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Erotic Group Sex stories

A large collection of first-time sex stories about virgins losing their cherry.

My Date With Monica P. Ch. 01

group JimInHI 2017-10-11

Kelly got up on one of the tables in the center and Don proceeded to demonstrate traditional massage strokes, starting with the back. Then he finished up with a few long, gentle strokes that started at her feet and continued all the way up her body as far as he could reach. After a few more moments Kelly said we had five minutes left so I reluctantly moved down to Monica's feet and worked on her legs. As I stroked up and down inside of her, she stuck her tongue deep into my mouth as we passionately kissed, which gave Monica a taste of the massage oil I had licked off her body.


Valentine's Lingerie Gift Ch. 02

group CheriSM 2017-10-11

"I'd love to spend more time exploring your body and fulfilling your fantasies, and after tasting Steve's cock, I want to see how well he fucks and swallow his cum myself." I need to cum so badly." Amber increased her assault on my tender pussy while Steve quickly replaced his cock in my mouth. Steve and Amber readily agreed when I said I wanted to see his cock buried in her wet pussy. I suggested that we move to the bedroom so Steve could fuck Amber again, but this time I wanted him to cum in her pussy, then suck his cum out of her just as she had done to me.


Summer Education - Part 1

group sourlemon 2017-10-11

It was Mrs. Carter, coming out of her bathroom with a towel in hand, just starting to wrap it around her unclothed body. This was something else new to me, and I was a little taken aback when I felt her fingertip right on my asshole, but her warm wet mouth moving on my cock and balls had me literally up for anything. Suck it for him!” Mrs. Carter encouraged me as she began pumping her hips faster, and my cock felt like a piece of rebar. Mrs. Carter began stroking his cock and flicking her tongue over the shaft as I continued to suck the head.

Sorority Party Ch. 02

group nust8ofmind 2017-10-11

Covered in cum and still reeling with the thrill of her first orgy experience, Alexa felt like she was up for almost anything and she was sure her fellow pledge, Amber, was willing to do whatever it took to get into the sisterhood of Alpha Beta Tau. But this was going a little far. Giving the left breast the same treatment as the right, Amber went lower to retrieve driblets of cum that had fallen on Alexa's stomach, before returning to lick the goo from her face and plant a deep kiss on her. Misty's moans of pleasure from being ass fucked periodically interrupted the bliss of her tongue on Alexa's pussy and the feeling of her wetted fingers making tiny circles on her virgin asshole.

Hero's Life Ch. 10

group PacoFear 2017-10-11

Sure enough, Heather cooed happily as Sam's tongue worked more vigorously into her little butt. Eventually, Sam's hand snaked around to cup one of my butt cheeks and pull me forward into Heather. Sam hovered her mouth over my cock, let a large wad of saliva drip slowly and raunchily from her lips and then stroked me a few times to wet my entire shaft. Even my fearless little Peaches stopped bouncing her ass on my cock when she saw Sam coming with the knife. Then Sam's small hands came around from behind to cup Heather's enormous bouncing breasts. Sam circled each of her perfect pink nipples with a few fingers of both hands and Heather went back to reaming herself on my cock.


Jen and I Ch. 01

group JustJimColo 2017-10-11

I don't remember how Jen and I ended up naked, but soon, I was between her legs, licking her very wet pussy and she was stroking the other guys cock while he was kissing her. Jen had a couple orgasms while I was eating her and the other guy moved up and I watched as she sucked his cock. After a while, the guy said he wanted to taste her and I moved up to kiss and suck on Jen's nipples. As we continued to make out, the other guy moved up and Jen sucked my tongue deep into her mouth as I knew the guy was sliding his cock into her. Jen started stroking me for a while and then told me she wanted to suck me while the other guy fucked her.

Nurse Ejaculates My Boyfriend

group yellowtent 2017-10-11

I looked down and saw her hand jerking his hard cock, and then she held it out to me like she wanted me to suck it. He was still rubbing her clit while his other hand was pulling off her bra to get a face full of her tits. She took my place sucking him while I found his fingers and moved them to my pussy so I could hump them and cum. He let go of our throbbing pussies and grabbed the back of her head to fuck her face hard. He was getting blown so well by this nurse, watching it was too much I had to be careful or I wouldn't be able to stop myself from cumming, just then he let out a deep groan, "oh god...

My s****r and her friend Ami

group 2017-10-11

So cut a long film short he accidentally throws open his robe to reveal his hard cock the niece shocked by the size, starts to suck him off then fuck so on....Well Annie knows how excited i get and she looked over at the bulge in my shorts.....good she says that's hard....i asked her what she was talking about and Ami said your shorts are bulging...gonna show us your cock then....well I'll show you mine if you show me yours...always worked.

