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Erotic Group Sex stories

A large collection of first-time sex stories about virgins losing their cherry.


group adamgunn 2017-10-10

She quickly stripped Herself and joined the fray, pressing Her teats into the side of one of the men, letting a hand descend to the ass of the man who was currently buried in the other woman, grabbing his nuts, encouraging his exercises. She didn't blink, didn't insist upon any foreplay for Herself, simply threw Herself on Her back, spread Her legs in the air and encouraged him to impale Her. I watched them go at it, he screwing Her in a wild motility, the third man approaching Her, caressing Her hair and pointing at Her mouth with his dick.


Cum and fun in Las Vegas

group swtfreakxxx 2017-10-10

Deeper and deeper into me as he kisses my lips, sucks hard on my nipples like he knows I love so much and whispers how much he loves me in my ear. He slowly spreads my thighs and inserts his thick cock into me and says are you shore you missed me, omg yes baby I sware I missed you. He spanked my ass and says thats right baby you know what daddy wants and spit on my ass hole. He rubbed it with his finger and then the tip of his thick cock and then slowly spread my tight juicy ass open with his dick. Yes baby Yes yes fuck that ass like a pussy and don't you stop until I feel you cum deep inside of me.

TV Slut and Her Cottage Master Part 2

group uktvmaid 2017-10-10

He ushered me in and then was my stuff laid out on the new window sill, the door is a sliding one and he then instructed me to suck his cock, which I did, then the door was slid open again and there was my lorry drivers mate with a big determined look on his face, suck it bitch was the tactful way he instructed me. I hear the sliding door go open and closed again, I then see the shadow of another man next to me on my left, I hear my master say "Suck him" a cock is offered to my lips and I take him down to the base, I move one hand off the support onto my new friends thigh, again I'm taken by suprise big lips engulfing my cock, this gangbang is going from good to exceptional quickly.

The Hunt Part 4

group catherine-belmont 2017-10-10

She knew what to expect, another hard cock shoved into her without any preliminaries, the wet cock sliding over her lips until she opened her mouth and took him inside. His hands slid under her ass, drawing her body up so he could fuck deeper inside her, rotating her hips, her muscles gripping his cock so nicely. I’m not going to last much longer.” Sam fucked her hard and fast, his finger never stop moving in her asshole, feeling the way her muscles rippled in protest, knowing how it would feel when his finger was replaced by his cock and he could sodomize her. Finally, the cock was taken from her mouth, but the finger stayed buried in her backside, never stopping, pushing hard against he soft muscles in her rectum.

Richard and Penny

group SoCalsexwriter 2017-10-10

Very cute, VERY curvy (my fave) and big boobs (okay... The excitement, the drugs the situation was too much and they both thrashed and screamed and came and came. my god I thought he was going to splash the walls and ceiling. I thought WOW! I'm going to remember this forever! Even that was exciting! What a sight! What an inviting sight! She ground around and moaned and shook and screamed. I was so overheated (drugs will do that to ya) that I just laid down on top of her, my wilting cock between her legs and against her pussy.


Happy Birthday...

group baldman4u 2017-10-10

Your way that skirt barely covers your ass, those smooth creamy looking legs, your supple breasts barely covered now, the desire in your eyes and the flirting looks you give us both. Your hands inching ever higher till you feel just the tip of his cock. I climb onto the bed near your head and gratefully offer my cock to those luxurious lips of yours. Your hands cup my balls as you pleasure me with your tongue and that loving mouth of yours while he continues to stroke at the foot of the bed. As much as your yearn for your own release you've always wanted to please two men at once this way so now you motion to him to kneel on the bed at your head on the other side.

Banged at Bike Week Ch. 02

group blondekats_lover 2017-10-10

While I'm licking her clean the man fucking me pulls out and splashes my belly and tits with rope after rope of hot sticky cum, but as soon as he's done I get turned back onto my stomache and bent over the bike at the waist. The crowd starts to thin out and as I'm sucking the last of the dicks and getting fucked by the old man who's ass I licked earlier I notice someone bring a bucket of wamr soapy water. You fuck me fast and hard, playing with my clit and fucking my well stretched pussy with four fingers telling me you know how much I liked being used for other peoples' pleasure and how much of a slut I was.

Spicing It Up by loyalsock

group loyalsock 2017-10-10

While he was doing a number on my wife's pussy a totally naked 20 year old boy was shoving his cock into Cathy 's mouth. Not wanting to be seen, I stepped back into the darkness as I watched the blond haired k** took his Levis & briefs off and slid his prick into my wife's dripping hole. The brown haired boy who was feeding Cathy his cock climbed onto the desk and began to fuck Cathy's mouth in unison with the dick pounding her cunt. The dark haired boy got off the desk and nudged Blondie aside as he prepared to pump my wife. Her hard work quickly paid off as the dark haired k** tensed up and started pumping a huge load into her mouth.

