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Erotic Group Sex stories

A large collection of first-time sex stories about virgins losing their cherry.

Crystal Clear Ch. 13

group Romantic1 2017-10-12

Synopsis of This Story Up to This Point: After a motorcycle road trip laced with grief, love, incest, and sex, Jim moved in with country singer Crystal Lee, her sister Ellen, and a new friend named Claire in Nashville. Beth, as Elizabeth told me to call her, instructed me on what to wear when, how to come prepared for a 'date' with Joe, what his expectations would be -- at least at the start, and what makeup to use -- we'd bought almost a thousand dollars of that too." Claire continued, "Joe talked about the restaurant, and carried on a wonderful first 'date' conversation, asking what I liked in the way of cuisine, theater, books, concerts -- both classical and rock, and things like what my hobbies were.


Locker Room Seduction

group John sixfooter 2017-10-12

Amy then settled back and lay on the bed crossways, her head towards me, and Brad moved around between her legs and began mouthing her. She told me that my cock was reaching inside of her "so deep, Damn, so big, so deep." I held her hips in both my hands and slammed into her, as she kept urging me to fuck her harder. Amy had gone along with Brad when he told her he wanted to actually try out a big cock, and she agreed to a three-way, and help ease me into it.

Life With s*s: Pt 2

group 2017-10-12

It was really something to feel all of that hot pee hitting me from my chest to my balls and even better, getting stare at Lexie's pussy as she pulled it open and let loose all over me. I did what they said to and went into the room with them, they were all wearing just T shirts and started to tell me that they wanted to see how long I could keep hard without cumming. Steph told me to start jerking off, she wanted to let the girls see my hard cock. As soon as I had squeezed the last drop of cum from my cock Steph said "you know what we want to see" and I just stood there.

Jessi's Mom

group zimabean 2017-10-12

So Jessi and I had this big plan to play Xbox and watch some porn videos. Jessi grabbed the remote and turned off the TV, but he left the DVD playing. Jessi and I were not sure what to do or say, Kate just sat there watching the DVD.The man on the DVD got up and you could see all the jizz in this womans snatch and the other man jumped on her and pumped her for a minute and then drained his balls in her and pulled out. At this point Jessi said we should turn off the DVD and watch something on TV. Jessi and I watched Kate and the DVD. Jessi and I took turns fucking Kate the rest of the weekend.

A Great Truck Stop

group kbking70 2017-10-11

He turned the overhead light and pulled the curtains back of his cab and said "Hey, vato, I got you something to play with!" Another young mexican guy, his driving partner, sat up in bed. Well the end of the true story is this: they didn't have to leave until 8 the next morning, so the 3 of us spent the night with me sucking their cocks, licking their assholes, and letting them use my hole like a whore's pussy. My ass was crusty with cum, my breath smelled like cock and asshole, and my tits were sore and raw from their sucking and biting.

Escort Girls Ch. 01

group Sonia_de_Beaumanoir 2017-10-11

"Now take your hands away and caress your breasts, while I operate here." Monique was obviously experienced in such operations, and her fingers and tongue afforded me pleasures unknown to me up to that time. Finally I could bear it no longer, and screamed, "Laisse moi jouir!" In response, Monique at last brought me over the edge with her tongue pressing my clit while three conjoined fingers fucked deeply into my inner passage. On occasion, I would visit Monique after one of these dates, and it pleased her imagination to explore my vagina with her tongue and mouth, thinking of the semen that had lately been within.


An Orgy in Venus Villa Ch. 03

group kinkydreams667 2017-10-11

It did spend a good amount of semen about two hours ago, while watching the grotesque looking, hose like monstrous black dick of Arun fucking those sex starved rustic ladies. I started to wonder about Anita and her role in the exclusive party in that old sex den of the late debauched grandfather of Divvya, who was a famed sex addict and loved hosting orgies for his close friends. The old man with ten inch dick, could hold his charge for long time and was rumored to make about half a dozen females to rapturous orgasm, before he would shoot his load to any lady, he fancied, and thought deserved his boiling cum.

It All Started With A Bet.... Ch. 05

group SXY_Hot_Mamma 2017-10-11

Coach got to his knees next to my head and I began to suck his cock as Mach started to finger Janice while keeping up the pace with his thrusts into me. Coach pulled his cock from my lips, leaving a trail of cum from his head to my mouth, and looked down at me as Mach pressed his juice covered fingers into my mouth. Janice's smooth, slender fingers soon found my clit and as Mach kept my pussy lips opened for her, she began rubbing my clit fast and hard. My legs out wide and Mach keeping my pussy lips spread apart, Janice pulled her hand away from my clit and watched as I came.

