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Erotic Group Sex stories

A large collection of first-time sex stories about virgins losing their cherry.

The Delivery

group charlessmythe 2017-10-09

Jenkins gasped and spasmed, moaning loudly and shaking as I sucked every last drop of cum from his straining dick, laving the head of his cock with massaging swirls of my tongue. Clark guided my head with his hands, watching as his hard shaft slid in and out of my hot mouth, sinking again and again between my moist lips. Moving between my legs, Hawthorne grabbed my hips and his stiff cock part my lips as he enter and started to fuck me. I looked down at Jenkins, the man nailing my pussy and said, "Fuck me so I can ride Clark's big dick.


Fun in the dunes.

group Boobs321 2017-10-09

One sat down on the other side of me and started to play with my tits, the third ended up in between my legs, his cock inches from my pussy and replaced my fingers with his. By now, there was quite a crowd watching and I heard the guy I was wanking start to gasp and felt the first spurt of his warm cum splash over my bouncing tits. The cock pulled out of me, and left my pussy aching for more, but I could feel the cum starting to ooze out and run down over my ass and between my bum cheeks. I pulled the third guys cock out of my mouth just as he started to cum, and he covered my chin and neck with his load.

Holiday Pact

group Isabella_1978_UK 2017-10-09

"Yes, you're right, I did that but we're under the holiday pact now, things have to be slightly different for the next few days, I just wondered if you'd be comfortable telling me stuff like that now, even if you don't, just knowing that you'd had 'same-sex' relationships in the past makes me feel less bad about getting excited while talking to Jerry earlier." I would have answered instead of Owen but I was trying to find the right way to say, 'You're naked and this is supposed to be the textile area!' but Jeremy headed me off with, "It's okay to strip off in the house and out on the back patio but not outside on the front deck.


Friends to the Rescue

group fancyface1 2017-10-09

Sally felt the tube being pulled out of her ass and Sam started to finger fuck her really fast almost making her cum again. Sam wanted Peter to fuck Sally's ass, so with her still on her back, Peter got on the bed on his hands and knees and held Sally's left leg up in the air and put her right leg straight between his legs and he immediately rammed his hard cock into her now cleaned out ass. She heard Sam chuckle to Peter "see, I told you her mind would wake up when her body started to cum.." Peter followed Sam's next bit of advice and continued to fuck Sally's ass and she felt him grow larger and begin shooting his load in her ass again.

Dear Diary...

group Rainbow 2017-10-09

I wasn't sure what to expect at my first interview so I wore something smart, my Black suit and heels, with a white blouse underneath I looked a knockout. I knew that being a barmaid wasn't the most exciting job in the world, but living at home was still a drag and I hated never having enough money to go out with the girls from college. Behind an expensive looking wooden desk sat an older man, dressed all in Black. I felt really uncomfortable then, and began looking for a way out of there, but the huge, black security guard sat next to the only door. When I opened my eyes he was on the other side of the desk with his gigantic, black shaft in his hand.

Wife Gets Gangbanged

group Clansmansco 2017-10-09

"Sue is driving so I am sure the guys will leave the wine for you" I joked. "Come on over and take a bottle we have lots to spare, the lads are all drinking beer here to" came back what sounded like a chorus of male voices. "OK, but seeing as I am driving I just want a refill of my glass not a bottle" said Sue I couldn't see Cathy anywhere in the room so she must have taken a bottle of wine and left my wife alone with all those guys. I watched more of Sue and so did the others as her legs occasionally parted and she began to flash more of her inner thighs to the drooling guys opposite her.


Annette, Me and... Ch. 01

group KansasFun 2017-10-09

To calm my nerves I usually act right away towards the new man so don't be surprised Will if that as soon as Andy shuts the door behind him, I will probably be all over his mouth and his dick." Anette explained as she sat on the couch, and watched me watching her cross her legs slowly. Before she got to it I said "Wait, let me look just to double check that is actually Andy." We had come in through the attached garage and I would hate for our secret to be exposed by Annette opening the door and meeting Mrs Collins from next door bringing us some pumpkin bread, again.

Secretary Gangbang Service

group HeyAll 2017-10-09

Rebecca had worked her ass off to become a secretary for a prominent big city law firm. If anything, he preferred when she just let herself in like that, because he was usually busy on the phone and the last thing he needed was another call from his secretary. "I'm sure you've heard the rumors about how other law firms are luring the best lawyers to join their ranks, and how they lure the richest people to be their clients," she said, almost suggestively. She had long been a people person, but she entered her boss's office with a business-like demeanor, instead of a secretary awaiting orders to please her superior.


