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Erotic Group Sex stories

A large collection of first-time sex stories about virgins losing their cherry.

The Adventures of Miss Jones Ch. 05

group cheddar_cheese 2017-10-11

Had he been licking Miss Davenport's pussy the whole time? How lovely, Miss Jones thought, to have both nipples sucked at once. She wanted them to rub and press harder and to finger fuck her more quickly but she was getting more pleasure from letting them choose the pace. Now we'll see of they're as smooth as she says, thought Miss Jones as she leant back and shivered with pleasure at the amazing stimulation she was receiving. As they swapped over she opened her legs much wider and the two who had been sucking her nipples so beautifully she pushed gently right into her pussy. She didn't bother looking them in the eye as she might with Mr Smith to see how he was responding, but just enjoyed gazing at their lovely bodies.



group Guru 2017-10-11

As we got further from the road, Kris unbuttoned her shirt, and then tied the tails to keep it mostly closed, which let me slip my hand into it and feel her breasts, which I did every time we stopped for a moment to rest and kiss. When Kris took her hand, I heard her draw in her breath quickly, then she answered, "It's very nice to meet you, Aphrodite." Aphrodite broke the kiss, and I continued to come into Kris' mouth, the spasms finally subsiding after what seemed like a full minute. Aphrodite lifted up, and let my cock slide out of her, then reached over for the bottle of wine, and offered it to Kris.

Threesome Enocunter

group flsexwriter 2017-10-11

I sat in the motel room chair as they climbed on the bed and he pulled the dress over Jenna's head. Jenna's small hands stroked my dick while she sucked my cock. Jenna looked at James with a cum covered face and his cock still in her and said " I had no idea he was so close!" James fucked her hard with me lying beside them and pulled out and shot his huge load all over her stomach. James and I sat on the edge of the bed and she took my cock into her tiny mouth again. Jenna wrapped her small hand around the base as she stroked and sucked me.

Frat House Gang Bang

group Sassy Susan 2017-10-11

I lay there naked, with Paul's cum leaking from my pussy, as the two approached the bed. Harry began to kiss my breasts and Johnnie rubbed his cock on my pussy lips. Paul pulled back and Harry replaced him, his swollen cock in my face. My hands moved without my conscious thought, one to rub my clit and the other to grasp and stroke the cock in my mouth. And it was enough to bring Johnnie off; he came noisily, pumping a load of cum into my already filled pussy. My mind was awhirl with the constantly changing scene, different guys fucking me in different parts of my body, shooting cum all over me, climbing on and off the bed as they came.

Drama queen

group hottvcarole 2017-10-11

I watched Amy lean in and place her warm ruby lips on Cindy’s so I knelt down and eased Cindy’s panties down a little and took her hardening penis in my hands to coax it back to its full hardness, fortunately it did not tack long and I was soon sucking her penis again this time I was stroking her nylon clad legs. So we sat and I leaned forward and kissed Amy, Cindy eased Amy’s penis from her panties and slid her lips over it taking deep into her mouth.

A Memorable Cruise

group deggles 2017-10-11

kept my hand rubbing high inside Amie's thigh and Derek As Sarah and Derek watched, I dropped to my Sarah joined Amie's moaning, turning around gently in himself into position, Derek deep kissed Sarah and I knew Derek cumming in her mouth would set off and kiss her deep as Amie, now flowing again, sat on my Derek and Sarah would, for me, to watch Amie take his soft for Derek and Sarah to hear: "It's that time for taste Amie's now heavy flow as Sarah and I exchanged Her mouth fell slightly open with a soft moan as Derek Derek leaned forward to taste Amie's hard and quivering their faces, Derek asking, "Now?" and Amie responding

Thaddeus Black & Tibbs

group dsoul 2017-10-11

Tibbs's hand slipped toward her hairy crotch and Beth moaned as his fingers played with her erogenous zone. Tibbs and Beth were on their knees facing each other on the bed kissing like lovers. Tibbs lay on his back and Beth sucked his cock while Thaddeus forced her ass cheeks as wide apart as he could and burrowed his face between her ass crack. Beth stroked Tibbs's cock, her face resting on his abdomen and shut her eyes and gave a soothing 'Aaahhhh', as Thaddeus invaded her pussy. Beth positioned herself on her back with Thaddeus holding her legs open for Tibbs to slide his dick between her cunt's fleshy folds. Beth got up and went to clean herself in the bathroom; Thaddeus and Tibbs followed later.

Mistress Cunt's two fairies

group Tigerpaw46 2017-10-11

Once my panties had dropped Mistress Cunt and Angela wanted to make my shaved pole feel all wet and nasty, their tongues met at my sissy cock and I got to be the meat in their face sandwich! Fuck me, fuck my Cunt while you suck her you fucking slut!" Oh how I wanted to let my cream go inside of Mistress Cunt, to positively explode all those white hot juices into her wet and juicy hole! That put Mistress Cunt into sexual oblivion; her exact words were "Give me something to suck!" I quickly moved my shaved cock to her mouth and began to face fuck her while Angela and I were still vibrating her.

