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Erotic Group Sex stories

A large collection of first-time sex stories about virgins losing their cherry.

Jessi's Girl Ch. 3

group MyMichele 2017-10-10

Amy, who was the loudest of all the girls, moaned and grunted and screamed with Mark, Hannah's boyfriend, inside her. While Lanie was getting fucked by Mark, Hannah came over and started sucking hard on Lanie's nipples, pulling on them with her teeth, pinching them with her fingers. He licked her up and down, sticking his tongue deep inside her, while Jessi and Amy kissed, fondling each other's breasts longingly. John came over and started fingering Hannah's ass while she was still paying close attention to Lanie's nipples. Amy was going to miss John, but she hated anal sex, so she was glad that Hannah and him could be together. Lanie looked over at Jessi and Jason in the corner of the booth, kissing softly and giggling.

Her Girlfriends

group John sixfooter 2017-10-10

Her hand encased my cock and she pulled it into her stomach, while Susan reached across us and caressed Claire's breasts, stomach, pussy, ass and anything else she could reach. Claire came violently, and finally pulled back from my tongue, mouth, and fingers, saying "Enough, enough!" By this time Susan was behind Claire and I believe she was sucking her ass, running her hands up and down Claire's legs and diddling herself at the same time. I still remember Susan sitting on the side of the hot tub, Roberta sucking on her breasts, and me slamming my cock into her. I remember my arms around Roberta's waist, her breasts in my hand, her ass-cheeks cradling my cock.

Working for an A With My Sexy T.A.

group jmjohnson 2017-10-10

Frantically she grabbed the hem of her shirt and pulled it over her head, desperate to feel his hot mouth on her flesh. Urgent to feel his mouth on her wet pussy, Blair scooted to the edge of the desk and leaned back on her arms. Blair could feel herself on the brink of an orgasm, and tugged urgently on Wyatt's arm, desperate to climax around his hard cock. Shifting her body slightly, Blair felt the head of his cock graze her clit, and began to spasm as her orgasm took over. Giving one last forceful thrust, Wyatt emptied his cum deep inside of Blair's clenching pussy, and pulled her mouth down to his to capture her scream.

The Friendly Skies

group slippingpoet 2017-10-10

She was stroking my stiff, damp cock while she lowered his zipper with her other hand and slipped her fingers inside. I had nearly forgotten, that is, until I felt her lips brushing away from mine, her tongue slipping free as she turned to the side. She had his hard cock right there and she sucked at it as my lips pressed to the corner of her mouth. I felt her tongue slide beneath his shaft to lick at my bottom lip before she regained the tip and sucked at it hard. She glanced at Mr. Window Seat and then back at me, licking at my mouth as her pussy clutched at my cock.

horny amily

group chandan0707 2017-10-10

"Oh fuck her good Vicky....she needs it bad...she has been asking for you.....treat her as she deserves and desires...." Mother was saying and then turning to me she said" You wife is a hot woman, Rohit...She is hot and horny like me, your mother!" I pulled her head back by her hair and said "Mom, take it...Dont complain later...It was you who asked me to fuck your ass...Ohhh God...I love it.....Ohhh fuck, your ass is so tight, whore" I was pushing all my cock deep into her asshole. I had almost forgotten my mother in whose ass my cock was burried, "I guess you liked watching your wife get her shithole fucked by your mother's lover, didn't you, Rohit?" my mother asked.

Pajama Party

group BigHotMama 2017-10-10

Pusé slips a black silk nightie over your head and it has slit over your breast that are tied closed with red ribbons and one pull will have your nipples exposed completely but for now whenever the soft fabric moves across your skin it heightens the awareness of your nipples. You love the way the nightie slides across your ass and how it brushes against the tops of your hairless thighs but you especially love how it glides and caresses your hanging cock and balls when you move while seated. You have your head on Mai's breast and I have spooned against you with my cock pressed against your ass and your dick in my hand possessively.

Two Cops

group Fishalicious 2017-10-10

I told Elmer to sit on the edge of the desk and watch what Mitchell does to this hippie chick's pussy, as I bent over and began to slurp his softening cock into my mouth. Both of his hands on my wide hips, pulling me into his thrusting cock, he began to vocalize his love for well-used hippie pussy, telling me how he would get me ready to give my sopping pussy to Elmer. I slipped into a state of euphoria, as the man at my mouth was holding my head as he pushed his cock in and out of my willing throat, and Elmer was pounding my spurting pussy and repeating "Oh, yea!", over and over as his hips pistoned against my ass as he plunged my depths.

My Amazing Bi Morning

group bibloemguy 2017-10-10

Suddenly my cock just about exploded- I looked down and Rob had taken my full length into his very wet mouth and was sliding up and down- I had to ask him to hold back otherwise our playdate would have been over then and there! I decided to turn my attention on him and turned around- Heidi hungrily grabbed my penis and started licking and sucking very gently at first as I came face to cock with Rob's dick. This was the moment Rob had waited for- he had told me earlier that he wanted my cum in his mouth and he proceeded to lick every drop from his wife's rear.

