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Erotic Group Sex stories

A large collection of first-time sex stories about virgins losing their cherry.

Ramu On A School Trip

group sahebji 2018-10-29

I lay relaxing on the bed and watched her enter wondering whether lady luck will smile on my lund today and get me the choot of this pretty angel to fuck. In the morning at breakfast Gita sat blushing every now and then and Mrs. Rajni kept throwing me hot and knowing glances. Without looking at me she smelt it and said, 'From the stains of cum and blood on your panty I can wager dearie that the principal popped your cherry last night'. I got on top of her and pushed my cock in her already wet cunt and started the fuck movement. Her eyes were closed, her butt was moving in rhythm of my strokes and she kept saying, 'Oh Ramu this is what I missed all day.


Sweet Treat Store

group Mysteria27 2018-10-29

The girls helped me get dressed again and we all went and washed our hands and got ready to open the store. One of the men took it and opened it up and slathered Laura’s asshole and his cock with the jelly. All four men licked her ass and pussy clean of all their come. She was licking her pussy like an ice cream cone, which was making the woman go into convulsions. The woman then took off her strap-on and then got on her knees and licked Sally’s cunt. Sally got herself cleaned up and then came back to the front of the store where Laura was.

Group Therapy

group TheSometimesGoddess 2018-10-29

I feel her fingers slide into my wet pussy and my body quivers with desire. I move her body until my head rests between her thighs and say, "I have to taste you." Her eyes widen, as I move my face to her pussy and slide my tongue up her slit. His tongue possessing my mouth, he runs his hand up my thigh and slips his finger inside my aching pussy. I grab hold of his thigh and pull him closer so I can take his cock in my mouth while her tongue flicks across my nipples. Until suddenly, my thighs are pressed apart and feel Derek's hot tongue flicking my clit.


Slutty Jennifer Gets A Pounding

group ukmarky 2018-10-29

“Yes I know,” she said after sliding the barman’s massive dick from her mouth, “but I felt really naughty picking up a stranger in a hotel bar, and when he mentioned that he was finishing his shift, I felt so horny and a little drunk, I just got carried away, and besides, Three cocks, surely, has to be better that two?” As she finished her explanation, she pulled the dicks she had been lightly stroking while she was talking closer together and started running her tongue over their hard ends. I watched in amazment as she took the entire length of his tool down her throat (she hadn’t even done this with me before!) As she continued to let this stranger fuck her face, I noticed her hand move down to her pussy to give it a little rub.

Party Girl Journals #3-Deni's Surprise

group MamaMinx 2018-10-29

As the woman kissed her, she took Deni’s hands placing them on the cross bar at the front of the Syb. Deni could feel some of the low vibration, and it felt wonderful. A set of hands began caressing at her head again, and this time she recognized the voice as that of Lord Hawke his almost hypnotic deep voice whispered in her ear, “That looks so beautiful, Deni, so beautiful in your tiny hole. The Duchess writhed and pumped on her fingers and was telling her, “Do me Deni, fuck my pussy Darling, fuck me like you had a sweet cock stuffed up inside of me.

Confessions of a Cheerleader - The Naked Truth

group DanielleX 2018-10-29

“Hey look, that place has got leaves all over,” said JJ, indicating a huge property that was surrounded on one side by a spinney. A girl knows when a guy likes what he sees and this man was giving me the old up and down. “You mean like what we get up to in the showers, after game?” said JJ, pulling me by the waist and planting a soft kiss on my lips. My nipples were like bullets, I was so turned on, and watching Julie fuck her guy was so good. Julie eased herself even deeper onto his dick, making our man groan like an injured bear as we pleasured him on his bed.


group Pegasus4 2018-10-29

The realisation that I was now being watched by my partner and a stranger whilst another stranger had his hand between my now open legs and working his fingers into my knickers almost had me coming on the spot. After being tongue fucked and mouth fucked at the same time, I again reached an intense orgasm and pushed my pussy harder on to the man's face whilst he reached up and grabbed hold of my tits, squeezing them hard and teasing my nipples. One hand now moving down my stomach to reach between my open legs, my fingers spreading my pussy open to show my audience how wet and horny I was feeling.

My Good Buddy Cums Inside My Wife

group tcg 2018-10-29

My wife opens her eyes looking at me still french kissing Todd. Looking at Todd jenny said, " Watch him lick me." As she pushed her wetness into my mouth. Todd said, " Yes." Jenny told him, " If you want to fuck me again I want to see you suck his cock." I said, " So Todd did Jenny tell you she has wanted you and has fantasies about you for a long time?" Your going to let Todd fuck you and can he cum in my wife's vagina?" Todd then places his face right into mine I back up a little as both of us have our tongues in my wife's mouth.

