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Erotic Group Sex stories

A large collection of first-time sex stories about virgins losing their cherry.

Dear Diary Ch. 01

group Kelli Bleu 2017-10-15

I watched, my tongue wetting my dry lips, as Michelle's crimson lips slid down, and down, and down, finally touching the flesh at the base of his huge tool, Anthony's indrawn breath as the last centimeter slipped inside, his hands visible now on the top of her head, pushing before, now resting as she slipped back upwards ever so slowly. Michelle's hand and mouth were moving really fast now, and anthony's breathing was heavier than i've ever heard. I watched Michelle try to recoil and pull off of the rod embedded deep in her throat, but Anthony's hands held her head in place as his hips pistoned into her mouth in time with his heavy breaths.

Sharing Jessie Again

group The Needler 2017-10-15

Jessie sat at the foot of the bed, turning to look at me over her soft shoulder with a broad smile on her face, but Missy glowered over me like a protective mother hen. Jessie looked radiant and Missy was clearly relaxing after a long, stressful time. Goonie cut in: "You really want to convince that little guy to pop out, don't you?" Jessie smiled and nodded. Jessie sat on my lap and I played with her nipples, stroking and milking them, while Missy laid on the bed. Goonie gave Jessie a kiss on the brow before diving between Missy's legs, kissing and stroking her thighs and breasts. Jessie leaned over to whisper in my ear: "I know Aunt Goonie fucked you the day we got you home.


After the office party

group griffen1 2017-10-15

I heard Linda say, "Stop that Joe. I'm a married woman." Suddenly Joe pulled Linda towards him and covered her As my wife was trying to pull away from Joe her Again Joe grabbed Linda and kissed her hard. I heard Linda say, "No, no, Joe please no." Then I saw Linda begin to cry as they pulled her panties After Joe shot 'his' load into her he pulled his cock out The second guy took Joe's place and eased his cock Linda's legs open, they just stayed that way. saw Linda cum about three more times. wife's wide-open pussy. As he was fucking her I saw Joe put his cock against at Linda's feet looking down at my well-fucked wife

Mihaela and George

group elia_cdl 2017-10-15

My friend had said Mihaela couldn't resist the feel of more than one cock at the same time. I kept picturing Mihaela sucking my cock while Nick fucked her. Nick pushed her skirt up around her waist and pulling panties aside wasted no time in ramming his cock into her pussy. As I began humping her ass she leaned forward and took Nick's cock in her mouth. As soon as I freed my own cock Mihaela ran her hand over the head, smearing the pre-cum that was already leaking. Before Illya came in her mouth, Mihaela turned her head and began sucking on Alex. I got a towel from the bathroom and when Nick was done fucking her for the second time I used it to wipe some of the cum off her.


Academy of Sexual Studies Ch. 01

group daveball500 2017-10-15

I watched with my mouth hanging open as Valerie gradually revealed the rest of her perfect credentials to my hungry eyes, she unfastened the corset halfway, giving her tits some room to escape and then she was reaching down to fiddle with the clasps holding her stockings to the corset straps, I was in heaven as I watched and pre come was leaking from my cock as Penny played with me, all too soon the corset came off fully and Valerie was standing with hands on hips, she had the most amazing breasts I've ever seen in real life, she twisted and turned for me, making her luscious tits sway invitingly, they were large enough to be described as pendulous but absolutely beautiful with it, her full lips pouted and she spoke seriously for a moment.


The Sorority House Ch. 02

group bluedragonauthor 2017-10-15

Seeing that my mind was otherwise occupied, Aika bounced back to Tim where she laid out her body against his, grinding her hips into his leg and wrapping her arms about his chest. Even though she was already cumming, neither Trinh nor Tim let up on Daphne and as he began to spew into her, I could see her eyes roll back as unconsciousness from pleasure overwhelmed her. Looking to my left I saw that Lisa and Aika had returned to the couch and with their eyes on us, formed a sixty-nine to munch each other as they gazed at the three of us engaged in a double-penetration fucking. Seeing this, Aika bounced off of Lisa and buried her mouth in Trinh's crotch, slurping out the combined juices of Tim and Trinh's releases.


Molly at the Reception

group pisces 2017-10-15

Daddy bent me at the waist and I could feel his hard throbbing penis as he pushed against me, slowly sliding inside me, moving with deliberate slow strokes. He pulled back looking down at me and she moved in, and began to kiss me, licking his cum from my face, tasting her man. He walked over and stood beside, stroking my hair, "Such a lovely little girl and so willing to please." I looked up at him, smiled and said, "Yes Daddy, I love pleasing you, I would do what ever you asked me." He kissed my forehead lightly and said, "Yes, but you must also please the Queen Mother. With both hands caressing the inner thighs, I began to lick them and suck them and nibble on them while his tongue moved deep inside me, in and out.

