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Erotic Group Sex stories

A large collection of first-time sex stories about virgins losing their cherry.

Strap-on Heaven

group XFRex 2017-10-11

After that it was easy--the head is the hard part, as any experienced ass-fucker will tell you, and soon Selene was sliding in long, even strokes into me, with Pam kissing me all over, stroking my cock back to its full erection, as it had deflated some while I was concentrating on getting that cock inside me, and preparing for the final act, the one I had been waiting for the entire time. I cried out, I screwed up my face, I said "ffffuuuuuuuuuuuck!" in a long hissing exhalation that started quiet as I tried for the last time to control myself and ended in wordless groans and cries as I pumped a night's worth of come into Pam while she slammed up and down on my cock with Selene fucking me hard in the same rhythm, squeezing my balls with one hand and slapping Pam's ass with the other.


Diary of a Teenager Ch. 02

group Erlikkhan 2017-10-11

When he pulled out of me I slid to the floor and started licking the juices coating his cock and balls. About that time Judy joined me wearing a skimpy pair of thin see through white panties and a skin tight pink tank top that showed her bright red nipples poking through. I felt him swell inside me, causing me to gag, just before his huge cock erupted with a powerful blast of cum. My head was spinning and I was moaning into Judy's pussy from the extreme pleasure I felt every time Al slammed his cock into my belly. I finally felt him pull out of me, shove his cock into Judy's mouth and grunt as he came.


Finally I get to share my wife..

group 2017-10-11

Andy had his hand extended to shake her hand which in hindsight seemed odd considering he had just watched a video of her fucking herself to orgasm with a glass dildo, but Marie just ignored his hand and hugged him and planted a big kiss on his lips too. When their kiss had ended, Marie settled back on the couch between us, unashamed that her tits were on full view to me and our guest, and her hands continued to stroke both mine and Andy’s erections. We both figured the fun had ended and Andy dressed and sat on the couch to finish his beer before leaving, saying he just wanted to thank Marie before he headed home.

First time with a couple (part I)

group 2017-10-11

I began having this naughty dream about my aunt sucking my cock, and it felt so real. When I came to I realized I was still on the float in the pool and my cock was being sucked. I called him a 'sick fuck' but grabbed the back of his tan bald head, using it for leverage, as I pounded his throat with my thick cock. Then he'd rub in that spit and go right back to work causing me to shoot a hard, thick load getting it everywhere from his mouth, face, float and pool. As I lathered my body with soap in the outdoor shower, he came walking back outside with his wife's (my aunt) bikini on.

A Landscaper's Debt Ch. 01

group Rocket1010 2017-10-11

We don't want to be late, do we?" Releasing his member, she turned and walked out the bathhouse door without so much as looking back at Brad, knowing his eyes were on her and knowing that soon he would be servicing her in a more erotic way. But I'm sure you'll find everything in order," Turning her head, Marie looked out the window as they passed large homes, smiling at the thought of Brad being of service to her in so many ways. Marie smirked, thinking about some of the rooms that Jacqueline had built into the house to make it more medieval-like and she was sure Brad would get acquainted with them, that is, if he signed the contract.


Our Night with John

group dunno_yet 2017-10-11

John got on his knees; his hand wrapped around my dick and started sucking on my balls; first one, then the other. She said watching me stroke John's dick was turning her on more than she thought it would, and that she would let me know if there were any problems. Sara started moving faster and faster until John threw his head back and screamed as he came. I could tell Sara was cumming again by the way she started to deep-throat John. I moved my way up behind John and wrapped my hand around his cock as it slid in and out of Sara. John could feel my hardness as I slid my dick up and down the crack of his ass, and he stopped fucking Sara for a moment.

The Party

group RoadTripTO 2017-10-11

Michelle looked over at us and gave a moan that was also half mixed with giggle realizing she was being watched, at the same time her back arched up off the couch as Dave paid more attention to the nipple he was sucking on. I heard Michelle gasp from across the room as Dave's mouth made contact with her pussy, sending her into ecstasy, just as Heather pulled my cock out of my pants, sliding her hand slowly up and down it's length. I started to slam my cock in and out of her hot body, looking over at Dave and Michelle who had moved so they could watch us at the same time.

Biker Babe Ch. 01

group PicturePainter 2017-10-11

Exhaustion had almost take over following the long flight but seeing the way she looked and feeling the warmth from her perfect curvy body as she cuddled me in tightly kissing me softly I knew I wouldn't be able to keep my hands off her for long as her tongue penetrated my mouth in a deep kiss and I felt her big soft fleshy breasts squashing into me. After I had allowed her a short recovery period during which time she had practically tried to force me to stop licking and touching her, I worked my way back up her wonderful body and pulled her onto the top of me as she slid down my 7" cut thick cock shaft and we fucked hard as she sat astride me and I licked, kissed and played with her big soft breasts and swollen nipples.


