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Erotic Group Sex stories

A large collection of first-time sex stories about virgins losing their cherry.

The Gift - Working Vacation part 3

group Nomufftootough 2017-10-12

As she rounds the end of the bar Steve gets his first look at all of her long, long legs and whispers something like "Ma-done!" and then adds "I'm gonna fuck that!" Her breasts are bouncing in rhythm with the clicking of her heels as she closes the distance and accepts his outstretched hand. "Do all you want!" Steve said as we watched my wife's ass as she walked off, with just that little extra sway in her hips that she always adds on a Game night. Maybe fifteen minutes later Steve said "I know what's wrong, you need some more coke!" and he led me back to the pinball machine where I did about half of the other line and then we played a couple of games of pinball.

Raja with my mom

group buddynanak 2017-10-12

I said now tell me how Raja got to fuck my mom. Your mom said big cock sure is nice to have in cunt. I asked your mom if her husband like to see you get fucked by big cock. I said sure every day I get fucked by big cock. Your mom asked if he fuck u every day I said yes. I pushed my cock in Nalni,s ass and Raja pushed his dick in pari,s ass We both started to fuck their ass. After few minutes of sucking cock your mom got on bed with her legs up and wide apart. He got his cock in your mom,s ass and started to fuck it.

Sex Writer Symposium: 03

group PenningFreer 2017-10-12

I, Heidi the writer, Heidi the burgeoning slut, Heidi the evolving adventure race queen who outscored everyone, including Jack and all the other guys except Richard and Kevin (of fucking course), and the other girls in shooting the eyes out of the frowny-faced character targets on the 9 millimeter pistol range, Heidi the small-town girl now very comfortable taking it in the ass, parachuting, swimming white water rapids, eating pussy, and writing about it, that Heidi...well, she's going to be a writer and producer for the most elite adult erotica firm on the globe -- and the one erotica agency whose business model no one seems to really understand.


A Dream Vacation

group qwertyuiop88 2017-10-12

The dream started with me walking to the showers talking with a married couple that my wife (Hannah) and I had met at the resort. The couple was really good looking; the guy (John) was tall and muscular, and while he wore baggy swim trunks, I noticed more than once the bulge that was under them; the woman (Renee) was curvy, with incredible tits and a great ass. I was talking with Renee while at the buffet getting food, and she was flirting with me and told me that her husband and her had had great sex before dinner thinking about my wife and I. John saw the smile on my face, and said, "I hope Renee and I get to join you again over the next few days.

Amateur Gods (Ltd.)

group voxincognito56 2017-10-12

Turns out the good looking guy is Keith, my husband, and the adorables are ours, and it was a little awkward that I had to be reminded several times before it sunk in. And his wife routinely emerges wearing garden variety office attire, and he's trying to pay attention, doing a fairly good job of coming up with constructive comments, and meanwhile he doesn't seem to realize that every time his wife ducks back into the fitting room, the sales clerk, plump little cutie about half his age, is flirting with him outrageously. The Mannequin wearing the costume came to life and smiled below a mask fashioned to look like something sculpted from polished coral, and as the dialogue box had followed me from the other room, so apparently, had my hostess.


my wife got d***k

group 2017-10-12

I always took my wife out Saturday nights to a great little dance club. The two guys help me guide my wife back to the office and there was a desk and a couch in the room. I told the waitress I would come back after the band finished their first set and take my wife home. The two guys and I went back to the band and listened to them and chatted for about 10 minutes. I asked her if she remembered anything about the club and she said yes, she remembered everything up until the point the band started playing. We have gone back to that club many times but I never got to see the two guys who probably fucked my wife.

Their First Toys Ch. 09

group leBonhomme 2017-10-12

Kathy lets go of his cock, reaching up and grasping his shoulder, pulling herself up over him, kissing, thrusting her tongue in his mouth with humming chuckle. As they continue, he snorts and murmurs: "I guess so." Finally, Jane gives a long, deeper moan and rolls back. "Like right now!" Jane suggests with a grin, licking her lips and reaching out and fondling his soft cock. When his cock twitches, and he sounds more aroused, Jane's tongue and head stop moving and let him relaxing a little, but then it's her turn to make his cock twitch again. Kathy lets another spasm wrack her and then forces Jane's hand to pull her toothbrush out it. "Like your cock did," Jane remarks with a grin, adding: "and my pussy."


The Adventures of Julie Pt. 05

group pastmyprime23 2017-10-12

Julie then rolled onto her back and said aloud, "Isn't it my turn?" I was going to respond, but Beth beat me to it with the comment of, "I've been waiting all night to lick that pussy of yours, Julie." I don't think that this is what Julie wanted, but Beth proceeded to slide her head between Julie's legs. I got in on the action by saying things like, "God Beth's pussy is so tight." Julie closed her eyes again the way she always did when she was receiving oral sex. It took a bit of kissing of the legs and coaxing on the part of Beth, but eventually Julie got up the nerve and started to slowly lick Beth's pussy.