Waruming Up The Lakers

group FredCasden 2017-10-10

Brie blushes as she lifts her head to look up at John Cena and now MVP as forward, away from Brie, to approach MVP, John Cena and Batista. Brie starts to bob her head at a quicker pace on MVP's cock as John Cena kisses MVP's lips as she rocks forward quickly on his cock from John Cena want one or both?" Nikki says with a smirk as she looks at John Cena and MVP. "Not yet..." John says as Nikki wraps her left hand around his cock while MVP causing her to push back against MVP's cock as he sits by John Cena's head Mmmm!" John Cena moans as he laps his tongue against Nikki's pussy as

Ten Year Reunion

group MikesKitty 2017-10-10

John’s teasing was making me squirm, and I let out a loud moan that caused Matt and Lisa to look up momentarily when John sunk his long cock into my pussy from behind and began fucking me while we watched. I moved lower on the bed and began to trace my tongue up and down her spine, barely touching her skin, making her moan and squirm like crazy as Matt captured her nipples between his lips. Lisa’s moans were too much for Matt, who thrust into her mouth one last time, his hips meeting her pouty lips as he threw his head back and roared with pleasure, emptying his balls down her tiny throat.

No Early Release Pt 4

group webborelly 2017-10-10

Besides being beautiful and brilliant Leslie was the only thing that Jaydee looked forward to these days. The driver dismounted the vehiclle and said, "Good evening Mr. Swann.", as she opened the rear door for Jaydee. jaydee looked in the direction of hergesture and saw a huge door at the end of the foyer and assumed he was togo through it. Once he was dressed, Jaydee exited the walk in and followed the twins into a large room with a jacuzzi bath in the center. jaydee looked down at the gun inhis hand and back up at Leslie.

Les Libertines

group Ekstatikoi 2017-10-10

Then Noah, with his shock of unruly black hair, his deep-set eyes, his wonderfully broad shoulders and great meaty hands, and then last but not least of the three, Liam, the tallest by a good six inches and, quite obvious in his very tight cotton trousers, the best endowed of them as well. His hands found her buttocks, squeezing tight at the vast expanse of flesh while their tongues met and danced, and she closed her eyes to focus on the moment, on his strong chest against her breasts, the subtle press of his cock against her hips through the trousers, the taste of smoke on his lips.


Girls Like Boys Who Like Boys

group libidinal 2017-10-09

And if all that wasn't enough, Yvette now dragged herself over to the couch and joined Jade, the two women taking turns sucking Steve's cock, looking right at Billy as they took that cock between their lips. "That's right, suck that dick, you two!" Steve hissed at the two women and their eyes lifted to look over at him, Yvette's lips bravely stretched around the massive shaft as she met his gaze, Jade lewdly licking along, smiling as she licked. Jade tugged at Billy, making way for Yvette who now straddled Steve and sunk herself down over his cock, rocking up and down on his tautly erect penis, fucking him with her usual wild abandon.


Concert Sex with s****r and Mom

group 2017-10-09

When they got ready to leave, Kyle noticed that both Kylie and his mom were wearing short skirts and tops without bras. Feeling Kylie’s pussy clamp down on his cock was too much for Kyle to withstand and he began to shoot rope after rope of hot white seed up into his s****r. After a few more songs and a shifting crowd, Kyle found himself behind his mom and it was her sexy ass that was bouncing and rubbing against his cock. As his mom was cumming on his cock, Kyle noticed that Kylie had a big grin on her face as she watched the band and danced up and down.

The Wine Tasting

group JackFlash1959 2017-10-09

Toni and Karen had really hit it off and before I knew what was happening, Toni finished closing the store and invited us to a private tasting room where she kept some special whites and reds for special days. Toni enjoyed the view of Karen's nipples and poured another glass of wine. "I think you would like to suck this down fast but I bet you would enjoy it more if you let the juices flow passed your lips and let them lick around the walls of your mouth." She then passed a full glass to Karen who now had beads of sweat on her forehead.


Brighton Cumslut Ch. 02

group kirstymia 2017-10-09

She was working his cock with her right hand and going up and down his shaft with her silky lips, whilst Kirsty was doing this she was thinking Simon was making the sounds of Darth Vader breathing really heavily, he then started moaning softly grunting every few seconds words like "don't stop" and "faster". He then was feeling the orgasm just coming, he felt his toes tingle and was clicking them back and forth in his trainers, Kirsty was still licking his cock with her tongue and her lips were gently going up and down his shaft and also her hand was gripped around his cock base, She could taste the salty warm precum leaking from his cock and then Simons cock released his sperm in Kristy's mouth.

