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Erotic Group Sex stories

A large collection of first-time sex stories about virgins losing their cherry.

The Couples Club Ch. 03

group Rodwarrior 2017-10-14

A couple of days later the wife became aware of people at her Country Club looking at her oddly and some even snickering. Cindy is going to take Mercy to a private room where she can conduct her interview and answer any questions. I gave a complete history of Mercy and my relationship from our first date, including all the types of sexual acts we had engaged in as well as the location and a guess at the date. Then I told him my complete sexual history from my first hand job through my last girl friend before Mercy. The main STD test and the rest of the blood work should be ready in a couple of days, but we can't be absolutely positive about HIV for six months.


Pulled Over

group jessicarabbit24 2017-10-14

Steve began to slowly insert his cock into Samantha's warm hole again, this time feeling the pleasure of her tongue swirling around it, and the hotness of her breath on the head, sending little heat waves right down his shaft. She had started off slow, licking the tip, and soaking his cock with her saliva as she engulfed him, but as Officer Johnson began to really pound his cock into her, she was going up and down on him with a speed he didn't think possible, still swirling her tongue round his shaft as he fucked her mouth, feeling his cock go right to the back of her throat.

Luci........... My first. (Part two)

group 2017-10-14

Luci made a face and said “Don't be so formal, we are all going to be very good friends.” And she told Karen to give me a kiss, so as instructed she leant forward and brushed my lips with hers. The black and white made my legs look dark grey, and with the white belt and bra, and black catsuit it was a very pleasing effect, and the black kitten heel knee boots finished the outfit off perfectly, but the pierce de resistance was below my very hard, very erect cock the two rings pierced through my scrotum which had a small sign hanging from them which said 'FOR LUCI'.

Discovery Ch. 14

group D H LAW 2017-10-14

Looking around, I found Penny, Curt and Shannon, Pete and Sharon, and Sharon's friend Sue were the only ones left at the party that we had not had sex with. I thought we were in trouble, but somehow Sharon got Wanda twisted around until her pussy was right in Pete's face. As we continued kissing, we slipped down on the blanket next to Pete and Sue. I brought a hand up to close it over her right breast and felt the nipple grow hard under my palm. Sue was now licking Sharon's pussy and Pete's cock. Sue may have been a little shy earlier, but as Pete and Sharon rolled away to enjoy the afterglow, she drove her tongue deep into my mouth.


THE SHOPPING CENTRE - A "by request" sto

group yachtmasteruk 2017-10-14

After kissing deeply for several minutes, Pieter pushed Silva backwards onto the office desk that took up most of the space in the office – she could feel his fingers start to unfasten her jeans and slide them down her legs – hid lips just pressing against her panties over the soft warm mound of her pussy. Leaning over, Silva took it in her mouth - her lips closing over the hot, hard, crown as she sucked it inside – Pieter’s hand was on the vibrator again now - pushing it in and out again, as she sucked on his rampant cock.

Desert Heat – Pt 1

group jdwhitings 2017-10-14

One afternoon, Bill asked me if I wanted to catfishing with him and Olga after dark at the small local reservoir. She noticed I was looking and asked if I liked what I saw and I told her yes, they were very lovely and then I told her how I missed Ginger’s breasts waiting for me at home. Bill asked me what Ginger looked like, so I told them she was tall, slender, long naturally red hair and green eyes. Olga asked about her breasts and I told her she was a 32C and figure like an hour glass. That night, I dreamt of Ginger and her breasts and when I woke up I relieved myself again, before heading out on my first run of the day.

Student Lessons

group Swingdancer 2017-10-14

The boys stationed themselves on every side of the bed while Inga sat next to my head and bent over to watch as my cock began to swell and harden in your mouth. You won't always be in bed." Remembering the instructions you had given Hans, Rolf took the base of Hans' cock between his fingers and moved it to a better angle away from the boy's stomach and then enveloped the head with his mouth. As I felt both assholes clamp tight on my fingers, I let go and began to shoot what little cream I had left in my balls into the wet mouth engulfing my throbbing cock.


Locker Room Fun

group JadeFireHeart 2017-10-14

She caught her friend's hand and pulled it away from Mike, and murmured something that sounded like, "Not so fast, Karen. Before she had finished coming, Karen already had started sucking eagerly at her friend's tits, causing her to join in the general panting and muffled gasps. Lauren, you've gotta try this cock!" The three girls started to arrange themselves, when Mike quickly sat up. I had Gina on my left and Karen on my right, like a matched pair of voluptuous blonde bookends, and I gently slid a finger into Karen's dripping snatch, as she sighed and spread her legs further. Mike pulled himself away from Lauren's breasts and said, "You know.



group 2017-10-14

Positioning myslf in a way where i could squeeze a breast and edge her panties apart so the soft flesh was exposed to the cool air; i was expecting her to do what she normally does and start to moan softly - Asl**p - dreaming of some unknown stud no doubt pounding her; doggy style - in her dreams!! depsite her knickers being a bit twisted; like me perhaps; I position my screamng cock near her mouth and bury my head into her juicy swollen cunt protuding through the soft yellow fabric; pubic hair spilling from the sides. Half wondering if she is still asl**p or not I relax and let her suck very gently on my head that is seeping pre-cum aplenty into her mouth.

