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Erotic Group Sex stories

A large collection of first-time sex stories about virgins losing their cherry.

Catherine and Jamie Ch. 04

group lovin69 2017-10-14

Catherine and I had met Marc, Monica and another couple on the hotel elevator as we were going to our room for a fuck session of our own. Earlier, Catherine had guided me through a cock sucking session with Marc while Monica watched and stroked. This continued for quite some time until the woman stroking her thighs nudged the man and he removed his mouth from Catherine's pussy. Monica nudged Marc and he came to the mat, knelt down in front of Catherine and held his massive cock to her face. The lover in Catherine's pussy pulled out, letting the cum ooze from her as he moved to Monica and her partner.

Behind Bars by loyalsock

group loyalsock 2017-10-14

“After it was over, Gloria kissed her hard on the mouth and said, “Now you’re mine and everyone knows it!” Barb sat on the bunk, waiting for Gloria to allow her to return to her cell, but what happened instead, was she was told to follow Sgt. Perkins and do exactly what he told her to do. When he got inside, Warden Dunn pushed Barb away and motioned for Sgt. Perkins over to her. On her way back to work in the laundry, Barb realized that by being young and pretty, she wouldspend the next three years of her life satisfying the sexual desires of anyone Gloria told her to.In her first twenty four hours in the prison she had been broken in body as well as spirit.

The Club Ch. 02

group Fog43 2017-10-14

"If you guys don't mind, I think I'm going to start the weekend seeing just how good our new prospective members over there really are," Julie said to Deana and Steve. Bud and Terri were old friends of Deana and Steve's. His fears steadily melted away as he saw how easily and naturally Deana talked with Terri and Bud about her own first forays into bisexuality and swinging, and how enthusiastically she described the male gangbang Steve had been the focus of in Papeete just a couple of weeks ago. "Terri, you look so sexy in that dress," said Steve. As she sat in Bud's lap Deana said to Terri "ooh, I bet that feels great to wear.


Phone Call Ch. 01

group hclay84 2017-10-14

"Oh...oh...oh yes...he...he wa...he wants you to...oh fuck...he wants you to watch..." I hear the telltale sounds of you cumming, a hard gasp and the slightest little squeal as I imagine his cock plunges deep into your hot, tight little pussy. The bedroom door is closed, and for a few seconds I stand outside and listen to the dirty sounds from inside, feeling my cock swelling down the leg of my pants. My own cock stiffens to full hardness and I have to open my pants to let it stand out from my body, feeling it bob up and down with excitement, thinking about your tight little cunt throbbing and cumming around his unfamiliar shaft.

Holiday Orgy .What a holiday!!!!!!

group adel5000 2017-10-14

Tony sat on a chair his massive cock rapidly hardening as he watched Kate and Kate dropped to her knees and began to suck Sonny's thick black cock. Looking over to Kate I was just in time to see Sonny push her on to the table on She continued to suck Tony's massive erection as Sonny slid his cock Maria lent forward and began licking Kate's erect nipples as I fucked Maria. Before long Sonny came deep with Kate's vagina. Kate and Maria began French kissing as Tony and I fucked the girls bent over the Maria began wanking my cock as Sonny fucked her fanny. Sonny knelt in front of Maria and slowly reintroduced his cock into her vagina.

The House

group builtlikeabrick 2017-10-14

'Well I can see you thought that you would continue the…uh shall we say 'celebration' now that exams were finally over.' I looked at Kristin and felt an emptiness in my stomach as I turned and walked out the front door. I didn't want to spoil what we had emotionally with physical stuff, but I guess I already did.' She looked at me apologetically before bending her head to take Mieke's mouth in a passionate kiss. I kissed her breast one last time before sliding down the bed, past Mieke's head to end up behind her. My feelings were still mixed as I went up and lay behind the two girls, stroking Mieke's pert breasts as she murmured softly into Kristin's chest.


group usm1carbine 2017-10-14

Her hand had not satisfied the longing within and she now dug into her vagina with her fingers, trying to calm the urgent need deep inside as she heard a noise behind her and looked to see the two guys standing there totally naked as their cocks pointed straight out in front of them, "Looks like she could use some help Bob,' Frank said as they both stroked their hard cocks and Jill sank to her knees before them, anxious for the real thing as her hand drew a cock to her lips and she sucked it in, unable to get enough.

Circle of Love Pt. 05

group Romantic1 2017-10-14

Jim and I allowed Jan to pull us into the middle of the first bedroom and then we took turns giving her deep soul kisses. Jim said he was cuming so Jan left me for a moment and helped pull him into her with arms and legs wrapped around him. I replaced Jim and positioned Jan so I could fuck her doggy style; I started rhythmic thrusts into her plus I was whispering to her how much I loved her but that she was such a slut to fuck the two of us at the same time, and that she loved cock, and that I was going to spray the insides of her cunt with my juice.