Vegas Adventure

group LuvMeSomeBooty 2018-10-29

The first guy, Bill, came up to Ellie and began kissing her and immediately went to her tits. Soon after, a woman joined him and they took turns, licking, sucking and savoring her tits. I told Ellie to lay on her back and when she did, the woman just instinctively slid down between her legs and began to lick her bare pussy. I decided to entertain myself and went behind the woman and began to lick her pussy and ass. I also wanted to feel some pussy around my cock, and the woman I was with was willing to help. This woman on my cock, Ellie being fucked by another man, and others watching and doing their own thing.


group RumpleForeskin 2018-10-29

Frank sat next to Cindy and Todd next to Sue while the others pulled up chairs at the end of the booth. "Well," said Jim, "now that you've got it, what are you going to do with the stuff?” Sue studied her hand then with lady﷓like gentility began licking it clean. "Well, Todd," said Sue, who’d just finished licking her hand clean, "it looks like the round’s on you." "You have got to be fucking shitting me!” Keeping Tony's dick inside her mouth, Cindy turned slightly to see who’d spoken. The sight of Sue and Tony coming at the same time, and then lying together spent and, judging from the expressions on their faces, very content, turned Cindy on more than ever.

P90SEX Allie’s squash tournament

group p90sex90 2018-10-29

Dave and Peter looked at both Allie and Shaun unsure if what she was saying was true and a huge smile appeared on their faces. “Peter, you need to squirt bubble bath into the spa and turn the jets on ; Dave, you need to help me out of my dress; and Shaun, you need to pick me up and lift me into the water, where the rest of you will be waiting for me.” Allie felt like quite the diva, but she knew that it was not going to be a problem for these aroused men. Faster now, faster.” Shaun got a good rhythm going and Allie synchronized his movements with her mouth on Dave’s penis together with the jerking of Peter’s cock.

Talking to John's Parents

group Mysteria27 2018-10-29

Michael and Jane were on their bed staring at me in my panties and sandals, while I slipped my fingers into my panties and stroked at my bald pussy. Jane slid her two fingers into my pussy and fucked me hard and fast. Michael then positioned himself over me and slid his huge cock up my pussy. I’m going to fuck you good, slut.” Michael got behind me and slid his huge cock up my cunt. As Michael was fucking me hard with his huge cock, Jane was playing with my tits. Jane then got on her back and Michael slid his cock right up her wet pussy. Michael then stroked his big, beautiful cock and sprayed his come on both our breasts.

A Good Black Man in Beantown

group Samuelx 2018-10-29

We had a lot of fun together, but with Paolo gone, Eve and I have to find other ways of spicing things up in the bedroom. Eve and I have been talking to this kinky young Black woman on Facebook, a twenty-year-old Bay State College student named Lilith Silverman. Eve knelt between Lilith's legs and gave the sexy young African-American gal's pussy a good licking. The vice-like pressure that Eve's ass put on my dick got me pretty good and it didn't take me long to cum. I stroked my dick, watching as Lilith pulled on Eve's long hair and smacked her ass while thrusting the dildo deep into her cunt.


A Little Fun For Amy

group Mysteria27 2018-10-29

A few times in college, my roommate would be having sex with her boyfriend in our room and I would pretend I was asleep, but was really fucking myself with one of my toys. When I’m masturbating, I always imagine either a man or a woman licking my pussy after I have come. He moved my skirt up a little higher on my leg and then started to rub my pussy through my panties. I could feel my pussy getting very wet like it did when I fucked myself with the vibrator. If you want we could go into the bathroom and I could fuck that wet little pussy. I had never had oral sex with a woman before, but had seen my roommate get her pussy licked tons of times.

Anita's Birthday Party

group aussiescribbler 2018-10-29

"And you think that just because you throw me a little birthday party, I'll get it all off for you guys and give you a free show, is that it?" she asked. Now that her eyes had adjusted to the semi-darkness of the club, Anita noticed a man standing behind a counter near the door. Anita looked back at the stage to find that all of the guys were now stroking their cocks and walking towards her. "You can help the guys, if you want," Lester informed her as he stepped down from the stage and began removing his own clothes. "I think they are all ready, now," commented Lester, picking up his microphone again, now that he was naked and stiff-cocked, like every other guy in the room.

An Unexpected Threesome With The Babysitter - Part Two

group Mysteria27 2018-10-29

I don’t want to cheat on my wife, but I cannot forget the feeling of fucking Sandy’s young pussy. I've also fantasized about sharing Sandy with my best friend, Rod. My mind is filled with erotic thoughts of the babysitter. Sandy loved to masturbate and had her hands on her panties rubbing at her pussy. Sandy hopped up on the dining room table and spread her legs like a good little girl. I didn’t want Sandy having sex with my wife anymore. Sandy wrapped her mouth around my cock, while Rod tasted her sweet cunt. Sandy was working my hard cock down her sweet mouth, while Rod licked and sucked on her tiny pussy lips.