The First Training

group Cherkasov 2017-10-14

It was Kate's turn to act like a careful mistress and use the sharpest caresses for Angela's pleasuring. Seeing such impatience Kate got the finger out of her friend's asshole giving way to the splendid dick that was at some inches' length from her face. Without stopping to lick the swollen clit of her teacher Kate watched the thick, vein-covered dick squeeze into her chocolate hole; how the manhood was stretching the sphincter. "Well, chicks, I leave you now and go to train my "hunks." By the way, come to me, Kate if you want to train with me," with these words Alex got dressed and left the cloak-room. "I'd like to train with him, cuz his cock is great enough!" reacted Kate, turning to her partner.

A Weekend Off Campus

group CraigBoi 2017-10-14

She bobbed her head all over the tip of my cock, flicking her tongue over it before coming up, looking me straight in the eye and saying, "mmmmm, Yummy." She quickly returned my cock to her mouth and slowly began moving up and down with her lips wrapped tightly around my member. Hannah had worked about half of my swollen 8 inches into her mouth when she came up, took a deep breath, gave a quick kiss to the tip, and then plunged my hard cock down her throat taking all of it to the base. I sat up and my cock slipped from Brianna's mouth with a loud "plop." She gave me a pouty look and I quickly kissed her and rolled her onto her back giving Hannah better access to her pussy.


Lisa’s Summer Vacation Ch. 05

group Reefkeeper 2017-10-14

Sally shook her head, “Think Lisa, they’re double occupancy rooms and why invite any additional attention in little old Storrs? At that point the door opened and Lisa entered to the sight of Sally wrapped tightly in Jason’s arms. Sally delayed Arthur enough so that when they entered the girl’s room Lisa had had time to become presentable and curl up in a chair with a textbook. Jason dropped by about five minutes later and after the introductions were completed the two men loaded the boxes and bags into the truck while Lisa and Sally began to dress for dinner. Lisa and Jason, bundled in thick terrycloth robes, entered to find Arthur still pounding Sally doggy-style.


The Long Weekend Ch. 01

group kevj0607 2017-10-14

Ben had walked up and was stuffing his fingers into Danielle's cunt at the time Kevin began sucking her clit. Kevin then got behind Jennifer and slowly entered her pussy from behind as Danielle was still sucking on her clit. Kevin withdrew his cock and Danielle quickly sucked it into her mouth, cleaning of his spunk and Jennifer's pussy juice. After removing Kevin's cock from her mouth, she moved to Jennifer's overflowing cunt. Danielle began licking and sucking all of Kevin's cum from Jennifer's pussy. After Danielle had sucked enough cum out of Jennifer's pussy to keep it from dripping out, the four of them laid down to sleep for the night.

surprise by s****rs

group djohnson381 2017-10-14

I went in and got a good dirty pair one day, and thought I would go to my shed and rub one out. When I realized that I was being watched, I threw the door open, cock in hand, and asked if they were having fun. One day I was in my shed working on my dirt bike when the oldest of the two s****rs came up to my completely nude. I started playing with her pussy when I realized that my other s****r was watching from the door. When our mom got home she asked if we had a good day, the three of us smiled and said we had a great time.

Just a Fantasy Ch. 02

group bbwsadieml 2017-10-14

As Jason released my mouth he said, "Suck him first." He turned me so I faced my husband. Will's hand was at the back of my head, holding my mouth there to suck hungrily as Jason watched. I took my hand and started to rub him and as I got into rhythm, I felt Will spread my lips and then he shoved his cock inside of me hard and fast. I worked Jason's cock over with my mouth and hand. Jason's body grew tense, and I sat back slightly, my hand rubbing his shaft quickly. I realized then that Jason sat directly across from me and watched as cum dripped from my swollen lips.

The Milf Co-Workers Part 1

group xJJGRAYx 2017-10-14

As I begin to move my hand up her skirt and slowly caress her inner thighs, she lets out a little gasp of arousal and I feel my dick hardening and before you know it, I was rock hard and about to burst out of my trousers. As I begin to feel myself in her, we both let out a little moan and we pick up the pace, her tits bouncing about in my face while she rides my dick, faster and faster. Lorraine jumps into the shower first, followed by Sandra and I decide to stay out of the way on this time, and let the magic happen. Sandra turns Lorraine around, so she is facing away from her and bends Lorraine over and begins to f***efully finger fuck her open pussy and asshole.