Bosom Buddies

group buffbody 2017-10-14

I started asking her how her week was and all that shit, but then moved real close to ask her for her bed and puss for a bit. Tyler and I were both pretty much tenting our sweats from beating off before, and I made sure Gina could feel my bulge by leaning right up against her. My bro sat on her bed and started jerking his shit under his sweats. I started feeding her my cock, and before long, she was taking my entire dick in as my buddy fucked her puss hard. I started sliding a finger in her puss while Tyler fucked her, and it felt like there was so much room left in there...something I had to fix.

Introduction: We develop a close relationship with

group sunnita 2017-10-14

Joy and Will's two k**s, Mary (4 years) and Len (3) and our two, Dan (6) and Lulu (4) were already splashing around in the pool, all of them naked. I looked at John who had a big grin on his face which I took to mean that he would like to see Joy naked, then I looked at Will who had an even bigger grin on his face. “I wonder,” I said to Joy, “if they would like it if we put Mary to bed with Dan and Len with Lulu.” “Yes. However, first I want to watch John fuck Joy's arse. Normally John likes me to start there, but Will was impatient to experience my ability to deep throat him and so he pressed my head down his cock.

The Toy Ch. 2

group Elron Steele 2017-10-14

As she sucked the party's left over cock juice from her fingers, the guy arched his back, and screamed so loud she heard him through his closed car window. Faint smiles played across their faces as they saw Tina's pert little breasts, bare with the nipples hard as rocks, and her denim skirt up over her waist. "I've just come back from a party." She raised her fingers to her lips sucking hers and Donny's cum into her mouth as she gazed into the blond cops eye's. She peeked through the door of their bedroom and watched as her mother finger-fucked herself while she sucked Tina's dad's long cock as they watched a porno on their bedroom TV.


Flea Market Fun (MFF Groupsex)

group dubblep123 2017-10-14

Before I could register what was happening he pressed herself against my left side and brought her mouth right up to me ear and whispered with hot sweet breathe "Oh my god, baby" she paused and snickered a little "I was over at the counter and I caught the guy jerking off!" She pulled away slightly so I could look at her face - she was flushed and had an ear to ear grin on that only meant one thing. The porn guy finally must have clued in that this was really happening - his eyes were open and he had slipped a hand down Catie's tank top and was squeezing her left tit.

The Sex Theater

group loloishorny 2017-10-14

Steve continued licking and fingering my pussy, Stu let me give him a blow job. Steve heard Stu get off, then came up to my face and licked his cum off my cheek. Wen Stu was finished getting off, Steve put a condom on and began to fuck my wet pussy. Some guy from behind us came over and began to suck on Jills tits. Jill and Stu began fucking, with the guy that was sucking her tits, put a condom on and stuck his cock in her pussy along with Stu's. Stu got up from Jill, pulled Steve closer, to hold his head. Stu was getting off in Steve's mouth as I was squirting all over Jill's face.

Lustonbury Festival Ch. 04

group emily_hughs 2017-10-13

All I now is that when I looked up at Danielle and Kyle a few moments later I was totally naked, with a cock in my pussy and a woman's mouth at my tits. While Danielle helped the man expose her breasts to his hungry hands and mouth, I decided to get more involved with the other woman. Mixed sounds came from Danielle as she received my tender sucking of her breasts and the rough, harsh pounding to her pussy, whimpers of pleasure and near screams of pain. Danielle moaned and whimpered as my rough tongue lapped at her wet tits, and my lips tugged at her nipples.


Whilst Mummy sl**ps

group JOHNFINASMITH 2017-10-13

While I was watching Mom take Uncle Brian’s cock in her mouth, I played with myself.” Seeing Rob raise his head finally, and noticing the way he was looking at her, she didn’t feel so bad now. They fucked for another five minutes, and Rob watched in blissful astonishment, his s****r’s cunt start spraying clear, sweet-smelling cum all over his cock, balls, and chest. The entire room smelled aromatically of pussy and cock as Rob watched his large, fat prick disappear into his mom’s stretched-out mouth. After a few moments, Brian wanted his turn, and Rob saw his uncle give Amy an amazing face-fuck--very fast and sickeningly hard.

Bed Full of Pussy

group Chimney Sweep 2017-10-13

She was a lovely mess with her bed hair flowing wildly around her head and shoulders, looking like she'd been screwing for an hour or so, her sharp little features focused on what I was doing to her friend. She dropped to one knee, her other foot behind Cathie's head, landing her pussy right on the other woman's face. I reached up to Angie's pussy, gently pushed Cathie's face out of the way and slipped two fingers into my wife. I aimed a little better the next time and sent the second wad into Angie's mouth, the third back down to Cathie's other breast and the rest I let Angie suck out of me.