The Slut in me :-)

group tigerbiman 2017-10-12

We took our taparabos (the piece of fabric we use around our hips to cover a little) off and started touching each other, we kissed, I nibble his nipples and he was fingering my tight pussy mmm yesss, then I was using my hand to jerk him off while his hands were on my body, grabbing me against him mmmm, it was hot, he wanted me to suck his cock so I sat on the bed’s edge, bend over a little and sucked his hard thick cock ohhh yeahhh MMmmm, another guy came in (younger) , got closer to us and I also sucked his cock too, taking turns on both cocks, sometimes taking both at the same time in my mouth while they were kissing mmmmmm, after few minutes I stood up and try to get fucked but oldy was making out with young guy, after a little young left the dark room so oldy told me wanted to slide his cock into my pussy and I said Mmmmmm yes let's do it.

Back to College Ch. 2

group ksfunguy 2017-10-12

This is the continuation of the previous incident that took place earlier this fall between my wife (Denise), our babysitter (Jen) and myself. I could look down between mine and Jen's body and see as I fucked her, her pussy lips wrap around my cock as it pumped in and out of her. Jen continued to ride my cock and my wife planted her pussy on my face. My wife got off my face and went around behind Jen. I could now feel Denise's tongue licking us as we fucked. Finally I could not hold back and started to explode inside of Jen. After the first couple explosions, Denise pulled my cock free and shoved it in her mouth, taking the rest of my load there.

Texas Trio Ch. 15b-19

group SteffiOlsen 2017-10-12

Colt couldn't help noticing the way Cat's mouth puckered momentarily into a tiny frown when he said "not good enough." It gave him the only spark of hope he had left. One hand covering hers, Jem set the other on the bench beside Catherine, finally catching Colt's eye. With a shaky indrawn breath, Catherine lifted her head, gazing pleadingly from Jem to Colt and back again, begging sweet providence for this not to be a trick. Relief swept through him, and Jem wiped the tears from Catherine's ivory skin, as Colt's lips descended on her other cheek, tracing a line of happy tears to Cat's trembling lips.


Surprise Threesome

group Kinxx 2017-10-12

That was more than I was expecting so I started my usual 'tired and going to go home' line when Ken looked at Julie and said, "you know how turned on you get when we talk about having someone watch us have sex. We both looked at Karen and could tell she was having second thoughts so just to make sure she didn't back out and I lost the chance to have sex with her, I said, "How about I get you nice and ready with my tongue, some lube and my fingers and when you're relaxed enough then Ken can put his cock there?

Becoming the House Bitch 3

group Throwawayaccount68 2017-10-12

He started out slow, just grinding into my ass, his cock reaching the right spots so I could feel that pleasure again. After a few minutes of Ryan slamming into my ass, my own cock being f***ed to rub against my bed, leaking precum all over my sheets, I felt him tense up. Rich mounted me and easily started fucking me hard. Finally, Rich drove into me hard and came in my ass. "You want his ass again?" Rich asked Doug. Rich kept his cock in my ass as Doug started to fuck my face harder. Doug pushed his cock as deep in my throat as possible and came in my mouth, forcing me to swallow it.

Halloween Birthday, Trick or Treat

group SEVERUSMAX 2017-10-12

Of course, Ninve was notorious in terms of mooning people whenever her pants were too baggy, let alone dresses that barely covered her assets. Then again, with a nice booty like Ninve's, I wouldn't blame a manager for having that urge, regardless of his or her sex. I'm in the mens' stall in the dark, with a weird guy standing outside who has a reputation and stares at my ass whenever he doesn't think I'm watching him. I knew for sure that while Ninve asked me not to say a word, she failed to account for her own mouth. We'll give him a kiss," Ninve told the other ladies while she washed my cock and zipped up my pants.

Vice Versa Ch. 03

group Abelard7 2017-10-12

Chelsea massaged her, then climbed on top of her in the sixty-nine position and lowered her mouth to the wide, wet gash of the clients cunt while she in turn, went to work on Chelsea's. Finally, with the client kneeling at my side watching closely, I had to stand while Chelsea knelt before me and sucked my prick. Gradually my tongue strayed onto Nick's shaft as it emerged from the wet hole, I began to lick Katie's juice from it before it thrust in again. I stayed hard inside her cunt after Nick pulled out of her arse and began gently thrusting up into her lovely sweating body.


Jenifer Comes of Age Ch. 05

group LustyWolf 2017-10-12

"We're having an orgy Chet, everyone coming knows that, we'll all be naked before long anyway, don't be ridiculous." Chet agreed with her, but he couldn't take his eyes off his wife in that hot outfit as he handed her the drink he made for her. Marie wanted to greet everyone in her outfit, so she told Chet she would be getting the door, to stay in the kitchen. Jen has told me so much about you two, I can't wait to taste you both." The girls smiling and giggling, followed Marie into the kitchen to meet Chet.


