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Erotic Group Sex stories

A large collection of first-time sex stories about virgins losing their cherry.

Honey We're Home

group wallen999 2017-10-13

I grabbed both an ass cheek in each hand and pulled her with me, spreading her pussy lips from behind so I could really drive my dick into her. “I know you want to cum in my pussy!” The husband almost tried a denial, but she rocked her whole body back into him, pushing off of my weight to do so. She grabbed my hips and moved me towards her, using one hand to slide my cock into her mouth, still wet from everything. She slid his cock out of her mouth and pushed herself even further off the bed, stroking him while she plundered the back of his balls with her face.

The Perfect Football Game

group Selecto 2017-10-13

It was the beginning of football season and Bryan had been planning a trip to Tuscaloosa to see Alabama's opening game with a couple of his friends. "Come on guys let's get going, we've got a long way to go," said Bryan. "You guys can I'm going to bed," said Bryan. As he got all the way in Jenny's pussy he began to fuck her faster. "Come on guys I need some more dick in me" Jenny announced. Bryan got up and let David take his place in her pussy. Bryan positioned himself over Jenny and put the head of his dick at the opening of her upturned ass. Bryan could now feel his cock rub against David's in her pussy.

The Phone Call

group Tween2Legs 2017-10-13

"Stacy wasn't at a concert last night." She left here about 8:30, said she was going to a concert, and, I dunno, got home sometime late last night," I countered. "Excuse me if I'm not understanding, but what does 'doing both guys and girls' mean?" I asked crossly. "You know, Stacy's really hot," he replied, ignoring my question. "I said 'She has nice tits.' As soon as she got to the party, she took off her top and showed her tits to everybody." It's a beautiful sight with her ass up in the air and some guy's cock pounding her cunt while her tits are hanging down and flopping and she's grunting and sucking on some cock or licking some pussy.

Living With Libby Ch. 02

group kewtieboy 2017-10-13

I would love his cock in me." Her dirty talk got me going too and I started to look forward to the party. My main reason for being there was Libby, and Mark was going to have to come up with his side of the bargain too, after getting his lips around my cock. As I did, I saw a jet of cum shoot out of Marks's cock and land firstly on Libby's chin and then find its home in her mouth. I pushed my cock into Libby and fucked her ruthlessly for about ten minutes before I realised I was going to cum again. As for me, I realised that straight as I was, I rather liked the taste of cock, as long as Libby was present.

Bad Day Gone Good

group sazzy 2017-10-13

"Peggy, we're going Hot tubbing, would you like to join us?" I said. "Give us your load of cumm Andy all over our pretty faces" No sooner did I tell him that and he look down and see out awaiting tongues, did he erupt. It wasn't long before Peggy and I were in each others arms licking and savoring every drop of Andy's cumm. Not really knowing what I was looking for, I held her pussy lips open with my fingers and just began exploring with my tongue. The sensation was incredible, feeling the control of bringing Peggy to a shuddering climax, while my pussy was full of Andy's cock.

The Golden Triangle Ch. 01

group sr71plt 2017-10-13

I tensed as I sensed that there was more than one mouth and one pair of hands working on my cock and balls and stroking my inner thighs, but the female attendant pulled away long enough to tell me that servicing a yellow hair was a high honor for Thai men as well, and that I would be doing both of them a good turn by allowing they both to make love to me. It was as if I was drugged with lust and a languidness from the bath, massaging, and other attentions and transported to a world of Mai Pen Rai, that convenient Thai world of "never mind" and "taking pleasure openly and guiltlessly where it could be found." The female attendant came up on her knees over my head, giving me easy access to her clit and her sweet, perfumed cunt with my lips and tongue, while I felt that male attendant lower his hips onto mine, facing her.

Tom and Paul and Julie

group scheherazade215 2017-10-13

The alcohol had loosened tongues a bit, and Paul wanted to know more about the relationship between Julie and Tom. "Since we've been talking about high school and fun times, let's play Truth or dare." Tom said. Tom let his hands stray down Julie's back, his lips continuing to rain kisses on her neck. As Paul's mouth changed breasts, Tom turned Julie's face toward him and planted a kiss on her lips, their tongues twisting around each other. Paul continued to kiss and suck at Julie's breasts, but followed Tom's instructions. Tom waved Paul back a bit and slid his hand down between Julie's legs. As Paul complied, Tom took the time to pull Julie to him and kiss her.

Wild Night Ch. 4

group Fritz 2017-10-13

Terry and Barb waited until Samantha and Angie went to the restroom to follow them. "Sure, sounds like fun!" Said Terry, giving Barb a wink and a nod. Suddenly, Barb whispered something to Angie, and Terry did the same to Sam. All four girls got to their feet, grabbed their clothes and dashed to the restroom. "What do you think, girls?" Said Terry to Sam and Angie. What do ya say?" Asked Barb, looking again at Sam and Angie. Angie and Sam went on to describe how Tom and Scott videotape all their sex acts. Looking at the videotapes piled up to the ceiling in the backseat of Jake's car, Terry smiled at Barb.

