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Erotic Group Sex stories

A large collection of first-time sex stories about virgins losing their cherry.

Craft Lessons Lead To Lesbian Encounters

group kezza6969 2017-10-09

When I put on the shift and looked in the mirror I saw Liz was right; the hem hardly reached the cleft between my legs, front or back; the low neck line just covered my nipples, the top of my aerolae clearly visible; my large breasts threatened to pop out of their scant covering; the thin straps and deep sleeve apertures provided a full side view of my big boobs. Cold champagne and goblets in hand we sat in two towel covered planters chairs and, joined by Tobias, watched the close of the afternoon and the onset of evening, and talked. Ruth’s pink pussy was so small and delicate looking compared to Joyce’s long wide open gash framed by big fat brown lips, long red clit standing proud and clear.

A Dinner Party

group t_332211_abc 2017-10-09

Christina, now fucking herself with one hand and rubbing her clit with the other, let out a quiet moan as she felt her orgasm building. In an effort to encourage him, she opened her legs slightly and was rewarded as his hand pushed up inside her dress and onto the sensitive skin of her inner thigh. Christina bit her lip to stay quiet but then saw Sarah stand up and start to undo her dress in front of Simon. Preoccupied with Mark's cock, she didn't notice hat Lucy had knelt down behind her until she felt two hands tugging her underwear down her legs and exposing her pussy. There was no staying quiet now - Christina moaned loudly as she fucked Mark, crying out in pleasure every time he slip deep inside her.


Good-Bi Romance

group babe19 2017-10-09

Jeff asked if there was anything I wanted to do today and I mentioned that we were to meet Rebecca and Ethan later in the evening and suggested we just hang out at the beach until then. “That’s enough my little baby.” She said, “ The boys will be wondering where we are and you can have all you want later.” Then she left a small kiss on my head and we pulled ourselves together. I looked up at Jeff and whispered, “why don’t we invite Rebecca and Ethan to the apartment for a while.” Jeff saw the twinkle in my eye and knew what I meant. Rebecca and Ethan wasted no time in picking up where they left off and started passionately kissing again.


My Double Penetration Fantasy Comes True.

group 2017-10-09

Last Saturday afternoon I finally experienced something I have always wanted to try but could never find the right two men I was comfortable doing it with until just the other day. The next day Brad called to ask if Saturday afternoon at my place was OK with me. I pulled Tom's cock out and started giving him head while stroking Brad's cock with my hand. While I was sucking Brad's cock Tom went down and started licking my already very wet pussy. The two of them then switched with me sucking Tom while Brad slid his hard, hot cock inside my pussy. Within about one minute I got my wish as Tom shot his hot cum into my mouth.

Works outing part 2

group suckerforit 2017-10-09

Sure enough the younger guy stopped mauling my left tit and knelt between my legs to get the right angle then without any preparation he thrust his whole hand up my cunt. Sensing that I was getting excited by this rough handling guy no 2 said “Get you hand out k** I think the Lady needs a cock now to bring her off” and slipped his 9 inch cock in to my cunt. Suddenly another cock was up my cunt - boy guy no 2 certainly recovers fast I thought but then was sure I felt more spunk being shot up me!

Sometimes lust won't be denied

group the_lord_wolf 2017-10-09

Unlike a lot of groups we put a huge amount of effort into the costumes and the acting. For the first show my girlfriend tried to do it all. Her hair was platinum blonde which I have a real fondness for so I liked her right off the bat. My girlfriend was thrilled with the results. Parking well down from her front door just in case my girlfriend should happen to drive by. Her eyes opened and she smiled sl**pily. And I launched into my speech. She listened and nodded at the right spots. I nodded. She was naked under it and lying on her side. So much for my speech. Pointed my cock at the right spot and slowly sank down on me. Both were naked.

Summer at Home Ch. 04

group Reindeer58 2017-10-09

"If you don't mind, I'm going to see what wet pantyhose look like?" Virginia took off her shoes and walked down the steps into the shallow end and pushed through the water to the other side, and when she turned to come back she squatted enough to wet the bra then continued over to the steps and walked out. The little fringe of hair on Janet's pussy that escapes the edge of her suit is exciting, just as looking at yours and Virginia's through another layer of clothing is also very arousing." I said. As Janet kept my cock in her mouth Elise licked her hand and asked, "Want a taste, Mom?"


2 Cougars on the Couch - A True Story

group therealbk 2017-10-09

(April 16, 2010) I was sitting on my big black leather couch in my living room. I am still coming next Thursday to watch the draft with you." said Mrs. T. I am not sure how it happen but Jeana leaned in the kiss Mrs. T. I watched Jeana move her hand inside Mrs. T. was moving her tongue in clockwise direction and sucking on Jeana big cunt lips. moved her hand up my long legs stopping inches from my hard cock under my shorts. "Let go get cleaned off in Buck's shower and then get in his hot tub." said Mrs. T. You might have to get the couch clean again." said Mrs. T.