The Guest

group chloe_carter 2017-10-12

I feel hot for a second again, getting warmer as it slides upward, and finally your index finger is teasing my lips. I'm so charged, after three simple strokes and the sight of you open and ready for my tongue, I come, shivering through the heat, feeling a bit like a puppet on his lap. Instinctively, I grab your hand and guide it towards my warm, open slit, needing to feel your expert fingers on my clit. I feel your head tense a bit, your tongue frozen for the second of first impact, then continuing to ravage me, poking in and out of my cunt and slowly making its way towards my growing clit.

The Bouncers

group lexislut 2017-10-12

‘Here Seb’ he said to the other bouncer, a young man not much older than me ‘go to the bogs for us and get us some johnnies there’s a good lad.’ Off he went as Matt removed my t-shirt and slipped by bra off. I was now wearing just a skirt and high heels as Carl came behind me and pulled my knickers off and started roughly finger fucking me while I got Matt hard again in my mouth. His spunk tasted much better than Carls and I devoured it as I licked my tongue up and down his shaft and squeezed a few final drops from his bell end into my cum hungry mouth.

Emily, The Good Time Girl Ch. 02

group ErosBard 2017-10-12

"Oh, fuck yeah", he sighed under his breath as I started sucking, taking long almost milking strokes up and down the shaft, pausing only to run my tongue along the crest of the head, my head moving back down to the base of his cock, repeating hungrily until he filled my mouth with the first delectable load of the night. "Steve said that you want to learn to suck cock, so I'm going to teach you to deep throat.", he barked at me. I started slow, then fast, working my lips and tongue along the underside, then on the head, licking his balls and eating his asshole before finally deep throating him and letting him park his lust custard right on my waiting tongue.

Sandy's Taste Test

group electric1 2017-10-12

In the two weeks since then, Jack talked to Sandy on the phone occasionally, but she said she wouldn't meet him again until his body was pure. Jack felt a little awkward shaking hands with Dan and Lenny as Sandy introduced them. Jack didn't know that he would like sharing Sandy with Dan, but he wanted her, and if he impressed her tonight, maybe in the future he could have her to himself. Dan had his cock where Jack's should have been, pumping away inside Sandy, while Lenny kissed her face and her boobs. But for Dan, her handsome vegan with the purest cum she'd tasted in years, she went to her bedroom, searched Jack's pants, and fished out his keys.


Fantasy Fulfilled

group IreneXXX 2017-10-12

I held Jack's head as I kissed him… then whispered "Time to let Zack have his turn" It was a short drive to their service apartment in town but Jack took the chance to bring me to an orgasm with his fingers while both he and Matt each suckled on one breast. This time, Jack laid down on the bed and took my ass, Matt took my cunt and I sucked off Zack. They switched again and with Zack on the bed this time, I rode his cock for a while before Jack pushed me down and took my ass; Matt presented his cock for fellatio.

88% mmmf

Slut Girlfriend Diane

group johnmilken 2017-10-12

A favorite game of ours was to watch a gangbang movie while I fucked Diane hard in the face, working on her pussy or ass with a dildo, she also liked it when I used a dildo to DP her and called a slut and a whore. ¡¥Oh my god,¡¦ Diane said, ¡¥so fucking big!¡¦ She looked up at me, ¡¥Baby, I need that cock in my mouth!¡¦ ¡¥Oh my god¡¦ Diane said, ¡¥so fucking big!¡¦ She grabbed it with both hands and fed the monster into her face, Dave¡¦s cum still heaped on her and Mike getting ready to add more.

Three Gangbangs in One Night

group Friskee_cpl 2017-10-12

When the door of the pub opened and a wet, petite lady with long curly black hair stepped in, all heads turned towards her. They both raised near empty glasses before one said to Sharon, "What beer would you like?" "Looked like it might still a little damp down there," said one of the guys with a nervous laugh. "Well, I hate to hear that anyone got left out," she said as she pulled the hem of her dress up and let her thighs fall open as all four men bunched around her to gaze at her increasingly moist vulva. "I declare," she said, feigning a southern US accent she had been playing around with since she and Marcus had watched "Gone With The Wind" on Blue-ray a week ago.


Vanessa's Dissonance Ch. 04

group Cathartico 2017-10-12

All these sensations were increasing the ache in her pussy over the day until at closing time she was so excited that she couldn't wait for a partner to call her into his bureau willing to please him any way he wanted to. On her way to the hotel, the taxi driver couldn't tear his eyes off Vanessa almost causing several accidents while watching her from his driving mirror all the time. Vanessa could feel eyes scraping over her ass, her legs and her big firm breasts leaving a prickling sensation that spread over her entire body. She even ran her long red nailed right hand over her leg up to her crotch while looking deeply into the eyes of one men and smiling lasciviously.