Island Fever 4: Paradise Ch. 12

group Jeremydcp 2017-10-11

Considering how she was always chocked full of energy and possessed an inner drive to be active that was second to none, it really should not have come as all that much of a surprise to me that the morning after we returned home from vacation, Trish was the only one from our little group who wanted to go out into the world and actually do things. When I made eye contact with Trish, she giggled merrily once again and tilted her happy, glowing face to the side, staring right back at me with an expression so full and vibrant, it reminded me of our wedding day.


Making her his for the day

group LoveTitPlay 2017-10-11

After an hour as a courtesy I politely knocked on the door before entering the bedroom and was immediately turned on by some small bruises on her Tits from the rough groping and squeezing our friend had left on my wife's huge knockers. I wasn't sure if I wanted to Cum in her mouth or on her pretty face butbas I looked at her abused, bruised and now red titties I decided to unload on her big natural knockers and I was impressed to see how much cum I coated her funbags with after having fucked her so many times the previous day and through the night.

Helpful Lola Ch. 01

group potsmokindino 2017-10-11

Getting an idea of what she wanted, Lola pulled his cock out of her mouth and held it up for Meg. She stuck her tongue out and licked the head. But instead of stripping herself completely nude too, Lola turned to his cock, opened her mouth wide, and closed her lips over the head. Lola took his cock out of her mouth and held it for Meg. She licked around the shaft a few times and put it in her mouth, bobbing her head. He wanted to watch Meg lick them clean as he went behind her and fucked her ass like he had done before then returning his cock to Lola and filling her up again.


Cuckold Ch. 01

group Coral_is_Far_More_Red 2017-10-11

You continue with your usual foreplay route, suckling on her nipples, and gently teasing the now moist bit of skin between the lips of her pussy, every so often looking at me, to give me a look that seems to say, "this could've been you." You've pulled off her tight fitting jeans, and inched your way down her body, kissing the inches of exposed skin. Your date kisses up my side and we begin probing each other's mouths with our tongues, biting each other's lips, pulling each other's hair. Let that tight little pussy of yours come all over my cock." I lift my hips against her, and rub my clit against your hand, and you dates pussy, moaning louder and louder with each stroke from your cock.

First Night with Don & Kate Ch. 03

group windblownx10 2017-10-11

Charlie had stroked his hard cock watching us as I took in the sight of his wife's beautiful snatch covered in a wisp of strawberry blond hair before burying my face in her wet cunt and driving her to an orgasm. Her one hand casually rests on John's thigh as he coaxes her legs a bit wider apart and I catch a glimpse of her beautiful pussy covered in a very light bush of strawberry blonde hair and I remember how delicious she was when I tongue fucked her upstairs. Don has untied his robe and with no concern for everyone watching he takes his cock in his hand and slowly strokes it next to Liz's face.


Tart & Vicar Party

group BigBrad 2017-10-11

I wasn't sure what to get but explained to the middle-aged woman what the party was about and she nailed it by asking if I wanted to look 'slutty'. Entering the party, it was rocking already, but looking quickly around, each and every woman was the 'Tart' and the guys were all 'Vickers' You and I were the only ones 'switched' Jesus I need a drink and ran for the bar. My half-erect penis got a short tug and then Karen gave a giggle and pulled her hand out. Turning, you placed a big kiss on my lips and said: "Now it's time for my little Tart to get fucked!" Gulp, what... Looking in the mirror I could see your smile as your hands held a big strap-on dildo.

My Cousin's Sorority Ch. 08

group JoeDreamer 2017-10-11

"In that case you need to go to Jazzy's dorm and bring Kelly back with you," Emma said, but then frowned and added, "It may not be that easy. "Jazzy broke up with her boyfriend!" Connie said in surprise. I passed up a chance with Tara and Sarah, as well as Emma and Lee. That was bad enough, but I was surprised to realize that I was also hurt by Kelly's action. "I told you about my best friend from high school," the Asian girl said, looking briefly at Kelly and I. "Jazzy, just let yourself go and enjoy what's happening," Kelly said, pulling the Asian girl into a kiss. "My turn to taste you!" Connie said to Jazzy as she fell on the Asian girl's pussy.


The Ad

group jim313 2017-10-11

I heard him start talking about how good my asshole feels and that he loves fucking me and then felt his organ expand as he started shooting cum into me in spasm after spasm of orgasmic pleasure and my penis suddenly exploded and started pumping hot loads of cum all over the bed as he kept filling my ass with his juices. After a while of this, we changed again and this time, I was fucking Charly in the ass as I sucked Bob's beautiful organ and as soon as I started spurting hot cum into her, Bob's penis jerked in my mouth and I was rewarded with jets of cum which I happily swallowed.


