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Erotic Group Sex stories

A large collection of first-time sex stories about virgins losing their cherry.

Summer of Fire

group Karenas 2017-10-09

Jake appreciated his help on his old Charger so much he often asked Randy to stay and eat with us. Jake said, "My wife is a beautiful woman, isn't she, Randy?" Jake said, "I suppose you're right, Randy." He turned to me: "Lynn, undo another couple of buttons." After inhaling a prodigious amount of food, Jake belched, pushed his seat back a little, and said, "Randy, my wife's got a great little figure on her, don't she?" I heard Randy drive up and knew I'd lost Jake for the day. "You can get me dirty any time you want!" I heard Randy chuckle along with Jake.


7. Cuckold Farm.

group alibodge 2017-10-09

She was cold now the shed giving little warmth just shelter from the wind and rain, they stood the men doing up fly buttons, Pam wrapping the overcoat around her covering her body from the cold and the gaze of her lovers, the soup cold now she emptied the cups ever practical, donned the rain coat, erected the umbrella and without a word the taste of Jays seed still on her lips she kissed fist Jay and then more passionately Joe, leaving them both savouring the flavour and silently watching her vanish into the wet darkness.


Acting out Fantasies Ch. 03

group revolution1776 2017-10-09

After making Jill cum in a powerful orgasm I pull my cock out of her and put it in Linda and start fucking her. She told me that her name was Sarah and to stop talking as she throws me onto the bed where she knees in front of me and starts sucking my cock I can hear the lovely sounds of an another lesbian threesome going on in the master bedroom. After a few minutes of eating out Sarah's wet pussy I pulled my head away and put in my cock immediately making her cum in a massive orgasm. That night I told Shar that I fucked Sarah, Linda's mother, and that she was great in bed ant that we may want to invite her to join the club.

Angel & The Backstabbing Slut

group Scarlettfox 2017-10-09

Releasing his balls she reaches down between her thighs her hand finding Melanie's head pressing it hard up against her clit as the sopping walls of her cunt begin to convulse her gasps and moans vibrating against Jason's cock as her orgasm overwhelms her thrusting hard into Melanie's tongue she shudders her wet cunt cream coating Melanie's face. Angel's tongue starting a slow casual lick from the base of her twat up over the throbbing clit Melanie's juice and scent filling Angel's senses "mmmm" Angel murmurs "for a slut you taste pretty fucking good." Bouncing harder down on Jason's cock Angel feeds on Melanie's clit sucking it hard into her mouth her tongue tapping against the little button as Melanie's hips thrust up her short soft moans now harsh gasping cries of pleasure.

Miami Bound

group jk 2017-10-09

There was a moment of silence and confusion with none of us knowing how to start but again Amy came to the rescue, ‘come on Jenny’ she said, ‘lets show them what we got’ and with that she pulled her T-shirt over her head giving me my first view of her small but pert tits. I came up for air and glanced at Amy and Robert, she had her mouth around his thick cock and was sucking hard, I looked at Jenny and it was obvious she was watching the blowjob as well. I looked over at Amy running my eyes along her slender legs past her finely shaven pussy, that flat stomach, tiny breasts to her pretty face and was shocked to see a look of pure lust coming back at me, ‘I’d love to fuck you’ she said.

Case of the Black Widow Ch. 02

group WifeWatchman 2017-10-09

"Me, too." I said, then continued: "Cindy, call Tanya Perlman and have her take a team and go through Burleson's apartment again, but this time use sonar on the walls, tear out the heating vents, look for cracks in the flooring, and otherwise look very hard everywhere for more cash and more papers." "You also have to understand this, Dawdle," the DC said, getting tired of having to look at the pajama-boy punk's face, "we can't just waltz into a school and start throwing our weight around, nor can the NCAA. It was going exactly as the Goth Girl had said it would, that the actions that 'her man' had devised for him to take were working: he had given the Conference man the information, told Woodburn what he'd done, and Woodburn was now having to move up the schedule to get the story out.


Slut of Honor Ch. 01

group TalonDigital 2017-10-09

We had talked and Sarah, with my cock in hand, told me if I ever had the opportunity to bring a girl home to pursue it. "Sounds good," I said as I followed her, my thoughts immediately going to those of bending her over and driving my long thick cock into her tight, wet pussy. She sucked the head and stroked the shaft until I was nearly there, then just before I shot out she pulled off and leaned back, aiming my cock at her chest as my hot cum exploded out, draping her tits with a pearl necklace. I pulled my hand out of her shirt and when Valerie had come out of the bathroom we were sitting innocently on the couch together.


At Home Revers Bachelor Party #1

group imornery81 2017-10-09

How about if I suck on my tits like this, can you cum for me then?” She lifted her breasts up and bowed her head before latching onto one of the hard pink nipples. Leaning forward a little she said, “Oh what do we have here?” With two fingers from her right hand she wiped up the clear puddle of leakage I had spilled on my stomach and she brought it to her lips before sucking the shiny fluid covered digits into her mouth! How badly do you want to taste my pussy?” I raised my head and stuck out my tongue and was just able to lick the tips of her fingernails before she laughed and told me to open my mouth.

