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Erotic Group Sex stories

A large collection of first-time sex stories about virgins losing their cherry.

Ann: A Love Story Ch. 28

group mimaster 2017-10-13

I felt good about being able to give Ann some great information to help her know what it would be like to live in the area. I'd dabbled a little with it with Dawn, and while I knew there might come a time where I may want to delve into that side of my sexuality again, it wasn't in the theme of Bond to tie up a fellow Agent. Dress nice, I said, we're meeting them in the bar downstairs." I wanted to give her some instructions about what I need her to do." Tina winked, and I knew she wasn't going to be any more forthcoming with answers than she already had, so there was no sense asking any more questions.


A Hickerman Party Ch. 03

group saber6 2017-10-13

Without hesitation, Teneka, the winner of the fellatio contest, steps forward and points into the audience just to the right of the stage, saying, “Right after the initiation, I want our two new sweethearts – ahhh, it’s Phil or something like that and Angel, isn’t it? The bed on the far left of the stage has Bill and Angel, next to it to the right has Jeff and Tonya, then Tony and Marsha, and finally Bob and Sylvia. Pausing a moment to greet three scantily clad couples, breasts and cocks swinging free, “And, as always we will have our judges, one male and one female per initiating couple, to determine which of our couples can fuck and screw and suck and eat the best.


She Plays The Whore...

group Philippe C de Harles 2017-10-13

As I can't stop to glance often where she was sitting, once, I catch her with her hand on her panties while her companion whisper in hers ears, and, form his smile I was sure that he knew dam well what the young slut was doing. Moments later, while everybody in the room replaced their buttocks on their chair after I had make them laugh with another joke I put innocently a hand in front of my skirt and very discreetly and only for the time of a wink knowing that those two didn't lack anything from my touches, I teased them even more by rubbing my thumb through my skirt and in a hurry I pressed it on my pussy.


A Dirtier Mind Ch. 02

group trixiej 2017-10-13

He hadn't even pulled up under the trees when my hand began squeezing his crotch, my seatbelt released as I shifted sideways in my seat, telling him how I was going to suck him dry before he was allowed to even think about screwing me. I returned to his stiff cock, licking the end as I squeezed with my hand, before slowly lowering my mouth on to it, second by second allowing a little more of him into me until he was at the back of my throat. They guy just nodded, watching ever more agape as Jane began licking Eric's dick slowly and deliberately, as if needing to savour every stroke made with her outstretched tongue.


Scott Chadwick, Summer Associate Ch. 03

group Victor C. Anderson 2017-10-13

Scott was snuggled against Laura's breasts, Quentin was spooning Adele, and Evelyn was cradled in Wilson's big arm. Adele and Evelyn adjusted so that their pussies were split by Wilson's shaft, and the head reaching to the valley between their breasts. Laura looked at Adele and Evelyn alternately licking Wilson and rubbing their breasts against his shaft and each other, their pussies kissing around the base of his shaft, and felt an emptiness between her own thighs. Reaching it at the same time they looked in to see two white Lilliputian women sitting on a prone Black Gulliver, facing each other, their legs stretched pass each other, with a giant black cock between their white bodies and full breasts, alternately licking the cockhead like two little girls with a fudgesicle.


Tori or Tony?

group Ganistaniro 2017-10-13

We would hang out at his place, watch TV, talk about hot chicks in movies, and suck each others dicks. One night I was talking to Carrie, I had thought it had gone on long enough, and I told her I was bisexual. Carrie thought it would be hot if I sucked Adam's dick in front of her - Fuck, Adam didn't care! I sucked his dick for a little before Carrie decided she wanted to give it a try. We met a guy named Brad - he didn't want to mess with me, but I ate his cum out of Carrie. I went back to that porn shop like a million times and I sucked any guy who was willing to let me.

Welcome to the Neighborhood

group TamaraX 2017-10-13

"Yes," Alexandra replied, "I'm originally from Venice, but moved here with my husband and his daughter; whom I met while they were on vacation there." "But please, call me Alex, for I have a feeling we may become close friends." Lonnie caught a mysterious gleam in the woman's eye that made a tingle run through her body. Finally, Michael's cock seemed to swell to twice it's size, and when Alex saw his balls begin to draw up she quickly took them into her warm mouth and sucked on them as he fired a hot, thick spurt of cum deep into Lonnie's cunt. When he popped from her lips with a wet sounding smack, she turned to Alex and began to kiss her, letting her tongue push traces of Michael's cum into her new friend's mouth.

Strip Poker

group 2017-10-13

Robin said she couldn’t let me be naked all alone and stripped off the last of her clothes as did Kristi, David, Brandi, and Jessica. She stepped to me naked and instead of bending over, or kneeling like Kristi and Brandi had done, she lifted one leg, exposing her spread and clearly wet pussy for a moment, straddled my thighs and settled in, Robin still stroking my cock, now between me and Jessica. I scooted forward and dropped to my knees behind Robin, over Jessica’s face as Jessica wrapped her hand around Robin’s hips and lifted herself up to what I knew was a wonderful, delicious pussy. Jessica leaned up again, but this time her mouth closed around my balls, her tongue tickling them as I pushed deeper into Robin’s cunt.