Jeff Thousandaire Ch. 02

group bluedragonauthor 2017-10-13

Melody's demeanor was all ice queen, standing aloof from me, not looking in my direction and generally radiating get-the-fuck-away-from-me signals. "FUCK YOU!" Before I could react, Melody had slapped me again, my jaw still sore from the last times she'd smacked me. Mildly starting to panic as my brain dreamt up further worst-case scenarios, I called Erica, one of Melody's best friends and another admin with the firm. I looked up and Sheldon was walking into my office, followed by both Melody and Erica. Erica shrugged, the look in her eyes clearly saying 'I don't know any more about this than you do.' I figured it was just a coincidence that out of all the other admins in the firm, they were pairing me with someone I knew.


C.N.A. Story Ch. 03

group bluefox07 2017-10-13

Linda hauled off her t-shirt to reveal her beautiful, naked body as I undid Sandy's jeans and kissed the tops of her breasts. A large gob of cum had landed on Sandy's chest, and Linda quietly licked it off, taking a moment to suckle on her breast. Sandy was moaning, almost whimpering with pleasure now as I worked on her crotch and Linda played with her nipples. "Oh God, YES," Sandy cried as she rode me, dropping her hands from Linda's breasts and holding onto my midsection as she rode my cock. I saw the top of my head sticking out from between Linda's legs as she ran her hands through her hair, her massive tits swinging as she grinded against my tongue.

Dutch Takes Rosa To The Doctors

group Paris Waterman 2017-10-13

In response Sharon raised her left leg and placed it on the desk with the skill only a dancer or former dancer could manage providing both Dutch and Rosa with a perfect view of her cunt. Soon her ass was sucking on his cock, due in part to the fact that Rosa was applying three gloved fingers to her pussy, churning away as if trying to make butter from all the juice now flowing from Sharon's cunt and down her legs. Sharon an active onlooker, pushed Dutch away and savagely kissed Rosa, savoring both her own taste and his on the other woman's teeth and gums and then calmly licked her jizm clad face clean.


Mary's Awakening

group MsSandra 2017-10-13

As she took the thick cock to the back of her throat the man at her pussy lowered her ass back to the bed and she felt a long dick rubbing up and down her hot slit. Mary felt the cum running steadily from her mouth as the new dick pounded away upset that it was being wasted, wanting to slurp up every drop. Mary screamed in pleasure "Oh my God. Yes fuck my ass, harder, fill me up with that dick." The two dicks moved in unison filling her pussy and ass. I want to give her this with out all this cum to lube her!" The next thing Mary felt was the man cleaning her ass and pussy with the wash rag.


The Club

group 2017-10-13

Beautiful young fit tanned men all kissing my body and I felt my dress being slipped down sliding with hands of men and women lingering on my breasts and nipples. Dancing in a g string I am still a magnet for their attentions and soon a feel a blob of glitter gel being rubbed on my body, breasts, nipples, neck and back.. I am in love as a chain of orgasms hit with such f***e I am weakened but I hold his neck as I am gasping for air and smile as I feel his body stiffen and feel a powerful squirt of cum splash inside.

Seven Days of Lust Ch. 06

group Master_Vassago 2017-10-13

Finally Sarah winked at Dan and as she sat next to Kay she ran her hand up her thigh beneath Kay’s short skirt. “Well, you all know what has brought us here tonight,” she started, “I arranged this get together as a favor to a couple of friends and you have all been selected to participate with them or amongst yourselves as the evening wears on.” Sarah stood there with her hands on her sultry hips and waited for all this to sink in before beginning to speak again. Kay felt Sarah spread her cheeks wide and her fingers slowly push inside the tight anal opening as her tongue continued to rim her.

The Switch Ch. 02

group eymach 2017-10-13

As she placed a soft kiss on his cheek she surprised him with the comment, "I'll bet Snake has got his cock buried in Rena's pussy and is slow fucking her right now. Slowly Sara lifted her lips from Rod and asked, "Close your eyes and play a little game with me." Rod closed his eyes and concentrated on all the different sensitive feelings that Sara was imparting onto his cock. She pleaded, "Just like that, Ummmm...umph..that is sooo...good...oh yes, oh yes...keep doing that...I'm almost there." She dropped on Rod's chest and nuzzled into the nap of his neck and whispered, "Quick, put your finger in my pussy and get it real wet...don't take your cock out."

I Felt That, Did You? Ch. 3

group Dr. Fellowes 2017-10-13

About ten o'clock Kathy said that she was going to bed and she was going to think about what we had said and would let us know tomorrow what her answer is and to fix her car, so that if she wanted to leave in the morning she could. I am going to have to go home and tell my wife that the promise I made to never hurt her, was broken to night." I said with my head in my hands. "Well let me know the next time you need it because in a couple of day's I will be dying to get fucked like that again." Sandy said as she dressed and left.

