matt!" Kris said. "Hell guys, we can't say shit anymore about liking dick," Bryson said. "See Kris, I told you they wouldn't have a problem with it," Colt said. said last week come hell or high water we were moving out of this place." "Kris, I knew you and Colt were going throw down," Scott stated leaned back "Scott, is it really a bad thing to be bi?" Kris asked. "Fuck no, you, Matt!" Scott said. "Thank you Scott," Kris said.

Masturbation Club

group flashgordon562006 2017-10-15

After we finished fucking, Lisa said that there are probably a lot of people who masturbate by themselves and it would be interesting if we had a group of people that would do it while others watched. We now had a group of eleven people in the masturbation club, five men and six women, which included two couples. By the time the men were finished, Lisa was covered in their cum, which she left on her as a proof of how well things went. After everyone left, Lisa looked at me, smiled and said to me, "I told you so," and walked into the bedroom with five guys cum all over her, and ready for more

Hung Threesome

group dashman60 2017-10-15

Bob told Ralph what a great fuck I was and urged him stick his hard cock in my ass. He got off the bed and grabbed a condom and lube.Bob sat at the head of the bed and I got on all fours in front of him so I could suck him while getting my ass reamed.I felt the cool lube on my crack and then Ralph worked it into my hole. A finger slid into my slick asshole to massage my prostate and it was no time till I erupted with a big stream of cum that landed on Bob's cheek. He directed his stream onto Ralph's cock.That just gave me more cum to feast upon.I took all they had and cleaned it up with my scum coated tongue.

My First Threesome

group A_Good_Username 2017-10-15

He was really cute and without thinking I flirted back, He leaned over and kissed me and I kissed back, I was not thinking about anything other than getting fucked, I was rubbing his cock through his pants and he was rubbing my pussy under my skirt which was driving me crazy, the guy reached up and pulled my tube top down and started sucking on my nipples while going back to rubbing my pussy, I was moaning softly on the couch while he was taking care of me, then Steve came into the room and saw me, I looked right at him and just closed my eyes again and let the guy keep going.

The Guest Room Ch. 04

group AlexanderHuntington 2017-10-15

They felt totally loosened up and didn't keep to just their own partner; Michèle sometimes felt Henri's fingers stroke her thighs and arms, and Corentin wasn't afraid of playing with Axelle's hands and fingers either. Michèle, Henri and Corentin stayed on the couch and continued their cuddling fun. While Michèle lay innocently in between her two friends, Corentin's hand went down from her thigh, over her dress, onto her bare knee. While Michèle kept stroking Henri's dick, Corentin finally positioned his cock at the entrance of her pussy and started pushing in. When Michèle's cheeks were getting tired, she pulled Corentin's dick out of her mouth and told Henri to stop:


group LynnGKS 2017-10-15

Then we got naked on the living room floor on a very soft rug with some pillows and started to read the porn letters. Sunday we slept late and fucked in bed, sometimes with a re-read of the best porn letters from the mag. She read the best letter to me and then laid back and spread her legs on the floor in the living room, waiting. She pushed me down on my back and mounted me like a cowboy, grabbed my dick and shoved it into a dripping wet pussy and started to fuck. Dottie started to breathe hard as I fucked her. Will one of you horny bastards get the hell up off your sorry ass and get a sweet young girl a drink?"

Granny becomes Slut

group oralman12 2017-10-15

I grabbed her head and pushed her down onto my cock as she sucked it choking but didnt stop ,another wife came over and knelt down and wanked me as the other was sucking me ,they passed my cock between there mouths as Mary stripped other wife of her black dress giving it to her husband as Mary put his hand on her cunt as she was naked except for stockings and black patent Hi heels all looking at her pierced nipples and her tattoo "Your Whore" as the husband was fingering her cum filled cunt as she got his cock out and sucked it then pulled him over to the bed and stripped him as he watched his wife now nude and being felt by other guys .Mary said "you love watching your dirty slut wife sucking his big cock ,you want him to fuck your slut " he just mumbled yes ,Mary told me to bring her over next to her and fuck her while I fuck her husband .

The Sleepover Pt. 02

group RoyWilliams 2017-10-15

Tammy began to stroke my cock slowly as she propped herself up on one elbow to raise her mouth to Rick's dick. The perfect slow hand-job; perfect because I felt I could have stood there all night without cumming, fully aroused, enjoying both her touch and the sight of Rick's cock in her mouth. The moaning wasn't a technique, it was my reaction to the thought, feel and taste of eating Tammy's pussy, her light touch as she reached back now and then to tease the sides of my cock with her fingernails, and the knowledge that only few feet away, Rick was watching. Both her hands were still on my legs and Rick continued to massage my balls and hold my cock while she sucked.


Study break Ch. 05

group watersex 2017-10-15

As I pushed a finger inside her, I saw Danielle's nipples pressed hard against her suit. Danielle leaned back far enough to look behind her as my fingers pushed deep inside her and I found her clit with the tip of my tongue. I watched as Christy pushed her hand into Jen's bikini and felt the blood rushing to my cock again. I was rock hard again and Danielle's pussy spasmed as I pushed two fingers deep inside her. As her moans filled the air, Danielle pushed me to one side and circled Jen's breast with her tongue. I burst on the next thrust, cumming so hard I stopped pushing as Jen pressed up to meet me.


group 2017-10-15

I looked over in time to see Gretchen pull her hand out of Luis' pants and smile, she then crawled towards me and Lola motioned for Luis to come closer as she had done with me. After what felt like far too short a time, I f***ed my brain out of its selfish mode and withdrew my soaking wet cock from Lola's mouth, a thin string of drool and precum dropped to the floor and her chin. Surging with lust, I only was aware of two things, the delicious feel of Lola's pussy against my invading fingers and tongue and the fact that my cock wanted nothing but to plunge into one of these women and give them the fucking of their lives.

Pre-Birthday Treat Ch. 02

group icebunnys 2017-10-15

So merrily I begin to place pieces of fruit around her frosted body making sure to put a cherry in the right spot sliding it in just far enough so you will have to dig it out with your tongue to eat it... Once done with the fruit I grab the sprinkles and start to sprinkle them along the frosting and whipped cream leaving a colorful trail for you to follow while you're eating your B-day Cake. Then sitting up I turn and look at you, smiling, I ask "are you ready?" You nod your head and then your hands move to my back and start to run your fingers freely over my body...

Shared with a stranger...part 3

group Hotpants66 2017-10-15

But he puts his arm around me and pulls me close, stroking my arm lightly the entire ride, kissing my forehead occasionally, I am confused as I don’t remember ever seeing this side of him. The thoughts of it have my pussy throbbing, I take time to finger myself, wishing Sir would join me. “Don’t be sorry baby girl, I’m glad it makes you want to stroke that pussy, but Charles has returned and I have breakfast almost done. Sir runs a hand along my inner thigh, runs a finger along my pussy, and kisses my forehead. My arms wrap around his neck, and I feel John kissing my back as his hands are now on my ass lifting me up and down on Sir’s cock.

A Cool Saturday for a Fuck Slut

group leatherteacher 2017-10-15

"Sorry, Rook, but Sandy and Kim cleaned me out pretty good last night," she said with an evil grin of her own, "but I probably have a little piss pie if you like that stuff." They know I'm going to fuck them, but they are so insecure and uncertain that I find it amazingly easy to tease them to nearly total frustration before I finally let them put their cock into my pussy and fuck a girl for the first time. I don't feel like I should be giving you your first piece of ass, Allen." I planned to keep him on a tightrope for an hour or so letting him have a little smooching time and a little slap and tickle, but no confirmation that he was going to get into my pussy.