A Night in Vegas

group Pokerman 2017-10-10

I moved my hand over to cup Anna's breast as we kissed, my thumb rubbing her hard nipple. Mike moved down the bed between her legs and started licking her pussy as I rubbed her clit. Mike told me I had to taste her sweet cunt, so I got between her legs and started licking and sucking her pussy. With Mike's cock in front of her face, Anna got on her hands and knees. Anna swallowed every drop of his cum, and as she let his cock slide out of her mouth, she turned towards me and moaned, "Ohhhh Yeeessss Jake.....Fuck me...FUCK ME HARDER...." Anna's next orgasm was quickly building, so I reached down to her pussy and started fingering her clit with each deep thrust of my cock.


Marked for Extacy

group happywife 2017-10-10

Luckily he had just left to spend the night at their cabin in the mountains, but Heather said she needed a shoulder to lean on and a stiff drink and asked what I was doing after work. By the time Heather came out, the blender was just stopping and I was asking Josh what he found so interesting about watching guys play poker on TV. Dave looked up at Heather as she reached down and pulled his Polo shirt over his head, exposing a bare muscular chest. Her eyes twinkled and she looked happy when Josh won the hand and motioned for her to go to the head of the table. Looking across the table, I could tell that Heather was enjoying the other guys' hands on her thighs.


Ms. Marca Ch. 50

group Ms. Marca 2017-10-10

One of the guys at my right side began moving his hands and stroked my neck and rubbed my upper back, it felt good and I was getting relaxed. I looked back over my shoulder and tried to reach back to pull my skirt out of my crack but the guy working my upper back gently restrained my arm. The men at my breast never stop holding my arms and had my breast in their mouth sucking and licking my nipples; all I had to do was look down and could see the cock parting my pussy lips. In the meantime, the third and last guy approached and began rubbing my pussy/ass; he moved in behind me and slowly inserts his hardened cock into my cunt.


Dorm Games

group cwbyjnky08 2017-10-10

Justin got some homeless guy to buy a bottle of tequila for us." Jane winked at Kelli, knowing the freshman wasn't a big drinker. Betting started with Steve and he passed, Kelli thought about betting but decided she didn't want to give up her pants yet. "No," Roger said, "but I would accept an IOU for a blowjob, what about you guys?" Steve and Justin agreed. Justin and Roger started snickering smiled, as Steve told Kelli to sign her name on the IOU's. As he pulled out of her mouth, Justin, who had handed the camera to Roger and gotten undressed, dropped his IOU on her and replace Steve's cock with his own.


My Incredible Gift Ch. 02

group altosaxjazz 2017-10-10

Angela looked at Jeffrey's stiff, leaking cock and said, "I have time. Angela, with her carved abs, trimmed bush and dark, puffy pussy; and Jeffry with his swollen cock, and closely cropped pubic hair; faced each other. She took a step forward, brushing her breasts against his chest, and causing his cock to touch her pussy. Angela licked his cock every fifth trip of her pussy up and down his face. As she went down his body, she would straddle one leg, making full contact with her pussy against his thigh, as she brought her face to his cock. Then I went to the side of the table, and took Jeffrey's cock into my hand.

The Nymphs and the Dentist – by SBarak1

group sbarak1 2017-10-10

“Hi I’m Elizabeth, but you can call me Liz,” she said, as we shook hands and I looked into her green eyes. She’s always been just Aunty Red since we were young,” said Deb looking up. It’s so good to see you,” Liz said, coming up to me and giving me a peck on the cheek. “Yeah, Auntie Red is a great person,” Deb said. “Just a tick,” Liz said as she got up and went out of the room. “You like what you see mister?” Liz asked, stopping briefly to give me a good look. “Next time I’m going to suck your cock and then fuck you,” Liz said in that husky sexy voice.

The Lord of the Manor Ch. 03

group opels 2017-10-10

When she finally returned to her room, Rosy took one look at her and asked, "And what have you been doing today?" "Oh Rosy, I've been spoiled for quite some time now," she said with a sigh, a smile tugging at the corners of her mouth. And then I see him and it's all I can do to not fall into bed with him." She looked up at her friend, her distress showing plainly in her eyes. Looking at the clothes for the first time, he said absentmindedly, "No, the choice is perfect, as usual." Still wearing only the sheet, he slumped into a chair. Opening his eyes, he turned his head to see Suzanna clutching the door frame, staring at him.

The Wedding Party

group Ladyelireaivy 2017-10-10

While I was in the bathroom helping the bride, Mark and Christy were making out, hands on each other's faces and tongues peeking through open mouths only stopping as the bride and I re-entered the room, hoping they wouldn't get caught. When we emerged with lies of party plans on our lips, the pizza had arrived and we all sat down to eat and play "Never have I ever" We all got pretty drunk and were talking when Mark and Christy openly kissed each other in the living room, causing great shouts of "oooh" and whooping. Christy was rubbing his hard member with me and there were soft moans coming from her lips as Marks hand slipped under her pajama bottoms and began to rub her moistened pussy.