A Birthday to Remember

group Apenname 2017-10-11

I didn't see Nadia rush over to Adam, strip off her bra and begin suffocating him with her boobs because Jenna's tongue was down my throat. I was tongue kissing my boss while my boyfriend had his face in possibly the best looking pair of tits I'd ever seen. The sheer size of Jenna and Nadia had driven him into a frenzy when his head was in their tits, but with Amy he was more restrained. Nadia's hand had replaced Jenna's in my panties and had two fingers buried in my pussy. "And now, my dear Adam, remove Amy's panties to let her know her face will be covered in your hot, sticky cum before too long."


Dan Allen met his match!

group adultflame 2017-10-11

Many of our Island girls have been victimized and fucked raw by Dan’s massive cock. I remember my s****r Amber yelling at Dan “give the fucking bitch a break!” Dan removed his cock from my wet cunt and he grabbed Amber by the arm and f***ed her to her knees. Amber loves to suck cock as much as I do and during Cumfest 2006 she was one of five fluff girls that got our guys rock hard. Amber went to town on him bobbing on his shaft and Dan fucked her face like a wild man. Just when Dan was ready to pump that first load of manhood Amber squeezed down on his cock.

Gloryhole Switch

group MrKing 2017-10-11

I'm bound to the wall, my cock her deep into a 18 year old throat while she fingers my ass and takes a strap-on from her older sister right in front of me. I look down on Jessica's cute little face wrapped around my cock while I feel the dildo slide into my already lubed ass. My girlfriend going to town on my ass with a nice big dildo, her cute little sister deep throating my cock. Jessica slides my blindfold back on, and then proceeds to watch the video in the booth and play with her cute little pussy while I'm still getting fucking good and hard from behind the wall.

My Birthday Present Ch. 1

group Dkwild 2017-10-11

You know that he appreciates what he sees, you take me to the bed and lay me down, you slowly take off my nylons, then my garter and panties then my bra, the whole time you are kissing me and touching me whispering to me how hot I look and asking me if I want Markk to touch me, he walks to the bed, he is naked, he has a wonderful body and a nice full cock, it is about half hard, you smile at me as I am looking at it, wanting it, you pull him towards me and you guide his cock into my mouth, I open it eagerly wanting to taste him.

A Lovers Desire

group NaughtyPleasure 2017-10-11

"You two taste so fucking good!" She withdrew her fingers from my slick cunt and dipped her tongue into my cream filled pussy. "You're gonna cum down the back of my fucking throat." I took his whole tip into my mouth and swirled my tongue over his fat swollen head. "Fuck her mouth baby." I lowered my hands to his balls and cupped them lightly, licking his nuts in between my fingers. You're gonna feed me your cum while she tongue fucks your ass baby." I took his whole cock into my mouth, until the tip of his head hit the back of my throat. Come on baby, cum down my throat and all over my pretty face, while she tongue fucks your ass." I took his whole cock back in.


my shower

group liam90 2017-10-11

I felt her huge tits press against my back with her hard nipples, and she whispered in my ear, "don't fight it sweetie, we're gonna make you feel so good tonight." She held me tight for a few seconds while I tried to get away again, but I finally gave in, relaxed, and started enjoying it. The girl behind me was still licking and nibbling on my ear, the brunette and the redhead were swirling there tongues around and around my erect nipples, the blonde was kissing me so passionately and looking deep into my eyes with a sexy look every time we rarely stopped to take a breath.

Sorority Sister Threesome

group hotmann 2017-10-11

About four months after we'd starting dating, Molly's big sister in the sorority, Carla, got dumped by her boyfriend of a couple years. Carla also began to run her hand up my leg, and by the time that we reached Molly's apt, my cock could have hammered in a nail. I decided I had done all I could do to Molly's nipple, and sat back, enjoying Carla's tiny hand on my cock. This elicited a sigh of joy from Carla, and she pulled my head away, kissed me, and looked at Molly. Not wanting to consider the answer, I pulled Molly's head down onto my cock, making her show off her oral talents to the girl who'd probably taught her.


Unbridled Lust Ch. 02

group shadow_dreamer 2017-10-11

Cassandra paid no attention except to the cock in her mouth and the fingers that busily worked their way in and out of her wet, wet pussy. Cassandra released Brad's cock from her mouth and told them, "I want both of you inside of me." Matt pulled his cock out of her pussy and watched as she climbed onto the bar counter and sat on her knees. Matt and Cassandra finally calmed down and Brad told them, "My turn to cum inside of her hot pussy." Brad and Matt were rock hard again and stood on each side of the table watching the young woman being fucked, her tits jiggling and bouncing.