Losing the Bet, Being the Wager

group n2anal78 2017-10-15

Jeni was the tallest at 5'9, long blond hair nearly as long as my wife's, she had C sized breasts that she always showed off in cleavage revealing outfits, shapely legs, bright blue eyes, round ass, and a ready smile always on her full lips. As I begin to let my tongue slide around another woman besides my wife's pussy for the first time since we had first begun dating I feel Sheri's lips kissing my ass cheeks. " Your hot ass just ate my entire cock in one try." Sheri says in a low sensual voice right at my ear as I feel her breasts pushed against my back.



group missmissy 2017-10-15

The combination of Bob's cock in her mouth and Matt's tongue on her pussy was overwhelming and she began cumming. Jan said, "we need to keep doing what we were doing, or we might wake him." Matt, surprised at finding himself quite excited by seeing his wife covered in his good friend's cum, didn't argue. Matt looked up at Jan, her face and breasts still dripping Bob's cum. Looking up, he saw Bob's erect cock, closing in on Jan's pussy. Still a little annoyed at how hard Jan had ground her pussy into his face, he thought, "This will teach you." Reaching into the nightstand he pulled out some lubricant and began rubbing it on his cock.

Hotel for Couples

group Kickinback54 2017-10-14

Cyndi had removed all her clothes now, as had Lane, and they sat there, each with a hand on the other's pussy, playing with their slits, and watching as I sucked Larry. And Cyndi urging me on "Suck that Big cock - take it all in, let me see you filled." It was all turning me on so much, having my mouth fucked while two lovely women fingered each other and urged me on. Lay down on your back - I want to show you something." Cyndi said as she pulled me to my feet and turned me around so that I was facing Lane, with my ass towards Larry, who was dropping to the floor.

My new address part 2!

group Gush4u 2017-10-14

He started pumping pretty hard and it felt good but it just wasn't like it was with Kevin! He gave me a kiss got up said thanks and hope to see you soon. Then I walked out and Ben came over and gave me a big hug and a kiss! I grabbed the note Kevin left for me Then Ben called our pilot and a cab for us. Ben said he would carry my bag to my car. I said Ben I can take you back if you would like. I said Ben I would like to show you something reserved for Very Special friends! He gave me a kiss and a hug and said thanks so much for the weekend!

First Taste

group OneTouchMystery 2017-10-14

Jen notices Thorne's stare and slides her hand down Mia's back and inserts her finger into Mia's wet lady bits. Mia's lady bits are now dripping with orgasm and glistens in the candlelight as Thorne grows harder and harder, his penis now throbbing for Mia's honey pot. "Ok honey, I did what you asked, now how about payment?" Thorne reaches for his wallet and pays Jen her fee and watches how the blonde's wet but satisfied lady lumps walk out the door. Mia screams as Thorne increases the pace, fucking her little wet honey pot harder and harder.


A Weekend in London

group derek33 2017-10-14

I'm watching two things now, Lee's hands as they begin on your inner thighs and your face for its reaction. You feel her remove the towel and begin on your ass and as she massages it, her fingertips graze your asshole and pussy lips. She blatantly touches your pussy as she moves and soon she is rubbing your ass with her right hand and reaching between your legs for the creases between your pussy lips and thighs with the other. Her clit finds its mark as your slits touch and Lee explodes herself...her little body shudders violently and her high-pitched yelps into your mouth sound so erotic.

My XXX-Video Blow Job

group ErosManV 2017-10-14

Mike said to her, "Okay, Linda let's go," and the girl knelt down alongside the guy on the floor and started to suck his cock. She sucks him for about two minutes but obviously he's not ready to come because Mike barks out, "Okay, let's get the next guy up here." The skinny black guy shuffles off to the end of the line, his dick only half-erect. I can hear the sounds of the Latino guy's cock sliding in and out of Linda and she lets out a few moans as she sucks away. The crew-cut guy has his hands on his hips as Linda sucks the top part of his cock while she strokes the lower part with her left thumb and forefinger making the OK sign.



group coyoteugly 2017-10-14

I think that I could lick your balls and cock all night long and be happy." Janie said as she gently rolled his scrotum with her soft fingers. Marcus' orgasm hit him fully just as Janie collapsed onto his chest and he held her tightly to him, as if she either could, or wanted to leave him at that moment. Janie lay on his chest breathing hard and just letting him do what he wanted to her, his hips pumping hard until he impaled himself as deeply as possible to feel the full effects of her pussy while he came. Janie couldn't believe her ears, it was her secret fantasy to have a threesome, but it had to be with two men, and she wasn't sure if that is what Marcus meant.


The Test Ch. 03

group phillyinjun 2017-10-14

She felt his hard cock squeeze between their torsos, feeling the beautifully soft skin that was enclosing the hard flesh, felt the outline and automatically tried to push up her pelvis against it, to give her aching clit relief. Even as her tongue flicked inside Fran's hot mouth, feeling his tongue, even as her nipples screamed with pleasure as they rubbed against his chest, she could visualize his cock, thick and hard, veins popping. Fran's beautiful and strong fingers entered her pussy as she pushed her pelvis against him, and then she felt him probing, looking for something. Fran found the spot perfectly, and she gasped at the sensation of two determined fingers in her massaging her inside, right where she wanted it.