Dave's Disastrous Mardi Gras Ch. 02

group yowser 2017-10-13

Danni Raye got up and went off on her errand, but I stayed to chat with the pair, who placed themselves sitting at the top of the bed, Jean Paul with his hand on Jessie's thigh, tracing random patterns on her smooth white flesh. She laid her head on his thigh, closing her eyes, holding his prick with one hand, and you could see her hips pushing into him and the signs of more energetic work from Jean Paul's smothered head. I cast a last glance back at the amorous couple on the bed, Jessie's asscheeks were working pretty hard now, Jean Paul's prick moving in and out with some speed as their hips ground into each other.


A Tough Decision

group Caspianwriteserotica 2017-10-13

"I just don't think that a year and a half is enough time to know, whether you want to spend the rest of your life with someone." "Nah, I just had a long talk with Bridget." Jonas stretched, and grabbed a jumprope. "Bridget was pretty wasted when I met her." Jonas chuckled, tapped Kyle's glove with his own and went to his corner. He walked instead of riding his bike, wanting to put off the moment when he'd break Bridget's heart, as long as possible. Melanie's nipples were rosy hued, and Bridget's were pale enough to blend into the rest of her body. Bridget's hand came to rest on his package, Melanie's on his thigh.

Dances in Erotica Pt. 04

group ShaeLeeTanner 2017-10-13

I watched Meg spread her legs wide for Ken as his hand trailed down and caressed her thighs and saw how wet she was already. Ken watched us closely and then I felt his hand caressing my hair, running his fingers into it and gently grabbing it, he pulled back gently, just enough to get my attention and then I turned to him and his mouth was on mine, eating me like I had just been doing with Meg. His fingers pried my lips apart and spread me wide as his tongue darted in and out stiffly, fucking my pussy and I knew it was opening to him, wanting him to crawl inside and lick me everywhere.



group mcfbridge 2017-10-13

Her mouth closed, and Nancy let out a matching shriek, as Lucy practically sucked her pussy inside out. Pushing Nancy out of the way, she wrapped her legs around Lucy's head, and pulled her face right into her pussy. A minute later, Lucy hissed as Nancy pulled her legs apart and began working on her cunt. Nancy had pulled Carol around so that the blonde's face was right in the redhead's muff, while Nancy was eating away at Lucy. The guys took turns giving Lucy's pretty tits a little squeeze, while the girls went to get her another drink. The brunette was just sitting there holding her drink, when one of the girls pulled her legs wide apart so that everyone could see her pussy.


Carla Likes to Watch - Me Ch. 02

group Marlene 2017-10-13

"You mean tie me up naked so all I can do is watch you two - - - I bet you're going to make my Jeff do all sorts of nasty things to you aren'tcha Rob. Gonna make him suck your cock and your balls and your ass? He gets so fucking hot with it in his ass or in his mouth Rob. If I fuck him just right with it he cums without ever being touched on his nasty cock." Moaned Carla. I put down the dildo and took his dick in my left hand and lowered my mouth over the red hot looking head.


Pete, Lyn & Maya

group Paolo 2017-10-13

"Hmmm, they do LOOK the same, but what about weight?" I still couldn't believe this was happening, I reached out with my hands and cupped Maya's right and Lyn's left breast, delighting in the wondrously smooth, soft feel of each woman's full globe as I gently squeezed and lifted, making a show of testing their weight. As I looked up into Maya's beautiful face, I felt Lyn's hand gently rest upon the back of my head, silently pushing me to further my "research". Lyn placed her hand around the base of my dick, her ring and little fingers massaging my aching balls, and brought her mouth over the head, her tongue darting across the sensitive bottom.


Walking into Paradise

group Scorpio44a 2017-10-13

When the kiss ended Pete grabbed his bag and headed for the door with Marla leading the way. Marla stepped close, put her arms around Pete and kissed him, pressing her entire body against him. Each was marked at the top, "Delivers" or "No delivery." Pete looked thru the notebook and decided he was most interested in a Chinese restaurant that "delivers." They talked about which dishes to order, discovered they liked the same ones, placed the call and spent the waiting time deepening their exploration of each other, again. Pete asked her about opening the door nude and kissing the teenager. The water pressure was great, the water hot, and Pete was really enjoying his shower when the door opened and Marla stepped in.


Pitching a Tent for Three

group AlexBee1901 2017-10-13

I've long wondered her actual bra size and considering my current state I wouldn't mind seeing some visual aid to help my image of Sally's breasts. By the time Jill and I turned in, Sally appeared fast asleep, snuggled up in a sleeping bag and turned away from us. "At least your tan lines aren't too bad" Jill said, as she turned towards Sally who continued removing her bikini top. Suddenly, Sally placed her hands and Jill's face and pulled it up to hers kissing her deeply. "Can you help me with mine?" Sally turned away from Jill and slightly peeled her bikini bottoms down. Sally stepped out of her bikini and not totally nude, slid her hands into the sides of Jill's bottoms.