First Threesome Ch. 03: The Encounter

group rainman0720 2017-10-13

Donna told Carrie to continue again, and this time it didn't take very long at all for me to start that deep breathing that immediately precedes my orgasm. Carrie resumed working on me with that incredible mouth, and between that and the sensations I was experiencing with Donna's lips locked on mine, I was at the point of no return in seconds. If that happens, hopefully I can enjoy being the center of attention for part of the time; I got a brief taste of it when Donna was kissing me and I was in Carrie's mouth, and I liked it.

Jackie and Laurie

group wfm1969 2017-10-13

Jackie cocked her head slightly, and drew her open mouth toward Laurie. As Laurie reached to the bottle, Jackie grabbed her arm, stopping her. "Let's tie him up." Jackie said to Laurie as she gently pushed my arms behind my back. Laurie moved around in front of me, and like Jackie, she kissed and licked my thighs, pelvis, and tummy. Laurie took me softly into her mouth and Jackie circled behind me and nibbled my cheeks. Jackie held Laurie down with one hand on her chest. Without looking, Jackie reached down with her other hand to grab at the waist of Laurie's panties. Jackie pulled the panties over one knee and foot, leaving them draped around Laurie's other ankle.

Milwaukee Cuckold and his Pregnant wife

group toothmedic 2017-10-13

Judy walked back into the f****y room followed by our next door Debbie and her husband Michael as well as one of Judy’s old fuck buddies and three of his friends including another woman. Eventually Judy was being fucked a second and third time and Debbie leaned in and said, “can I go upstairs?” Judy smiled and shook her head yes. Debbie leaned over and told me it excited her to watch her husband giving it to her, she started inching my nipples and asked if I thought Judy would save any of the cum she was getting for me. Judy stopped and leaned over to Debbie and said do you want to see the dickless wonder cum.

I'm Bored Ch. 02

group graynsam 2017-10-13

Just over a week after Helen's first trip to Cap d' Agde, she and I were having lunch at one of our normal venues when she said; "Angie has called me a couple of times in the last week. All this time Helen still had a finger deeply buried in Angie's pussy, as she continued, "And today I want to be a day of firsts. Over lunch I asked Walter how long they had the apartment, to which he replied, "For ever." He said that his parents had bought it when Cap d' Agde was first built, and that when his father died it had been passed on to him in his fathers will.


Den of Decadence

group Diamond-Dan 2017-10-13

Tina would expect Zorn to be there, being that it was his place we would be hosting our delight for her. Tina came stumbling into the dark room, her eyes squinting to see. Again, as Tonk lifted up, Zorn licked a long firm lick down from her navel to the top of her mound and stopped a fraction from hitting her clit. After a few minutes Tina's body began to relax from its tense state.Before she could ask, and I knew she would ask, I removed her blindfold. What Zorn lacked in cock size compared to Tonk's, he made up for in nutsize. She had Tonk's oversized cock in her mouth half way when she let out a loud muffled moan.


Sally and Honey's Party

group HoneyDewall 2017-10-13

Looking over the group I saw the oldest man was close to fifty, short slightly balding with thick dark hair around his head and long at the nap of his neck. Pat said, “If you two would let us we would love to join you in a little kissing and tender play.” I guess the guys needed time to recoup so Sally said “ Why not” so still dripping wet we made our way to the king size bed. She was tall like me, short dark hair, and a wide mouth smiling eyes of blue and yes she was very pretty, with a sexy look about her that I was sure made the men look twice.


Shared my wife with my buddy

group Jmuncut 2017-10-13

Ed chimed in “Let me see you fuck her pussy!" Jess started riding harder almost bouncing up and down on my cock! Fuck me hard!” “Ohhh God here I cummm!” I started to shoot my load deep inside her she kept riding my cock. She asked “You want to cum in my pussy?” Ed replied “Oh Yes!” I watched as he lifted his hips and had his head of his cock at her opening lightly trusting. “Mmmm that so good!” I said “You know how I like cum filled pussies!” I pulled her to the edge of the bed and put her legs over my shoulders, get a better angle of sucking and cleaning her pussy.

Forever Friends

group Big Gunz 2017-10-13

As Jenna repeatedly stroked his dick, the two best friends flicked their tongues at his manhood over and over again, until Lisa took charge and took the head of his cock into her mouth and sucked hard on it. Hoping her friend was on the verge of cumming, Jenna pulled away from her blowjob on Shane and began furiously rubbing, licking and fucking Lisa's pussy with her tongue and fingers. Lisa quickly moved up to assist her friend, smothering Jenna's breasts with her mouth, her tongue swirling around her nipples, as Shane continued to fuck her hard, his cock hammering into her cunt again and again.