Florida Whore: Daisy Makes Them Men

group RhonaDarkstar 2017-10-11

"My name's Jeff by the way and this is Alex." He sighed and said "but you already knew that from reading our I.D.'s" "Alex you're doing the creepy clown smile again cut it out," Jeff said. "Would you like a cup, glass or some other container capable of holding liquids, why do I keep talking?" Jeff said "Well a few days ago I lost my job at the nursing home," Daisy said. "That's just a dream Alex," Jeff said. "Like burping, farting, masturbate," Alex cut himself off and said "I think Jeff wanted to know about your boobs." Daisy turned her head and kissed Alex on the cheek and the boy trembled beside her.


aZiaN PLaYa Ch. 04

group bluedragonauthor 2017-10-11

Tina must have had a lot more experience doing this with Jessica than with Pei-Hua. The end result was a show beyond my wildest dreams, and I merely got out of the way when the two hot vixens began to roll around my bed, moaning up a storm until they were both sweaty and panting. The real women followed the script on screen, and Jessica got into position between Tina's legs to give her some girl-expert loving. In the morning, Tina left early, wanting to go to her place to call her parents, tell Jessica the news, and generally jump up and down like a little girl all day in excitement.


Five Nights Ch. 05

group toomuchinmyhead 2017-10-11

My hips flinched, pushing my cock into the back of my wife's mouth, making her gag a little, and spit flew out of her lips, but she didn't pull back, even as I felt Marybeth's tongue slipping inside my tight ring. I looked down at Sue and told her, "She's licking my ass, her tongue is in my ass, fuck, suck my cock!" She bobbed her head in response, swirling her hand with her mouth. The fingers suddenly pulled out of my ass, and I felt a little lick, and then Marybeth was standing next to us, kissing Sue's neck, and I felt her hands at Sue's pussy with my own, probing, and then slipping inside.


Busty Bride Ch 3 – The Hen Party Pt 2

group BustyBride 2017-10-11

"Listen Marie, you don't need to worry about your mum" said Mike, trying to reassure me "Steve's a good guy". "Its is for me" he whispered "Steve is one lucky bastard having a babe like your mum on his cock" His hands slipped around to my tummy, lightly stroking around and around. Mike leant forward and run his tongue right along my pussy, his face pressed against me as he gripped my arse cheeks in his large hands, pulling me forward by half a step. "I'll tell you what Marie, your mum is one amazing fuck" Steve grinned as he climbed on to the sofa next to us "Are you as good as she is?" he asked, standing on the sofa now, his cock in my eyeline.

The Circle Ch. 49

group SteveWallace 2017-10-11

The orgasms started with Jean, in part because Matt kept toying with her clit and driving her from one climax to the next, even as he read her signals and hammered into her body with his engorged cock. Alice immediately cleaned up Lloyd and Matt with her oral skills, and then worked over Jean until she had one more cum. Brad said, "I need to tell you that although we were young, I loved your mom very much. Sandy kept nudging Brad, "Ask her to come visit." Brad said to Nancy, "Can you come and visit us? He turned to the rest of the room who had been listening to his side of the conversation, and occasional asides as Sandy explained something to them that Nancy had said.

The Most Unusual Spa

group Ghostwriter 2017-10-11

She looked up when the doors slid open but gave me a moment to absorb the atmosphere before asking softly; "May I help you?" Have a good time Natasha." With that, she left the room closing the door softly behind her. "When I'm done, you will be more relaxed and sensitive then ever before." "Sensitive?" I wonder, confused, but Tom starts to rub my shoulders and I relax onto the table and close my eyes, enjoying the feel of his big hands on my back. I hope all your fantasies come true." He picked up the table and left the apartment, closing the door behind him. She worked her way lower slowly until she was cupping my breasts in her hands, feeling my nipples poking into her palms.


Massive Nights

group LingerieRobot 2017-10-11

"I liked his last band better," said Andrea. "You got big city aspirations, Johnny?" said Donna. I kissed Andrea hard, crushing her lips in between mind, shoving my tongue down between her teeth. To my further surprise, Andrea got on all fours with a dopey grin on her face and started to crawl towards Donna's wide open legs. Andrea slowly pressed her face into that grove and gave Donna a kiss on the lower lips. But Donna did offer a lot of directions, ranging from "A little less teeth, darling" to "Oooh, that feels good." On the other hand, Andrea showed no hesitation and took an artist's pride in her craft. Donna began gyrating, pressing her cunt against the eager Andrea's face.


The Taste of Being Seduced

group allen_moore 2017-10-11

No, I should have not been doing this but, but Julie's beautiful leg was still between my feet and, Martin's cock in Amanda's (maybe wet) hand seemed to be really big. And I really couldn't breathe when I felt Julie's hand finding its way between my squeezed thighs, rubbing my soaked pussy. Julie was on her knees on the couch, holding one of my my thighs in her arm, sucking my throbbing clit and fucking my pussy with two fingers, faster and faster, her hip up for Amanda to lick her little asshole eagerly and fuck her pussy with her fingers, grabbing her breast with other hand.