Bandstand Pickup

group Paris Waterman 2017-10-09

I was about to order a second scotch when Embeth and Audrey managed to place themselves in my line of vision as they entered the bar. It certainly felt good and I paid special attention to Audrey's pussy, licking and sucking her clit while using to fingers to bring the juices oozing from her tight snatch to a frothy boil. Embeth leaned down and with the fingers of one hand rubbing over my anus, dipped her head and took the tip of my cock in her mouth. Taking her mouth off of me for a moment, Embeth giggled and said, "You really like this don't you?" I concentrated on getting Audrey off and lost track of Embeth, but heard her whisper, "Stay like that.

Sheila's Taste

group oldhippie1949 2017-10-09

She lay down and I began to apply the sun block on her using my strong hands to rub and caress her beautiful body. "You're going to burn, little girl," said Sheila, "you have sun block on, don't you?" Sheila began to knead the muscles as Cheryl laid her head back onto the rim of the tub. At one point, I knew that Sheila's hands had moved up into Cheryl's nether reaches when Cheryl let out a soft moan. I moved around until I was behind Cheryl and slipped my cock into her oh-so-tight little cunt doggie style...and oh, did it feel good. Sheila and I looked at each other and grinned as both our faces were smeared with cum – mine and Cheryl's.


A Family Affair Ch. 05

group walterio 2017-10-09

As soon as one guy came and vacated a mouth, asshole or pussy of either Helen or Karen another cock was ready to take its place. Walt went back to check on Fred and sure enough he was on all fours with Jerry's cock in his ass and Larry's cock in his mouth. After they all had cum again they rotated positions so that Larry lay on his back and Jerry fucked his ass with Fred behind him fucking his ass and Walt feeding his cock to Jerry's mouth. For the next several hours Helen, Karen and Fred remained on all fours in a doggy position with each of their holes filled with cock.

New Construction

group SecretHowl 2017-10-09

A loud moan of contentment from the guy my mouth caused the guys to laugh, and rough hands gripped the side of my head he began to slowly fuck my mouth. The guy between my legs let out a contented sigh, as the swollen head of his cock finally managed to press past my sphincter and slip into my tight back door. With a word from Trevor, the guys let my arms go, and I immediately gripped the sides of the rough wood table as they began to run their hands all over my naked, quivering body. Trevor nodded to the guy fucking my mouth and his hands gripped my head tightly.

Inseminating Cathy (mff s****r In Law)

group Mrbigdick2014 2017-10-09

Cathy was so physically different than my Ann. Where Ann’s breast were large and fully developed, Cathy’s were barely two mounds sitting atop her chest. In immediate response to the penetration of my tip, Cathy jammed her torso hard back against my groin, taking the rest of my head and shaft deep within her snatch in one continuous motion. In my mind at that moment, my cock was trapped in Cathy, not Ann. In my mind, I was depositing my load deep within Cathy, not Ann. In my mind, it was the spasmodic contractions of Cathy’s vaginal walls in orgasm working overtime to extract every last drop of jism from my body.

Busted Ch. 03

group psymonkros 2017-10-09

That, and two naked women together look like two thirds of a three-way already in progress (Hey, I can dream, can't I?). It might be two thirds of a three-way already in progress I was watching, but this time I thought it would be impolite to intrude, but I couldn't take my eyes off what I saw. Somebody over there was into all sorts of color lights from Spencer's Gifts, and their room looked like a disco as they got it on. I had almost finished myself off when they climbed out of the pool together and necked a little more, the water on their bodies making them look like silvery statues in the moonlight.

Linda Makes A Trip To Florida

group hondo1906 2017-10-09

lips, was a huge white cock, with a head on it that looked like the end of a The black guy pulled his big cock away Linda's hand and and both legs held high in the air, Linda felt the head of the guys big pushed, till he'd buried ten inches of hard, black, cock deep into her cunt. like my my black dick in your white cunt, don't you Baby?" Then he began realized, as the white guy removed his cock from her cunt and slowly started Linda looked over and for the first time she saw the Jamaican's cock, it felt so much cock, as she did when the Jamaican began stuffing her cunt with

The Dinner Party Ch. 04

group Kiwilass 2017-10-09

"Come on you two!" Barb tugged Maxine away from John, leading her to the bedroom. Barb lay beside Maxine and stroked her fingers up and down Max's body, kissing her. Pulling away Barb looked over at John and Tony. John looked disappointed but Tony sat back spread his legs and held his cock in his hand, stroking it from base to tip. Barb slowly kissed her way down Maxine's body, stroking and teasing her as she moved between her legs. John was doing a great job with the vibrator, not just paying attention her clit but stroking it around her over stretched pussy lips, down to her ass crack. John and Barb lay together, stroking Maxine's back and ass.