Picnic Lunch

group ReverendAnimal 2017-10-13

Cupping her massive tits in my hands, I sat back, pulling Maxine onto my lap, and slipped my cock into her slick love-tunnel, while Pamela, barely recovered from her very potent orgasms, began licking Max's excited clit, and playing with my big hairy balls. We took turns licking her clit, and tongue-fucking her snatch, while I ran my hands up and down Pamela's back and ass, and in due course, Max moaned wantonly, and whispered hotly, "Oh, I'm cummmmmmmmming!" And she was as good as her word, and Pamela and I lapped up her sweet love-juices.

Party for Three

group Garryguitar 2017-10-13

As I lay there, being sucked off while I worked two fingers into your increasingly wet pussy the door, which had clearly not caught, slid silently open. "You taste divine you know...(aaaah)...I licked your boyfriend's fingers straight from your pussy...(oh)...You look surprised...(yesss)...Do you suck him after he's fucked you?" I felt myself removed from the velvet confines of your pussy only to be enveloped by Erika's sucking mouth. After much thrusting, licking, sucking and sighing I felt Erika lift off me and pull you forward, drawing your face towards my thoroughly soaked erection. After a few thrusts Erika leaned forward and took my penis back into her mouth again.

Divine Intervention

group mpqm1968 2017-10-13

Shaking my head to ensure it wasn't a dream, I noticed she was holding a cup, whilst smiling reticently, lips pouting like a goldfish. Heading along with urgency to The Crown, a dingy little pub on the junction of Water Street and Broadway, it was time to enter a twilight world where day and night intertwined, where cards was played around the clock and where girls shed their clothes at lunchtime for a motley collection of lowlifes. "Five hundred quid more!" Jonesey gasped, his ferret like eyes darting from me to Ronnie and back again as things suddenly took an interesting turn.


The Honeymoon's Over

group Beejayne 2017-10-13

Janet wanted to know more, so Lenny told her about all the sex Chucker had talked her into, including the hand job at the view point. The sailor on the bridge directed them to the captain's cabin, and they found Nick Spiridopoulos, the owner and captain entertaining a very young looking girl, but he handed Lenny a cellphone and she phoned Karl. The next morning when they got up, Karl told Lenny about a great place he wanted to take her to, the Grand Canyon of Verdon, so right after breakfast they got ready, and as they were going out the door ran into Chucker and the Machulins, who were returning from the yacht.


Fading Vanilla

group danihughes99 2017-10-13

Although having sex with another guy in front of Bill excited me, I didn't think he would be able to arrange it and that was part of my reasoning for saying yes for I wasn't at all sure I would be able to go through with it. "James sounds perfect Dan and he looks good too," he said handing me a photo. He was undoubtedly good looking and momentarily I wondered why he did things like this for he should have no difficulty meeting and going out with women, of all ages I thought. I wondered why the hell anyone would need those in a bedroom, but said nothing as I took in the two huge plasmas, one for viewing from the sofas and the other suspended from the ceiling over the big, again getting on for square bed.


Ep. 08 I Need You To Stay

group Curse_Of_Undeath 2017-10-13

He knew Randy could be rather headstrong and a bit of a rebel, but he also knew that the young man respected tradition, thus he wasn't entirely surprised to see the boy asking Hiroshi's permission to marry Kiyoko. "It's 80s night at the Underground," Kiyoko said, referring to the new goth club in Arkham, "I was seeing if you wanted to go there. "You're looking pretty hot, yourself." Daria turned to Kiyoko and said, "And who's this gorgeous creature?" "Oh wow," Kiyoko said, "Randy's told me about you." She stopped suddenly, then her eyes went wide with recognition. Daria winced when she heard about what happened with Rachel, and gushed with joy when Randy and Kiyoko told her about how they got together.


College Days

group nycperv 2017-10-13

I was lying in the middle of the bed, Maria was on my right, Jane was at my feet and had begun rubbing my cock again, and Christina was on my left with her hands exploring every part of me. Maria and Jane crawled up to my sides and simultaneously kissed my neck and rubbed my body with their hands while Christina continued to bounce her big tits around me. Christina and Maria continued to kiss and fondle each other while Jane began to deep throat me as well as she could. Maria was eventually able to pull Jane off of me and climbed on top while I continued to bury my face into Christina's rack.


Everybody Needs a Hobby Ch. 14

group GeorgeDaBuilder 2017-10-13

"Well," I said as my arms were released by my captors and I grabbed Britt's sweet ass firmly in both hands; "if I ever need a little snack, I would like to think that there would be at least one pussy available for me to partake in;" at which point I pulled my blonde lover's slick snatch to my lips and proceeded to devour her. Britt and I were soundly sleeping in our patent-pending spoon position; my morning wood firmly ensconced between her butt cheeks, peeking at her pussy just around the bend, my right hand full of warm c-cup and my face pillowed in a nest of soft blonde hair, breathing warm air on her long neck.