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Erotic Group Sex stories

A large collection of first-time sex stories about virgins losing their cherry.

The New Girl

group giveandreceive8 2017-10-13

"Whoops, watch it there, Kim," Arthur caught her; their eyes met, his arms wrapped around her, and they kissed, his tongue sliding quickly about her small mouth. Open wide." And he jammed the pungent ball of wet cotton in her mouth, grabbed the cheeks of her ass, positioned the tip of his hardened cock at her small, moist gap, and thrust up, deep in her cunt, driving her against the wall. Arthur got behind Kim's grapefruit-sized cheeks and stroked her pussy's distended lips while Sandy got behind him. As Arthur crouched, his hands grasping Kims's tits and mons, Sandy pointed the lubricated tip of her cock at his anus. Arthur cheerfully complied, sliding back on Sandy's dildo as it filled his ass only to have her ram him deep up Kim's tightness.

Threesome in City of Mumbai

group BlueHeat 2017-10-13

Shreya got horny and came near me she put her hands on my pants to feel my rock hard cock, I couldn't hold on and smooched her real hard and squeezed her boobs not realizing that her friend was sitting next to me, then I looked towards Neeta and she acted as though she was not seeing and was busy seeing the movie, now I couldn't hold on and my hand went under Shreya's skirt and her panties were completely wet.

Invitation to a Beach, Chapter 4.

group 2017-10-12

He was obviously getting hard from the wet pussy that was massaging his long brown cock. In one motion, Luke slid his cock into my pussy and began pumping gently. It felt like even the little dock was rocking, encouraging us to fuck more and more. Soon, Luke was pounding his cock into my pussy and I was sure he was going to cum. Luke started fucking me even harder, pounding my soaking pussy, his thighs slapping against my ass and his cock ramming my slit. Fuck!” Luke shouted, pounding my pussy with hard, jolting strokes. “Shit,” I thought, “I forgot all about the studs on his cock.” I realized that when he fucked me from behind like that, they couldn’t touch my clit.

Three's Not a Crowd

group L.D.Michales 2017-10-12

With Marks' hard prick fucking my mouth, I looked up to see Jan striped out of her dress standing next to us in a red micro G string and red spike heals. She spread her legs and watched me suck Marks' dick while he kissed her tits and finger fucked her pussy. I felt it brush against my open lips and hard clit as I pulled my dress up so he could watch me suck his cock in with my pussy instead of my mouth. I moved my hands down my body to the top of my pussy still dripping with Marks' cum, spread my legs open to match hers, circled my clit with my index finger, stroked my pussy lips and let her watch me finger fuck myself to.

Gangbang Girlfriend Ch. 02

group bennyhanna 2017-10-12

"Who's next?" Four guys converged on Kate's face, big, hard cocks out and looking for a nice, wet mouth to put them in. While Kate is trying to get one cock in her mouth to focus on at a time, her backdoor stud grabs her hips and blows his load in her ass, taking care not to stay buried when he came so it would be near the rectum and easier to push out. She opened her mouth like a good little gangbang slut and took that huge cock in her throat til he pulled out and came in her face. While he was still shooting the last few loads, another guy shoved his cock in Kate's mouth, her lips sealed around a penis while semen was still spraying her face.


What I Learned That Summer Ch. 03

group SmallTownLibrarian 2017-10-12

Roger basically tongue-fucked me, his saliva dripping down my hairless little ass crack, while I moaned and twisted in ecstasy, wanting to, but failing, to give proper lip service to Evan's fat cock. He was intensely focused, looking down at my boy bottom consuming his man cock, his full 8 inches disappearing inside me as I moaned like an aspiring slut getting her pussy filled for the very first time. He walked around, got back on the bed and knelt in front of me, his half-hard cock, dripping with his cum and smelling like my own ass, just inches from my face.

For Our Guests to Fuck

group HeyAll 2017-10-12

"I won't answer that unless you tell me more about this job," Evelyn huffed, trying to be more assertive. Then Evelyn saw the woman whom she was certain was Laura. Even though it looked like the woman had been hard at work for many hours, she managed to appear sassy. When their eyes met, no friendly greeting ensued; instead Laura made a gesture for Evelyn to come over to a table sitting in the middle of the large room. While Evelyn was shocked by Laura's rudeness, she also admired the woman's direct approach. "Our guests aren't looking for girls like that; they want purity. "What are my chances of being a main girl?" Evelyn asked suddenly. Evelyn wondered if Laura was purposely trying to push her buttons.


Sensualist Ch. 08

group Grouchojim 2017-10-12

With my lips locked on Brianna, and my eyes locked on Lillian, I slid my hand up Lillian's firm leg, slipped under the hem of her filmy white dress and confirmed what I already knew. On her knees, Lillian gave me a look that said, "You've told me to go down on Alice and I did, this shouldn't surprise you." And she covered Brianna's labia with her mouth, and sucked, until Brianna moaned. I leaned in for a closer look and saw Lillian's tongue flutter over Brianna's clit---heard her moan a split second before her hips jerked upward, almost knocking Lillian's face away from her genitals.