A Spa Night for Four

group sweetangelic 2017-10-09

Tony is reaching and playing with Barb and as Greg lifts up to sit on the edge of the spa also I slide across and face him. I want to feel her and taste her juices on my lips so I push her back down onto the mattress and tell her to "Let me taste you now" Kissing her I let my tongue trail small licks down her collarbone and to her breasts.. I feel Greg's hard cock at my pussy opening and am moaning as he enters me and slides his full length into me. He knows that I love it when he slam fucks me so he starts to tease my pussy with his fingers and tongue, I reach down and help him.

Let The Games Begin! Ch. 03

group antonia363636 2017-10-09

"Besides," Shirley added, "It's your turn to pick out a name." As she said this, the three men returned to their couch, all the better to enjoy the view as Julie bent down over the small table and spent more time than was required to fish out the next piece of paper. From the men's position they got to watch Shirley lower her pussy onto the waiting tongue, her ass wriggling for their pleasure, and she started to moan immediately as the talented Linda found her clitoris and began to send ripple, after ripple, of sexual joy throughout her body.


Thank You, Coach

group ofloveandlust 2017-10-09

I felt my hand pulled away from the bed and looking over at Charlotte she pressed it between her legs. I held out as long as I could but with Charlotte moaning as I fingered her and Raylan's tongue in my mouth it was a futile effort and I came. I felt her pussy tighten on my hand as her body shuddered and pressed firmly, getting my fingers deep into her wetness as she came. I licked at her clit and the fingers worked at her cunt and from the sounds and the vibrations of her moans on my dick I knew it was her mouth that sucked my cock. My arms hugged her body down onto mine, pulling her twat to my mouth and pressing her head down onto my cock.

Baby Smooth by loyalsock

group loyalsock 2017-10-09

"Sam," Pris asked playfully, "would you like me to suck your nipples!?!" "God you're a bitch sometimes," Sam panted, "suck them for me now you little cunt!!!" "Little," asked Priscilla sweetly, "you're the one with little tits, here, let me show you mine, they're much bigger than yours!!!" Priscilla stood up and slipped her tee shirt over her head which exposed her full bra encased chest to Sam's hungry eyes. Pris stepped closer to Sam and offered, "Would baby like to nurse on momma's nipples?!?" Sam leaned forward, took a hard nipple into her mouth and sucked on it greedily while the sensation of having her nipple sucked immediately caused Priscilla's cunt to drench with pussy juice causing her clit to begin to itch with that familiar need!

Sometimes Good Deeds Are Rewarded

group Wistful1 2017-10-09

Gently I moved Peggy's hand out of the way and then licked Mary's beautiful cunt from the bottom to the top, careful not to touch her clit. Having given the ladies their orgasm first and being hard as a rock from Peggy's suck job I decided I wanted to fuck Mary's pussy. Again I sensed movement from Peggy and then watched as she moved up on the sofa and straddled Mary's head and began to sink down. We were fucking so urgently now that my cock slipped out of Peggy's pussy and I felt Mary's mouth bathe me and then her hand guide me back in.


Poolside Gang Bang Slut Ch. 02

group bbw4youngercocks1 2017-10-09

It didn't take long after I had presented my cunt to be taken from behind for me to have a cock in my mouth and another one slamming in and out of my hot pussy, two hard young studs fucking both ends of me as their lifeguard friend watched the threesome in front of him, stroking his own cock. I tilted my ass back as the guy in my asshole shoved his stiff member into my ass, all the way to base of his cock, bucking his hips and fucking my ass harder as I rode the lifeguard's own hot prick and sucked in deeper the cock I had in my mouth.

The Initiation Ch. 3

group SEX4FUN 2017-10-09

"How did you allow Marie, to play with you like that?" Tina had moved quickly to the side of the bed, removed her bedclothes and before my wife could answer, had three fingers up her cunt. "Well," as Tina continued to thrust fingers up Susan's cunt and now, her asshole, "How did Marie control you like that?" "Your mom is so fucking good at bringing pleasure to your wife," Sheri panted as I continued to thrust into her cunt. Susan's mom tried to duplicate the effort and now both women were moaning uncontrollably, all the while moving their hips back and forth taking in as many fingers into their cunts as possible.

Lustful Veracity

group Sarishepard 2017-10-09

To Dustin's surprise, Cindy giggled and reached across Evan, pulling Laurel against his right shoulder. A bolt of anxiety speared through him as Cindy grabbed Laurel's hand and placed it on Evan's chest. "That's the point," purred Cindy, grasping Laurel's wrist and moving her hand onto Evan's bulging crotch. Dustin's pulse pounded in his ears as Laurel moved her hand back over Evan's bulge. Evan turned to glance at Dustin, then tucked his chin to watch Laurel's hand. Cindy giggled and pulled the front of his pants down over his shaft and balls, revealing Laurel's fingers as they grasped Evan's meaty phallus. Laurel leaned against Evan's shoulder, periodically looking over at Dustin.