Triad Ch. 05

group SteveWallace 2017-10-10

Jean said, "You three, Abby especially, need to know that when Don and I started to date and in the early years of our marriage we had a threesome." I think this is a factor here, because Jim and Abby were mostly at home, whereas Anna spent much time on the road doing movies and appearances. Abby said, "So, if we'd agreed to an open relationship and Anna had her relationship with Sean Jordan, we'd celebrate the event instead of feeling bad about it." It's time for the three of you to talk." Leaving us speechless, she strolled to the door, kissing Abby and Anna on top of their heads along the way.


Jenn and Lauren Ch. 03

group wakedad8 2017-10-10

When Lauren finally began to calm down, Jenn pulled the dildo out and looked at me with a naughty smile. "Check this out Mr.P, looks like Lauren's little butthole is blowing kisses at you." Jenn said with a giggle. Jenn grabbed the dildo and stuffed it into Little Lauren's juicy cunt. "That's it Lauren, put his cock in my ass, you little slut." Jenn quipped. It was then I heard the vibrator turn on and Jenn's body jerked violently as Lauren touched it to her sopping wet pussy. Jenn got a good pace going and Lauren kept up with the rhythm. "And his cock LOOKS good in your ass too Jenn." Lauren replied.


Spring Break: On the Job Re-training

group anglerterrora 2017-10-10

Betty switched on the bathroom light as Marcia, wine cups in hand, gave her a playful nudge with her knee from behind and then grabbed a hotel bathrobe. Betty looked back at Marcia's new toy and then turned ahead, mischievously smiling at me, as I now stood at the end of the couch with my robe open. Marcia slapped Betty's buttocks hard a couple times and used her thumb to massage the last bit of the oil up Betty's ass, causing her to raise her head abruptly and let out a half laugh and a sigh of delight. As I pulled away off of the couch, Marcia raised Betty's ass up high and thrusted a couple more times.

Seduction Story Ch. 03

group christinamonroe 2017-10-10

I relaxed, the hot water easing aching shoulders and neck, the steam clearing my head and concentrated on the feel of my hands sliding down over my hips and breasts, smoothing the lusciously scented shower crème into my skin. A wave of guilt swept over me; Lisa was a wonderful partner, soft and warm and loving, and I felt as though I was betraying her, but my urges were too strong, and my minds eye was filled with images of my men, their cocks strong and demanding, their bodies working against mine, the musk scent of their sweat overwhelming my senses. Somehow I knew she was in no mood to be teased: she needed to come hard and quickly, and I worked her clit with long even strokes until I could feel her thighs tremble and sense her body sag, as she clung onto the bed stead for support.


Sandi's Company Picnic

group 33WastedYears 2017-10-10

Seems you just had one last month." "No, it was three months ago. The contrast and taboo nature is very intoxicating. She suddenly snapped her head back, squeezed her eyes shut and clenched her jaw. "Yup. Checking in. "Is that for real or is he smuggling missiles?" All natural, and from what I've heard, performance tuned. Frequently, if you get my drift, girl. He's the real deal alright." You can check him out for yourself." You can check him out for yourself." As it happened, with their table right next to the head table, Sandi and Stacie were right behind Brad Clevenger in line. Stacie stared blankly for a moment, processing what Sandi might have meant by her cryptic reply. "Shut up, girl.


In the Back Room

group yurato 2017-10-10

About an hour later, after a slow dance with one of the single men who appeared to be in his late 30s, Cindy signaled from across the room to John back at the table. She pointed to a back exit and strolled from the room with a tall, dark, handsome man who John did not know but who had captured Cindy’s attention throughout the night. With little more warning, and with her ass now right there for the taking, the tall man pressed his cock up against her dark hole and pushed the head in easily. As she left the table one of the men sitting next to John said: “I hope you don’t mind me saying that your wife is one sexy lady.”

CFNM Party

group Stormysailor 2017-10-10

Your mother will be away on the chosen weekend which is a good thing because she doesn't approve of the plan," Anne said, "You can dance; any chance you could do a show for us?" Steve invited two friends from dance lessons, Will and Andy, to make up the dance team and Anne called on Liz and Karen to help with the audition. "There is one problem Steve," said his mother, "I want to participate in the auction but what if I pick you?" The boys agreed the stay the following night, Steve's mother slept with Andy, and there was another auction on Saturday.

Our Monthly Swing Party

group biggun76 2017-10-10

On the bed, in that same room, we saw my wife and Ben. She too was giving her new friend a blowjob. He gave me a big smile, then moaned "You're wife is incredible!" I took hold of Megan's hand as we continued down the hall. On the bed we saw the final couple; Megan's boyfriend Jack, and of course, Rose. When she got up, we looked over to see Rose going down on young Jack. Rose gave Jack a deep, wet kiss, and thanked him for a fun time. Ben was on his knees behind Alice fucking her from behind and Andy was filling Tracy's mouth as Sarah ate her out.