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Erotic Group Sex stories

A large collection of first-time sex stories about virgins losing their cherry.

The Garden Club

group FamiliarEnough 2017-10-10

The man, on my left, stopped kissing my breast long enough to lubricate his fingers before sliding his hands between my legs to rub my clit. She cried out "Patrick" who must be the male neighbor, because he stopped fucking my ass long enough to watch her cum all over lover's face and his chest. I moved off of him, and watched neighbor girl open another Trojan and slide one over my lover's penis, then she went down on him. I ended up sitting in his lap making out with him oblivious to the fact that neighbor girl had just successfully gotten my lover to come via a blow job and a lot of hand work.

The Texan Lawn Boy

group movieye 2017-10-10

I started riding around the lawn, sweaty and shirtless with my jeans, cowboy boots, and a belt with a big buckle my daddy got me from the Texas State Fair. With her pale creamy skin and her ass up in the air, my dick rose to power as I decided I was going to fuck the shit out of this rich bitch girl. I popped out of her, my dick quickly limp and I scrambled to get my jeans, but Iodine grabbed me by the arm and yelled out, "Go away, daddy! Nothing would have made me happier than a chance to fuck Mrs. Alvarez but it looked as if I was only getting head from her today. I looked at Mrs. Alvarez and Iodine who were smiling at me.

First Time Suprise Threesome!!!

group chandru21 2017-10-10

and after a few minutes he inserted his tongue in my mouth and sucked my tongue.I was in my T-shirt and shorts which made it easy for him to get me nude soon.He started sucking and bitting my left nipple while he playing with my right nipple and vice versa.He then made me kneel down in front of him and release his cock which was fairly thich and long dripping with pre-cum in front of my face.I licked the tip of his cock and tasted his pre-cum which I could see sent shivers through him.Then I licked his thick long shaft and immediately engulfed his cock deep in my mouth.He started to mouth fuck me until I started to Gag.Then suddenly he got a call so he shoved his cock back to where it was and went out of my room leaving me naked on the bed.

Jessica's Fantasy

group Cajun Boy 2017-10-10

Tom asked us where we wanted to go and I told him after looking at my watch, "Just drive around for about an hour and then come back to the restaurant because someone will be joining us." Jessica looked at me and realized that Susan would be going out with us and smiled. Susan licked her lips and almost looked like she was going to kiss them, but she moved her hands over Jessica's stomach and to the hook on the side of the skirt. When I moved my hand away, Susan began licking Jessica's face and lips, tasting the sweet nectar of a highly excited woman.


She's a Cum Queen Ch. 03

group Blackhat47 2017-10-10

Tom promptly, and proudly, stuck his head through one leg and let them hang down like a limp beret. Millie, the fucking bitch, finally lost her jeans when Tom won again. At last it was Angie on her knees sucking his balls and Millie straddling both; the head of his cock in her mouth. I've no idea how that little girl moved me out of the way but the next thing I remember she was lapping up his cum and I was relegated to wanking my pussy. Millie pulled my hand away and commanded "Tom eat this big bitch's cunt." Millie and Angie spread me out on the bed and shoved poor Tom's head up my steaming cunt.

A Gift For Us Both

group babe19 2017-10-10

Nikki pulled Jeff's shirt over his head and rubbed her hands on him while admiring his well cut chest. Jeff let out a small sign as I sucked and licked at the precum, all the while Nikki rubbed the shaft. Nikki had begun to cum at the same time and leaned forward forcefully to kiss me on the lips while she moaned and bucked her hips, grinding her pussy on Jeff's face. Nikki had cum two more times before telling Jeff she couldn't take any more. I got on all fours and motioned to Nikki to get under me so I could kiss her and feel her as Jeff fucked me.

All About Allison

group TarHeelLover 2017-10-10

With four hours to go before meeting Allison, I stripped all my clothes off and tossed them on one of the two double beds in the room, pulled out a pair of old, comfortable jeans and slid them on over my naked body, then plopped on the second bed and turned on the TV. I spun over on my back, carrying her with me, and she rode my mouth and tongue as my finger continued to work her g-spot until finally climaxing, orgasming and squirting she collapsed onto my face, her arms flying forward with hands outstretched against the wall for support.


Unexpected Threesome Ch. 05

group Joanmcarthy 2017-10-10

Before Ned had time to work out what was happening, Issie mounted the upper bunk and wrapped her legs around his shoulders, thrusting her crotch into his face as she bent over to kiss the top of his head. Amy's legs were now spread wide, lifted above her body where they were bent at the knees and jammed against the underside of the upper bunk, her hips tilted upward to the point Ned felt he could almost look straight down into her womanhood; or at least he could have if his cock wasn't occupying the space.