My Son, My Son

group Casperwho35 2017-10-09

Alex moved back and Karen got down in front of him and started to suck his cock taking the last few droops into her mouth. He said, " Guys this is my mother." I looked at him and he was naked his cock was hard and I wanted to suck it for him. So I said, "yes I guess I do, I find it very erotic to feel a finger in my pussy and even more so when I have a cock in my mouth." He smiled and said, "Yes like that double the pleasure double the fun." Karen moved between his legs and took his long hard cock in her mouth.



group rhjiv 2017-10-09

Without loosing eye contact with Cathy, Jim unzipped his fly, pulled out his already hard cock and started stroking it up and down. She continued to look at me as she moved her head from my cock to Jim's and started sucking him. Apparently penis consciousness is highly contagious and Cathy was a carrier, because the guy she was dancing with was unable to remove his eyes from her tits, and was sporting a stiffy that made him look like he had stuffed a zucchini in his pants. They danced a slow number and Cathy pulled Jim's head to her face and kissed him full on the mouth. And it wasn't long before another one of them cut in on Jim and asked Cathy to dance.

Riding the Subway

group CheriSM 2017-10-09

The man behind me slid his hand to my pussy, beginning to play with my clit. The man's cock slid easily into my cum soaked pussy. When the woman moved her tongue and set to a full on attack on my clit, I felt my pleasure rise, and rise, and rise, until my pussy clenched around the man's cock. The man fucking my mouth was also pulling on my nipples, giving me a pleasure and pain sensation. The woman licked my clit, diving a few fingers into my wet slit and giving me a good old fucking as the man worked his cock into my ass. My mouth slid slightly down, allowing me to tongue her hole as her cum flowed.

Swing Chronicles Ch. 06: Josh and Sharon

group LuckyGuy96 2017-10-08

I didn't know anything about boats, or about heading out to sea with people I barely knew for that matter, but it looked quite comfortable and like it might be able to get some good speed. Maybe he could see how desperately I needed a timeout, because the next thing he said was, "Looks like our pal Lucky here is ready for a dip!" The water was pleasing and perfect and I easily made it to shore, where I found a good rock to sit on and watched Josh and Sharon waving from the boat. "Lucky, we're happy to have you here and we would never want to do anything that you didn't like or weren't comfortable with," Sharon said.

A Chance Meeting

group sigh_of_summer 2017-10-08

She felt her bra fall to the floor as Derek deftly undid the clasp and slid his hands slowly over her bare back. She closed her eyes and moaned as she felt her nipples trail over Simon's chest, the feeling of skin on skin electrifying. Simon closed his eyes as he lay back on her bed, Ciara sitting beside him with Derek on her other side. As she leaned further over him, his cock never leaving her mouth, she felt Derek slip a finger inside her panties. eat my pussy..." Simon ran his finger through her hair as she returned to sucking at his cock, whispering to her not to stop. Ciara's mouth moved in a constant symphony of moans as she thrust her hips back, hard, against Simon's huge cock.

Sexual Frustration Act 1768 - Melanie applies for

group tim1936 2017-10-08

Despite the cooling air, Melanie was hot and erotically charged with sexual thoughts, she minced her arse cheeks together to stimulate herself further, she could feel the juice start to rise and form in droplets mixed with sweat along the crinkled edge of her cunt lips; She was not the only one excited, she could clearly make out the Usher’s erection. Mel. “If I may be so bold, Mr Chairman, you have twice stuck your finger in my pussy and on both occasions, if I am not mistaken, you have found it to be wet, am I not entitled to have ‘you’ fuck me under the wet pussy relief laws; Would you not like to entertain one or all of my holes with your erect manhood, to use my body for your sexual relief?”

Amanda & Brooke Learn to Share

group fastandsloppy 2017-10-08

I ran the fingertips of my right hand across the smooth skin of Brooke's bare shoulders then drew my palm down the fabric of her dress; enjoying the ridges of her ribs, the curve of her slim waist, the flair of her hips and the tightness of her ass as I gave it a firm squeeze. She was bringing me too close to climax too quickly so I reluctantly stopped trying to remove Amanda's shorts so I could reach into Brooke's hair and pulled her face off my cock. I could tell by the way she sagged back into the cushion that Brooke had come, but as I raised my face from her I was surprised to see Amanda reluctant to leave.


Movie Night Ch. 03

group piekna 2017-10-08

I leaned up, inadvertently pushing my ass back at Drew, and kissed the head, softly, licking around it and tasting a little bit of my pussy juice still left from the night before. I bit my lip as I slowly eased myself away from Drew and up onto my hands and knees so that I could take John fully into my mouth. John told Drew to spank me again like he had last night since I seemed to really get off on it, and no sooner were the words out of his mouth than I felt a big, strong hand land with a slap on my ass. I came up for air again and told John that if he didn't start pulling my nipples like he had before that I'd stop sucking his cock.