A Fantasy Adventure Ch. 1

group hotjavaguy 2017-10-11

I started to stutter an objection and for a moment Stephen looked me in the eye and said "You shouldn't forget you agreed to 'do whatever was required." I thought, "how bad could it be?" – although after his quote of a private e-mail conversation, I was wondering if Stephen was part of this fantasy weekend, in some way Jennifer and I had never explored. Stephen spoke in a low whisper "Jason you may not have ever had a full body massage like this before, as you noticed I use my whole body in my massages so we both have to be disrobed." I was stunned, I'd been thinking about Jennifer and enjoying my increased arousal thinking what might be coming tonight, but I was now confronted by a very erotic situation and I was as hot as any foreplay has ever gotten me.

Housewarming Party

group knobbieknobbs 2017-10-11

"Have you met Lisa and Nicole yet?" said Bob, from apartment five. I thought this might be in order." Lisa pulled a bottle of champagne from behind her back and handed it to Phil. For the rest of the evening, Phil followed Lisa and Nicole like a drooling puppy. "Phil was right," Nicole said. Lisa sat on Nicole's face and looked at Phil, her eyes glazed. Nicole came and screamed so loud that Phil was convinced that the other party guests must have heard. She reached out her tongue and licked from Lisa's clit to Phil's balls while he rammed his cock in and out of the womanly slot.


Out For a Bite

group dalva69 2017-10-11

The Jack must have hit me harder than I thought because as I took his hand to let him lead me to the dance floor, I SWEAR his eyes glowed red. As the men finished coming inside of me, the other men got up from sucking my blood and stroked themselves until they came and shot their juices all over my body while Damon and Troy were still inside me. Damon shoved his already hardening cock in my mouth and I don't know how he did it, but the man who had been face fucking me first, got under me and started sucking on my clit. Troy's fucking became harder and faster so that was the rhythm on Damon's cock too and the man on my clit stayed there.

The Millionaire Gets Laid

group honeydew 2017-10-11

"Amy I'd like to introduce my brother Steven, Steven this is the most delightfully wicked,sexy lady I told you about. "That Steven is up to Amy." Charles said as he moved his hand between her legs, sliding his finger in her pussy. She reaches in and pulls out Steven's cock and she saw that he was just as big as Charles. Amy took his cock and she suck on him, suck him deep down her throat, Steven couldn't hold back he exploded in her throat. Charles and Steven look at each other and they ease their cocks inside her, when they couldn't get any deeper, she reaches down and plays with their balls.

Lessons Learned Ch. 06

group Belle_in_south 2017-10-11

Sonja pressed her lips to Tamara's mouth, her tongue dancing along the blonde's lips before slipping inside. Jon's eyes were riveted on the women as Sonja cupped Tamara's small breast through the t-shirt. She slipped her tongue between Tamara's pink lips and the small blonde arched her back and released a low moan that sent shivers through Jon. His fingernails cut into the vinyl as the urge to free his throbbing erection overtook him. Sonja's tongue did not relent in its assault on Tamara's clit so he kept thrusting, hoping neither woman had noticed that he had cum. Sonja was bent over Tamara's body, her hips gyrating as she rode her small lover's face. He started pounding hard and fast again, feeling Tamara's quivering pussy muscles and Sonja's tongue against his shaft.

The Norther

group Houstonrn 2017-10-11

Nell bumped Kendra out of the way, and walked directly to me, pushed me onto my back, and like her daughter sat on my face. A blond stepped over my head giving me a perfect view of her bare-lipped cunt: "You've eaten mom and Kassy, and while it appears they had a wonderful time, I want a different part of your body, that hard appendage between your legs. Here is the deal, I want to be on top, and I want that huge cock in my pussy right now." Then in a plaintive tone Kendra added: "Do you have any objections or problems with that." The combined wetness of Dave's saliva on my rock-hard prick and Kendra's juices made the trip into her pussy feel like riding on a cloud.


group The Kitty 2017-10-11

"Oh yes!" Terri wailed as she broke the kiss, turning her face and watching Harry' hands work on her ass. "I can take care of that." After giving Lee's shaft a few hard strokes with her right hand, she slipped its bulging head into her mouth. Even more pleasure ripped throughout Lee once he felt Terri's tongue start to swirl around his cock like a buzz-saw within her mouth. "Oh my..." Lee moaned seconds later, as he watched Terri finally slip his cock out of her mouth. Harry knew that Terri would take a cock up her ass, just as soon as she'd place one in her mouth and/or stuff one in her pussy.


A Time of Many First

group jrunner 2017-10-11

All the while Jamie is telling my girlfriend things like, "That's right bitch lick that pussy," and "you're such a little slut I can't wait to fuck you like one." With the three of them before me and my hands cuffed to the chair I was going crazy with need. To my surprise Kelly came up to me and said "You poor thing you look like you could just explode at any minute." With that she dropped to her knees and began slowly sucking my cock. To my surprise my cock remained hard as steel and Kelly kept sucking for a few more minutes before getting up and shoving her wet pussy in Kristi's face. Once done both Jamie and Kelly got Kristi to sit at the edge of the bed and took turns licking my cum from her pussy.