Guilty Pleasures Pt. 01

group lesbianishkitty 2017-10-12

It didn't take him long to secure knots all the way up my arms so that I couldn't move them, there was more shifting and I felt the fishnet pressed up against my back again, I leaned back into her chest. Alia's tongue had moved from my hipbones and I couldn't tell where she was until she slid her arms under my knees, bent my legs, and rested her hands on my hips. I still had two mouths and two pairs of hands running all over body, and him pushing me onto my side or lifting my legs and touching the back of my knees, a spot I didn't even know existed.

The Hangout

group SlutKathy 2017-10-12

He told me that a white slut like me was made for using; and that all I was good for was to have my holes filled, to be fucked by men or women, and that I should be kept naked all the time ready for use as a cum bucket. Another man shouted it was his turn to fuck the whore and soon another cock was plunging into my juicy slit, I was moaning loudly as I repeatedly cum, and was shouting for him to fuck me hard, for all of them to fuck me, use me, telling them I wanted to feel all their big black cocks in this slut whores cunt, ass, and mouth.

The Domination of Mike

group Sneap 2017-10-12

Jen then asked, "do you like to stare at our tits, thinking that we do not see you looking?" Kelly then took off her shirt and Mike began to rub his cock faster. He tried to fake smile as best he could and said, "Brett, may I please suck your cock?" Brett laughed at Mike and told him he better do a good job. Jen said, "Be a good little schoolgirl and suck their cocks." He felt her rubbing something on his asshole and looked back. I love the feeling of a big and hard cock in my ass." Mike heard the other guys yell out as they came in April and Kelly at the same time.

Houston II Ch. 14

group Paris Waterman 2017-10-12

But before John and Argie could leave the room, they were intercepted by Doctor Coughlin, who said, "Please join me for a cocktail in the next room. Argie and John were taken aback, as Doctor Coughlin led them into the so called "Garden." It wasn't a garden at all, but a fairly large room with at least six other rooms feeding off of it. There was a wet bar against the wall on the far side of the room, but what got Argie and John's immediate attention was the hot and heavy action going on all over the room. "Sounds like a plan," Argie said with a big smile.

78% club

Davy's On The Road Again Ch. 04

group oldhippie1949 2017-10-12

Santo and the little collie were making their sniffing ballet-de-deux as I thanked the audience and shook lots of hands. Jack passed but Sunny liked the idea. It was a collection of their pictures with some of Jack dribbling down court and some of Sunny's modeling shots. Jack looked up and laughed, "You're killing the poor guy, baby. To Jack, she said, "Hey Jack, want to help this poor guy out...I'm horny and I'm high...come on, Jack, let's all fuck." I began to peel of my clothes as Sunny crawled along the bed and fished Jack's cock out of his boxers. Jack pulled out of her and began to shoot his cum on my face as I buried it into her dripping hole.


Our First Foursome

group ab_love 2017-10-12

As we continued to rub our cocks, and watch the incredibly erotic show by our wives, I see Beth suddenly guide Sue back into a seated position, next to where Ed and I were sitting, stroking each other, Beth places her face right on Sue's wet pussy, Beth began to lick her pussy, tasting the sweetness which flowed with every lick. As I teased Sue's clit with my cock, I could hear Beth and Ed's breathing getting heavier, I knew they would cum at any moment, As that thought entered my mind, my wife shooting her orgasm all over another man's cock buried inside her, I chose to stop teasing and slid myself inside of Sue, as soft moans of pleasure filled her lungs, I placed my hands on her hips, and then wrapped my arms around her to feel her soft nipples protruding and hard.

Donnie's Luck

group canureallyknowme 2017-10-12

He looked to the side deck to see his neighbor Rodney & his dad, both naked, sitting & stroking their cocks as they watched Di move through the water like Neptune's temptress. With that, Donnie watched as she got out of the pool & walked toward her back door without grabbing a towel or covering up. You know I was about to fuck you but I think I have something even better." she said as she looked over to Donnie who was rubbing on his cock through his shorts. Di stood on the side of the bed, watching, & pulling on the chains on her nipples as Donnie fucked her. She looked at Donnie & said "Fuck that tight wet pussy harder." and she slapped Donnie's ass with the crop.

Kissing Cathy Ch. 08

group catsguy2 2017-10-12

Carl let out a slight moan and said, "Oh, yes, you are." He looked in the mirror to watch Cathy's hand pump his dick and see her face peeking out from behind him. Cathy looked at Mike and said, "I'm glad you like watching me jerk off Carl. Carl was wide eyed as he watched Mike jerk off and felt Cathy's hand make the same movements on his cock. "I'm going to enjoy watching that cock fill you up," Mike said as he slowly stroked his dick. Carl was surprised at Cathy's request for Mike to guide his dick into her but didn't have much time to think about it before he felt Mike's fingers wrap around his cock and stroke it.