A Fishing Trip

group Art 2017-10-09

Mack would slowly finger her as he sucked on her nipples, then move on down her body, kissing his way down across her belly until he moved over that well trimmed little tuft of fine curly hair between her legs; then his tongue went to work. Ricquie had picked up a banana and had taken a bite when Jake said, "You wouldn't believe what men think of every time they see a woman eating a banana." Jake thought it wouldn't have taken much to get Ricquie to give Mack and him a little demo of what she could do with a banana. "Time to loose the pants," Jake said with a grin looking at Mack.


Stealing Valentine's Day

group LitEroCat 2017-10-09

Officer Janet pointed to a bright yellow, torn mini bikini on a pile of trash bags and asked, "Are those frilly panties yours?" Lisa turned her eyes down, nodded yes and blushed adorably. Janet coughed to hide her laugh then asked Lisa, "Would you mind if we took a look under here," she slipped her baton under Lisa's skirt and began lifting it, "to umm, confirm your assertion about the panties?" John looked at her quizzically as she knelt before Lisa. Janet moaned as Lisa looked thru her pale, curly pubes, past her gaping and soaked pussy at the naked officer between her legs.


Rachel's Adventures Ch. 01

group czar1024 2017-10-09

She spread her legs and Mike rammed his cock into her pussy, Aaron got near her face and she started to suck him off. Meanwhile Aaron was also groaning loudly, Rachel took his cock from her mouth and jerked him off quickly until he sprayed his cum all over her face and tits. That feels so good!" Rachel moaned as her pussy clenched hard again her body shuddering in another orgasm, Jeff didn't last long after that, he groaned and shot his load deep into her pussy. "Oh yes!!!" Rachel cried out again "Fuck me and cum in my dirty little ass!!!" she screamed as she rode Mike's hard cock.

My sexy wife at the XXX bookstore

group gnrshby 2017-10-09

Michael put her legs in the air and started eating her pussy while the other 3 guys played with her tits and watched Michael eat her pussy while stroking their cocks. There was my beautiful slutwife, laying stark naked with a black man eating her pussy and 3 hispanic guys standing around watching her and playing with her tits while she stroked their cocks. Michael then moved up and slid his big black cock into her pussy and started fucking her good and hard. When they left the other guys that were hanging out in the store when we arrived came in and they all took turns fucking her filling her pussy and covering her tits with their cum.

June 3rd 2011, Dream Come True!

group sissypantyhoseboy90 2017-10-09

You didnt tell me you were twins." Lizzy said " so." I smiled and said " ok ladies, what are ya drinkin?" Lizzy said " another coors for me" and Kayla said " jaeger bomb for me" I ordered drinks for all of us, we got to talkin, small talk, gettin to know eachother, stuff you can probably fill in if youve ever had a conversation with a stranger at a bar. she got behind me and started fucking me, as i ate her s****r out!she pumped away at my ass and i licked and sucked kaylas pussy till she squirted all over my face, lizzy pulled out and told me to fuck her s****r wile she fucks me!

Adventures After 35: Episode 03

group 7thSpade 2017-10-09

Alex grabbed hold of my shoulders as I took one of his balls in my mouth, licking and sucking on it as I jacked him off with my hand. Alex grabbed my head and was really getting into fucking my face, slamming his cock in and out of my mouth. Jasmine was getting very wet as her juices started to flow I wanted so bad to taste her I began working two fingers in her rapidly finger fucking her as I sucked on her clit even harder. Then when Misty took my balls in her mouth and hummed and licked at the same time, that put me over the edge and I grabbed Jasmines hips hard and dove deep into her pussy and unloaded my balls into her.

Barbara's First Gang Bang Ch. 02

group eroticwriter28 2017-10-09

Standing naked and bound spread eagled, Barbara's mind began rippling into a submissive headspace as the six men who surrounded her continued to fondle her body and the others stood with their drinks in hand, watching with rapt attention. He pressed against the front wall of her rectum and Barbara gasped as she sensed his fingers rubbing against those of the man inside her vagina. During the subsequent years when she and her husband had still been madly in love and having lots of sex she would never hesitate to take his cock into her mouth and lick him clean after he had been inside her. Another thing Barbara had realized very quickly from watching Internet videos was that it was okay to have anal play.

An Observed Threesome Pt. 02

group harryflashman1970 2017-10-09

Claire could sense rather than see Michelle smile as Mr. Paul, her ex-teacher, lay on the bed stroking himself off to some seedy porn video on his iPad. He cock was hard and almost snarling in his hand as he tugged himself watching his skin show. "Do you feel like a slut Claire?" Michelle asked, she grinded her cunt harder onto the face of Mr. Paul. Michelle noted with interest that Claire's one hand held Mr. Paul's cock whilst with the other she continued to frig her cunt with a desperation she'd thought impossible from her staid friend. "Oh Michelle!" Claire gasped as she broke away and went back down on Mr. Paul, who irritated at the break in his blow job, grabbed the back of her head and proceeded to face fuck her with some force.