When I Fucked By Servants 2

group cuteb0y25 2017-10-11

I removed their dicks from my ass and pussy and tried to wear my skirt.In no time came Saddam and grabbed my boobs.I wore my skirt and he didnt stop squeezing and milking my boobs.javed grabbed my another boob and started squeezing it.Both are eating away my both boobs.sohail started to lick my asshole from behind.They didnt stop it.My pussy began wet and liquids started oozing from my cunt hole. Saddam and javed nearly tried to eat away my both boobs and milked them.They chewed my both nipples while sohail deep tongue my asshole.I cummed once again.They made sit on the floor and ejaculated sperms all over my face and hair.Saddam told me to be ready for fuck feast on terrace tonight.At midnight Saddam came with his friends and i was waiting for them on terrace ready for festival

Claribel's Two Lovers

group Claribel 2017-10-11

I start work at half nice at my shop, 'Ruffs'n'Cuffs' but I'm normally dead on my feet until my first strong coffee. Clive excused himself to go on his rounds and I got on with tidying the shop. Clive had popped in once or twice, each time Sam had made gestures and dropped hints about us getting together. Momentarily I thought of Clive and what he'd be like, but the image vanished, as there was a knock at the door. "I'll keep my door locked." Clive nodded and got up to go. "Well you don't look like a cow." Jason was eyeing up some Christmas thongs. "I'm going to take your mind off Jake for a moment sweetheart." Clive whispered.

French Leave Ch. 02

group chriscookes 2017-10-11

The two girls lay down next to each other and when I turned to look at them they were lying with eyes closed, Suzie with her hand on Kim's shaved pussy and Kim doing the same for Suzie, their fingers delicately stroking each other and rubbing around their mounds. Sue and Kim got themselves into a 69 position and started on the sausages buried in each others' cunts while Bob and I looked on, eagerly fondling each others' cocks. Suzie broke off, got on all fours between Kim's legs and pushed another Frankfurter into Kim. She put her mouth to that dripping sex, tenderly took the sausage between her teeth and moved it in and out of Kim with long slow deliberate strokes, stopping occasionally to lick around Kim's swollen clit.

For All of Us

group SyleusSnow 2017-10-11

She probably feels pretty weird right now." "At the very least," I said, "But Melissa, how are YOU feeling about it?" I said, "I thought you'd need a lot more time to think things over." "Well," she said, "I thought about things a lot last night. Images from last night filled my head: Susan getting naked with us, showering with us, watching me with Melissa, letting me eat her and then fuck her... Last night showering with Melissa and Susan was playful and erotic. Susan hugged me close for a long moment then pulled back to look at me with damp eyes. I mean, Melissa's wonderful but it's way too soon to be thinking about things like that."


A Friends' Cuckold

group slave_ariana 2017-10-11

I had been chatting to Eduardo and Caitlin online for quite some time on XH, and was beginning to get to know them pretty well. Caitlin was a gentle lady who had a very respectable job, she appeared to be very proper and demure - the perfect lady - but this outward appearance hid her love for black and Hispanic men, and for cuckolding her husband. Emile was very intrigued by this idea and would fuck me using piles of pillows to represent fucking over a person as he wanted to know what positions could be used and also how many times he could cum in a 24 hour period - his record was 20!

Camping and a Spit Roast

group wherethewhitewomenat 2017-10-11

You could see that all three of us were now starting to get erect, their magnificent cocks growing and growing until Abi now had a long 8.5 by 5.5 inch cock standing to attention and Lauren was now sporting a 6 by 7 inch cock, it was thicker than my wrist, never before have I been so excited, but never have I been so intimidated either, these women were already more man than I, and Abi was now advancing, she put her hands around the back of my head and started to pull me in, her huge cock now getting nearer and nearer, I eventually just gave in and opened my mouth, and it slid right to the back of my throat, and she's letting out little moans while she's gagging me, and Lauren comes closer, and grabs my hand and puts it on her cock, I can't even get my hand all the way around it, and I start giving her a handjob while she's rubbing my crotch, she unbuttons my jeans and start's tugging on my cock which is much smaller than theirs, I'd be lying if I said that one of the reasons I was so hard wasn't because of the shame.

A Little Late Night Office Fantasy Ch. 2

group kittys_pet 2017-10-11

With a groan your eyes roll back and you hard fuck my mouth till you too spill your cum, pulling your cock free and stroking your cum out over my face as I moan and writhe, my fingers going down to rub my clit so I keep cumming. One cock pulling out as one sinks in and I turn my head just enough so you can watch that big fat cock sliding in and out of my sucking mouth as you feel the other cock sliding against yours as you fuck my tight ass. All that can be heard in the room is the squish of cocks sliding in and out of my body, the moans of three men as they fuck a hot tight hole and my hard breathing as I ride you all.

Bachelor Party Vivacity

group mughalpunjabi 2017-10-11

"Hemant told us about his upcoming wedding to Karen and asked if we could brainstorm what and where the bachelor party and other events should be held," Rafiq gave me a not wholly true story, given that I knew that the venue was Cyprus and that I was supposedly the star attraction. Things had worked themselves in a such way that I could get to Cyprus early, enjoy a five-star hotel for a day or two, then be the main course at Hemant's event, attend Karen's party two days later, be at the wedding shortly afterwards and return to Dubai.