Billionaire and the Sisters Ch. 92

group SteveWallace 2017-10-12

Izzy moaned back at me over her shoulder, and when I reached forward to see if I could simultaneously titillate her clitoris as I fucked her from behind, I found Elsa's hand already there, with two of her fingers lightly stroking our dear friend's little pleasure bud. I looked over Izzy's body and got a lovely conspiratorial smile from Elsa. We kept up our subtle assault on Izzy - me pumping my cock into her and Elsa stroking her clit and surrounding area, until she finally started to orgasm. I smiled inwardly because a few days earlier I had been on the same chaise that Izzy chose with Julie, taking her virginity and making love.


Airport Layover

group Magna12 2017-10-12

"Hope you don't mind," Jean said, "but just last night I was with Jean and her husband." "You see, I came to town just to let Elaine's husband fuck me." "I found them though an ad for a couple with a large cocked husband who wanted an extra woman to join them." My husband likes to have new ladies to screw with his big ole dick, and they like it, too." "He's got eight inches, but Jean here tells me you have something special down there." I let my cock rest on Elaine's pussy lips and talked her through the penetration, "Now, I'll got slowly, and you tell me if you feel OK."

A Maid in Montana

group JorisKHuysmans 2017-10-12

Which probably isn't an accident at all; a lot of guys think it's really clever to let some maid come in on them in the nude, like we'd just immediately drop to the floor and start licking their pole. My tits bounced up and down furiously, my fat belly jiggled, my ass dug itself a trench into the bed as Roger, in my imagination, dug into my trench, my vagina that had never had anything in it other than my fingers (my cherry having broken in gym class years before-- I thought I was having a period every week). She kissed my inner thighs but I wanted tongue, now, so I thrust my crotch into her face as my big ass ground against the bench, my tummy jiggling, my tits bouncing up and down.


Twin Seduction

group Pussyrider 2017-10-12

Tim pressed his lips to mine, and I meekly opened my mouth to his ravening tongue; at the same time his hands began to knead my breasts; meanwhile, Tom lifted my legs and dragged off my training shoes, my tracky bottoms and my soaking panties. As they left my home about lunchtime on Saturday, looking very tired but satisfied, Tom gave me a long, deep kiss then, slipping a hand inside my bathrobe and cupping a breast, whispered, "Your ours now Nat. We're going to have you whenever we want, as many times as we want." I blushed, and my pussy twitched with anticipation at his words.


group KissingFever 2017-10-12

His cock was now throbbing, an ache, he felt his hand dropping to his groin, his fingers taking hold of himself as he told Lily how he wanted to outfits to be just as translucent, just as tight, he wanted the brassieres to fit, just fit, he wanted to see the nipples to be protruding through the material whilst the breasts overflow. He felt a tinge of embarrassment at his questions, but he could not help it, he needed to know, wanted to dig into her past, into her mind, but more than that, he wanted time to relax, hear her voice, stroke the throbbing cock in his hand.


happy new year momy -2

group stif266 2017-10-12

By the end of the visit mom is agreeing to let me stay with Eritrea for the weekend at the end of the month. In the taxi, she tells me she has arranged for seven men to meet with me after Don takes my cherry, with each man paying five thousand dollars per visit. That'll give me time to go to Eritrea's and convert back to the young schoolgirl that left moms apartment Friday afternoon. The week goes fast and when I reach Eritrea's apartment building Friday evening, Don is waiting at the door. I ask Don about a Christmas tree and he arranges for it, plus a number of presents for my mom to help get settled in the new house.

Coed Blowjob Buddies 6 by loyalsock

group loyalsock 2017-10-12

Allison pulled a handful of curly hair from Bethany's neck and kissed the flesh she exposed just below and beneath her ear. Bethany kissed Allison's lips, her chin, neck and chest again. "It's your turn for a blowjob," Bethany said, parting her friend's legs and gazing at the beautiful sight of a woman's pussy puffy and needful. She bent forward and pressed her mouth against Allison's pussy lips and her tongue found the same nub her fingers had touched earlier. Bethany tasted her pussy on Allison's tongue and chased the taste as eagerly as a man's orgasm. "Me," Bethany said right before she pressed her face against Allison's pussy for another delicious taste.

An Experience to Remember

group EroticaLeemer 2017-10-12

With a smile, she moved up a bit, spit on her hand, and grasped his cock firmly, and her pussy met my throbbing hard-on. "This is the horniest I've been in a long time, and I'm just soaking down here." Just the though of fucking a pussy as wet as hers made my cock want to explode. "Oooohh, GONNA CUM!" she shouted and her pussy burst hard on our cocks, her hot juices covered our crotches bellies and legs. With a roar of overwhelming pleasure, I clinched my eyes closed and thrusted upwards and let my nuts bust on my friend, covering his cock in my cum. I heard him moan as my seed shot on him, and his girl giggling as I was f***ed to explode on my friend.