Banged at Bike Week Ch. 01

group blondekats_lover 2017-10-09

That done, I grab Karrie by the hair and pull her face up to look at me and tell her, "Take that bottle in your cunt, you little slut. Just as she starts to come back to Earth, we all hear Mick grunt then roar, and Karrie feels his cockhead swell deep inside her ass as his white hot cum begins pumping into her bowels. Stepping over the log, he stuffs his dick, fresh from her ass and coated with their mixed juices, into her mouth saying, "Here, clean this off whore." Satisfied, Mick pulls up his grungy jeans, turns his back, and walks into his tent, but not before hollering out, "NEXT!"

Island Fever Ch. 35

group Jeremydcp 2017-10-09

"Lindsay may model her new bikini for Jeremy," Kristanna told the others in a teasing, playful voice, "but you know it won't stay on for very long. Jeremy is going to pay off our house, buy all of us new cars, and put aside college tuition for my younger sister and my niece." Lindsay again nodded her head and looked at me, her voice cracking as she ended, "Yeah ... Just like our initial trip to Lima some two-and-a-half weeks ago, I had the soothing, therapeutic sounds of Kristanna and Devon sleeping together next to me upon the floor here in the main bridge during the voyage back home.


My Best Friend's Boyfriend

group bluenovadreams 2017-10-09

Only to his shock when he opened my door Laura and I both sprang up and showed brad everything we were good for, from the waist up at least. I don't know if it was the shock of the event, the fact that I was kissing my best friends boyfriend, or the fact that she was watching, but I quickly began to feel a deep tingling surging through my body. Laura finished taking off the last piece of Brad's clothing, which set loose a rock solid, thick 8 inch dick. Brad felt me cumming all over his fingers and quickly bent down and began to tongue my clit. Laura and I were continually kissing and fondling each other, while Brad began to pound into me.

Brownstone - Ricco's Decision

group MilissaB 2017-10-09

Later that night Sharon sat in Gina and Sondra's living room telling them about what happened that day, she started with the hopeful job offer, then the decision to go back to nursing while she wrote freelance, and then how she came to that decision while Ricco massaged her. It seemed everyone was touching, Sharon stroking Ricco's shoulder and arm, Ricco rubbing her legs and feet, Gina and Sondra, as always, touching each other, but also each had a hand on one of Ricco's thighs. He sat on the floor next to them and pushed his fingers up into Sondra who suddenly pulled out of Gina and turned, grabbing Ricco by the hair she pushed the wet dildo into his mouth.

Flat Tire Girl

group post49_42 2017-10-09

It was late morning and I had plenty of time for a short ride before my afternoon date with Marc's sister Genie and her friend Jessica. "Oh, God," Genie said between a sigh and a giggle; her friend sat up to get a better view. While she methodically bobbed up and down on my cock, Genie crawled behind Jessica and began playing with her friend's juiced up snatch. After a couple of minutes of making out, Jessica broke their embrace and turned to me with a devilish grin and said, "Would you lick my butt too?" "God I love fucking," Jessica said, as she covered my dick with her hairless pussy.


BJ Bliss Ch. 06 Sister Sister

group masterandmargarita 2017-10-09

"I like where you are going with this, girls," Claudia suddenly spoke from behind, causing Holly to open her eyes in surprise. "I brought a toy for you," Claudia said as she teased a smooth vibrator tip between Holly's breasts before gently inserting it into Holly's gaping mouth. Claudia enjoyed a handful of Holly's breasts and pinched her nipples while the tip of the vibrator gently penetrated her. "You know that I wouldn't let you go without filling that tight little ass with my cock." Claudia slid a lubricated finger up the crack of Holly's ass and circled her asshole before softly pushing in with her fingertip.


A Fantasy Comes True at Coogee Beach

group 1Kiki 2017-10-09

The sun makes your hair shimmer like diamonds and you look so sexy with your hair blowing in the wind, your full, soft lips curved in an upward smile with anticipation of our weekend at Coogee Beach. You reach down and pull my head closer to you, my ministrations making you grind your pussy into my face before saturating my mouth and chin with your sweet nectar. The other ten men soon follow his lead and are taking turns passing you around in the water, each one tasting your sweet lips and allowing their hands to roam your body. Your prince moved toward your head and pulled his monstrous cock free to plunge it into your hot, waiting mouth.


group blondefungirl2 2017-10-09

"Oh Billy, don't stop." Jerry said in a breathy voice as she continued to massage Stacy's full breasts. “Yep, you got me, I wish I had me a little goober like Billy.” Jerry started laughing hysterically. “Fine, we are watching a show.” Jerry said and moved aside to let the girls see Stacy. “Kim, Kelli, this is Stacy and this is goober.” Jerry said to the girls, introducing Stacy and Billy. Jerry sat down on her bed next to Billy and looked up at Stacy. “I say we play a game of quarters to get this going.” Jerry said and pulled their small coffee table over between the beds. “Drink, freshman.” Jerry said, pointing to Stacy and handing her the glass with the quarter at the bottom.