Patricia's Gauntlet Ch. 01

group Stardog Champion 2017-10-11

"He likes to go after the biggest challenge in the room and if he fails at that then he just works his way down the food chain...when he sees somebody like Tamara here fawning all over him...he knows he can always get her as a last resort...and Miss Bosslady here told Loverboy Will "No Thank You" enough times last trip down to totally drive him insane." Even though Renee had maintained her model-like looks facially, the subsequent effects of having a baby had subtly filled out her figure, giving her what one guy so aptly, and crudely, described when he had drunkenly tried to come on to her at a bar one night while she was out with the girls as, "A body built for the bedroom!"


The Guest

group Rachel_Marie_30 2017-10-11

Right up until the time Christine was pulling the car into the long, tree-lined driveway on the day of the party, I was skeptical. No amount of alcohol could probably make a man, or woman, choose me over the people Christine said would be at this party. I smiled back shyly as Christine led me down the main hall a few steps behind Bob. The sounds of people talking and laughing came from all around us. "Let me introduce you to a few people and then we'll work our way down to the pool," Christine said, leaning back so I could hear her. "Let's change," Christine said, taking my hand and leading me toward a small hut-like structure with a thatched roof.


The Vegas Vacation

group DevilsAngel369 2017-10-11

Imagining Sanjana masturbating and hearing her voice get throaty while she played with her pussy made my cock swell more than normal, and our manual stimulations made our simultaneous orgasms even more intense as we encouraged each other to cum harder. During our phone sex sessions, I would often ask Sanjana to lick her wet fingers for me and then describe the taste, now it was time for me to find out for myself. While this was our wedding night as a brand new couple we should have been making love, but we had been so horny, that it immediately turned into pure hot raw passionate and sweaty sex.


Visiting Mistress Dee Chapter 2

group 2017-10-10

Mistress Dee took a quick long stride through the open door. Once she stopped, she placed the leash wrist loop in her teeth and slapped my stretched cock quickly and hard a few times with each hand. Clipping the leash to the carabiner, she released the leash letting the bungee cord pull and hold me at the center of the dais, my legs spread, and hips thrust forward, weights freely swinging. Mistress Dee, walked around me explaining to her guests how she was going to conduct today’s auction and festivities. Most if not all of my mistress’s guests whispered their ideas for fun in my ear accompanied by dire warnings if I was not all Mistress Dee promised, especially with the price they may have to pay.

Hidden Agenda Ch. 02

group DonAbdul 2017-10-10

She left out a muffled moan as she felt the heat of Jess's breath on her wet cunt, just as she began to lick first her cum soaked finger with which she had been rubbing her clit, and then she ceased all movement and began to choke on Jim's cock when Jess swirled her tongue over her clit. Jess lifted up her head from Claire's cum drenched twat, and Jim got even harder from just seeing her face glazed with Claire's copious pussy juice, which she licked off the corner of her lips as the fire of her own lust burned hot in her seductive eyes.

Adele's Double Surprise

group adele.darkstar 2017-10-10

The next girl took her place in front of Brad and looked up into his eyes as she jerked his cock and kissed and licked at the it's head. She went at his cock for the full allowed time of five minutes before she was tapped on the shoulder and she got up from the floor, her jaws aching, as her friend passed her a drink to take away the sour taste of Brad's pre-cum. Her fingers started to play with my clit while I continued to watch Brad fucking the blonde girls face. I was unsatisfied and having watched that girl suck Brads cock like that, had me dripping wet.


Hot Teen Sex for Three

group moreau 2017-10-10

"Allen taught me some things, and I love him, but I'm not sure which one of you I want now." As she was talking, I stared at Peter and noticed that he was dressed in nice jeans and a decent shirt, as if Jen had instructed to dress for a date. As a matter of fact, I felt reckless and wanted him to see my bulging shorts, so I lifted myself up and bounced right next to Jen, our legs just touching. "For our initiation, I want you both to stand up nice and close, wait, don't you come yet Peter." I think some precum was oozing out his handsome penis, so Jen licked it off and let go of his cock.


A New Business Strategy

group fearthisss 2017-10-10

Not a chance. I was wearing my best pair of slacks, dress shoes and a dress shirt. "My god! "Oh my god, you're terrible." She took one last look at the front door, making sure the coast was clear, and dove in. "Yes...that's it...right know it...I'm gonna...grrrrrrrrr...I'm gonna..." With that I shoved down on the back of her head so she couldn't move, busting a nut down the back of her throat. "Ummmm, okay. "Listen, they've made a proposal." "Listen. "Listen. Anything else would be gravy, goes straight into our pockets." Her eyes were slits staring at me. "And you're okay with that?" "Not a chance in hell. I didn't have any security system in place.