My Promotion

group subjaye 2017-10-14

So I had two couples cancel and when I told Dot she said, "Well maybe we should call Roger and tell him that we are going to cancel." I told him that he was crazy if he thought I was going to suck his cock, and then he completely shocked me when he reached out and slapped me very hard on the cheek. She steeped forward and walked behind me and Roger told me that I should get to my knees and suck his cock before he got really angry. I told him I wasn't and he told me that if I didn't want everyone to see pictures of me sucking his and Steve's cock and the both of them fucking my wife I'd better do as I was told.

Threesomes, Who Knew?

group femihussy 2017-10-14

The very thought of his hands touching and feeling my body, his hard penis penetrating me, made me wet. We held onto each other, savoring the feeling as his skilled hands parted us, finding our pleasure spots, making us wet. He kept thrusting deep into me; stroking my fire to seemingly unattainable limits, I could feel my body preparing for the orgasm that was inevitable. He didn't stop, but kept thrusting, making the feeling last as my body spasmed and I called out! His hand found my pussy as he continued banging Angel, finally making her peak. I brought my face over to Angel and kissed her again, long and hard. I could feel the tense ball form in my stomach and start to spread across my body.

Island's Sail Ch. 01

group Justdome 2017-10-14

Deprise then asks to see the inside of the boat and Carol with a little smirk, says she'll keep Nathalie company until we return. Nathalie directs my cock into Deprise's pussy and starts to lick and suck on my balls. As Deprise and I roll off to one side Carol goes between Deprise's legs and sucks my come out of her pussy. Carol starts to massage Nathalie's clit and within a couple of minutes Nathalie is coming again. As I start to come deep inside Nathalie she reaches an orgasm and collapses onto Deprise's abdomen. Carol rolls off of Deprise's face and comes over to clean my cock off with her tongue as I lay spent on the bow net.

Sally Goes Underground

group twistedgraygoat 2017-10-14

If we were to go out with one of the local men it would soon be gossip all over the county so Ellie and I decided that we would look for sex in the city one Saturday night each month. As usual, Ellie and I drove to Atlanta about mid-day, registered for a double room with 2 beds, and spent the afternoon shopping. I took his balls in my mouth and stroked his cock with my hands, I kissed up and down the length of his cock and swirled my tongue around the velvet head. During the school year that I spent in that little Georgia school district, Ellie and I made 6 or 7 Saturday night trips to Underground Atlanta.

Crack Whore - True Story

group Duke71 2017-10-14

Strangely, instead of telling me to fuck off, she said, "Wow, that's right you didn't get off." She takes another toke, passes the pipe to her friend, drops to her knees and pull out my cock. I follow her lead and pull the long shirt off of the blonde, leaving her buck naked in a shared bathroom, with the door open as she chokes down a complete stranger's cock with her crack-head friend. I looked at my little blonde crack-whore and said, "OPEN!" With my other had I grabbed a good chunk of her hair and pulled her head back as she obediently stuck her tongue out and closed her eyes.

Stereophonic Hook-Up

group Jeanne Ink 2017-10-14

As the denim pants were removed and Jerry sat naked before the girls' eyes, Krissy slid off the bed and kneeled alongside her friend. Angie held tightly to the base of Jerry's cock, pulling off now and then to allow Krissy a chance to pleasure the penis, as well. "You like it, don't you?" Krissy asked of Jerry, her lips pulling away from Angie's. Angie's mouth wrapped quickly around the offered nipples, and Jerry watched in awe as the two girls' began to allow their hands to roam freely over each other's bodies. As Jerry's hands traveled Krissy's body, Angie continued her loud and excited act of fellatio. Jerry entered Krissy slowly, Angie licking fervently at her friend's soft pink nipples.

Ginnie's Ice Play

group Athalia 2017-10-14

"Ginnie, get the toy, but don't let him see it!" I retrieved the Ice Vagina from my freezer and returned to the bedroom, where I found Greg lying face up on the bed, his eyes covered by Dottie's hands. Maybe her clitoris had suddenly become too sensitive to stimulation, or maybe she had sensed my distress, or maybe she was just feeling generous, because as soon as she orgasmed again, she pushed Greg off her and said, "Fuck Ginnie now!" And then I felt the warm cap of his penis at my opening, pushing against my labial folds.


A Bisexual Man's Hidden Secret Ch. 03

group windwriter 2017-10-14

Bobbi grabbed my arm and turned me around, "Look, there's Ned," she said while looking as though she would begin salivating at any moment. Ned grabbed her dress and pulled up the back then grabbed her hips with his large hands and held her firmly while he rubbed his shaft along her ass crack. His one hand left her hip to grab her face pulling her head sideways while his fingers dug into her flesh, "I'm gonna get me some of this sweet ass tonight," he promised her. I knew Bobbi loved having her ass fucked but I had not told Ned this knowledge because of his size.