Pizza Anyone

group Inseminator181 2017-10-14

Mia was filled with lust, feeling this guy cum inside her, then slowly pump the remainder of his nut juice into her. Ben could feel the soft honey and cum covered walls of the slut's cunt, the sensitive head of his cock being massaged and coaxed toward his orgasm with every thrust and withdrawal. Glenn held the base of his cock stopping the shots of cum and delaying his climax, quickly raced around to Mia's gaping open cunt and buried his shaft, balls deep. After about 10 minutes, Glenn, said with a wicked smile on his face, "ok - time for round two!" He took Mia by the hand and led her into the bedroom with Ben and Matt following.

The Houseguest Ch. 05

group CCMAguy 2017-10-14

Just at that moment, Angie cried out that she was cumming and started to ride Rich's cock even harder, bucking up and down like she was on a horse, Cassie, began to cum as well and moved back onto Rich's face, I exploded into Jill's waiting mouth and she never missed a drop. She screamed that she was going to cum, and I fucked her like there was no tomorrow, I felt her ass tighten up on me and her legs were wrapped so tight around me I could hardly move my upper body, I leaned forward, she reached up and grabbed my face pulling me to her, her mouth closed on mine and we kissed, sucking each others tongues, she bit my lip and I could her her moaning as her climax reached it's peak....

The Camping Trip Pt. 05

group Tetris07828 2017-10-14

Now I would like some coffee and something to eat, then a shower and I'll be a happy girl." Tina said. "I'd love to lay here naked in the air conditioning and wait to be served breakfast in bed by a handsome gentleman." Tina said in an awful southern accent flicking her eye brows at me. It was almost lunch time and I prepared to head into the park to grab a bite when it dawned on me that Tammy said she was bringing something by. Now I only have about 30 minutes to get it on, get cleaned up and get back to work so if you would mind let's move it along." Tammy said slowly like trying to explain rocket science to a five year old.


Hot Wife: Mexican Vacation Ch. 01

group hotorangecouple 2017-10-14

So, I keep watching and as his buddy taps him on the shoulder, big Carlos turns and Diane kind of sneaks a rub on his cock. Right now, Diane is kind of in a doggie position on the floor, so as little Carlos gets behind and starts to push into her, she kind of moves forward and takes about 3/4 of that monster in her mouth. But, big Carlos says, "I want to cum so bad, but I gotta get my turn at that hot pussy, like you promised." I started fucking that ass with just the head and Carlos started moving his hips up and down, which made his cock rub mine, through my hot wife's pussy cavity.


Dogging on Cannock Chase

group knickerlessalways 2017-10-14

Anyway, the outcome of it was that we all three agreed to go to the area on Saturday evening, and I dressed accordingly -- a brief skirt, just long enough to cover the tops of my nylons and suspenders (I know that seeing me in those turns men on), and a tiny g-string which just hid my pussy lips (I had shaved it specially for the occasion), but no bra even though the top I was wearing was fairly see-through. Anyway, we arrived, and Skip led the way by walking towards a car whose interior lights were on and whose windows were fully open, and through which two men were already peering.

White Slaves Ch. 3

group FarGalaxy 2017-10-14

She rolled back to the floor and held his knees as she pulled herself up, her tits brushing the insides of his legs and her smooth belly coming to rest against his cock as they kissed. Xena grabbed the girl by the shoulders, licking the side of her neck and kissing her as she pulled her over to Milan, who was stroking his cock and breathing harder as he looked the wench up and down. Milan saw her give a get-ready signal, and noticed that the guards were eyeing Xena as she screwed the horny pirate and the two women that were licking the wetness from his own cock.


The Business Ch. 11

group Harryandsally 2017-10-14

Kirsty smiled, she loved games like this, putting herself completely in Pete's hands suited her submissive nature. Kirsty then felt another cock the other side of her head, she was now alternating between the 2 men while a third fucked her. Kirsty worked hard on the man to her left with her mouth now, she could feel his cock starting to tense now. The man fucking her arse grabbed a handful of her hair and rammed his cock into her as hard as he could, shouting obscenities as unloaded his spunk into her bum. Beth wasn't shocked, she knew Kirsty and her man got up to some wild things, she just hadn't met him until now.

The Perverted Monks Ch. 01

group daemontea 2017-10-14

"Please, you're hurting me" my girlfriend pleaded as but to this the monk only grunted like an animal while tightening his grip even further and I could hear him slurping what was extracted from het little cunt with incredible force. This apparently aroused her as I could hear the monk slurp greedily a huge amount of juice out of her pussy and at the same time I could feel her little ass open up completely without opposing anymore resistance to my fingers which were now 4 inside her. "Now look at what mess you have made!" I remarked "You will have to clean that up now!" and I ordered her to take off her top and be completely naked which she did, pretty clumsily since the other monk was still digging his claw-like fingers in her fragile little ass-cheecks.