True Confessions: Intimate Encounters Part 1

group JennyLynn77 2018-10-29

Like every other time she made frequent trips back to where we sat to find out if we needed or wanted anything else, but that morning the zipper on her uniformed seem to have slid a little bit further open. Soon he started holding her against his body with one arm while he slid his other hand inside her open dress to caress her sensitive inner thighs. Bonnie buried her mouth in Frank's neck to muffle her moans as he slid his hand inside her panties to caress her pussy lips. Wrapping one of my arms around his shoulders for balance, as I slid up and down on his shaft, I turned Bonnie's face up to mine and plunged my tongue between her parted lips.

In The Dark

group PervyStoryteller 2018-10-29

People staring at my naked pussy as I lie there exposed with my wrists tied together, my arms stretched above my head and the blindfold forcing me to remain in darkness. Feel the sperm raining down on my soft breasts and rock hard nipples as another man climbs on top of me and begins fucking, thrusting, using me, hammering my exultant cunt into submission. Fingers squeeze my nipples as hard cocks take what they want from me, using my pussy and my mouth. Oh yes, I’m alone on a bed, trapped in darkness, my hands moving against my satiated yet insatiable sex. But I’m also back in that room, with those men, their cocks fucking my pussy, fucking my mouth, fucking my arse.

Birthday Trip

group Sal_Fun 2018-10-29

Only going up four flights was a quick trip, but as soon as the door closed, Cathy grabbed Sharon and kissed her with the most pent up ferocity and lust. Eve licked and sucked gently while Cathy sucked hard and bit tenderly, but forcefully on Sharon’s nipples. Eve’s hands went from holding Sharon’s pussy one to her tits where she grabbed each nipple and twisted while she nibble on her clit. Not being one to be left out, Tommy deeply kissed Sharon while Cathy continued sucking a nipple and now rubbed Sharon’s clit. She should see it in Tommy’s eyes he was going to cum and the second she glanced down, Tommy pulled out of Sharon, and aimed his cock at the small of her back.

Hubbys birthday gift...

group Sassygirl21 2018-10-29

We both had bows truly making us look like the presents we were, hers tied just above her ass and mine right under my breasts. Cara and I turned towards one another our hands roaming over the bare skin of our arms, shoulders, neck and the skin between the ribbon that was exposed. Our heads turned and our cheeks touched, looking at Jase licking and biting our lips, hands roaming over one another’s bodies and our own. He shot of the bed like a firework and threw his arms around me, crushing my breasts to his naked chest and his hard cock into my stomach. He grabbed Cara and turned her around, he pulled the bow right above her ass and unraveled the ribbon finally getting a full view of her ass.

OHGirl, Velvet & Denise Porn Star Tour

group ohgirl1 2018-10-29

My mom and grandma wouldn’t be arriving until nearly 10pm and it was only 6 pm now, so I had another 4 hours to fuck and suck as much cock as I could. I had only done coke twice before and the effects this time were rather noticeable and hard to hide from my mom as she watched me walk across the club and meet her for our first stage dance together. I ended up sucking off 5 more guys and fucking another 6 before the night ended and I left the club with a group of 3 young black men on college break.

Five Nights Ch. 03

group Noreasonneeded 2018-10-29

But this way there’s plenty of time to get our fantasy fulfilled, and no one feels pressured.” She paused, then added, “and the person who isn’t part of that that night has to go out, leave the house.” “I’m in,” I said, remembering Marybeth’s ejaculating pussy, then added, “even though I have to go two nights.” And then I knew that Mike would fuck my wife before me. As much as I thought I was prepared, and as much as I knew I would get my night, and Sue would get hers, I felt a few small jealousy pangs, imagining her sucking Mike’s dick, or getting fucked by him.

A Wild New Year's

group Mysteria27 2018-10-29

She walked over to the mirror and admired herself in the mirror.  She went downstairs to her kitchen and poured a glass of wine and enjoyed a drink waiting for Joanna and her boyfriend to pick her up.  Samantha wondered what the surprise was.  She also hoped that there would be other single people at the club.  She was going to be very opened minded about any situation that might come up.  Samantha was a very attractive person.  She knew that something interesting would happen.  She just wasn’t sure of all the details.

A Helping Hand - Part Two

group PA_Mike 2018-10-29

“I want to see you cum this time, Tom!”, she said as she removed me from her mouth and started to stroke me. My cum shot over Joyce’s head and onto the floor between the captain’s chairs as Sheila grabbed my cock. I suddenly realized that she was really good at giving head as she sucked on my cock and swirled her tongue all around as I looked down at her cum covered face. Let me help you cum!”, Joyce said as she rolled herself over and onto her hands and knees and started crawling to me. I was thrusting even faster as I looked up and saw Joyce’s juices dripping down Sheila’s cheeks as Sheila was now like a woman possessed licking as quickly as she could.