So. That Happened.

group bi_justin 2017-10-08

Naked from the waist up, I glanced across the bed to see if either of them was enjoying the show, but Pam was still facing the floor and Jim was focused intently on securing the gag. I peered over Jim's shoulder and focused on his sexy wife; her unnaturally large breasts; her smooth pussy with the small, puffy, still-wet labia; her skinny legs encased in white nylon; and her slutty, toe-peep heels. Jim clambered on to the bed to the other side of Pam. On his elbows and knees, he lowered his head to her tits and started lapping at my freshly expelled semen, scooping up thick, white wads with his tongue and swallowing them down.

At Sandy's Ch. 01

group jimnrider 2017-10-08

Barb smiled, then looked down, and slowly started to lick my cock, starting from the bottom, moving up to the head, then down the other side. Carrie moved over around the couch behind me to watch while Sandy sat next to me on the couch, both of them watching my cock disappear into and out of Barb's pussy. But as I was gently kissing Barb I heard Carrie lean over and whisper not-so-quietly in my ear, "I want to taste your cum before I fuck you!" As she reached down and started stroking my already-hardening cock. We talked about my time with Sandy in Vermont, and Barb and Carrie told a couple of stories of their own.

Office Girl

group Spankx 2017-10-08

I don't want to miss my interview." Maribeth grabbed the officer's ass and roughly rocked him in and out of her face, tightly grasping his dick in her mouth and teasing it with her tongue. "What is this?" Gary demanded, "fucking on office time?" Gary did not allow time for either Mike or Maribeth to answer. He walked right up to Maribeth, who was bent over, unzipped his pants, and thrust his 9-inch cock into her mouth and stated, "Mike, I assume you will be bringing up the rear? Each stroke Mike took forced Maribeth to lunge deeper onto Gary's cock. "Gary," Marybeth cooed while she continued stroking him, "If I come to work for you, will you let me suck your big fucking cock whenever I want?"

Jim and Nick's Bi Adventure

group Tazz27 2017-10-08

She smiled from ear to ear as her husband got himself into position, Hayley reached up to the straps of her dress and pulled them off her shoulder and let the dress fall to the floor exposing her fully naked body to Nick for the first time, while at the same time Jim started sucking his friend's cock. Nick breathed hard as the cock was pulled from his ass, he turned his head and looked Hayley in the eyes. Nick's cock felt like it was going to explode it had never been so hard before as Hayley straddled his lap again, but this time there was no tease no commands she sat right down on his cock.


The Secret For Sure Sex Ch. 02

group goldemerald 2017-10-08

"Let me know how I'm doing," Emily said and engulfed my cock into her mouth. Melissa and Sara joined Emily and got on their knees and went for my cock. Sara was tugging on my sac while Melissa was running her tongue on the base of my cock with my nut still in her mouth. Melissa got on her back and laid her head under me and Emily where my cock and her pussy met. Her screams, Melissa's tongue on my balls, the tight cunt clamping down on my cock, and the tender titties in my hands finished the job and my cock exploded in Emily's tight little pussy. I held her head in place and moved my hips back and forth, slowly fucking her mouth.

I undressed in a Sex Shop, with men looking.

group 2017-10-08

'As you go in', he said as he described the interior, 'the walls are full of Porn DVD's, and a few racks of women's lacy revealing underwear, in black, red, and white, a small changing room comprising of a framework with curtains, at shoulder height, so any people standing around would see you changing from the shoulders up, then his voice dropped, 'I was in there a while back and a guy brought his wife or girlfriend in and she stripped off, throwing her brassiere and panties over the rail so everyone looking knew she was naked, so you can imagine how thick the atmosphere felt'.

Tales of Dirty Old Man Ch. 11

group Andyhm 2017-10-08

Simone said, "I told her to use our shower, it's nicer that the one in her cabin." I guess she was trying to explain why Lisette was in our end of the boat to her father. I entered the cabin towelling myself dry, to be met by the beautiful sight of Simone sitting cross-legged on the bed brushing her hair naked. Simone lent forward and kissed the top of her head, "Why are you sorry, we both thought it was beautiful to watch you abandoning yourself to your pleasure." I looked at Simone and said, "I'm getting too old for this, Christ love, she's thirty-one years younger than me." I took the pendant and chain out of its box and handed it to Simone and she placed it round Lise's neck.


Erotic Fencing Lesson Ch. 3

group SamStuart 2017-10-08

The door opened with Tara in her tank top and panties; Kay in a long t-shirt and Carol in a lacy bra and panties. Both girls looked over at Kay and asked her if she wanted to lick or suck his stiff cock. Tara went first then Carol licking his cock and head; finally Kay with her small lips kisses the head. Carol straddled his face; Tara eased his cock into her pussy slowly and leaned forward to suck on Kay's 34d tits. It was a sexual train ride as Ed sucked Carol's pussy hard while Tara went up and down on his cock and fingering Kay's shaved pussy. "Kay is bi as well coach, we thought to surprise you." Exclaimed Carol while she caressed his sides.