You Promised

group Mrbigdick2014 2017-10-13

"if we play this like we did with you and margaret,it might just work tonight!"said Pat. Pat put her hand under the table onto my thigh and moved closer,we watched as Dave took Mary in his arms,he didnt try anything,they just talked and laughed,ive always found, Mary disentangled herself,turned and sat back on the other sofa,her legs opened wide as Dave entered her again,Marys legs wrapped around Daves waist,Dave slowly started to fuck her with long strokes,then quickened until his cock went in and out like a piston,mary groaned loud as she came again.the sight of her stockinged thighs round Dave was a sight ill never forget.Mary was enjoying this,i think the lady has turned,i thought to myself.

D&D's Adventure in Lust Ch. 01

group dmwriter 2017-10-13

"Don't move an inch big boy," this sexy thing panted as she looked up from her position with her eyes almost directly under my spread legs, "I want to grab this pole with the two big round things on either side and hold on!" The innuendo was unmistakable, but I wasn't sure whether it was what she said or if it was the way she was licking her lips as she spoke that made my member jump as if it had a mind of its own (something males are often accused of). Before I knew what was happening, Deb raised her head up slightly and gave the tip a quick kiss before standing up and walking off to the ladies locker room saying, "Bye for now, and don't get your gym shorts all messy after I'm gone!"


Stepping Out Ch. 04

group RonCabo 2017-10-13

Whatever Mark and Kendall expected when they burst into their "spare" bedroom, Jackie naked and she and Joseph engaged in a passionate kiss with his hands all over her breasts was not it. With a mischievous grin, Jackie grabbed Kendall's cheeks to the surprise of the boys, spread them apart and sultrily challenged, "I want to see you stick that big cock in your stepsister's hot pussy." She actually assisted by grabbing Mark's dick and guiding it in." Mark naturally started thrusting. "Come here, stepbrother, I want to taste, this girl's pussy on your cock." Mark didn't need to be told twice, moving into position as Kendall sat on the edge of the bed.


Wife serves more than coffee to friends in my wood

group gdhubby 2017-10-13

As I pumped I got her to talk about the sex, getting her to describe Doug cumming so deep inside her, and how sucking Tim's dick made her feel. Ray worked her clitty furiously with his fingers, he was good at getting her off very fast that way, so in just a couple of minutes she was starting a moaning orgasm that peaked when he finally pushed his dick in prolonging her moment a bit., Ray didn't try to hold back very long, but the pills stretched things out over 5 minutes before cumming just inside her so that there was a little gush of cum when he pulled out.

Adventures in House Sitting

group Toqueme 2017-10-13

I stepped up out of the pool to find the owner of the house and dark eyed Mel standing on the back patio watching me. With her dark hair slicked to her head, those large, tilted eyes black in the lack of light and rivulets of water tracing the angles of her body, she looked like some sort of selkie come to enchant whoever dared happen upon her. I looked over to see Tom still doing laps, pulling his body through the water in long, smooth strokes. I moved on to her other nipple, licking and nibbling until it stood stiff, and let my hand slide down her belly to graze her pussy lips.


The Bet

group kodos9000 2017-10-13

I leaned over and took one of the hard red nubs into my mouth and began to lightly bite and suck on it when the door opened we were at our floor and to our shock were standing three young women they looked like they were in their early twenties. "I love the way you fuck my mouth with your cock honey!" Sara said as she went back to throating his member. Sara straightened up forcing me to as well she turned to me and put her arms around my neck and began to passionately kiss me I could taste it all and I loved it, I devoured her tongue I had forgotten that James was even in the room, again.

Nursing School

group Deathfyre 2017-10-13

Working all night, coffee with Dr. Picardi in the morning, and then some sl**p before starting the routine all over again, she and Mike had very little quality time together. The spell was broken when Mike said in a hoarse voice, "Angelina, take it in your mouth, do that for me, that'll be okay." Removing her hand from the head of his rock hard cock, Angelina started to get up from the bed. It was only by accident she discovered she could milk more of the flowing nectar from the burgeoning cock by pressing her fingers under his balls, squeezing the shaft and moving her hand upward at the same time.


group prettygal69 2017-10-13

I like the feel of Trevor's hard cock in my mouth and gave him a good blow job and he sucked my clit and licked my pussy bringing me to a pleasurable climax. She said "It must be the sun, don't you worry dear, I and Alex will give you a good massage and you'll be fine." They made me lie down on the bed and started rubbing my hands and feet gently. Now Brenda and Alex who were till now fully clothed started undressing themselves. Alex started rubbing Brenda's boobs which were smaller than mine but her nipples were longer and bigger than mine. While Brenda resumed sucking my nipples, Alex was kissing and licking my pussy.