Accidental Voyeur

group newishsub 2017-10-10

My thoughts were finally starting to scream loud enough to cut through the fog in my head when, suddenly, she opened her eyes and looked right at me. Something inside of me instantly released (I swear I heard it snap) and I reached my hand into her hair and gripped tight around the back of her neck, holding her firmly as I began to fuck her mouth. He moved over to her, straddling her on his hands and knees, his face hovering over her pussy, his cock brushing her lips. He looked at me for a moment longer, then turned back and began to suck slowly on her outer lips, waiting to see what I would do.

Our First Threesome

group brand692020 2017-10-10

I heard the wife pulling in so we broke off and went to being good k**s again, after a bit they left for home and everything settled down at the house. We moved into the living room where Sandy started to undress me as I pulled Joan next to me and felt her ass while kissing her. Sandy dropped to her knees and started to pull out my erect cock and suck it. I moved my hand to touch her long blond hair as Joan leaned over for me to pull her gown off. Now it was Joan’s turn and she lay flat on her back while Sandy helped move my cock into place, then she moved up and started kissing and sucking on Joan’s tits.

Everybody Does It: The End

group timmywells 2017-10-10

Paul took a deep breath as he watched his boss gently massage his wife's shoulders, and even though Diane had started to get a little tan, the difference between the blackness of his fingers and the pale tone of her skin was stark, and the contrast became greater when Diane reached upwards and held Mr. Johnson's forearms, exposing the even more pale insides of her reed thin arms. Paul joined Rawle, sucking on her right tit while his boss inhaled her left one, and then Diane was screaming, practically jumping out of the water as she came, splashing and carrying out much like she had the night before but this time with two men's fingers in her sex.


Michele's New Collar

group Jabibilrous 2017-10-10

I want to see if you're as ready for tonight as I am." Without a word, Michele turned and grabbed the dining room table, presenting her covered ass to me. Looking up obediently with watery eyes, Michele braced herself when I squeezed my cock with one fist, held her still with the other, and ejaculated what seemed like a quart of semen in her mouth. Part of our excitement was that Michele was willing to let me try them on her in the store, out in the open, and maybe walk her around in there a bit. Michele looked mortified for a moment, but her expression quickly turned to one of satisfaction, knowing how deviant she was being, and that she was getting away with it.


The Welcoming Committee

group AlexisD 2017-10-10

"Hi honey," I murmur, my hands wrapped in the long blonde hair of a 20 something girl between my legs. As you thrust your tongue into my mouth you can feel a small hand on your cock. Leah begins stroking your cock with her tongue, coating your shaft while she fondles your balls. Taking your cock in my hand I rub it against her pussy, my fingers parting her lips. Her nipples are tender beneath my fingers as I tease her clit, rubbing my cunt against her ass. The bed shakes as she rocks back and forth on your throbbing prick, her hands grabbing at your chest as the waves begin.

Three in the Music Room

group Victoria13 2017-10-10

Her blonde curls were tickling my arm and I felt her hand on mine as she guided my fingers to the embroidered lace of her bra over the swell of her generous breast. My fingers were first to explore under her bra and touch the soft skin and her hard nipples. It felt so good and as I looked at Adrianna I knew she wanted to taste me. Right behind me I felt John's orgasm and he turned my head to kiss me. He pulled out of me and his come was still pulsing with his cock in between me and Adrianna's pussies all our juices mixing together the sight so hot it sent me right over to another climax.

Daytona Bike Week Ch. 02

group motorcyclemaniac 2017-10-10

When he held my butt and watched you hold my breasts, I said, it is good to meet you and you must feel free to have fun too. They were really going at it and Gene and I got up and went over and started rubbing our dicks on Rose and Sandra's asses. We fucked Rose and Sandra again on the bed and then they kissed us goodbye and said they had to get back and watch the girls. Gene came to the foot of the bed and ran his hand along your butt and then around to feel your dick and put his fingers in me.


Love, Ann

group gypsyred 2017-10-10

We match strokes for a bit, and then slip over the edge into sweet oblivion, hips pulsing in time, pussy walls contracting, milking fingers like a cock. I find that little spot on the flat face of them that, one with finger, one with tongue, drives her back to arch into me and the moans begin anew. One hand on each pussy, fingers pumping and slipping in our wetness, he begins to drive us onward, onward. My darling is left seeking release his hips driving into nothingness as we trail our kisses away from his need, over his balls, and across the tender skin at inside tops of thighs and juncture of abdomen and leg.