Taxi Driver Gang Bang

group deadtorights 2017-10-11

"Suck Daddy's cock you little whore, I don't care who sees you." I obediently sucked on his hard cock, moaning as it filled my mouth. Daddy holds my hips and starts to pound my cunt, excited at watching me be a good slut. "Of course, all I want to do is be a good slut for Daddy and all of Daddy's friends." I stand up to switch dicks, this time sitting on the cabbie's dick and taking Daddy into my mouth. I'll be sitting here watching you get fucked." I get off the cabbie's dick and comply with Daddy's orders. I want my mouth filled as well and to have Daddy watch me get fucked by this pack of strangers every which way.

Special Bahamian Charter

group LBMM2008 2017-10-11

"We've been on several sailing trips," said Jeffrey, "but we have always been with more experienced couples who handled most of the difficult operations." It wasn't that Jeffrey didn't wear the speedos well, it was just that Nick never understood why many older guys that came on the charter boats liked them. Jeffrey appeared on deck and Nick asked him if he'd like to help raise the sails. Around four pm, Nick came up on deck to check things out and then told the couple he was going below to fix some dinner. "No problem Rhonda," he said noticing all she had on was a thin pink dress that came about mid thigh on her legs and exposed a lot of her breasts.


Sex During College

group cindy_4u 2017-10-11

So still in my miniskirt, I came on top of him, guided his hard cock in my pussy and started to ride him like a slutty cow girl. Five minutes of riding him, he was ready to cum, so I got off him, took his cock in my mouth and sucked and stroked him till he came. As Rajiv was starting to get ready, I walked over to Mia and said, lets swap partners and fuck them together. Mia, who was as slutty as me, immediately made her way to the limp cock of Rajiv, took it in her hand, licked at it seductively and asked him, 'will this change your mind?' Rajiv was nodding yes like a kid in a candy store.

Three into One

group AutarkisV42 2017-10-11

You can't allow one of your Master's guests to enjoy the party flaccid so with a deep swallow and sharp pop you rotate your body, crossing your arms before your chest to stroke the two erect men and your mouth dances and plays over the soft skin of the shyer cock. Hands tug at your corset and suddenly your top falls to the floor, your tits spilling out, bouncing slightly as now both hands are working at the hard cock to your side and your mouth is still caressing the hairless sack of the now firm man in front of you. Both your hands begin working the balls and shaft of the cock at your lips, your tongue painting it feverishly as the man below you begins pumping into your tight pussy.

Ch.14 Blue Skies and a Bluebird

group Bushman 2017-10-11

She loves big black cocks, and Sol's had been her favorite for the seven years they had known each other; consequently she had to live with him on principle, she tearfully told me. Their big news was that into their group had come Felicia Heard, an aspiring artist whose nude studies of Lianne were earning some local critical acclaim. I love watching your beautiful long cock disappearing in Lianne's needful cunt, and I want you to have the pleasure of Felicia as well." Inciting my prurience further was my chance to see Carl's handsome big uncut cock, which I thirst for the opportunity to suck, and the likely unveiling of the opulent and highly sexed Felicia Heard.

My Wife's First "Gang-Bang"

group DooMyWife2 2017-10-11

Tony had moved around the bed and Brandie bent forward to take his cock, coated with her own pussy wetness, into her mouth, and start sucking him again, while she continued to ride Mark's. Now Tony got to give his attention to my wife's tits, while Mark fucked her, and Brandie had started sucking my cock. As she lapped up every drop and licked his softening cock clean, my wife looked at me, sitting there naked, drinking my beer, with my own cock standing hard and straight once again, from watching her sucking off Tony, she said to me, "Well, I've fucked all three of you, and I've sucked both of them off.


Island Fever Ch. 29

group Jeremydcp 2017-10-11

"If you loved me, Jeremy, and really cared for me, you would not have been engaged to Kristanna just one week after that long, amazing talk we had here in the movie room! You promised all of us before we agreed to come to the island that if, no matter the reason, we wanted to go home early, we could at any time we so desired." Pamela nodded her head and surmised, "I'm exercising my out clause. "I'm going home!" Pamela burst out into song, turning and prancing about as she exited the movie room. "You volunteered to give Pamela her money and let her go home," Camille said. Pamela wanting out was bad enough, but the words that Camille said to me afterward were absolutely crushing.


Nicks Good Times

group 3xamutt 2017-10-11

"God damn, I love that color on you." Nick said, Karrie turned and gave him a little smile "yea its johns favorite too. Ryan never would of thought this could happen, Jaimie stood there thinking and all Nick saw while he was still fucking karrie was her pants drop. "God this is awesome, I never thought both of my fantasies would come true in one day!" Nick said with elation as Jaimie laid on her back behind Nick and took his sack into her mouth, switch from teasing him to sucking on Karrie's clit. "Oh wow, I've never been with a girl, this is amazing" karrie said as she was getting nailed by Nick and sucked clean by Jaimie.