America's Favorite Sport

group Birds__Eye 2017-10-11

That evening, as we got in the car, Cy asked Honas to run by the Greyhound station so he could pick up a bus schedule. Honas thought it was his chance to make it to home base, but Lillith pushed him back saying, "Don't hurry. Honas lifted her in his arms and walked in putting her down on my bed. It was when she went silent that I lost it when I looked up and saw Honas with half his cock in her mouth that I. After I finished, Honas stepped in and placed the tip of the bat to Lillith's pussy. As I pulled the soaked sheets off of my bed, Honas went to his room and Cy covered Lillith and slip into bed beside her.

Maria and Lori Plan An Ambush 3 Way

group nvision 2017-10-11

Then, Lori started having an intense orgasm, with the wiggling, vibrating dildo buried deep in her wet pussy squirming inside while Maria was rapidly licking Lori’s clit. As Lori was slurping away on Maria’s pussy, I went around to Maria’s face and offered her my cock as she kept one hand on the dildo buried in Lori’s cunt she started fondling my balls with her other hand and started sucking my wet, cum covered cock and started sucking it hard. Lori started sucking my cock again and I was so turned on I got hard pretty quickly and went for Maria’s pussy, with the dildo still in.

The Twins Next Door

group mooremike 2017-10-11

Melanie again looked at the twins and this time she could feel her pussy starting to get wet. “That is good to know.” Melanie said but her mind was on those hot twin boys Melanie loved the feel of an orgasm no matter what the source but it had been so long since she cum on a cock and it was driving her crazy. Do you think you can help me cum?” Melanie said as her pussy started getting soaked again Melanie lowered her mouth on to Teddy’s cock while Timmy reached up from behind her and started playing with tits. “Now which of you two boy’s want to eat my pussy first?” Melanie said with a hot look in her eyes

BJ Bliss Ch. 10 Blowstorm

group masterandmargarita 2017-10-11

When Katrin was safely out of view, Malena pulled open the door to see that their men: Peter, Justin, and Bob were waiting patiently at the front door and exactly on time. Katrin and Malena proceeded ahead of their men and shared a look of surprise with each other as Claudia lifted the back of her dress and led them up the master staircase with her sexy toned ass in their face and nothing but the thinnest of g-strings to cover herself. "I said Katrin, are you okay?" Malena asked with a look of concern. Katrin and Malena shared a look of surprise when their former employee, Marco followed next, stepping into position at Dean's side.


The Initiation Ch. 02

group NYBoss 2017-10-11

If each of you followed the simple instructions; women not shaving their pussies and couples abstaining from sex, you will have already earned some valuable points." With that Chuck asked all potential new members to remove their clothing. Immediately Marie turned on another switch that rotated Susan's chair to a position that had her with her head leaning toward the ground and her exposed cunt facing the ceiling. Marie left the dildo in Susan's cunt, and began run her hands through the black bush my wife had grown. Marie placed her tongue lightly on Susan's clit at the same time she once again began twisting and shoving the dildo in and out of my wife's cunt.


Office Vacation Ch. 02

group WARDOG77 2017-10-11

"Well it looks like Aznar and Ann got a good night's sleep" Said Dee with a scowl. So we all split up, Summer and I headed for the rooms, Dee to the pool, and Aznar, Ann, and a hung over Jodi to the beach. We reach the door to my room first and she let go of my hand before looking at me and saying "Drew I haven't been kissed like that in a very long time... I start to turn left and head for the first of the two large pools as Summer stops and says "beach is this way Drew." pointing to the right.


Iris the Witch

group IrissMaster 2017-10-11

They didn't waste any time getting to position and before she knew what was happening Stew's 8 inches where being rammed in to her cum filled cunt and Dre was forcing her head down on to his 9 inch cock. No woman had ever managed to deep throat his cock before and he didn't care if Iris could or not, he just wanted to fuck her mouth and throat like the white whore she was. The sight if Iris's tits covered in cum sent Stew over the edge and he pulled her hips down as he fired a huge load of spunk as deep in to her cunt as he could.

Performing Again!

group 2017-10-11

Harry led me into get a beer and as I talked to the two guys there he went out back to check on things. One of the guys asked what Harry had in store for me today and I told him “nothing I didn’t want to do” as I padded his crotch and walked away. As I fell to the floor the two guys who were at the kegs walked in and looking at Harry he "said she all yours." After I was clean he walked me back down the hall to the room, which now had three couple screwing in it and Bridget sucking on another guy.