Wet Miranda's Sperm Swap

group Wet Miranda 2017-10-09

I had made up quite a fantasy about this activity, but it involved Rick, myself, my friend Donna, and her boyfriend Sam. Rick and I had never been involved in group sex with four people at a time instead of three. I wanted Donna to give Rick a blowjob first, and then I would let her share his come with me. Eventually my boyfriend couldn't take it anymore, and I watched him as he closed his eyes tightly and shot out come into my friend Donna's mouth. I felt some pre come drip out onto my chest from Sam's cock, and decided that it was time to start sucking him off.



group celestija 2017-10-09

They stood there for an hour or so, talking and drinking, with Liana being introduced to a fireman and a sailor, before deciding the room was getting a little too stuffy, and they made their way to the backyard. Liana was vaguely aware of the sailor lifting her skirt to get a clear view of her ass as she gently sucked on the fireman's balls, taking them in her mouth while her hands massaged his cock. The sailor stood there stroking his cock and watching that fine ass as Liana brought the fireman to the brink before opening her mouth to catch his wonderful salty load. She sucked on that cock, then opened her mouth and knelt there with her tongue out as the pilot pulled out and shot his load all over her face.

Late Night Stop

group Series 6 2017-10-09

As Lori knelt in front of her husband, the swollen head of his penis traced over her face, before she let it brush over her soft lips. The warm air felt good on Mike's body as he dropped the last of his clothing in a pile on the grass. Lori curled herself into a sitting position and pulled her thighs up to her chest as she tried to hide her nude body from the men. Lori closed her eyes and slid her lips back over the head, down Mike's hard cock, filling her mouth with his hard cock. Mike pushed his hips forward one final time as a torrent of cum filled Lori's hot pussy.


First Visit to Green Door Las Vegas

group MIKEBBCBULL 2017-10-09

Most of the other single men visiting were older fat guys who walked around wearing just a towel or naked. I walked to the other end of the hall and found an open area that had four beds on one side of the room and chairs lining a low wall on the other side of the room. Single men could watch the action from outside of the wall. A few other couples were sitting in the chairs inside of the wall watching the action. Right on the other side of the wall from me was a couple who were watching the action. It became apparent that the woman of the couple was getting horny watching the old man's wife taking multiple cocks.

Biker Bitch 7 Pregnant

group albertaman24 2017-10-09

After we finished we phoned Rick and told him that my pregnant and that it happened the night of the Christmas fuck so 1 of the 4 of them was the father. After a few minutes of sucking he slapped his cock on his face and told to get ready to get ass fucked. This made them both so turned on they started to kiss my wife and the next thing we know it she is getting fucked from behind and sucking the other ones cock in her mouth. After giving birth to another boy Ricks Boss who was in his late sixties got my wife pregnant this time she had a baby Girl.

The Neighbors

group 2017-10-09

I've seen you fucking him I said just like I saw him in the window jerking off when I cut the grass on Saturdays we then got out of the hot tub and moved to the gazebo where there was a air mattress I laid down and the both of them started sucking my dick he was much better at it.

The Dirty Housewife Takes Two

group thedirtyhousewife 2017-10-09

Two soft groans followed me as I let my hands rub and gently tickle the heads of their cocks, and shivered with excitement feeling four hands fondling my body. I smile looking at both Frank and Paul, Pauls cock rock hard and jutting out proudly wanting to be inside me, and Frank, wet faced and slightly out of breath. Paul grabs the back of my head and pushes his cock as far back in my throat as he can and Fred grinds against my clit and well fucked pussy, and it clamps down on his cock hard enough to tear it off. I bend my head to my task and feel Frank gently licking and sucking my clit while I slowly clean my cum off him like it's ice-cream.

Amy C and Amy B Anal Strap On Fun

group nvision 2017-10-09

I started licking and rimming her ass as she was shaking from the orgasm and Amy B kept thrusting her hips up, fucking Amy C’s wet creamy pussy.” Amy C really appreciated my tongue thrusting straight into her wet asshole moaning “Oh god, that’s so good, don’t stop, you’re gonna make me cum again.” I started sucking hard on her bunghole and when I pulled away, this altered her asshole from a little puckered rosebud to a tight puffy asshole. In no time, my cock was buried to the hilt in that big beautiful ass and as I let it sit fully in for about a half minute, feeling Amy B’s strap on dildo going in and out of her pussy, I started long strokes and pretty soon Amy C was cumming hard saying “Fuck my ass hard, fuck it harder!” My body was slapping hard against those big buns, this was delightful!