A Handyman's Memoir Ch. 35

group riverboy 2017-10-10

I felt like I was high up above a brightly lit city, fucking a beautiful woman in the dark night air with thousands of people watching us from below. Tiamo was riding someone on the floor so hard and so fast it looked like one of those silent movies where they speed up the action, and she came again and rolled off onto her side, her body still bucking with her hand violently rubbing her pussy. There was a warm, sweet tasting pussy on my mouth, and the red-head was sitting up, driving her ass down hard on my three-foot long cock as I filled every square inch of the inside of her body.


The Slut Trainer: Marcia 01

group ZealousNihilist 2017-10-10

Filling me with sperm and getting me pregnant." She was quiet for a few minutes, slowly moved the dildo in and out while I played with her clit and we watched the black guys cum on the woman in the video. I looked at her lying with her eyes closed, legs spread, the big black dildo vibrating in her pussy while she rapidly rubbed her clit with one hand and her nipples with the other, and a happy smile as she trembled from another orgasm. When Marcia's orgasm ended, the biggest black guy, standing at the end of our bed, said, "Looks like this is your lucky day, little white slut!"


Pud Pudding

group Many Feathers 2017-10-10

I had gotten to know several of the guys Larry worked with fairly well though I only saw them once a week when we played ball. The only reason Larry got invited was because one of the other guys quit coming when he took another job elsewhere, which is also why Mikey came to work for Stan." "So not that Steve wouldn't be welcome I'm sure, it's just that Larry just got invited to start playing himself." Suzie then turned towards her husband, though I saw a curious look pass briefly between them. Long before Larry had ever gotten involved, or even started working for Stan at the shop, the weekly poker night had become for the guys a part of the job, almost a brotherhood or ritual of sorts.


Scepter & Crown

group MartineAlbert 2017-10-10

"Happy Birthday!!" As my jaw fell, I found myself in a surprise scene straight from television, where people were materializing from behind couches and under tables and around the corners of Joel's apartment, clearly self-satisfied as they sounded their chorus. "Are you surprised?" chirped Joel, as proud of himself as any of the others, as he strode to my side with a ridiculous party hat on his head. They held me like that, the three of them, the original one joining my arms over my head and holding my wrists juxtaposed. I thrashed in my bonds—bonds of flesh and bone, each pair of hands attached to a hungry waiting body with a hard cock, I thought.

Band Parents Ch. 05

group BillyBobJoeEd 2017-10-10

About the time I was going to suggest we continue where we'd left off that morning, Linda and Charles come over to where we were and asked if we'd be interested in getting together that evening, since Abby was spending the rest of the weekend with her friend Lexy. Several times Lily made a comment about how handsome Charles was, so I quipped, "I thought you only wanted to watch me fuck Linda." Lily had gone back to sucking on Charles, whose erection throbbed back to hardness as his wife filled his mouth with his own cum. At one point, I opened my eyes to look up at Lily and she was stretched out contentedly, one hand lazily pulling at Charles' semi-erect cock.

sex village V

group chandan0707 2017-10-10

"This list is only for intercourse.If you want to suck and squeeze breasts or oral sex, you have to seek date and time from the lady.All these activities should take place only under watchful eyes of others.If oral sex leads to banging,man's name will go down to bottom in every list.He is supposed to control the events " She told me. She lay on top of me and took my head in both hands and kissed me.I returned the kiss, I sucked her tongue.Now, I was getting worried, why my dick was not responding.After couple of minutes,she rolled over me, she held me from side so that her small breasts were pressed against my side and her wet pussy was clamped on my thigh.

Jill & Tim's Story Ch. 07

group Lou Thomas 2017-10-10

It’s not that he’s so hot to make money from his favorite hobby -- photographing nubile young pussies naked, usually their first time that way in front of a camera -- but the money he can pay is wonderful leverage for getting girls to strip who would otherwise be reluctant to do so, and to dress for his camera just exactly to his (our) rather definite tastes. Besides the fact that large numbers of these girls need fast, extra money, we also prefer them inexperienced, because that seems to be the easiest way to get that young, "fresh" look that we prefer, and which most men think so refreshing: as Tim says, "When they look young and innocent, while being naked and dressed like hookers, it brings out the lecher in every man.”


Riding The Waves

group JonathanFaust 2017-10-10

Her calves are so strong and supple; her thighs seem to call my lips into action; I can taste and feel what its like to nibble on them, to tenderly nibble of her flesh and tease that precious fold of skin just below her ass cheek---I feel and see all of this as we casually relax in our room of fantasy, without the slightest inclination or hint that, perhaps, they are thinking and dreaming of the same wonderful thing—that my friend, Adam, will fuck my wife tonight.